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11 Tips on How to pass the CE Licensure Examination?

There’s no actually one secret formula in order to pass the board examination. The
thing here is, every student who wanted to pass the board must formulate his/her
own techniques/strategies. A routine that may be applicable to me may not be
applicable to you. But I would still share with you my own experience in preparing
for the board examination. You may or may not try the tips I will sight here.
Tip no. 1
Focus on your goal and avoid distractions. Do not let anything/anyone take
away your concentration. Hello? It’s just a 6 months review. You need to give up
inappropriate things that may be a hindrance in your review days. Just for a short
time of course. After taking the boards, you can do whatever you want! For the
meantime, focus first on your review.
Tip no. 2
Attend review sessions regularly. If you are enrolled in a review center, attend
all the sessions as much as possible. Aside from refreshing the things you’ve
learned from college, you will able to learn/gain new knowledge from the center too
plus of course the techniques that the instructors will teach you. Learn from the
Tip no. 3
Take practice exams seriously. Just like in college, there are also exams in
review centers. These are not compulsory but very important though. You can
assess yourself through these. Do not think that these exams have no bearing, they
do have. Aside from being able to practice what you’ve learn so far, you can
experience too the ‘nearly actual’ situation of the board exam. You will be monitored
and time pressured. Your attitude towards taking these practice exams partly
reflects your attitude on the actual boards. So make sure to take practice exams
Tip no. 4
Have a study routine. The study time you spent in review centers is not enough.
You also need to have time to study alone. Practice solving problems as many as
you can. The real battle sometimes during the boards is not intelligence alone but
being familiar to some problems. As we all know, some questions on the board
exam were quite the same from previous boards. But I suggest to do not rely solely
on Civil Engineering Reference, gather as much as different references as possible.
The more references you have the more chances of passing the boards! Having
many references will not easily do the trick though; you need to make sure you
answer/solve every single problem from these references. In order to do so, you
need to have your study routine. Do not let any day pass without gaining any
knowledge from these references. Practice is the key!
Tip no. 5
Join group studies. Studying alone is important but joining group studies is a
great opportunity as well. Based from my experience, you can gain a lot from
joining group studies especially when some of your friends were enrolled in different

6 When you’re tired. Once you know that you’ve studied enough. physically. You can feel your heart beats abnormally every time you wake up in the morning. our mind gets tired too. so many butterflies are flying in your stomach. You have the same goal. Just like our body. mentally and emotionally. That’s pretty normal I guess but do not let your nervousness wins over your eagerness to pass the boards. you should already stop reviewing. the less we absorb the knowledge. Do not force your mind and your body to study if you are already tired. try to relax 1 day or 2 days before the board exam. You almost see no trace at all. In our circle of friends. even a night before the board exam. Tip no. 9 Calm/relax yourself few days before the licensure examination. In my case. friends are the family you have when your real family is not with you. I’ve found this support group from my friends who happened to be my classmates and reviewmates. I am not that type of person who can relax a week before the exams. What is important here is to know yourself. Tip no. the Math subject is very different from the previous boards. delete the idea of some topics may not occur on the board exam. too much is bad so you must know how to balance both. While taking the examination. then do what I did and try to stay calm. you must have confidence on yourself…but not too much. During our time. 7 Never think that a certain topic might not occur on the licensure the examination. So learn to balance your study and resting time. If you’ll be calm when you stop reviewing a week. But if you’re like me. Tip no. Nowadays. centers. Actually. I’m still browsing some of the formulas. the board exam is very unpredictable especially now that some of the boards of examiners are new. rest. During my time. Some said that it might be better if a week before. 10 Be confident but not too confident. Tip no. As much as possible review all the topics/subjects. we all pass the November 2015 licensure examination so this thing I’m saying is definitely true. It’s not a sin to take a rest once in a while. natuto pa kayo. And when the board exam dates are approaching. You can share with each other the things you’ve learned from your respective center plus the techniques of course! Nakapag bonding na kayo. Would you believe that I manage to sing while . But as for me. Be with friends who know how to encourage you in a way. 8 Encourage one another. The more we force ourselves to study when we are tired. I was very confident in taking the Math subject. Tip no. you have uneasy feeling every time you pick up your book and solve problems and you think you forgot every formula you’ve memorized. to pass the boards and be called ‘Engineer’ right? Do not be self-centered. Make sure to study all the topics. or a day before then do it. Reviewing/studying for 6 months can make you tired. Have a support group. Your friends are not your competitor. We give encouraging words to each other once in a while.

Tip no. we started at 7:45AM so it only means that we only have 45 minutes left to finish the exam. Although of course there’s some hula. I thank God for helping me that time. you read that right. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. I almost panic. And once you prayed. –Proverbs 3:5-6 I do hope you’ll get/learn something from these tips! May God Bless you on your licensure exam!  . The proctor announced that it was already 12:00PM. I think this is the most important thing to do. I forgot to monitor the time. you must believe that you will receive what you prayed for. 11 Pray. By being so confident. And guess what? The number of questions I answered that time was less than 70 items. in all your ways submit to him and he will make your paths straight. You must be eager enough to pray for what you want.solving? And I even eat my baon while answering the exam? Oh yes. but thank God I manage to stay calm and continue answering the questions left. I almost wanted to cry but I pray instead and ask guidance from the Lord. I enjoyed solving the problems without even realizing that there’s a time limit for the examination.