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The tornado concept of the campus shopping center emphasize to the natural vent

ilation and ligthing of the building. The circulation or flow of the air is in
circular motion because of the shape like cone or the tornado itself (like the
behavior of the real wind tornado but not in the hazardous way). As the cool ai
r enters the openinng going down, that gives cooling effect to the people.While
the hot air that comes from the bodyheat of the people, restaurants and such ris
es thru hoods and openings,as the cool air sink. The concept also promotes the
used of natural lighting through skyligths and full length mirrors which lessen
the used of electricity.As such helps the environment to lessen the used of ener
gy.Also, The Form of the shopping center which is the tornado like shape gives a
esthetic to the design and a factor that caught the attention of the people.
The building is elongated but narrow. The Fast food (specifically, MC Donalds)
which needs bigger space.Since it is popular to college students ( from my obser
vations) because of its affordable meals that an average people can buy( even t
eaching and non teaching staff or visitors) can visit to eat. Placing an entranc
e to its rigth side of the Mc donalds, aside from the main entrance in the middl
e will increase the foot traffic inside Mc Donalds. And the chances of them to
buy food is high. We all know that people would always choose the shorter distan
ce.People will never walk and let themselves get tired if they chooses to turn a
nd walk the distance going to the main entrance just to enter the mall.As same a
s with the small grocery store( on the left corner of the mall).
In the middle of the shopping center is where the telephone, Atm are located. Th
e access to the upper ground level are found in the middle. The stair are design
ed or classified for going up and going down only, for good flow of human traffi
And in the center of the lower ground you can find few small kiosk which one way
to attract people.
The National bookstore,Grocery, MC donalds and others which needs larger space.
While the others small establishments has smaller stall. Arrange in linear form
so the hallway is straight and no kiosk are place since the space is to narrow.
And also to avoid human traffic.
There is also space for visitors when they pay to visit the campus. Coffee shops
were they can conduct there informal meetings and ofcourse where they can relax
after strolling the campus.
the food court which is located on the upper ground on the rigth side corner.
hances of people will go to this place is big because food is a neccesity (AND
T IS CHEAP).And to make people stay. the place where designed in a comfortable
nd conducive ambiance. Were the students,teaching and non teaching staff and
isitor can sit, relax and eat while waiting or free time.


The washroom is also located on the upper ground because it is one of the strate
gy to make the people stroll the place. And with that the foot traffic increase
s and if ever the larger chance of an increase of sales on the upper floor.
the Parking lot were the toda SI are place, which acts as the transportation ce
ntre of the shopping center. The direct contact of passengers from the terminal
makes it easier for them. Since it is also a win to win situation on both party
because both benifit from each other and non of them are harm or being deprive.P
WD's can also access the building through ramps from the entrance especially at
the parking lot.
Above all, the real intention of the campus shopping center is to serve the ENDUSERS (student, teaching and non-teaching staff and visitors) with good and hig

h satisfaction from the service that they give. . So that they can provide whatever the end users need(SPECIFICALLY). Considering the facilities outside the building and the activities that they d o. To cater the NEEDS of the people .