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Joker Command P1

D0134EE4 ????

Joker Command P2

D0134EE6 ????

Infinite Lives

80155824 0003

Infinite HP

801557F0 270F
801557F4 270F

Infinite MP

801557F2 270F
801557F6 270F

Max Offense

801557E0 03E7

Max Defense

801557E2 03E7

Max Speed

801557E4 03E7

Max Brains

801557E6 03E7

Max Bits

80134EB8 FFFF

Always Have Finish

8013D65A 0AF1

Perfect Balance of Happy and Discipline

8013848A 0065
80138488 0030

Press Circle to Complete the Game

D0135450 FFDF
80134EB4 0003

Press Square to Lay Cable

D0135450 FF7F
80138460 FFFF

Have All Medals


Have All Attacks

30155800 00FF
30155801 00FF
30155802 00FF
30155803 00FF
30155804 00FF
30155805 00FF
30155806 00FF
30155807 00FF

Auto-Kill Most Enemies

80155874 0000
801559AC 0000
80155A14 0000
80155944 0000
801558DC 0000

Weight Modifier (00-27)

801384A3 00??

Age Modifier (00-27)

801384AB 00??

Max Items Slot 1

3013D492 0063

Item Modifier Slot 1

3013D474 00??

Max Items Slot 2

3013D493 0063

Item Modifier Slot 2

3013D475 00??

Max Items Slot 3

3013D494 0063

Item Modifier Slot 3

3013D476 00??

Max Items Slot 4

3013D495 0063

Item Modifier Slot 4

3013D477 00??

Max Items Slot 5

3013D496 0063

Item Modifier Slot 5

3013D478 00??

Max Items Slot 6

3013D497 0063

Item Modifier Slot 6

3013D479 00??

Max Items Slot 7

3013D498 0063

Item Modifier Slot 7

3013D47A 00??

Max Items Slot 8

3013D499 0063

Item Modifier Slot 8

3013D47B 00??

Max Items Slot 9

3013D49A 0063

Item Modifier Slot 9

3013D47C 00??

Max Items Slot 10

3013D49B 0063

Item Modifier Slot 10

3013D47D 00??

Quantity Digits to Accompany Item Modifier Codes
00 - Small Recovery
01 - Medium Recovery
02 - Large Recovery
03 - Super Recovery
04 - MP Floppy
05 - Medium MP
06 - Large MP
07 - Double Flop
08 - Various
09 - Omnipotent
0A - Protection
0B - Restore
0C - Super Restore
0D - Bandage
0E - Medicine
0F - Offense Disk
10 - Defense Disk
11 - Hi Speed Disk
12 - Omni Disk
13 - S. Offense Disk
14 - S. Defense Disk
15 - S. Speed Disk
16 - Auto Pilot
17 - Offense Chip
18 - Defense Chip
19 - Brain Chip
1A - Quick Chip
1B - HP Chip
1C - MP Chip
1D - DV Chip A
1E - DV Chip D
1F - DV Chip E
20 - Port. Potty
21 - Trn.Manual
22 - Rest Pillow
23 - Enemy Repel

24 - Enemy Bell
25 - Health Shoe
26 - Meat
27 - Giant Meat
28 - Sirloin
29 - Super Carrot
2A - Hawk Radish
2B - Spiny Green
2C - Digimushroom
2D - Ice Mushroom
2E - Deluxe Mushroom
2F - Digipine
30 - Blue Apple
31 - Red Berry
32 - Gold Acorn
33 - Big Berry
34 - Sweet Nut
35 - Super Veggy
36 - Pricklypear
37 - Orange Banana
38 - Power Fruit
39 - Power Ice
3A - Speed Leaf
3B - Sage Fruit
3C - Muscle Yam
3D - Calm Berry
3E - Digianchovy
3F - Digisnapper
40 - DigiTrout
41 - Black Trout
42 - Digicatfish
43 - Digiseabass
44 - Moldy Meat
45 - Happymushroom
46 - Chain Melon
47 - Grey Claws
48 - Fireball
49 - Flamingwing
4A - Iron Hoof
4B - Mono Stone
4C - Steel Drill
4D - White Fang
4E - Black Wing
4F - Spike Club
50 - Flamingmane
51 - White Wing
52 - Torn Tatter
53 - Electo Ring
54 - Rainbowhorn
55 - Rooster
56 - Unihorn
57 - Horn Helmet
58 - Scissor Jaw

