May 2010

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Prrrr ... They're On the Run Again

After the big success of "Smash Song" and "Bomba" KONTRUST is returning and "On the Run" again with their new single

3 On a sunny day in spring this year I was on my way from the village we spent our holidays to Ried in Upper Austria. It was March 30th when I was going to meet Stefan, the singer of meanwhile well-known cross over band Kontrust. We met there at a pub located centrally at Ried's busy market place. For about two hours we chatted about the band, the current, very successful album and their future plans. I can't reveal everything we talked about – sorry. But I will give you a comprehensive report about everything I am allowed to unveil – and that's a lot anyway. Until our date I knew Stefan only from the „Bomba“ video. So I expected a man sitting in the pub with a moustache and curls. Maybe you can imagine how surprised I was when I saw him waiting there. He almost looked like the guy from next door. After chatting the world a while we came to talk about the real important things. First I digged a little deeper asking Stefan about their, I think, most successful single „Bomba“. It has become an absolute chart hit in the Netherlands and Stefan told me why: „There was one man, DJ Eric, who played a big role in this success story. He loved „Bomba“ from the beginning and played it on heavy rotation on Dutch radio station 3FM. So it hit the charts there. On Radio 538 „Bomba“ made it to number 15 finally.“ Also on the single was extremely successful hitting number 5 on the charts there. And last but not least it was number one on To my question what they think about the reasons of this success, Stefan is convinced that the combination of the song, its party character and the video turned out to be crucial for this success. And Kontrust are working on continuing the success in the rest of Europe. The wave from the Netherlands rolled over to Germany and Austria in parts, Stefan comitted.

4 Asked about their reasons to leave SellaBand finally in 2009, Stefan states: „There was a stagnation in selling parts on the whole platform. Also the time factor played a role. Nevertheless, we liked the idea and approach of SellaBand. And we found a lot of fans there.“ I wanted to know more about his opinion regarding the fan-funding approach of SellaBand and other platforms. Stefan thinks that „it's a real good approach and it could really work, if parts of the process would be undertaken by classical music industry. It's very effective if fans are involved from minute one. And musicians have more artistic freedom within the fan-funding concept.“ On April 23rd Kontrust released their third single „On the Run“ from the Time To Tango album. And you can find a new video ( to this song. On the website they started a huge campaign for the single with „The Statement“. Fans and all intrigued can join and tell the world what they are on the run for. So, go there and make your statement.

I also wanted to know something about the making of the „Bomba“ video. And Stefan told me this amusing story: „First, the album version of „Bomba“ was too long to release it as a single. So we had to cut it to the right length. The video was shot on a farm near Gmunden. We searched for a while to find the right place. We wanted both, a typical landscape with typical mountains and sockets to plug our equipment in. One of our roadies knew the location and finally we convinced the farmer to provide us with the ground. We actually had planned three weekends in September last year for shooting the video. On the first two of these weekends we had rainy and stormy wheather. So we were not able to shoot anything. On the third weekend with a little luck we could finish the whole thing at once.“ And it was not for the farmers loss. The whole crew spent the weekend on the farm house. I also asked Stefan if they got in trouble with Austrian or German folk music lobby or lovers when the „Bomba“ video came out. „Not really“, Stefan says with a smile, „there was no storm of protest. When the video was released, it was surprisingly very calm. Obviously people did understand the message behind ,Bomba' video. It was not made against traditional folk music but against „popularity“ like in „Musikantenstadl“. We had expected more headwind to be honest.“ And as an April Fool's Joke they announced that Kontrust would play a gig at „Musikantenstadl“ on 24th April 2010.

5 Facts about Kontrust: The Vienna based crossover band has formed with its 6 band members in 2005: Agata (vox) Stefan (vox) Robert (guit) Gregor (bass) Roman (drums) Manuel (percussions) Their first album „We!come Home“ was released in 2005, then they brought out two singles: „Phono Sapiens“ (2006) and „Go“ (2008). The second album „Time to Tango“ was released in 2009, the „The Smash Song“ came out in 2009 as well and „Bomba“, the second single, later that year. The album was produced in Henning Rümenapp's (Guano Apes) studio in Hannover. In 2009 they played at Nova Rock Festival together with Metallica, Slipknot, Guano Apes, Die Toten Hosen and a lot more. Talking about their influences Stefan named Sepultura first. But the band members all bring in their own musical styles and influences e.g. Agata Drum'n'Bass (and not to miss when you listen to songs like „Vodka, Tribe and Dynamite“ from the Tango album also Polish folk music) or Gregor with his jazz background. „The music of Kontrust is a mix of all those styles finally, Stefan states. For more information check out KONTRUST's homepage Note/Imprint:

50K MUSIC MAG ( is written and solely published by Mario Putzar, D-99947 Bad Langensalza, Contact: mario(at) And Kontrust are on their way to this years festival summer. They have already played some awesome gigs: on April 26th theyl have rocked the Arena inVienna together with Oomph!, then on April 30th Noppen Air (AT), Dauwpop Festival in Heelendoorn (NL) on May 13th. And they will play loads of stages across Europe. Only to announce a few: Wavejam Open Air in Rheinau (May 28th), Rock am Teich in St. Leonhardt (June 2nd), Donauinselfest in Vienna (June 25th), Kiss My Rock Festival in Biesenthal (July 3rd) and a lot more. Check out for the whole tour dates list. By the way, Stefan confirmed plans for a new album: „We are halfway, working on the stuff and think we can release the new album at the beginning of next year.“ All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be copied or distributed without the permission of the publisher. Copyrights of photos and pictures of artists used in this magazine are owned by the artists. Articles, feedback and suggestions are welcome. Please send them to my e-mail adress. Become 50K MUSIC Summer Festival Reporter check out the details here: This magazine is made with Scribus -

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