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An arthritis liniment may be made in this way: Mix 1 pint alcohol, 1/4 ounce menthol,

and ounce camphor. Rub it on the affected joints, twice a day.

A 50-50 mix of mineral oil and alcohol is another formula. You can add a tbsp. of
wintergreen oil to the mixture, if you wish.
The following poultice has been used with good results on swollen joints: Take 3 tbsp. of
granulated slippery elm bark, 1 tbsp. of lobelia, 2 tbsp. of mullein, 1 spoonful of cayenne,
and mix in a bowl. Add hot water to make a paste. Spread it on a cloth and cover the
swollen joints. Over it, wrap a plastic sheet and then a dry towel. Leave it on for to 1
hour or less, if burning sensation becomes unbearable.
Mix eucalyptus oil with water, and rub on the affected area. Wrap the joint in plastic
wrap, and apply moist heat with hot towels.
Reduce stress in your life. Worry, anger, and similar emotions weakens your body and
helps induce arthritic problems.
Chlamydia (which see) has been linked to a form of arthritis that affects young women.
In one study, half the women with unexplained arthritis were found to have chlamydia.
Overweight increases strain on the joints. Arthritics should try to keep their weight
slightly below average.
Avoid immunizations. Various immunizations have brought on arthritis.
Food allergies can cause neck and shoulder pain, imitative of arthritis.
Silicone gel breast implants can cause arthritis-like symptoms, and induce lupus and
scleroderma. Antibodies develop which attack collagen.
In its early stages, ulcerative colitis (which see) can produce arthritic-like symptoms.
Lyme disease (which see) can appear to be arthritis.
Lupus (which see), an autoimmune disease, can produce arthritis-like symptoms.
Also see "Arthritis2," "Rheumatoid Arthritis1," which contains additional material on Arthritis.
Also see the author's book, Arthritis and Rheumatism (see order sheet), detailing the findings of 63

research studies on various arthritic and rheumatic conditions.

ENCOURAGEMENTThink back over the past and recall to mind all the ways God has helped you
through the years. Praise Him for what He has done, and continues to do for you. Stay close to Him and
trust the future to Him. He will not fail you, even though you may not understand all the workings of

ARTHRITIS2; RHEUMATOID GOUT (J.H. Kellogg, M.D., Formulas)

DIET AND LIFESTYLEThe diet must be specially nourishing and digestible. See "Emaciation." A
warm, rather dry, and uniform climate is most desirable.
GENERAL MEASURESCarefully graduated cold applications, preceded by very short hot
applications; Fomentation to spine or the Radiant Heat Bath for 3-5 minutes and the sunbath, followed
by Cold Mitten Friction are especially suitable; massage; Hot Abdominal Pack.
FEVERProlonged Neutral Bath at 920 F., Fomentation to spine followed by Cold Mitten Friction or
Wet Towel Rub.
FREQUENT PULSECold Compress or Ice Bag over heart for 15-20 minutes, 3 times a day.
PAIN IN JOINTSRevulsive Compresses followed by cotton poultice; vapor bath to the area.
NEURALGIA OF HANDSHot Hand Bath followed by cotton poultice
RADIATING PAINSFomentation to spine, 3 times a day, with well-protected (plastic covered)
Heating Compress during the interval between; Revulsive Compress to spine.
NUMBNESS AND TINGLING OF HANDS AND FEETFomentation to spine, Hot or Alternate
Sponging of limbs, repeated 3 times a day.
MUSCULAR CRAMPSFomentation or hot immersion of affected parts, two or more times daily;
during interval between, Hot Sponging; firm bandaging. Protect him from chills.
JOINT DEFORMITIESFor thickening of synovial membranes, or accumulation of fluid in joints or
bursa, apply Alternate Douche; Alternate Compress. Apply, to joint, a dry flannel bandage or cotton