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Power Capacitors

The leader in Power Capacitors

Continuous efforts to
offer high technology
and high quality
products have made
ABB the worlds
leading manufacturer
of power capacitors.
ABB has more than 70
years of experience in
this eld.

Automated winding of capacitor elements.

Extensive research and development has made it possible to offer superior capacitor technology.
For many years, ABB has manufactured a complete
range of Faradol-impregnated capacitors. All Faradol
uids are totally free from PCBs and other halogenated compounds.
The development of high performance materials and
state-of the-art manufacturing processes has allowed
ABB to offer the highest ratings for these capacitors.
As far back as in the 1950s, ABB innovated a protective technique for capacitors by replacing external
fuses with an integrated self-protective function. Over

the years, this self-protecting technique has been further

developed and rened in conjunction with the dielectric
material in capacitors. Today ABB is the world leader in
this eld.
Capacitor technology comprises not only the capacitor
unit itself, but also the appropriate competence regarding
applications and auxiliary devices.
Over the years, ABB has supplied capacitors and systems for a vast range of applications and with a scope of
supply varying from individual equipment delivery to
complete projects.

Shunt Capacitors

Shunt capacitors installed in transmission and

distribution networks will increase transmission capability, reduce losses and improve the
power factor. High voltage banks for any voltage and power rating can be designed by series
and parallel connection of single-phase capacitor units.

Shunt capacitors are primarily used to improve the power

factor (cos ) in the network. Inductive loads consume
reactive power, e.g. magnetization power for transformers, motors and reactors. The reactive power needed is
generated by capacitors.
By applying capacitors adjacent to equipment consuming
reactive power, several advantages are obtained:
- Improved power factor
- Reduced transmission losses
- Increased transmission capability, since the load on
the generators, transformers and supply lines is reduced
- Improved voltage control
- Improved Power Quality.

4x40 Mvar, 22 kV, Norway.

Maintenance and service of capacitor bank.

Filter Capacitors

Many of the loads in a power network such as

converters, rectiers, welding equipment and
arc furnaces generate harmonics. Increased
losses and damage to electronic equipment
are among the problems that may occur. Harmonic lters eliminate the problem by reducing
the harmonic content in the network and also
improve the power factor by generating reactive
Modern electrical equipment generates harmonic currents which are transmitted to the supply network. Most
of the harmonics arise from electronically controlled
equipment such as converters, variable speed drives,
static con-verters, welding equipment etc. but also from
arc furnaces. Among the problems that may occur due to
excessive harmonic currents are:

5:th Harmonic Filter, 36 Mvar, 145 kV, Sweden.

- Increased losses in motors, transformers and cables

which may lead to overheating
- Overloading of capacitors
- Damage to or malfunction in electronic equipment
- Malfunction of receiver relays in ripple control
- Interference with telephone circuits.
The most common method of solving this problem is to
install harmonic lters. The lter components are capacitors, reactors and sometimes resistors, of which the
most important part is the capacitor since it generates the
reactive power.
ABBs competence and experience in lter applications
ensure a reliable and economical solution to the problems caused by harmonics.
ABB has all the resources needed, from measurement of
harmonics and calculation of the effect of installing new
equipment, to the supply and commissioning of complete lters.

Enclosed harmonic lter, 7,2 Mvar, 6,6 kV. Industrial plant, Sweden.

Series Capacitors

Series capacitors in transmission systems

increase power transfer capability and reduce
losses. Series capacitors are also installed in
distribution systems, mainly to improve the
voltage stability.
Series capacitors are installed in transmission systems
mainly in order to increase the power transfer capability and to reduce losses by optimizing load distribution
between parallel transmission lines. Series capacitors
are also installed in distribution systems. Here, the main
reason is to improve the voltage stability of the network.
Series compensation of a network positively affects the
voltage and the reactive power balance. When the load
current passes through the capacitor, the voltage drop
over the capacitor varies in proportion to the current.
The voltage drop is capacitive, i.e. it compensates the
inductive voltage drop, which also varies with the load
current. The result is an automatic stabilizing effect on
the voltage in a network. Simultaneously, series capacitors generate reactive power, the power factor in the network is improved, whereby the line current and the line
losses are reduced and the load capacity is increased.
The generated reactive power varies proportionally to
the square of the load current. Thus, the reactive power
is automatically regulated.

