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Critical Thinking Paper CAP 9

Mahnaz Habib
Red Group

The Maryland state government must better protect the economy by creating laws on limitations specifically benefitting the safety and health of their citizens. Today. “But he can’t suggest any free treatment programs because Maryland. The legalization of gambling went through a difficult process in the United States. the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency passed a referenda in which slot machine parlors were allowed in five locations. One solution attempted to support these people was the creation of government agencies designed to protect those who are in a deep addiction. encourages unhealthy addiction. the only legal slot machines existed in four Southern Maryland counties and Nevada (Cephas). The increasing number of casinos legalized over the years show that the government are carelessly adding casinos without considering the negative effect it will have on people. Gamblers are showing increasing signs of addiction.The Maryland state government must limit access to casinos in order to better regulate the legalization of gambling because gambling in Maryland creates an unsustainable revenue system for the state government. Casinos are advocating highly addictive behavior making an increasing number of people over the age of 21 more vulnerable. a law was passed to allow the slots to transform into large casinos (Skolnik). doesn’t offer any” (Rosen). one of the country’s most concentrated casinos markets. to avoid building up tension in the economy caused by the addiction and anxiety. According to an article by Joe Heim from the Washington Post. About 60 years ago. and in 2012. In 2008. Research shows that the number of casinos from the 1980s until now has increased exponentially. causing issues in their social and economic life (Skolnik). and exploits the poor. Although . casinos are authorized in 23 states. The government must act upon the gambling issue now. dating back to the mid-1800s.

The idea of getting the opportunity to win thousands of dollars lures those . a recovering gambling addict who now supports the gambling help line listens to the “wreckage of the gambling industry. they failed to create free treatment programs. social status associated with being a successful gambler.” The Maryland gambling industry results in the desperation for money. so extreme measures of addiction can be avoided. Gambling creates unhealthy and addicting habits that impacts a person’s life negatively. “I may not be as maniac about going. The progressive addictive behavior. Gambling is prone to have almost an infinite number of symptoms such as depression. a recovering gambler in Maryland (Skolnik). In the meantime. Michael Rosen. Jim Calabrese is one of the many people struggling with gambling addiction. and feelings of remorse (Nordqvist). known as “problem gambling” has many negative repercussions that is harmful for one’s psychological and physical health. says Jim Calabrese. which Maryland desperately needs. loss of sleep. He listens to the woman facing a jail term for embezzling $135. The politician climate in Maryland will not allow for the illegalization of gambling. and the entertaining atmosphere of the mainstream gambling scene (Psych Guides). loss of control. There are several examples of citizens in Maryland who have been severely harmed from the addiction of gambling. Gambling is shown to have a direct negative effect on those with lower socio-economic status. The building of casinos start the rise of extremely unhealthy risks of addiction. the desire to experience thrills and highs. but I am as maniac once I’m there”.Maryland has tried to create organizations that help those who are addicted.000 to feed her gambling addiction. the gaming agency can improve and better facilitate casinos and gambling habits. “He listens to the gambler who went on a three-day blackjack binge without sleeping and rarely eating.

the government may be more willing to dig deeper into the issue and ensure that gambling does not harm its citizens. about 80% of the money lost on casino gambling around the United States comes from households earning less than $50. According to the Institute of Taxation and Economic Policy. If gambling were to be limited to an extent where the economy can remain stable. Lawmakers. The Maryland government is relying on the profit from gambling to control the economy.000 yearly (Sullivan). as shown by the previous reference. This often leads to the . Although it is unrealistic to outlaw gambling. “When states use gambling as a revenue source. if the illegalization of gambling can be discussed within the legislation branch. creating an unsustainable revenue system. such as Prince George’s County Executive Rushern L. According to Christian Science Monitor. they depend on the continued flow of this revenue to help fund important public services. it may result in less promotion of lotteries and casinos from those who are most vulnerable. in Prince George’s county.who lack necessary finances. are arguing that this will prey on poorer residents from those areas (Wagner). Currently. and limiting poorer resident’s rights to gamble directly addresses their safety. the more you’ll lose” (Wagner). lawmakers are attempting to authorize a sixth gambling site (Wagner). solely for the thrill and entertainment. This statistic makes it evident that casinos draw specifically from the poor. It is the government’s lawful duty to protect its citizens. such as the Christian Science Monitor. Studies show that these residents are more likely to lose money because statistics represent that “the longer you play. Residents with lower socio-economic status must be granted limited in access to casinos because they are attracted to earning money. This location will draw people from the District and Virginia. where gambling is currently illegal. Baker. The legalization of gambling attracts poorer residents. and causes many of them to lose all their money by betting it in gaming machines.

