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Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition 17.2 Shortcuts Platform: Linux/English 1 Toggle Side Pane, Split View, and Terminal General F3 Toggle Extra Pane (split view that shows two folder side by side) F4 Toggle Terminal in top pane (require the Nemo Terminal plugin) Win Open the Applications Menu Win+D Show desktop Win+E Open File Manager F9 Toggle left pane Alt+F2 Open the run dialog Ctrl+B Ctrl+Alt+T Open a terminal Edit bookmarks (Opens a dialog where you can sort, rename, and delete the shortcuts that appear in the left pane) Shift+F10 OR right click Open the context menu of the selected item Ctrl+D Add bookmark (a shortcut in the left pane) Ctrl+Z/Ctrl+Y Undo / redo F6 Cycle focus between panes Ctrl+C Copy selected item F8, then Arrow Keys Ctrl+V Paste Ctrl+X Cut selected item Resize panes. Press F8 to cycle through the separators between panes (the selected one will be highlighted). Then use the arrow keys to resize the separator. File Manager (Nemo) Manage Tabs Ctrl+T New tab Navigating Directories Alt+1 ... 9 Switch to tab 1 ... 9 Ctrl+Shift+N New folder Next / previous tab Ctrl+L Focus the location bar Ctrl+Page Up/Page Down Alt+Home Navigate to the home directory Ctrl+Shift+Page Up/ Move tab left / right Page Down Alt+Arrow Up Navigate up one directory Ctrl+W Alt+Arrow Right/Ar Navigate one directory forward / back row Left Selecting Items Close tab General Ctrl+F Find Ctrl+N New window F10 Open file menu Alt+P Open the plugin manager Ctrl+Q Close all windows Ctrl+ left click Select multiple items Shift+ left click Select a range of items Arrow Keys Select an item in the indicated direction Shift+Arrow Keys Select a range of items in the indicated direction Ctrl+S Select items matching a pattern (opens a dialog where you type in a pattern. All items matching that pattern are selected) Manage Windows and Workspaces Alt+Tab Cycle through open windows on current Workspace Home/End Select the first or last item in the window Alt+` Ctrl+A Select all items Cycle through open windows of the same application on ANY Workspace Ctrl+Shift+I Invert selection Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Down/Alt+Esc Toggle Scale view (display all windows on current Workspace) Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Up Toggle Expo view (display all Workspaces) Move to left / right workspace Interact with the Selected Item Ctrl+O OR Alt+Arro w Down OR Enter Open selected item Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Left/Arrow Right Ctrl+Shift+O Open selected item in new tab Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Arro Move current window to left /right workspace w Left/Arrow Right Alt+Enter Properties of selected item Shift+Space Preview selected item F2 Rename selected item Ctrl+M Create shortcut to selected item Delete Delete selected item Win+Shift+Arrow Keys Move current window to different monitor (left/right/up/down) Current Application Window Alt+F4 Close window Alt+F5 Unmaximize window Change the View Alt+F7 Resize window Ctrl+1 Icon view Alt+F8 Move window Ctrl+2 List view Alt+F10 Toggle maximize / unaximize window Ctrl+3 Compact view Win+Arrow Keys Ctrl+H Show hidden files Ctrl+=/- OR Ctrl + Mousewheel Increase / decrease icon size Snap window to left/right/top/bottom half of screen. Use in combination to snap to corners, e.g. right then up. Key back toward the middle of the screen to unsnap (e.g., for a right-snapped window, push super+arrow left) Ctrl+0 (zero) Reset icon size Ctrl+Win+Arrow Keys Tile window to the left/right/top/bottom half of the screen. Other maximized windows will fill in the remaining space. Alt+Space Open window menu Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition 17.2 Shortcuts Platform: Linux/English Session Ctrl+Alt+L Lock screen Ctrl+Alt+Delete Log out Ctrl+Alt+End Open the Shut Down menu (Suspend / Restart / Shut Down) Screenshots and Screen Recording By default, screenshots are saved to the Pictures folder in your Home directory Print Screen Take a screenshot Ctrl+Print Screen Copy a screenshot to the clipboard Alt+Print Screen Take a screenshot of the current window Ctrl+Alt+Print Screen Copy a screenshot of the current window to the clipboard Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R Toggle desktop recording (video will be saved to your Home folder) Troubleshooting F1 Launch Linux Mint online help Ctrl+Alt+Esc Restart Cinnamon, preserving all applications and windows (version 2.6+) Win+P Re-detect display devices Win+L Toggle looking glass debugging tool Ctrl+Alt+Backspace Restart the X server (WARNING: this will close all running applications!) Accessibility Alt+Win+=/Zoom desktop in or out (Note: Zoom must be enabled or Alt+Mousewheel in Universal Access settings)