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Daddy Yankee

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This article is about the Reggetón musician. For the norteño artist, see Ramón Ayala.
This name uses Spanish naming customs: the first or paternal family name is Ayala and
the second or maternal family name is Rodríguez.

Daddy Yankee

Daddy Yankee performing in Panama City, Florida, United
States during Spring Break 2006.

Background information

Birth name

Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez[1]


February 3, 1977 (age 39)[2]
San Juan, Puerto Rico


hip hop
Latin pop



[6] Before he could be officially signed. 1977). he has sold over 18 million albums. known by his stage name Daddy Yankee. is a Puerto Rican singer. actor and record producer. Ayala was born in Río Piedras. and tried out for the Seattle Mariners Major League baseball team. he was hit by a stray round from anAK-47 rifle while taking a break from a studio recording session with reggaeton mix tape icon DJ Playero.[6] Ayala spent roughly one and a half years recovering from the wound.[6] Since then. the bullet was never removed from his hip.[6] Ayala aspired to be a professional baseball player. songwriter.[7] Contents  1Musical career o 1.record producer Instruments Vocals drums piano Years active 1991–present[2][3][4][5] Dream Team Killer Labels El Cartel Los Cangris Machete Universal Interscope Geffen A&M Capitol Latin Associated acts DJ Playero Nicky Jam Don Omar J Alvarez Wisin & Yandel Arcángel Farruko Luny Tunes Website Ramón Ayala Rodríguez (born February 3. San Juan. and was raised in the neighborhood of Villa Kennedy Housing Projects. Puerto Rico. and he credits the shooting incident with allowing him to focus entirely on a music career.11992–2003: Early music career .

42011–13: Prestige o 1. but his most "complete" song about it was "6 De Enero". Talento De Barrio and Mundial o 1. He went on to emulate other artists in the genre.o 1.2Compilation o 6. released in 2012. 1995 through White Lion Records and BM Records in Puerto Rico. He made a few songs talking about the shooting incident.62016–present:  2Film and other career projects  3Political views  4Environmentalism  5Personal life  6Discography o 6.[8][9][10] Ayala was originally going to become a professional baseball player but he was shot in his leg while taking a break from a studio recording session.52013–15: King Daddy o 1.1Studio o 6. which was released on April 2.4Soundtrack  7Filmography  8Awards and nominations  9See also  10References  11External links Musical career[edit] 1992–2003: Early music career[edit] Daddy Yankee first appeared on the 1992 DJ Playero's Mixtape.3Live o 6.[2] Early in his career he attempted to imitate the style of Vico C. with the song "So' Persigueme.32007–10: El Cartel: The Big Boss. No Te Detengas". The bullet was never removed and he credits this incident with allowing him to pursue a musical career.22004–06: Barrio Fino and "Gasolina" o 1. His first official studio project as a solo artist was No Mercy. Playero 34. .

receiving coverage in the markets of New York and Miami with hits including "Latigazo". and the album received numerous awards. he eventually abandoned the traditional model of rap and became one of the first artists to perform reggaeton. taking elements from their styles in order to develop an original style. Ayala won several international awards. Both albums were very famous around Puerto Rico.k. Argentina. making him one of the most recognized reggaeton artists within the music industry. Daddy Yankee collaborated with the rapper Nas. 2004–06: Barrio Fino and "Gasolina"[edit] Ayala's next album. In doing so. received the majority of votes cast for the second edition of Premios . The album was promoted throughout Latin America. El Cangri. that was later charted. Daddy Yankee released a compilation album named Los Homerun-es. which talks about different social problems of the era. in the song "The Profecy". "Gasolina". Venezu ela. with his commercial success song "Cógela Que Va Sin Jockey" (a. the United States. and DJ Drako. He released two compilation albums: El Cartel and El Cartel II. and Japan. reaching certified gold in Japan. Ecuador.[14] The first award of the year was Lo Nuestro Awards within the "Album of the Year" category. which he received for Barrio Fino. and with it he intended to introduce combinations of reggaeton and other genres to the English-speaking market. Europe. corruption and religion. including Lo Nuestro Awards and a Latin Billboard.[12] Ayala had enjoyed Salsa music since he was young. Between those years.[14] where he performed a mix of three of his songs in a duo with P. Texas before hitting the big stage in 2004. Mexico. Honduras. Ayala released a total of nine music videos. [citation needed] In 2005. and the United States. in 1997 and 2001.including DJ Playero. including "Posición" featuring Alberto Stylee. Due to the album's success.[13] He also performed in Rio Grande City. who was an inspiration for Ayala.[12] The album was described as his most complete. Latin America. In 2003. respectively. Ayala received promotional contracts with radio stations and soda companies. and this led him to include music of genres besides reggaeton in the album. "Guayando" and other songs like "Enciende".[12] The album has sold over 500. Panama. 2005. In 2002. [12] The most prominent of these cross-genre singles was "Melao".a.[14] In this event he performed "Gasolina" in a performance that was described as "innovative".[15] His hit single. being his first charted single after six of them. [14] Barrio Fino also won the "Reggaeton Album of the Year" award in the Latin Billboard that took place on April 28.[11] In 1997. It was the most highly anticipated album in the reggaeton community. Ayala collaborated for the first time with the prestigious reggaeton producers Luny Tunes in the album Mas Flow. for the album Boricua Guerrero. mentioning 9/11. and Europe. five new songs and 12 remakes of DJ Playero's albums songs. including Pepsi. Barrio Fino performed well in the sales charts of the United States. In 2003. "Son Las Doce". DJ Nelson. "Seguroski". Diddy. as well as receiving nominations for the Latin Grammy and MTV Video Music Awards. Barrio Fino was released in 2004. "Métele Con Candela"). was produced by Luny Tunes and DJ Nelson among others and released in July 2004 by El Cartel Records andVI Music. Colombia. Barrio Fino. but were not very successful around Latin America. Spain. in which he performed with Andy Montañez.000 copies in the United States alone and has sold well throughout Latin America and worldwide. "Tu Cuerpo En La Cama" featuring Nicky Jam and "Muévete Y Perrea".[12] Barrio Fino was followed up by an international tour with performances in numerous countries including the Dominican Republic. and it is one of the most important reggaeton albums in the history of the became Ayala's first album with international success. Peru. which contains his first charted single ("Segurosqui").