Noble Mane 7F .Mega Hand 67 .AS Decoder 7D .Kogalaws 5B ---------------------------------------------------------------------Disclaimer: This guide is copywright (c) 2000 Adam Cochran.Amazing Rod 76 .Blue Flute 74 .Metal Banana Read more: http://www.Fertilizer 5A .Ice Crystal 61 .Metal Part 64 .Leomonstone 77 .Mysty Egg 6F . 2000 Adam Cochran dartanel@hotmail.Steak 7B .Old Fishrod 75 . so I give permission to copy.Bluecrystal 60 .Giga Hand 7E .Sunglasses 63 .Gold Banana 6E .Rain Plant 7A .Mansion Key 78 .7 December 2.X Bandage 6C . .Red Ruby 70 .Hard Scale 5F .Beetlepearl 71 .Frig Key 7C .Chainsaw 6A .Silver Ball 68 .Ray Gun 6D .Coral Charm 72 .com/psx/codes/dmw.Metal Armor 69 . 0. I wrote this solely to ficilitate the distribution of this information.Fatal Bone 65 .Gear 79 .html#ixzz47fic7Qz5 Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives Digimon World Techniques Guide Ver.Cyber Part 66 .Red Shell 5E . or post this faq in its unaltered form freely.Small Spear 6B .59 .Water Bottle 5C .North Star 5D . print.Moon Mirror 73 .Hair Grower 62 .

added more sections to Area Guide. Battle Techs c. Filth Techs 4. but they are not high in either case.6 More than halfway done. ne? :) Fixed a glaring error and completed the list of where to find what monsters. There are other ways to learn some techs. a. Started area-by-area guide. Thanks ----------------------------------------------------------------------0. but not exactly easy. When the digimon's brains stat reaches the high x40s. enter battle with a monster that uses that tech. Your mon can only learn techs that are blue squares in its tach selection grid. Seadramon in dragon lake gives you the option to learn an ice tech when you catch him by fishing (this can be repeated so long as you do not ask to be friends) ---------------------------------------------------------------------2. Added the how to learn techs section. It can learn a tech in one of two ways: Training in either the green gym classroom. Learning techs is a function of the mon's brains stat. With your brains stat at the requisite level. Earth Techs e. that really doesn't become an issue. If the monster uses the tech on you that you are eligible to learn. Version History Ver 0. Filled out a bunch of info there. Area by area guide 5. Things to do.5 More minor revisions. Ver 0. But I think I'm a lot closer than that. the tech you learn is random. copied down the tech chart and am filling in the blanks from personal observation. or training with Cherrymon in misty trees.1 First Draft. but still not guarunteed. Also. and added info for meltdown. :) ---------------------------------------------------------------------1. Mech Techs g. plus someone let me in on some dirty little secrets that let me fill out my filth tech section. Ver 0. but if you only have one left to learn. The chances with cherrymon are higher than with the green gym classroom. you have a chance to learn it. Reference Chart 3.4 Minor revisions. Learning Techs Learning techs is fairly straightforward. You can be taught a tech by the kabuterimon in beetle land if you take a monster with high stats to him. Water Techs f. Air Techs d. I loaded up my gameshark and plopped in the code for all techs. Ver 0. Version History 1. Reference Chart 1 2 3 4 . Fire Techs b. it becomes eligible to learn a tech. This is the most reliable way of learning techs. Learning Techs 2. Having the tech used against you in battle. Ver 0.---------------------------------------------------------------------Table of Contents 0. Ver 0.7 Finally got a virus ultimate so I could play through Grey Lord's Manor. Ver 0.3 Got info for infinity burn and Delete Program. 6.2 Finally saw Pulse Laser in action.

Fire Fire Tower Prominence Spit Beam Fire Red Inferno Battle Tremar Muscle Charge War Cry Sonic Jab Air Thunder Spinning Justice Shot Electric Cloud Megalo Spark Earth Poison Powder Bug Mass Morph Insect Plague Water Giga Freeze Ice Statue Winter Blast Ice Needle Mech Power Crane All-Range Beam Metal Sprinter Pulse Laser Big Poop Toss Big Rnd Toss Filth Odor Poop Spd Spray Toss ***************** Fire 5 Magma Bomb 6 Heat Laser 7 Infinity Burn 8 Meltdown Battle Dynamite Counter Kick Megaton Punch Buster Dive Air Static Elect Wind Cutter Confused Storm Hurricane Earth Charm Perfume Poison Claw Danger Sting Green Trap Water Water Blit Aqua Magic Aurora Freeze Tear Drop Mech Delete Program DG Dimension Full Reverse Potential Program Filth Poop Rnd Rnd Spd Horizont. but never misses. Can be knocked out of it easy in mob battles or by enemies with fast techs. except the Snow Agumon. use it frequently 2 Name: Prominence Beam Power: 444 MP Cost: 183 Range: Long Special: Flat Comments: Humanoid Digimon fire this searing beam kamehameha style. others breathe it out after a strong inhale. Fire Techs 1 Name: Fire Tower Power: 155 MP Cost: 81 Range: Long Special: Stun Comments: Digimon raises up and a pillar of flame shoots up from under the target. How to get it: Most varieties of Agumon. Tech Writeups a. Somewhat . and is rarely blocked.Ult Poop Toss Toss al Kick Hell ---------------------------------------------------------------------3.