Series capacitors, 215 Mvar, 500 kV, Argentina.

ABB has fty years of experience of manufacturing and

installation of series capacitors.
ABB has all the resources required to deliver series
capacitors on a turn-key basis, including advanced
computer programs for determining the best capacitor
location, manufacturing of capacitors and protective
equipment, and experience in planning, control, installation and commissioning, to ensure a short delivery time.
Distribution series capacitors, MINICAP, Sweden.

SVC Capacitors

In static var compensation (SVC) thyristors are

used for switching and control of capacitors
and reactors. Ever since the rst installation in
1972, ABB Capacitors has been the supplier of
capacitor banks for ABBs static var compensation.
In static var compensation, (SVC) thyristors are used
for switching and control of capacitors and reactors.
Instant transient-free switching is obtained, as well as
continuously variable control of the reactive power.
Static var compensators in transmission systems increase
the transmission capacity, improve voltage control and
stability, and damp power swings due to network faults
or tripping of heavy loads in interconnected systems.
They are also used in distribution systems and for
difcult loads, e.g. arc furnaces, where asymmetrical
uctuations in the current occur due to the instability
of the consumption of the arc. Fluctuations in current
resulting in variations in the consumption of reactive
power can be controlled and the furnace is provided with
more active power, thus increasing productivity.

SVC 200 Mvar, 300 kV, Norway

ABBs know-how in the SVC eld has gained

worldwide recognition. ABB was the rst company in
the world to commission a large commercial thyristorswitched capacitor installation in 1972.
In 1999 the new SVC Light was commissioned. SVC
Light has all the benets of the classic SVC and will also
eliminate icker problems.
SVC Light, Sweden.

HVDC Capacitors

Power capacitors form an important part of

an HVDC transmission system for harmonic
ltering as well as supply of reactive power.
Capacitors with high quality and reliability are
essential to the overall performance of the
ABB is by far the worlds leading supplier of HVDC
equipment, with a market share considerably larger than
that of any other supplier. HVDC development was
pioneered by ABB more than seventy years ago and
since then, ABB has led the technical progress within
this eld.
Power capacitors form an important part of an HVDC
transmission system for ltering of harmonic and supply
of reactive power. Their high quality and reliability
are essential to the overall performance of the system.
ABB therefore, uses self-protected capacitors in HVDC
applications. The self-protected capacitors can be either
of a patented fuseless design or equipped with internal
fuses. The self-protected design offers advantages
of vital importance for all applications where high
reliability is an absolute necessity, such as in HVDC


HVDC classic, Baltic Cable, Sweden.

Single element failures do not affect the performance

and protection coordination is easier, enabling increased
selectivity compared to other protection solutions. High
quality and reliability not only improve the electrical
performance of the capacitors, also the ability to resist
severe climatic and seismic conditions is enhanced.
ABB designs and manufactures capacitors for HVDC
systems. The long experience as a supplier of capacitors
for HVDC systems ensures a product that meets the
stringent requirements that apply for this type of

HVDC Light, Gotland, Sweden.

For more than seventy years, ABB Capacitors has manufactured power capacitors for small and large installations all over the world. ABB Capacitors in Ludvika
bears overall responsibility for the capacitor business of
the ABB Group.
ABB Capacitors is certied according to ISO 9001
(quality) and ISO 14001 (environment).
The product range of ABB Capacitors covers most types
of capacitors for power applications, for instance:

High voltage shunt banks

Harmonic lters
Series compensation
Static var compensators
High voltage direct current
(HVDC) installations
Capacitive voltage dividers (CVDs).

ABB Power Technologies

High Voltage Products/Capacitors
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