The amount of people who are negatively impacted socially and economically according to the evidence show that the state of Maryland is faltering because of the gaming industry. This includes limiting access to make sure the level of gambling is more stable. According to Len Lazarick on the Maryland reporter. The Maryland state government needs to regulate the gambling industry in a more efficient way in order to protect the economy and the citizens. Throughout the years. Casinos. There are several ways the legislative branch can further protect their citizens. by creating a series of laws that keeps gambling under control. This system is proved to be insufficient. such as poker. putting too much weight on casinos. Although evidence shows that legalized gambling is extremely harmful for society. craps and roulette. “The legislation allowed all casinos to add lucrative table games. The gambling industry is also booming as Americans continue to wager billions of dollars online. and online gambling are controlling government revenue and they are using the profit of others to control the economy. This shows the increasing role the gaming industry has in the US economy. The government is relying on gamble taxes to fund public services. there is too much availability of gambling to ban all casinos in the state. and is unable to create a healthy direction for the citizens of Maryland. the government is allowing a higher percentage of revenue into casinos. The government needs to increase the age in which adults are allowed to gamble because adults in their early 20s are more vulnerable to become involved in excessive gambling.” The government must not rely on gambling revenues because this creates an economy which revolves around solely the gambling industry.unwholesome sight of state sponsored advertising that actively encourages its citizens to gamble more. And it allowed the companies to keep 80 percent of the table game proceeds…” The amount of revenue invested in casinos rose from 33 percent to 80 percent in just 4 years (Lazarick). It is also the duty of the state . lotteries.

Casino gambling is causing “parallels and separate and unequal life patterns in education. The availability of casinos in Prince George’s County is tremendous. The government needs to put a limit on the amount of table games allowed in a casinos. Table games and slot machines are the most attractive part of casinos in Maryland. and play that increasingly divides America into haves and have-nots” (Frum). In Prince George’s county. including everything from blackjack and roulette to poker. there is a larger possibility that there will not be as much addiction and financial desperation from the poor. This means that casinos will not be easily accessible to those who are more helpless or desperate for a chance to earn money. Gambling is causing problems for residents all over Maryland in terms of financial and health issues. The number of casino table games needs to be reduced to keep the activities and gambling levels under control. The illegalization of gambling would create a huge downfall in the economy. claims an article by Sam Skolnik on the City Paper. the legislative branch has the ability to create a series of laws that limit access to casinos for residents. If the government can find a way to better regulate casinos in order to ensure people’s safety. The improved regulation provided by the government will . to avoid exploiting the vulnerable. as well as the development of a sixth casino in Prince George's County”. and therefore banning casinos would not be a solution that is entirely possible for Maryland.government to control and limit the number of casinos permitted in a certain area. there will not be as much exploitation and availability. However. It is necessary that the government makes sure that there are standards for the socio-economic status of people who are permitted to enter casinos. If the amount of casinos available can be reduced. The economy is already too exposed to the gaming industry to be able to just shut it down completely. “Table games. the sixth $1.3 billion casino is in the process of being created. work. targeting specifically those with low socioeconomic status. marriage.

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2016. e. Web. I read this article to start to think about ideas that can serve as support for my thesis. 2016. and I can combine reliable evidence with these opinions to form the basis of the>. <http://www.governing. 2016." Governing: The States and This is a blog and therefore is not entirely reliable. This will help me narrow down my topic to certain regulations that are only eligible in Maryland. specifically in" addictionblog. 15 Feb. Addiction Blog. 2. Web.addictionblog. so I cannot use the information in my paper. "Maryland Casino Opens to Long Lines and Controversy. but served a basis for my paper. 2016. This will help me when writing the paper because I need to know more in detail about the rules and regulations . This website was an introduction in my research and allowed me to start developing ideas for support. but it is a good way to begin thinking about the topic. It did not show a lot of detail. 15 Feb. It is a strong factor in providing me with sufficient arguments. <http://gambling. "Gambling should be illegal: Top 5 reasons why.html>.Annotated Bibliography 1. This article discusses the controversy of banning casinos.

Also. 2016. 5. this source will allow me to gather information about the important physical. "Should Online Gambling Be Banned?" The Wall Street Journal. Sam. SB114375000762012631>. By narrowing my research. 15 Feb. and half-filled promises in their wake.. It helped me develop better research and get both opinion and fact. This article was very helpful to my research because I used it to learn about how casinos impact the society. Cable News Network. This website is an article from the Wall Street Journal. and therefore I know that it is a reliable source that is written by experts. Web. Ed. It will also support my evidence and examples about the consequences of gambling." City Paper. Dow Jones & Company. Maryland's casinos have left addiction. 2016. I will use this article later when writing my paper to give specific examples that support my argument. 15 Feb.cnn. Casinos and gambling is largely impacting our society. 4. and for this reason it will help me get an accurate depiction of gambling.wsj. This article was critical to my research because it gave me extra insight that I did not know about before. 2013/09/24/opinion/frum-casinos-harm/>. financial. Inc. 3. David. I can use more detail in my essay and use less vague statements. and this source shows how vulnerable people can be about the negative effects. and physiological effects of gambling crucial for the success of my paper." CNN. Frum. The majority of this article is an interview with a firsthand casino experiencer. . "Betting the House: Five years later. Turner Broadcasting System. crime. <http://www. Inc. 2016. Web. <http://www. There were specific statistical facts that’s help to support my thesis and give sufficient evidence.on gaming in the state of Maryland. "The Harm that Casinos Do.

