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Abbott: Collection of photographs, slides, post-cards re
windmills in Britain and Europe. 1960s-1974


A B Wood: Papers of A B Wood, Admiralty scientist. Correspondence, reminiscences, published papers, newspaper cuttings re
re his education in Manchester, his work on radioactivity, particularly thorium active deposit, and his work for the Admiralty
on cathode ray oscillographs and echo sounders. 1912-1980


Aerocem Ltd: Photographs, articles & advertisements re the
company founded to exploit uses of sprayed aerated concrete.


[Photographic archive of the premises, work and products of the
Putney Motor Co. and the subsequent Ailsa Craig companies,


Albone: Papers re life and work of Dan Albone (1860-1906)
concerning cycling, motor cycling, cars & tractors. 1883-1959


Alexander: Collection of newspaper cuttings compiled by P Y
Alexander re aeronautics. 1892-1913


A.L.L. Baker: Papers compiled by Prof Baker of Imperial College
re Channel Tunnel project of the early 1970s


Andrews: Collection of Cuthbert Andrews of trade literature,
catalogues etc re X-ray tubes, X-ray equipment, radiography
and radiation protection. 1910-1980


Appleby: Encyclopaedia of the World's Aircraft and Astronautics
compiled by William E Appleby. c.1910-1960


Atkinson: Collection of A.D.S. Atkinson of the Lighting Service
Bureau of notes, cuttings, reports and publications re domestic,
commercial and industrial lighting. c.1870-1962. (See also
ARCH : CHAPLY below)

Charles Robinson & Son.1900-1930 BERRY Berry: Collection of Geoffrey C. notations and ms. Baillie & Campbell against the Admiralty for the building of HMS Resistance 1861-7. negatives and log books re cable-laying and ships. B&R Bramah & Robinson: Collection of civil and mechanical engineering drawings of Joseph Bramah. chiefly in Britain. 17991907 BENT Bentall: Design drawings etc of E.1826-1896 BAGL Bagley: Historical records re air racing. (Coachbuilders). including re claim of Westwood. (G P B II. et al. mainly compiled by John Bagley. iron founders. chiefly business enterprises (docks and mines) of George Parker Bidder QC. Bramah. Berner collection of papers. c. 1940-66 BAILE Baillie: Papers. glass plates. including history of Metropolitan Water Board and its constituent companies. bridge and shipbuilders.H. photos of civil engineering contracts (mainly bridges) etc.O. photos etc re Westwood. Charles Robinson. notebooks of designs for Charles Babbage's calculating machines. 1951-1979 BIDD Bidder: Papers of the Bidder family.1804-1852 BAB Babbage: Drawings. c. Bramah & Robinson. 1912-1920. associated with the work of the RAE. race handicapper BAGL 2 Bagley: Collection of miscellaneous reports etc. chiefly of engines and chassis. Gulnare (16). Bentall re yachts Jullanar (26). c.1860-1900 . London. J & Son. 1839-1893 BARK Barker: Records of Barker & Co. Baillie & Co..A. Chiefly c. (46) BERN Berner: The C.AUTO Auto Carriers: Collection of drawings (39) of Auto Carriers (1911) Ltd. 1920s90s. eldest son of GPB I) 1836-1896. Berry re history of water supply in the London area. Bramah & Sons.

