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Engineer Ali Mirza hath committed disgrace of a number of Sunni Aka:bir in his

different lectures.
We shall present them in an other stile soon. But for a smart scan we have
presented a summarized presentation.
1] Saiyiduna Umar RD.
Engineer Ali Mirza alleges that Saiyiduna Umar did commit Error in the Event of
Qalam and Q-rt:a:s.
This is a disgrace since Saiyiduna Umar did not commit any error in the said event.
It is just like to claim that Saiyiduna Ali RD Committed Error . Naudhubillah.
2] Saiyiduna Us*ma:n RD

According to Ali Mirza Saiyiduna Us*ma:n committed errors and his martyrdom
became a Kaffarah [Atonement] for his errors . Astaghfarullah
This is more incorrect then the incorrect claim that the Martyrdom of Saiyiduna Ali
became a Kaffarah [Atonment]of his errors . Naudh:billah.
3] Saiyiduna Muaviah RD.
To Saiyiduna Muaviah RD Ali Mirza of Jhelum ascribes such impious acts of
transgression , which implies that doer of them is certainly a Fasiq. Astaghfarullah.
This means that Ali Mirza believes that Saiyiduna Muaviah became a Transgressor
[Fasiq and Fajir] after the death of Holy Prophet . Astaghfarullah.
4] To the entire dynasty of Banu Ummaiyah
Ali Mirza thinks that the Entire family of Banu Umaiiah is mischieveous.
He misinterprets a tradition which is actually about the Kuffa:r of Banu Umaiyah
and not about the S:h:a:bah of Banu Umaiyah eg:= Uth:ma:n [Us*ma:n ]RD.
Now we come to some scholars of Sunnism:
1] Mujaddid Alf Th:ani:
2] Shaikh Muh:addis Of Dahli [Dahlivi/Dehlivi]
3]Shah Abdul Aziz son of Shah Valiyuallah.
4] Iman Ibn Taimiah

5] Imam Suyut:i
6] Ima:m Muslim.
7] Imam Ibn H:ajr.
8] Imam Bukha:ri.
There are come more Sunni Elders who are disgraced but this short list is sufficient
to prove that Engineer Ali Mirza has no respect for any Sunnis Scholar.
One may be astonished that how engineer Ali Mirza disgraced against the glory of
last three personalities.
For Imam Bukhari Ali Mirza Allges:
It was not known to the angles of Imam Bukhari [ that some of His traditions proves
Virtues of Saiyiduna Muaviah].
The sentence It was not known to the angles of Imam Bukhari Is a disgrace
. Astaghfarullah.
For Ibn H:aj-r ASQALA:NI , Ali Mirza says:
Beat [or kill]the mother of thief ,but not the thief. [A translation from Panja:bi:
For Iman Muslim, the words are too disgracing such that we are unable even to
Such proverbs are even not used by the scholars of Panja:bi language for Anbia,
S:ah:abah, Muh:addith:i:n , Fuqha: etc. But this person used such proverbs without
any fear of ALL-H as if he has no fear of being asked.
How ever it may be noted that this person whose noun is Ali Mirza: never used
such sentences,parables,proverbs, idioms etc for any Rafid:i: scholar of any period
of time. Not even to Dildar Ali , Muh:ammad Mujtahid etc. of Lucknow.

We have extracted such sentences of disgraces from different lectures of Engineer Ali Mirza.
This is a protoversion. Soon we shall write a full article on the disgraces done by Engineer Ali:
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