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Technical (Design) Reviews


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There are no restrictions on the distribution/circulation of this procedure/work instruction
within John Holland Rail Pty Ltd Country Regional Network Project (JHR CRN).


Technical Reviews provide a major input to the Verification and Validation processes for
Minor and Major projects.
Each review serves a specific purpose within the overall project development cycle and is
structured to provide the opportunity to review proposed concepts and key design
assumptions against specified requirements at each design stage.
Technical Reviews also serve as a major element of the risk reduction and management
activity within projects. In particular the reviews provide the opportunity to identify
potential departures from the design intent for the project at the earliest possible time and
to ensure that corrective action can be implemented with minimal impact on cost and


This Procedure provides an overview of the Technical Review process to be applied for
nominated design projects.

Doc No: CRN-EPR-ENG-013
Ver: 1

Date: January 2012
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Doc No: CRN-EPR-ENG-013 Ver: 1 Date: January 2012 Page 2 of 8 UNCONTROLLED WHEN PRINTED . Requirements 5.2. The complete set of Technical Reviews that may be applicable to JHR CRN projects is shown in Figure 1. The diagram depicts the potential application in the most complex case. Technical Review Process The Technical Review process comprises a series of reviews carried out at designated points in the development of a project. 5. for a Major design and construct project and. The overall process exists to support the need for progressive evaluation of the directions and progress of the design team (either JHR CRN or subcontractor) toward meeting the design output requirements for the project. Technical Reviews to be Specified for Design Projects The requirement for formal Technical Reviews shall be included the Project Plan for all Major and selected Minor projects undertaken by design staff. Definitions & Terms Definitions and terms used in this procedure are in accordance with the Glossary included with Procedure ED 0001. ANSI/EIA Standard EIA-632 Processes for Engineering a System 4. while the principles are relevant to all projects. the diagram is not intended as a model for application in every case. to maintain the benefits of the process without “overloading” minor projects with excessively complex requirements.1. i. 5. However. The scope of the review process must be aligned to the nature and complexity of the project task.e.Technical (Design) Reviews – ED0013 3. Several specific types of reviews have been adopted by JHR CRN as a basis for project planning. the scope of each is flexible. Referenced Documents IEEE Standard 1220: 2005 IEEE Standard for Application and Management of the Systems Engineering Process.

Technical (Design) Reviews – ED0013 Figure 1: Complete technical review process for JHN CRN application Establish development baseline Establish Forconstruction baseline Develop & refine functional baseline Develop project concept & define requirements Develop engineering specification & RFT (where applicable) System concept review (major project only) Call & evaluate tenders (where required) Initiate project Award contract (if applicable) Requirements analysis & initial design synthesis System definition review(s) Develop preliminary design Preliminary design review(s) Develop detailed design Critical design review(s) Construct and/ or develop prototypes Verify and test Commissioning System verification review(s) Physical configuration audit Production (As-built) baseline Project enters service Each review is shown on the diagram as taking place as a single event. While this is appropriate for smaller projects it will often be more effective for major projects to hold each review as a progressive series of events and to examine individual sub-systems or items separately. However. Doc No: CRN-EPR-ENG-013 Ver: 1 Date: January 2012 Page 3 of 8 UNCONTROLLED WHEN PRINTED . to ensure that all interface and integration issues have been addressed. a final system level review should be completed where the reviews are held progressively.