microfilm of invoices. geodetic construction of aircraft.1903-1908 BSIB British Society for International Bibliography: Records of the Society. BXL Bakelite Xylonite Ltd: Records (photos. successors to Brashear and his assistant James B McDowell. (c.BIGGS Biggs: Drawings. notebooks. offprints and correspondence of C A Carus-Wilson. 1939) and of specific members of staff in the areas of neurology. photos & ms.1890s-1924 .1922-1937 BTC British Transport Commission: chiefly personal bound copy BTC minutes of Comptroller Sir Reginald Wilson (1905-99) BUCK Buckton: Collection of technical drawings (28) of Joshua Buckton & Co.1840-51) and b & w photos (18) of J. re buses BRANG Branger: Collection of Branger photos of motor car and motor cycle racing in Europe. c. swingwing aircraft.1877-1986 CAR Carus-Wilson: Reports. c. material re work of T. (est.J. c. (c. c. 1880s-1940s BRAD Bradford: Volumes of magazine cuttings. and constituent companies. re rail transport and electrical engineering but covering many other subjects. historical notes. c. trade literature. electroencephalography etc. neurophysiology.1910-20) of machine tools BURD Burden Neurological Institute: papers (1917-1980) re the work of the Burden Neurological Inst. motorcycles and bicycles. Buckton & Co. chiefly 1888-1920s BNW Barnes Wallis: Papers of Sir Barnes Wallis re his work on airships. submarines etc. purchases and sales ledgers) of Bakelite Xylonite Ltd. Biggs on the design of early cars. bouncing bomb. plastics manufacturers. Ltd. sub-sonic and super-sonic aircraft designs.1905-1973 BRA Brashear: Collection of glass plate negatives illustrative of the astronomical instrument making of John Alfred Brashear Co of Pittsburgh and the J W Fecker Co. 1928-79.

Crompton Historic Collection. a rotary puddling furnace. machinery for excavating a Channel tunnel. Ltd and Crompton Parkinson Ltd.B.1932-1956 CBWAJ Coach Builders' and Wheelwrights' Art Journal: Drawings of wagons. being being papers re the life and work of Crompton in electrical engineering and re Crompton & Co. and minutes of. Crampton re his life and work.E. Chaldecott chiefly in 1970s-80s CHR Committee on Hydrological Research: Papers for. hydrological research committees of the DSIR and the NERC. R W Crabtree & Sons Ltd. transparencies and slides of technical and scientific subjects. 1853-1950s .K. coaches etc from this and predecessor/successor journals. Chiefly 1970s? COURT Court: Collection of Thomas Henry Court re history of scientific instruments and their makers. of R Hoe & Co.A. c. 1897-1907 CHAL Chaldecott: Collection of notes and papers re research on scientific instrument makers compiled by Dr J. 1850-1880 CRAB Crabtree: Collection of photographs of printing machinery.L. pamphlets and correspondence of F. prints. 1959-1968 CL Computer literature: CLARKE Clarke: Papers re life and work of early aeronautical engineer T. chiefly presses. Caunter re tin mining in Cornwall. including re Dover-Calais submarine telegraphic cable 1851. 18921949 CRA Crampton: Collection of T. 1920s-1950s CRO Crompton: The R. includes portraits. Clarke COI Central Office of Information: Collection of photos. especially microscopes.W.CAU Caunter: Press cuttings. R Hoe & Crabtree Ltd.R.

reports and correspondence. maintenance records etc re supply of electric power from Deptford Power Station.1801-1914 . correspondence. 1903-1971 ELL Elliott: Papers re Ferranti Pegasus and Elliott Bros.E. of process manuals for tyre manufacture.1880-1960 CYEE Central Youth Employment Executive: Collection of slides and negatives compiled by the CYEE showing people at work in various occupations.W. manuals. proposals of Elliott Bros. c. . c. 1950-1970 ENV Environment Awards for Engineers: Engineering Council (1992-2001) FIELD Field: Collection of manuscript and printed material principally relating to the work of Joshua Field (1787?-1863) as a partner in the engineering firm of Maudslay. and re his connection with the Alkali Inspectorate. handbooks. Ltd. Watford/John Dickinson & Co. (London) Ltd. re his firms Davis Chlorine Processes Ltd and Davis Bros. chemical engineer. ELL2 Elliott: c.1920-1950 DEP Deptford: Engineers' reports.CROX Croxley: Records of Croxley Mill. Alexander Gibb and Easton Gibb and their companies. photos of Cambridge St and New Eccles factories. Sons & Field. c. Ltd.1805-1865 GIBB Gibb: Collection of civil engineering drawings and papers re the work of John Gibb. Davis. re paper manufacture. c. 1886-1938 DUN Dunlop: Collection from Dunlop Rubber Co. patent applications and renewals etc. the Society of Chemical Industry and the Sulphate of Ammonia Manufacturers.500 reports. 401 & 402 computers etc. 1797-1937 DAV Davis: Papers of G. Dickinson of research notes and printed material re persons and topics of significance in the history of science and technology. 1950s D&F Dring & Fage: Records of the company re hydrometers. 18701906 DCK Dickinson: Collection of H..

