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Lead responsible for Karnataka 2300MHz, 1800MHz and 850 MHz LTE roll out assurance and responsible for

Small Cell planning and deployment for coverage and capacity requirements.

Professional Experience

Deep understanding in GSM/UMTS/LTE/VoLTE air interface, functionality, design, on multivendor

LTE/VoLTE/UMTS/Carrier aggregation configuration and parameters.

Metrocell/SmallCell optimization for UMTS.

Skilled with MOSHELL,ALU SAM, WPS, ALU WMS Trace Tool and command line interfaces.

EUTRAN/ UTRAN configuration, MO scripting, RBS and RNC dump analysis.

RAN planning and optimization activities on sites, clusters and market to meet acceptance target KPIs.

Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd., Bangalore
RF Engineer, Jio 4G Project

June-2015 till date

Working on 850, 1800, and 2300MHz LTE RF planning and optimization for Karnataka state

Identifying LTE RF coverage and capacity related issues and recommending solutions

Prelaunch KPIs monitoring and recommend physical and parameters changes to meet the KPI thresholds

Identifying coverage holes in the network and recommend Macro/SmallCell solutions

SCFT, Cluster report preparation and review with NHQ team

Weekly KPI report preparation with reviewing milestones

Quadgen Wireless Private Limited, Bangalore

Mar-2013 to June-

RF Engineer, AT&T Georgia Atlanta Project

LTE and Wcdma Optimization offshore delivery lead for Georgia Atlanta AT&T markets.

Working in close tandem with US Market leads

Project planning, tracking, delivery submission with recommendations in discussion with customer

SSV/Cluster Report preparation, review, submission to smooth out site launches

Post launch KPI monitoring and validation.

 LTE Feature verification (CSFB.  MIMO. and ANR)  LTE pre-launch Test and monitoring pre-launch kpi. PA and Layer 3 analysis using Actix and Mapinfo Professional.VOLTE.Downlink Latency. MME-RBS initated Release)  Integrity(Eutran Throughput KPI’s . BBH.  Interworking Validation for Small cells and Metrocell  Exposure to Ericsson/ALU Metrocell product architecture and Integration of these Metrocell /Small cell with Macrocell deployment  Planning and Designing Metrocell Coverage and Capacity network needs around Small Cell area on an Enterprise premise Familiar with Handover from Macro to Metro cells with minimal terminal measurements  Inter RAT traffic steering between UMTS and LTE –Neighbor List  Familiar with iBwave tool based Metrocell and WiFi design for enterprise locations.  Analyze Retainability KPI (E-RAB Retainability –Minutes per drop.  Daily KPI monitoring for launched sites and analysis using SAP BO. S1 establishment. and Stadiums. Launch call with customer. Huawei – Idea 3G/ Uninor 2G  Analyze network health reports. Inter frequency HO. Metro Cell/Small Cell Optimization and WiFi Project – AT & T and CISCO  DAS/Metro cell optimization for San Francisco  Design and planning Metrocell /Small cell Architectures for UMTS. Prithvi Information Solutions Ltd. CUL Ratio). RF Engineer. and narrate daily project status and answer customer queries if any. NBH & identify Worst performing Cells  Preparing root cause analysis reports for customer  Responsible for optimization of Swap & new sites Feb 2011.Mar 2013 . CUL. reselection priority and Swap script preparation and implementation  Alarm. LTE Session Continuity .  Log file processing. drive route and drive setup submission for customer approval. Ave UE UL Throughput. E-RAB Drop Rate.  Represent current org. RRC Estb. in Market call. Drive test request.  LTE and Wcdma neighbor planning and implementation as per the market strategy.  Analyze acccessibility KPI (Initial E-RAB Establishment Success Rate. parameter audit for Ericsson and ALU Systems using respective parameter audit tools and fine tuning. vswr and rssi verification for the sites being driven and intimate customer daily basis.  Gold std. ATT RMAP and ATT Quantum tools. UE Context Release. Ave UE DL Throughput)  Mobility (HOSR) Analyze.