8 Name: Meltdown . How to get it: Vermillimon in the Dino Region use this rarely. but if they're not on the ball. but area-effect and more powerful. Can be interrupted by a quick attack. so your best bet will be by training brains. tankmon. The Initial stream is concentrated on one target.long charge-up time gives medium and fast techs plenty of time to interrupt the attack. but easy to dodge at range. but once it hits it fans out to hit other digimon behind the enemy. 7 Name: Infinity Burn Power: 488 MP Cost: 264 Range: Wide-area Special: Stun Comments: An extreme version of Fire Tower. 6 Name: Heat Laser Power: 84 MP Cost: 105 Range: Wide-area Special: Flat Comments: Digimon rears back and a red zone grows around him. Vermilimon. Near-impossible to interrupt. Other strong fire digimon like Vermilimon and Saberdramon use this attack occasionally. which bursts to cover the screen. and boss digimon like greymon and tyrannomon. as do the Darkrizamon in Overdell. damaging all nearby enemies. How to get it: Any one of the multitudes of Goburimon that infest the central areas of file island. How to get it: Comes free with most fire digimon. there's no escape but to block it. prominence beam toasts them. more powerful agumon types. There's a significant time in which the attack can be interrupted. How to get it: Most mid-level fire digimon use this. but otherwise faster than most wide-area attacks. 5 Name: Magma Bomb Power: 279 MP Cost: 132 Range: Long Special: Confusion Comments: Digimon rears back and tosses a ball of magma which homes in on the target and explodes. 4 Name: Red Inferno Power: 210 MP Cost: 171 Range: Wide-area Special: Comments: Digimon rears back and breathes a spray of fire. Enough time spent charging to interrupt the attack. 3 Name: Spit Fire Power: 66 MP Cost: 30 Range: Long Special: Comments: The basic fire tech is a quick spit of a relatively slow fireball. A bit slower to start. but once it's in the air. How to get it: Only powerful boss fire digimon like metal greymon use this in battle. How to get it: Blue Meramon in the Ice Sanctuary use this almost exclusively.

then jumps up and nearby enemies get hit. How to get it: Vermillimon in Mt. 3 Name: War Cry Power: 0 MP Cost: 42 Range: User Special: All stats go up by a small amount (still more than an Omni Disk gives you) Comments: Like muscle charge. Panorama. Infinity prefer this attack. Other vermilimon use this rarely. Nise drimogemon in gear savannah and vermilimon both use this attack rarely. very quick. How to get it: Safest place if from the J-Moyjamon or Tsukaimon in Tropical Jungle. Rockmon in Mt. 6 Name: Counter Power: 285 MP Cost: 165 Range: Short Special: Confusion . A bit slow on the startup. Battle Techs 1 Name: Tremar Power: 178 MP Cost: 168 Range: Wide-Area Special: Comments: Digimon hits the ground and boulders go in all directions. If you're close. Infinity. Quick but avoidable. but it still goes off. 2 Name: Muscle Charge Power: 0 MP Cost: 66 Range: User Special: Increases Attack power by large amount. but effective nonetheless. or all varieties of Agumon. Comments: You are vulnerable while using this tech. Medium speed. but the attack can't be stopped. 5 Name: Dynamite Kick Power: 193 MP Cost: 99 Range: Short Special: Stun Comments: Digimon Kicks with both legs. you can be hit while using this. ***************** b. 4 Name: Sonic Jab Power: 52 MP Cost: 18 Range: Short Special: Comments: Quick. Many other digimon with battle techs use this. you can stop most attacks with this. How to get it: Mud Frigimon on Mt.Power: 400 MP Cost: 318 Range: Wide-Area Special: Stun Comments: The digimon surrounds itself in a pool of lava. How to get it: Comes free with most fighting digimon. How to get it: Safest way is from the Psychemon that roam Gear Savannah. How to get it: In your multiple battles with Ogremon.