engineering drawings. testing and use of airships as relating to the work of E.M. scientific apparatus and instrument makers. c.1100) as above HEN Henley: Records of Henley (W. reports etc).1875-1968 HMW H. Wales & Ireland by Thomas Hawksley and by T & C Hawksley. reports re construction. 18281959 . 1862-1917 HAWK Hawksley: Drawings (245) re design and construction of waterworks and sewage works in various towns and cities in England.) Telegraph Works Co.(Coachbuilders) Ltd. mechanist to the Navy Board. later Hilger and Watts Ltd.C.1797-1847 GPB G. c.P. technical drawings. Given. chiefly re cable-laying contracts HILG Hilger: Records of Adam Hilger Ltd. chiefly. chiefly re history of aeronautics but also covering many other topics GILL Gill: Papers of Dr Stanley Gill re academic. commercial and political aspects of computing. civil engineer. journals. mostly in Kent and Sussex. particularly academic papers of staff. c.1830-1918 HAWK 2 Hawksley: Drawings (c. Bidder: Papers relating to the life and work of George Parker Bidder the first. Director of Airship Production at the Admiralty 1917-19 and Director General of Factories at the Ministry of Munitions 191920. Ltd.T. (GPB I) 1806-1878 GRO Grover: Papers. 1947-1975 GIV Given: Photos. printed items re the work of Simon Goodrich. Wilson: Collection of photos and postcards of windmills.1930s-1950s HOOP Hooper: Records of Hooper & Co.GIBBS Gibbs-Smith: Papers of Charles H Gibbs-Smith. books etc.. 1917-1927 GOOD Goodrich: Papers (correspondence. re life and work of astronomer Charles Grover.

B.B. press cuttings and photos) re: work of Ken Wood and the Kenwood Manufacturing Co. 1860s-80s. 1890s-1950s JOHN Johnson: Drawings of Manchester engineer W. c. Re J. compiled by Charles E.A. offprints. Testing and Experimental Works. photos. Hughes. mainly re engine and motorcycle production. Wales / H. re gas engines and patent investigations. Derby. negatives. 1936-1971 ICL International Computers Ltd: Records of the company and earlier companies JAP J. re transport history.1900-1910 ICI-POL ICI Polythene: Papers re work on the development of polythene at ICI Winnington and ICI Wallerscote. pamphlets.W. 1948-1954 LEE Lee: Cuttings. Ltd.HUGH Hughes: Collection of c. MAC Marks and Clerk: Papers of patent agent and engineer Sir Dugald Clerk.Prestwich: Papers. ephemera etc. KAV Kavelaars: Collection of H C Kavelaars of plans. articles etc re Schneider Trophy Competition. Lacey whilst at Mechanical Development & Performance Analysis Department of Rolls-Royce Ltd. chiefly re sun-dials and windmills . Lee. chiefly railways and bus companies. Johnson. but also of slate quarrying in N. Southwark. Marin. chiefly photos and publicity material. chiefly in underground coal pits in Staffs & Worcs.1852-1965 LACEY Lacey: Notes and reports acquired by G. chiefly re steam engines.18751925 MAR Marin: Research collection of E. c. Chiefly 1913-1931 KENW Kenwood: Papers (chiefly publicity.G. Prestwich & Co Ltd. 1947-1968 KIRK Kirkaldy: Records of David Kirkaldy & Son.W.360 b & w glass negatives of mine workings. c.A.