[20] Ayala made a guest appearance in Bounty Killer. and his Pepsi endorsement. and established a record for attendance in Ecuador.[18] Ayala performed in Chile as well. which cited the 2 million copies of Barrio Fino sold.[14] The successful single.[17] During this period.Juventud.[1] The album was produced in 2006. setting another record when 50. San Juan Sounds also featured Daddy Yankee's hit "Impacto". [16] Speaking for the artist. The album was promoted by a tour throughout the United States. 2007–10: El Cartel: The Big Boss. and included the participation of will.[1] He performed in Mexico. leaving hundreds of fans outside the building. where the concert sold out. did a cover with the original beat but changed the song's lyrics.[19] This show was later described as "the best show with the biggest attendance in history" and as "somehappy that his album had sold more than those of Juan Luis Guerra and Juanes. Ayala and William Omar Landrón (more commonly known by his artistic name Don Omar) were involved in a rivalry within the genre. The rivalry received significant press coverage despite being denied early on by both artists. and that this was an "official proof that reggaeton's principal exponent defeated the rest of the genres". and was released prior to the completion of the album. and later at San Luis Potosí coliseum. Fergie. where 10. and personnel from Ayala's label. part of his album Los Rompediscotecas. a Mexicanbanda group.[1] The first single from the album was titled "Impacto". "Gasolina" received nominations in the Latin Grammy and MTV Video Music Awards. like Wisin & Yandel. but did not receive consent to change the lyrics. Ayala's $20 million contract with Interscope Records. Don Omar responded to this in a song titled "Ahora Son Mejor". first in Monterrey. Nicole Scherzinger and Akon. where he criticized Landron's common usage of the nickname "King of Kings".i. 2006. Ayala's lawyer stated that having his song covered was an "honor.[21] He appeared on the 2008 Rockstar Games' videogame Grand Theft Auto IV as the DJ of Radio San Juan Sounds. In July 2008. Ayala announced th . was covered by artists from different music genres. The radio includes reggaeton songs from Ayala's colleagues. 2007.[16] The group's label had solicited the copyright permission to perform the single and translate it to a different music style. with spanglish lines. which continued throughout Latin America. Tito El Bambino and Jowell & Randy.000 fans attended his Santa Cruz de la Sierra concert." On April It originated with a lyrical conflict between the artists begun by Ayala's comments in a remix single. Talento De Barrio and Mundial[edit] El Cartel: The Big Boss was released by Interscope on June 5. Ayala stated that the album marked a return to his hip-hop roots as opposed to being considered a strictly reggaeton album. in which it received eight nominations and won seven awards.000 attended the concert. "Gasolina". Singles were produced with Héctor Delgado.[19] He also performed in Bolivia. Scott Storch. Elephant Man and Wayne Wonder. This led to a controversy when "Los Lagos". Hector "El Father".[14] Ayala also made a live presentation during the award ceremony. dubbed "tiraera". Neli. Ayala was named one of the 100 most influential people by Time. but it must be done the right way. Tainy Tunes. legal action followed.