This source is reliable and has a good credibility because it was written as an informational piece on a newspaper. Wagner. is an article that discusses the increasing availability of casinos in Maryland. but treatment options are not. 20 Mar." The Washington Post. 7. 20 2016. Washington Post. while also providing statistical data on gambling throughout the last decade. Washington Post. <https://www. Web. 2016. I was able to use this source to discuss statistics on table games and government laws on gambling.washingtonpost. Heim. 2016. This source gave sufficient statistics that helped further my knowledge on this topic..html>. Joe. . <http://www.citypaper.html>. 11 Aug. “In Maryland. gambling addiction is growing. and to learn how the number of casinos increasing effects the type and number of people who attend the casinos.html>. "Maryland falling behind in race for gamblers. in-maryland-gambling-addiction-is-growing-but-treatment-options-are-not/2015/09/ 0 7/4816f4f8-452d-11e5-8e7d-9c033e6745d8_story. 2015. 7 Sept. 12 June 2011. features/bcp-081215-feature-gambling-20150811-story. <https://www.p. This source provided by the Washington Post. Web. and I could use it to support my arguments on better regulated casinos. Web.washingtonpost. This source is a newspaper article which describes the story of Jim Calabrese. particularly in Prince George’s county. 20 Mar. John. I used this source to get an idea of which laws were passed in which years." The Washington Post.

8. but I was able to pull some basic information on the history to use for the introduction of my thesis.p. Web. pag.psychguides." The Enterprise. 2011: n. 2016. I was not as interested in the history of Southern Maryland. 16 Oct.I was able to find another article from the Washington Post. 2015. 10.p. The main reason for this idea was to explain the symptoms and effects of compulsive gambling. I used this website to give evidence of negative symptoms. Compulsive Gambling Symptoms." Institute of Taxation and Economic Policy Oct.html>. 20 Mar. Hidden Costs: The Perils of State-Sponsored Gambling. compulsive-gambling-symptoms-causes-and-effects/>. and I gathered information from this article to make logical conclusions on why gambling is out of control. and it furthers helped support one of my arguments. Web. Print. 9. < a-look-at-the-history-of-gambling-in-southern-maryland/ article_ef96e692-4130-5a89-9864-0914e10fc620. "A look at the history of gambling in Southern Maryland. 20 Mar. .. "Uncertain Benefi ts. n. Cephas. which serves to be a reliable article about treatment programs served to help gambling addicts. PsychGuides. This source is credited by psychologists.. <http://www. N. This story helped give me ideas about how to explain the negative effects of 2016. Andrew. Causes and Effects.somdnews. so it was both reliable and resourceful for my paper. This article from The Enterprise did not have a large effect on my research paper because the majority of the evidence was inappropriate to the purpose of my paper.

I used this article to get evidence from a tax organization that funding for gambling causes a downfall in the economy. which I previously did not understand. 12. 11. 20 Mar. 2016. 2015." Maryland Reporter.This magazine was a two page article that I found online. "Maryland gaming revenue expected to continue growing after topping $1 billion. <http://marylandreporter. because they are highly reliable. not schools. and in the Unites States. It also describes how the economy is starting to revolve more around casinos than other important public services. Maryland Reporter. mostly primary resources. The Baltimore Sun. By using this article as part of my research. 2014. 10 Aug.html>. 2016. 20 despite-campaign-promises-casinos-not-schools-are-big-winners-from-gaming-profits />. <http://www. Jeff. This Baltimore Sun story explains the revenue system on gambling in Maryland. Several of my sources originate from newspaper articles. Len. I was able to use these laws and specific dates to prove how the evolution of gambling is creating worsening problems for citizens in Maryland. "Despite campaign promises. bs-bz-gaming-revenue-20150810-story. I got a better understanding of Maryland’s revenue system. which discusses in detail the unsustainable revenue system in the Unites States caused by state sponsored gambling.baltimoresun." The Baltimore Sun. Web. Barker. The government is continuously spending more money on gambling even after it has . casinos. This article written on the Maryland Reporter listed a series of laws and organizations passed that affected the world of gambling. 5 Aug. are big winners from gaming profits.

I captured some of the important information that gave me an idea of how the government controlled the gambling system. US Gambling Law. and it served as an introduction to the basis of the topic. Washington: GPO. it allowed me to start thinking about the worsening revenue system created from casinos and other gambling sources. Print. It gave me the information by the US government on what residents can and cannot do in regards to gambling. and although the article was difficult to understand. 13. United States. I used this as a way to begin my research.reached 1 billion dollars. I was able to get a more detailed approach to the topic. . Although I did not use this source for physical evidence in my paper. This source is a description of the legal gambling laws of the Unties States. 2016. Legal Gambling and the Law.