1818-1855 MAYO Mayo: Papers of R. premises.E. chiefly reflecting its history. late 19th century-1950s? MURHD1 Muirhead: Papers of the consulting engineers partnership of Clark.1900-1980 NAE N. Sons & Field.1960-1980 . re company history.A. Forde and Taylor. c. ca. Mott re his work testing cars.F. NAP Napier: Drawings. subsidiaries and agencies.1869-1929 N&Z Negretti & Zambra: Business records of Negretti & Zambra Ltd. chiefly post-1945. manuals etc. photos etc compiled by F.MAUD Maudslay: Papers re the work and history of Maudslay & Co and Maudslay.1790-1880 MOTT Mott: Correspondence.H. Sons & Field. c.A. and the work of the Maudslay Society. ca.1926-1970 MERED Meredith: Papers re irongmongery business founded by Richard Meredith in 1742. particularly the Morris Roadless Lorry in East Africa in 1925-26 MUN Munro: Collection of several hundred drawings re scientific instrumentation. Bedford. and scientific instrument making generally and aircraft instrument making in particular. 1920-1971 MAUDRAW Maudslay drawings: Drawings of ship engines and boilers built by Maudslay. photos..: Photos re construction and servicing of N. operations & sites. 1913-1956 MCLN McLachlan: Method books of Thomas McLachlan & Partners. customers.E. re D. 1807-1902. especially re the Mayo composite aircraft and his work with Imperial Airways and the Empire Air Mail scheme.1899-1959 NASA NASA: collection of NASA & related publications. Mayo re aviation. c. Napier & Sons Ltd. consulting drug and food technologists. staff. c. chiefly re submarine cable laying.

Whitehall Securities Ltd. Anthony Nemet after the UN International conference on the peaceful uses of Atomic Energy. 130 items in 5 solander boxes. (Sir Henry Norman was liaison officer) NRS Norris: Drawings and papers re designs of Norris Brothers for Bluebird hydroplane. 1876-1978 PEA Pearson: Records of S. c. Bluebird CN7 and for Rocket car. Nilsen re coinage and mining of precious metals. miscellaneous contracts. Parsons re his work and his companies. 1881-1948 PARS Pars: 124 prescription books re Pars pharmacy.A. . c. Bournemouth. compiled by Dr. 1955-1957 NIL Nilsen: Collectanea ad rem monetariam spectantia notebooks of N. 1926 REY William Reynolds: Engineering sketchbook compiled by engineer Reynolds 1758-1803. 1915-1919. Pearson & Son re their civil engineering work carried out across the world. especially St Katherine's. production and measurement of radioactivity. ca..NEISH Neish: The Gerald Neish collection of transport publications and ephemera. Chiefly 1970s NEM Nemet: Papers re use. most date from 1790s-early 1800s. c.1897-1969 PLA Port of London Authority: Drawings of mechanical equipment installed in London Docks.1870-1955 PEACOWD Pearson (Lord Cowdray): Papers and photos from Lord Cowdray's Office re him and other directors of the Pearson company.1933-1986 PAR Parsons: Papers of Sir Charles A. 18081885. pamphlets & leaflets relating to food and nutrition.1820s-1860s NOR Norman: Reports received by the Ministry of Munitions during World War 1. Cowdray Hospital Assoc. the Parliament St offices. 1950s1960s NUTRI Collection of books.

