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Slow urine flow and eventually stop it.

Doing this helps you

recognize the muscles involved. Later, practice stopping urine
flow, hold for 1-2 seconds, and repeat 6-8 times as you urinate.
You should eventually be able to stop urine flow completely with
no leakage. Learn to slowly relax pelvic floor muscles in stages
from full contraction to full relaxation.
Practice tightening these muscles at various other times during
the day. Repeat 6-8 times each session and 50-100 times a day.
Hold each contraction for 2-5 seconds, then relax.
When doing these exercises, do not hold your breath. Bear down;
that is, push down on the pelvic floor or contract the buttocks,
inner thighs, or abdominal muscles. When beginning, do not
exhaust the pelvic muscles. Whenever contractions weaken,
discontinue at that time. Build muscle strength slowly; there is no
Avoid alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, and grapefruit juice.
Use cranberry juice instead.
Reduce general fluid intake, but not too much.
Avoid constipation.
Lose weight.
Go when you have to; do not wait, or you weaken bladder
Double voiding is helpful: After voiding, stand up and sit down
again. Lean forward slightly at the knees and try again.
Also see "Incontinence2." For incontinence in children, see "Bedwetting."

ENCOURAGEMENTThe gift of God to mankind was immense. It could not

be said that anything was withheld. God gave all in Christ. Accept Him and you
become a child of God, known and loved by Him.

INCONTINENCE2 (J.H. Kellogg, M.D., Formulas)

TO INCREASE ENERGY OF BLADDERCold Plantar Douche for 1-2

minutes; Cold FootBath, using running water over the feet; Cold percussion
Douche to hips and legs at 600-65o F.; Cold Douche to lower back; Cold Fan
Douche, at 650 F., over bladder. Cold rubbing Sitz Bath. Colonic, begin at 1000
and lower 10 daily to 800 F.
RELIEVE VESICAL IRRITATIONRevulsive Sitz Bath; Hot Pack to
pelvis; prolonged Neutral Sitz Bath, following Revulsive Sitz Bath. Neutral
Douche to lower spine; Revulsive Douche to feet and legs.
IMPROVE GENERAL NERVE TONECold Mitten Friction or Cold Towel
Rub, Cold Pack to pelvis, general Cold Douche, Shallow Bath, Wet Sheet Rub.
Also see "Incontinence1."

HEMATURIA (Blood in Urine)

SYMPTOMSBlood appears in the urine. Blood in the urine shows a smoky

sediment, and is reddish brown. Urine may be slightly smoky, reddish, or very
CAUSESRed, or reddish, urine may be due to blood in the urine, known as
hematuria, and to senna or rhubarb, which may color the urine either brown or
If the blood is well-mixed with the urine, it is probably from the kidneys. If it is
clotted in tubular casts of ureters, it is from kidneys or ureters. If its is passed at
the beginning of urination, it is from the urethra; if at the end, it is from the
Bleeding from the kidneys produces smoky urine, which may be bright red.
Bleeding from the urethra is always bright red, and precedes urination. Bleeding
from the urine vesicle produces bright red urine, which is not uniform.
Other causes of blood in urine can be a lesion of the urinary tract, contamination
during menstruation, prostatic disease, tumors, poisoning (especially carbolic
acid and cantharides), malaria, toxemias, and calculus (kidney stones).