should the Review indicate that these are not consistent with current user requirements. As part of the risk analysis process. and where necessary challenge. This is essential to gain the widest possible range of inputs and to ensure that all relevant considerations have been taken into account. Any proposal to alter the specification requirement shall be introduced by formal design change or contract change action. Procedure ED 0003 covers responsibilities for selection and inclusion of these requirements in contracts.Technical (Design) Reviews – ED0013 5. the Hazard Log and Analysis must be completed before Preliminary Design Review(s) are conducted for the project or individual system or item as applicable in accordance with Procedure ED0008: Hazard and Risk Analysis.2.1. This will generally be required as part of the wider design verification process described in Procedure ED 0011 and may contribute to the outcomes of a Technical Review. Critical Design Review (CDR) Completion of Detail Design Major Projects. Technical Reviews . The following paragraphs provide an outline of the purpose and application of individual reviews. are to be documented and will form part of the design record for the project. the fundamental assumptions and proposed methods of meeting the specified requirement. Preliminary Design Review (PDR) Completion of Preliminary Design Major projects. The design must be evaluated on the basis of conformity with specified requirements. including actions arising from the review. Ensure that Specification requirements are complete and unambiguous. Requirements for Technical Reviews shall be included in all sub-contracts let by JHR CRN for design services. May be combined with CDR for Minor projects.General Requirements Technical Reviews should normally be conducted as formal meetings. Technical Reviews must not be used as a forum for reviewers to pursue personal preferences or prejudices in assessing proposed design solutions. Verify that preliminary approach is consistent with specified requirements. Before Engineering Specification and RFT are finalised Major projects only. Table 1: Summary of Technical Review Processes REVIEW NAME PROJECT PHASE APPLICATION PRIMARY PURPOSE System Concept Review (SCR). It is critical that the evaluation of assumptions and approach be carried out with reference to the requirements specified for the project. The outcomes of each Technical Review. the verification process does not create the opportunity for stakeholders to assess. Table 1 summarizes the types of Technical Review that may be conducted for JHR CRN design projects. Ensure that the specification and contract SOW are complete and properly represent client requirements System Definition Review (SDR) Early in preliminary Design Phase Major and Minor Projects. The purpose of Technical Reviews cannot be met effectively by simply assigning one or more design engineers to review the drawings produced for the project. involving the appropriate design staff and other stakeholders. The requirement may be met by a simplified Verify that detail design appears to meet design intent for the project. Doc No: CRN-EPR-ENG-013 Ver: 1 Date: January 2012 Page 4 of 8 UNCONTROLLED WHEN PRINTED . However.

The SDR should take place after the specification has been reviewed in detail by all applicable discipline groups and following initial requirements analysis and allocation. System Definition Reviews for sub-contract design tasks shall be attended by representatives of the sub-contractors design staff. Preliminary Design Review The purpose of Preliminary Design Reviews (PDR) is to assess whether the proposed approach for the design is consistent with the functional and performance requirements of the Engineering Specification. after the preparation of a detailed engineering specification but prior to release of a Request for Tender (RFT) for the project. for the purpose of ensuring that all client requirements have been incorporated into specification and contract documentation and to resolve any omissions and inconsistencies between the client requirement and the documentation. such as a new line or major rearrangement of existing infrastructure. Doc No: CRN-EPR-ENG-013 Ver: 1 Date: January 2012 Page 5 of 8 UNCONTROLLED WHEN PRINTED .5. The primary purpose of the review is to ensure that the project specification is complete.3. where possible. System Concept Review The System Concept Review (SCR) is normally only applicable for large scale Major Projects.Technical (Design) Reviews – ED0013 process for Minor Projects Provides a major input for final acceptance of sub-contract design projects. the JHR CRN Delivery Manager and representatives from JHR CRN appropriate to the scope of the task. 5. The review will be carried out between JHR CRN Engineering and other representatives and stakeholders. SDRs for Major projects are to be attended by representatives of each design discipline involved in the project and. The Delivery Manager will be responsible for chairing all such reviews 5. with involvement of the Design Discipline Lead where appropriate. System Definition Review A System Definition Review (SDR) should be carried out as early as possible after the start of Major and Minor design projects. Physical Configuration Audit (PCA) Construction / Commissioning Major and Minor Projects Comparison of “as-built” configuration with design documents. System Verification Review (SVR) Construction Major and Minor Projects Verify that all testing and verification action is complete prior to final commissioning and project acceptance. by client representatives and other stakeholders. The review is normally to be carried out during the concept development phase. The SDR is to be convened by the designated JHR CRN Delivery Manager. accurately represents client and statutory design requirements and that the RFT covers all requirements for effective management of the design development or acquisition contract. The main purpose is to ensure that the Engineering Specification fully defines the requirements for the task and that any inconsistencies or omissions are identified and resolved. 5. For Minor projects the SDR may take the form of a review of the task between the engineer responsible for the task and the Delivery Manager. Refer to Procedure ED 0005.4.

