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excretion of urates.

Direct injury to a joint, tending toward gout, can bring on an acute attack.
It is known that the skin can excrete uric acid, so baths will help.
During acute attacks, keep the affected joint elevated and at rest.
Hot fomentations for 15 minutes every 3 hours, to help relieve pain. But, to reduce pain,
some do better using cold applications.
Mud packs, applied to the affected area, will absorb a fair amount of the uric acid.
Charcoal is very helpful. Take it by mouth (12-16 tablets daily), and also lay charcoal
packs on the area.
A compress of comfrey root or leaves, blended with water, helps relieve gout pain.
Apply for two hours or more, or overnight.
Burdock will help clean uric acid deposits from the joints and other areas. Kelp, red
clover, and yucca help eliminate uric acid and other toxins.
Colchicine is the primary drug medication for gout. But it causes nausea, vomiting,
diarrhea, cramping, hair loss, anemia, liver damage, and decreased leukocytes and
platelets. Natural remedies can do the job better.
A number of drugs increase uric acid levels, so it is best to avoid drugs. Diuretic drugs
are especially bad.
See "Arthritis" for much more information.
Also see the author's book, Arthritis and Rheumatism (see order sheet), detailing the findings of 63
research studies on various arthritic and rheumatic conditions.
Also see "Gout2," "Arthritis1" and "Rheumatoid Gout."
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GOUT2 (J.H. Kellogg, M.D., Formulas)

DIET AND LIFESTYLEAvoid meats, tea, coffee, tobacco, sometimes even milk and eggs; take
daily sufficient exercise in the open air to cause perspiration, followed by short Cool Full Bath for
cooling purposes. Diet would include fruits, well-cooked cereals, and nuts.
WASTESProlonged Sweating Baths: Steam Bath; Radiant Heat Bath; Sweating Wet Sheet Pack; Dry
Pack; Hot Blanket Pack, followed by daily Graduated Cold Bath, carefully given and nicely graduated;
out-of-door life.
MAINTAIN NORMAL ALKALINITY OF THE BLOODTonic graduated cold applications, free
use of fruits; avoid flesh foods, tea, coffee, and alcohol.
- See the following two sections for care of the acute and chronic forms of Gout.
HEADACHEWater drinking; Enema; Hot and Cold Head Compress, with Hot Footbath or Hot Leg
MIGRAINERevulsive Compress to the area, where the pain is located; Hot Leg Bath or Hot Foot
Bath; Enema; Hot Enema; Fomentation over stomach; Fomentation over spine; Alternate Compress over
HEMORRHOIDSIf inflamed, hot Fomentations to relieve pain, followed by Cold Compress to anal
region and buttocks; Cool Enema.
PRURITUS ANIVery Hot Anal Douche.
PAIN AND SWELLING OF JOINTSElevate limb; Cooling Compress, change as soon as warm.
FEVERHot Blanket Pack, followed by Prolonged Neutral Bath.
SCANTY URINEWater drinking (distilled water); Enema, twice daily.
RETROCEDENT GOUTFor coma or delirium, cold to head and neck; large Enema. Hot Blanket
Pack; Hot Full Bath.