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TO PREVENT PERMANENT DAMAGE OF JOINTSSimple flexions (movements) of the joints as

soon as the fever de- clines; short applications of Alternate Compress or Alternate Douche, 2-3 times
daily, after convalescence begins, with a well-protected Heating Compress during the interval in
ARTICULAR AFFUSIONSAlternate Compress or Alternate Douche 3 times a day, well-protected
Heating Compress during the interval in between; massage; bandaging.
NODOSITIESRevulsive Douche or Fomentations, 3 times a day; Heating Compress during interval
in between until tenderness is removed; then Alternate Douche, 3 times a day, followed by wellprotected Heating Compress; massage.
ARTHRITIS AND PHLEBITISFomentation over affected part every 2-3 hours for 20 minutes;
Heating Compress during interval in between, wrung very dry and protected with plastic covering.
NEURALGIARevulsive Compress, followed by dry cotton poultice; renew every hour or two.
NEURITISComplete rest of part; Fomentation every 2-3 hours, followed by well-protected Heating
TACHYCARDIA (RAPID HEART BEAT)Cold Compress over heart for 15 minutes every hour;
avoid hot food and drinks; Ice Bag over heart during hot applications to joints and other parts.
DIARRHEANeutral Enema at 950 F., after each bowel movement; cold Abdominal Compress at 600
F., during intervals in between, changed every hour.
GASTRALGIAHot and Cold Compress over stomach, heat to area above stomach, cold to spine. Hot
water drinking; dry diet of well-dextrinized (well-cooked) cereals.
PERIOSTATIS and OSTEITISVery hot Fomentations for 15 minutes every 2 hours, Heating
Compress during intervals in between, well-wrung and well-protected with flannel and plastic. If
suppuration (pussing) occurs, open it with a knife.
URTICARIASponging with very hot water; Hot salt or alkaline Sponge; Prolonged Neutral Bath.
CONTRAINDICATIONSAvoid Cold Full Baths and Cold Douche.
GENERAL METHODAid the elimination of acids by promoting activity of the skin. This is also the
best means of relieving the articular pains. He should be drenched with water through both the stomach
and rectum, to encourage profuse perspiration and prevent undue increase in the specific gravity of the

blood. Tonic and fever-lowering measures must be used with great care, and so managed as to avoid
retrostasis (a retrograding of his condition). Chilling him will increase the pain. The cold rubbings
(frictions), applied to maintain general vital resistance, must be accompanied by hot applications to the
joints, and, if necessary, more extensive hot applications to the spine or legs, to prevent chilling of the
surface. Those hydrotherapy measures are the most efficient which aid heat elimination by dilating the
surface vessels rather than by lowering the temperature of the skin.


NUTRITIONA nourishing dietary excluding meats; avoid fruits and vegetables at the same meal, all
indigestible foods and dishes, tea, coffee, condiments, and excess of salts. Carefully Graduated Cold Full
Baths daily.
INCREASE GENERAL VITAL RESISTANCEThis is the most important indication in this
disease, as in malarial infection, in acute rheumatism, and other infectious diseases. Short sweating
procedures of any sort (Full Hot Baths, Steam Baths, etc.), followed by short and graduated cold
applications, are the most important general measures.
SWELLING OF JOINTSFomentation 3 times a day; and, during the intervals in between, apply
Heating Compress wrung dry and well-protected by plastic; derivative measures.
PAINRevulsive Fan Douche, other pain-relieving measures.
STIFFNESS OF JOINTSFomentation 3 times a day, well-protected Heating Compress during
intervals in-between; Alternate Articular Douche [alternate hot and cold spray to afflicted joints];
massage of joints and muscles; Prolonged Neutral Bath.
DRY SKINSweating Wet Sheet Pack, oil rubbing on skin, Cold Mitten Friction, Cold Towel Rub,
Wet Sheet Rub, Steam Bath, hot-air bath, electric-light bath [heating from electric lights or electric
heater], sunbath.
CONTRAINDICATIONSDo not give very Cold Baths, especially Cold Full Baths.

CHRONIC RHEUMATISM (J.H. Kellogg, M.D., Formulas)