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Engineer Ali: Mirza: does claim that he and his followers do not belong to
any sect.
But it is an incorrect claim.
If the mean that that they do not belong to any previous existing sect then
they may be [not must be] right in this clam.
But if the do mean that they do not belong to any sect what so ever then
they are incorrect since Engineer Ali Mirza along with all his
followers,disciples, and all those who accept his teachings constitute a
new sect.
Although Engineer Ali Mirza does not name his set as if it is name less
one, yet it is a sect whether it has a name or it does not have it.
Rule one: The judjement whether he along his followers constitute a sect
or not, does not depend upon the claim of Ali Mirza: that he and his
followers do not constitute a sect.
It depends upon the definition of the term Sect.
If they constitute a sect according to the definition then they are;
irrespective of there claim that they are not.
If they are a sect then their claim is falsified that they are not.
An etymological discussion on the Arabic word FIRQAH or English word Sect is
beyond the discussion of this small article.
But we present a conundrum for the engineer.
May we ask Engineer Ali Mirza: that whether He and his followers constitute a Sect
or not.
If their answer is affirmative then they area sect among sects there theories and
views are just sectarian views and theories.
If their answer is negative then this mean they do not constitute any sect according
to them selves.
Then the question is whether they consider Masu:d Ah:mad Bsc. Along with all his
followers and Jama:atul Muslimi:n [ Elongated Ta:] with also claimed that they do

not constitute any sect. So if they are also do not constitute a sect, then two non
sects with different views and believes do constitute two different sect.
For Example Jama:atul Muslimi:n has very different Views ABOUT Saiyiduna
Muaviah RD and Yazi:d, fromEngineer Ali Mirza and all those who accept his
teachings. They differ sharply from one an other. Two sets of people distinct from
one an other do constitute two distinct sects.
Also these two groups of people are certainly not one and same group.
If Jama:at Muslimi:n is a sect according to Ali Mirza then this means that
Mirza considers himself as a an ultimate authority to make Judgements about a
group of people whether it is a sect [Firqah] or not.
In this case one has equal right to reject his authority and to decide that he is a sect
and Jamaatul Muslimi:n is not.
Additionally this also proves that a set or a group of people can be a sect even if
they claim that they are not a sect. If so then Ali Mirza and his followers may be a
sect even if they claim that they are not.
They do constitute a sect as Jama:atum Muslimi:n is a sect, regardless of the claim
that they are not since they have specific views,believesand satisfy all the
conditions of being a sect.
This constitute the proof.
Now their views and theories [Naz:ria:t] are also sectarian even if they deny it that it
is so.
We rename this sect as :=
Jhelumiah sect or Engineeriah Sect or Alimirza:iah sect, even if they do not use such
nouns for them.