1889-1931 . letters.A. comprising photos. chief draughtsman at Maudslay. leaflets. postcards etc re windmills. ms.Ltd. of Thomas Rickett. watermills and millwork. c. 1842-1883 SEMP Sempill: Collection of Lord Sempill.L. pamphlets. including trade literature of Cambridge Instrument Co. items covering all fields and all periods in the history of technology and manufacture RICK Rickett: Papers re the work on road steam engines. photos. with later correspondence. 1936-37.1910-1960 ROGRS Rogers: Lecture notes in physics of G. (& additional material on phrenology 1890s) ROB Robinson: Papers compiled by B. 1937-79 ROP Ropeways Ltd: Detail engineering drawings (27) re ropeway systems/Ropeways Ltd.S. student.E. 1914-1966 SILB Silberrad: Papers re work of chemist Dr Oswald Silberrad and the Silberrad Research Laboratories. Also notebooks re development of holography. Simmons on the wind and watermills of Britain..RHJ Rhys Jenkins: Collection of cuttings. 1860s. 193.197- SELLS Sells: Notebooks of Charles Sells. horses and driving SKU Skinner Union: Papers re design and development of carburetters by Skinner Union Co. Sons & Field. arranged by county SIS Sisley: Collection of Claude Sisley of material on horse-drawn vehicles (chiefly coaches). papers. correspondence etc illustrative of half a century spent in the cause of aeronautics at home and abroad. 1891-1959 SIMNS Simmons: Research notes of H. 1888-1944 RSA RSA Environmental Award Scheme SAND Sanders: Collection of notebooks. Rogers as a Cambridge Univ. Robinson re history and development of the electrocardiograph.

c.1890s-1930 STAN Stanley: Material illustrative of the history of W. telegrams etc collected by his engineer. c. printed items etc re construction of Thames Tunnel. Sons & Santo Crimp. ca. Stanley & Co.F. c.B.1963-1968 VILL Villa: Photos. prints. 1823-1862 UK3 UK3: Technical and other material re UK3 (Ariel 3) Satellite project. including several thousand engineering drawings on microfiche.1930-77 SOCC Sherard Osborn Cowper-Coles: Papers re work of electrometallurgist. Taylor.. and UGI (Meters) Ltd.1873-1965 TAYL Taylor: Collection of engineering drawings etc of waterworks and sewage works in various towns and cities in Britain and abroad by John Taylor.1796-1984. c. re Donald Campbell and the Bluebird car and hydroplane. Ltd. opticians and scientific instrument makers.SMIT Smith Meters Ltd: Records of Smith Meters Ltd. being motor vehicle registers.1913-1927 TT Thames Tunnel: Drawings. Taylor. c. John. instrument makers. Walker: large collection of secondary material re aviation history amassed by Walker . Leo Villa.H. c. John & Sons. STAN 2 Stanley: 2nd tranche of company material STEWD Steward: Papers of J. negative number registers and several thousand photographs and glass negatives.Ltd. 19491964 WAI Wailes: Records of Wailes (George) & Co.1846-1957 THORN Thornycroft: Records of J I Thornycroft & Co. manufacturers of submarine telegraph equipment. 1900-1972 TINS Tinsley: Papers of Henry Tinsley & Co. Steward Ltd. 1846-1960 WALK P.

A.1900-1940 WEST Westover: Papers re the work of George Westover (18861959). particularly his 'Rotofoto' system of phototypesetting WHE Wheatstone: Papers and drawings (including patent drawings) re work and interests of Sir Charles Wheatstone c. 1850s-1890s WERRY Werry: Collection of papers re the work of W.WB Whitmore & Binyon: Collection of drawings of windmills and parts for windmills. spherical functions.U. Werry and the Werry engine. Chiefly1960s-1970s YOUNG Young: Papers of C.1851-1916 WILSN Wilson: Papers of Paul N.C. Young. Wilson (Lord Wilson of High Wray) re particular aspects of the history of technology/industrial archaeology.1832-1870 WHIT Whittles of Leek: Collection of dyeing manuals and sample books. Chiefly 20th century WIL Wilkinson: Mathematical notebooks compiled by Rev. Wilkinson re elliptic functions. from the firm of Thomas Whittles. Leek. c. c. Chiefly 1946-1973 . Gauss's series and quaternions. particularly re his work at ICI Central Instrument Research Lab. re dyeing natural and synthetic fibres. Michael M.J. chemist.