5. PDR for Minor Projects A separate PDR is not normally required for minor projects.5. PDR for Major Projects or Sub-contracts Separate PDR(s) should normally be scheduled for Major projects completed internally within JHR CRN and are required for all sub-contract design tasks. Critical Design Review The Critical Design Review (CDR) takes place at or close to the completion of the detailed design phase. Doc No: CRN-EPR-ENG-013 Ver: 1 Date: January 2012 Page 6 of 8 UNCONTROLLED WHEN PRINTED . The intent of the CDR may be met for Minor projects by a joint review of the verification checklists completed by the responsible engineers from each discipline.6.e. The primary purpose is to ensure that the design appears to be suitable in all respects to proceed with construction/fabrication of hardware items or coding of software.1.Technical (Design) Reviews – ED0013 PDRs should take place when the preliminary design has progressed to a level of detail that will allow the intended approach to be assessed for compliance with the design intent of the specification. 5.2. 5. CDR for Minor Projects.1. 5. the CDR will form a major input for determining whether the requirements of the design contract have been met. including interface definitions  A summary of key assumptions made by the designer  Initial selection of major components and materials  Functional flow diagrams or equivalent for software  The results of preliminary risk and hazard analysis  Preliminary reliability models and predictions available. separate design and construct contracts are involved. The Delivery Manager is responsible for convening each PDR stage PDRs for projects undertaken within JHR CRN should be attended by design and integrated support staff having a responsibility for the project as well as operations and maintenance staff from the area owning the project. Minimum levels of information necessary to conduct an effective review include:  Preliminary design and layouts drawings. The Delivery Manager may schedule a review to cover the intent of the PDR where two or more disciplines are involved and it is necessary to verify interfaces or other common design requirements before proceeding to detail design.6. Refer to Procedure ED 0011. The PDR may be conducted in one session or in several sessions to consider individual parts of the design. In cases where the project is limited to design i. Design reports and calculations may be required in support of the review process but are not normally delivered in advance of the review. JHR CRN staff nominated to attend PDRs should have reviewed information delivered by the Contractor prior to the meeting. 5. PDRs conducted with sub-contractors should be attended by the Delivery Manager and the Design Discipline Head or the engineer responsible for the task from each discipline involved.

It involves a comparison of the “as built” configuration of the infrastructure with the design documentation. 5. to ensure that it is an accurate and complete record of the “as-built” configuration.2. since the hardware or software to be tested must be fully representative of the final product. Doc No: CRN-EPR-ENG-013 Ver: 1 Date: January 2012 Page 7 of 8 UNCONTROLLED WHEN PRINTED . The SVR does not involve actual testing.1. System Verification Review The System Verification Review (SVR) covers a review of the scope and results of all tests carried out as part of the contract. 5. The PCA also provides the means of formally reviewing the documentation for the design. However the scope of design tasks may include the preparation of documentation to support these reviews. The SVR includes review of any aspects of performance which have not been met and to establish the requirements for and timing of corrective action necessary for final acceptance of the project or product. Technical Reviews Associated with Construction The following reviews are applicable to the construction phase of projects and will not normally be within the scope of JHR CRN design tasks. in advance of the formal SVR. PCAs provide the formal means of ensuring that the physical installation conforms to the approved design and thus the basis for formal acceptance of the project. but addresses the proposed design in more detail. Physical Configuration Audit Physical Configuration Audit (PCA) is a part of the Configuration Management process. This may not occur until very late in the project. PCA may be carried out progressively but must be completed in time to enable the “asbuilt” documentation to be verified prior to project commissioning and closure. safety and hazard analysis and final reliability models and predictions for the design. The review process may include the adequacy of delivered design documents and support documents including operating and maintenance manuals. and design staff may be required to support the processes during the construction phase. CDR for Major Projects or Sub-contracts The scope of the CDR is similar to the PDR. such as Test and Commissioning Plans or Operating and Maintenance Manuals. It will usually include the results of precommissioning tests where applicable. 5.Technical (Design) Reviews – ED0013 Design and integrated support staff having a responsibility for the project.2. The Delivery Manager is responsible for convening each CDR stage. 5. This will have taken place beforehand and in most cases the results will have been reviewed progressively.7.7.6. The primary purpose of the SVR is to verify that performance and other requirements included in the specification have been achieved and that the project is ready for final commissioning.7. This includes detailed drawings and supporting design information. The SVR takes place when all testing and validation required under the contract has been completed and results are available. as well as operations and maintenance staff from the region owning the project should attend CDRs for Minor projects.

1. Design and CRN Integrated Support Staff Design and CRN integrated support staff having a responsibility for some aspect of design projects are responsible for:  Providing inputs to the applicable reviews as required by the Delivery Manager for the project. in conjunction with Discipline Heads and/or Engineers responsible for design tasks.  Assisting with the review of sub-contract tasks. Delivery Manager The Delivery Manager is responsible for:  Determining the requirement for inclusion of Technical Review requirements in Project Plans for design projects completed using JHR CRN resources. in conjunction with Discipline Heads.2. Doc No: CRN-EPR-ENG-013 Ver: 1 Date: January 2012 Page 8 of 8 UNCONTROLLED WHEN PRINTED .Technical (Design) Reviews – ED0013 6. 6. as directed. Responsibilities 6.  Arranging and chairing Technical Reviews. or in contracts for tasks completed under sub-contract to JHR CRN.