 Coordinating with 4 DT engineers in field  Supporting DT engineers on field to optimize new sites according to the clutter. antenna tilts. 3G & 2G Neighbor Audits to resolve RF Database Discrepancies. and optimization: RF coverage. Ping Test ETC.  Specify physical corrective actions to maximize RADIO COVERAGE by specifying antenna type.TATA DOCOMO 3G  RF Drive Data collection. HANDOFF STATICS. retainability.HSDPA and HSUPA Parameters  Checking Neighbors from daily dump for 3G-3G. NSN .  Preparation of Neighbor List.)  Daily KPI monitoring. FRAME ERROR RATE.  Network-Optimization by drive tests. ACCESS FAILURES. TRAI Ping test (Download and Upload from FTP.  Performed RNC/ BSC Database Audit. HAND OFF FAILURES.  Weekly Pilot Pollution analysis using NASTAR and Optimization. mobility and integrity related issues using NASTAR.(M2000). low throughput analysis  Identify hardware and network configuration problems faulty Node B or Ue hardware. R99. 2G-2G.  Neighbor preparation for 3G-3G Intra/Inter. DROPPED CALLS. call drop and access failure.  Analysis of PILOT SIGNAL QUALITY. antenna height.  Performing Cluster Definition and Drive Test Routes preparation for 2G/3G network. . antenna and feeder configuration Teleysia Networks Pvt.  Planning & coordinating with DT teams/NOC for Pre-Launch and night activities  Checking Scrambling code for 3G network as per plan.  Weekly report review meetings with Customer. 3G-2G.  Co-channel (C/I) and Adjacent channel (C/A) Interference analysis. BLOCKED CALLS. June 2010 – Jan 2011 RNO.  Network troubleshooting. Processing & Analysis. antenna orientation changes and tuning the Cell-RF Parameters  Post processing and analyzing the drive test result for optimizing the network. pilot pollution. 2G-3G. Ltd.  Responsible for Quarterly benchmarking Drive coordination. azimuth.  Performing Drive Test Measurement Post-Processing & Root Cause Analysis for Site/Area level Analysis. and 3G-2G IRAT Handovers. fine-tuning. Deletion. antenna tilt etc.  Analysis for Accessibility.  Raising CR for Neighbor Addition. Providing the reason for KPI degradation and action plan how to improve the KPIs. and extracting reports from OMCR Tool.

Genex Probe 2. 7. Google Earth  Putty.05  M2000.0. Quadgen Wireless for Actix internal training.ALU SAM.9. 1.ALU WMS Trace Educational Credentials Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) degree in Electronics and communications from College of Engineering Cheemeni.8. 8. which involves analysis of Rx quality.03. SAP BO. iBwave.5. M2000.5.53  TEMS Investigation version: 10. Atoll  MOSHELL. 11.52. Genex Assistant 1. ANOVA. As per customer compliant verify problem area by checking RSCP. ATT Quantum.  Analysis of Drive Test files for taking care of External and Internal Interference in the Network. Kasaragod under CUSAT Date: Signature .2013 Achievements  Certificate of Appreciation from Technical Director Mr. Surendra Shenoy. expectations and to migrate RF optimization project from US to GRC India. ATT RMAP. EcNo business unit. TEMS Discovery  Actix.WPS. Rx Level etc.  Actix analyzer and Spotlight Training-Quadgen @ Banglore.  Won Bimonthly award in second quarter ‘14  Successfully launched 190 + sites for three consecutive months in the third quarter of 2014 for GA Market.  Auditing of New Sites and Verifying Tilt. 10. and Astillia  Air magnet.  Preparing SSV and Cluster Reports Knowledge Transfer  Attended KT in King of Prussia – United States of America (1 month). LSM-R. Tools Used  MapInfo-Version 7. Antenna height & Orientation according to the Planning Database. Purpose of visit was to understand customer requirements.5.5. ATT GNG Package.