Machinedramon. 4 Name: Megalo Spark Power: 382 MP Cost: 174 Range: Long .. How to get it: The best bet is the Sand Yanmon in Great Canyon. so can't say for sure. 2 Name: Spinning Shot Power: 389 MP Cost: 150 Range: Long Special: Comments: Digimon spins for a vulnerable moment. How to get it: Most people recommend the Hyogamon in Freezeland. a charged cloud floats onto the enemy.. Also. Air Techs 1 Name: Thunder Justice Power: 586 MP Cost: 330 Range: Long Special: Stun Comments: Digimon Sends a bolt skyward. and Waruseadramon use it. 8 Name: Buster Dive Power: 500 MP Cost: 258 Range: Long Special: Confusion Comments: Digimon Charges up and dashes forward. ***************** c. and cannot dodge. even damaging blocking opponents. Strong attack and can hit two and sometimes three enemies. Can't be dodged. hard. How to get it: The Gatsumon at Great Canyon use this almost exclusively. How to get it: Got mine by training brains. however. then three wind blades come out. Short time to inturrupt the attack. Soulmon in Grey Lord's manor use it as well. Gotsumon in Great canyon use this attack on occasion. and the smash! A bit slow to charge but davastating. he will sometimes grab the attacker and hit them with this. 3 Name: Electric Cloud Power: 120 MP Cost: 69 Range: Long Special: Stun Comments: After a short charge up. How to get it: Digitamamon. Totally devastating attack. but I've had little success in learning it from them. but if your digimon has it and blocks a short-range attack. but difficult to hit with between inaccuracy and charge time. but that vulnerable moment is my only objection to it. How to get it: The Modoki Betamon use this enough that you should have no trouble learning it. Most foes can at least trade hits while waiting for the lightning to strike.Comments: You can't really attack with this. but otherwise weak. which comes down of the foe. exploding into their foe. 7 Name: Megaton Punch Power: 320 MP Cost: 186 Range: Short Special: Stun Comments: The wind-up.

it's hard to beat. How to get it: Comes with most air-type digimon. Hard to defend against. 2 Name: Bug Power: 500 MP Cost: 354 Range: Long . then punishes them for their ineptitude by hitting them with a powerful wave of air. How to get it: Most low level plant digimon use this often. forms a tornado around intself. Infinity are the only non-boss to use this attack with any frequency (good luck) 8 Name: Hurricane Power: 366 MP Cost: 255 Range: Wide-area Special: Confusion Comments: The digimon flies into the air. ***************** d. Especially the Arurumon and Red Vegimon in native forest. How to get it: The Sand Yanmon in Great Canyon use this along with spinning shot often. How to get it: Safest place if from the Soulmon in Overdell Cemetary. which come down and hit all other digimon. The charge up gives most digimon a chance to walk out of range. The time before the rainbow waves is ample opportunity to interrupt the attack. 5 Name: Static Elect Power: 85 MP Cost: 45 Range: Short Special: Stun Comments: Digimon charges up for half a second and tazers his foe. How to get it: The Piddomon in Mt. But for a stand-up fight.Special: Stun Comments: Digimon quickly charges up a ball of electricity which flies straight at the enemy great for stand-up fights. Quick but mid-power. but if the opponent is on the move it misses often. Earth Techs 1 Name: Poison Powder Power: 117 MP Cost: 171 Range: Wide-Area Special: Poison Comments: Digimon sprays a bunch of little pink balls into the air. 6 Name: Wind Cutter Power: 178 MP Cost: 93 Range: Long Special: Comments: Digimon Quickly flies up and sends a razor disk at the foe. How to get it: Most low-level air-type digimon use this often. then rainbow waves emanate from the digimon and hit the foes. begs the opponent to interrupt the attack for a couple seconds. 7 Name: Confused Storm Power: 225 MP Cost: 216 Range: Wide-area Special: Confusion Comments: A colorful swirl fills the screen.

When they touch it.Special: Flat Comments: Digimon realeases several bugs. a mass of brambles sprouts around him.) Also the tentomon in beetle land use this attack. and the tentomon in Bettle Land. How to get it: Bring a digimon with at least 500 speed and defense to Bettle Land. 4 Name: Insect Plague Power: 58 MP Cost: 96 Range: Long Special: Poison Comments: A pink cloud slowly floats toward the enemy. Fast attack. and they sometimes get poisoned. How to get it: Basic attack for most plant-type digimon. then take damage. and stuns often. Fast attack. but I didn't have to train those up while I was there. you are vulnerable while the animation goes on. How to get it: Weedmon in Great Canyon uses this. one of which crawls up target's back and explodes. Like the yanmon in geko swamp. 7 Name: Danger Sting Power: 157 MP Cost: 102 Range: Short Special: Flat Comments: Digimon hits foe. hits the opponent. Tough to dodge. 6 Name: Poison Claw Power: 62 MP Cost: 51 Range: Short Special: Poison Comments: Digimon walks up. 8 Name: Green Trap Power: 310 MP Cost: 147 Range: Long Special: Stun Comments: A trail of roots sprouts between attacker and target. How to get it: Higher level insect digimon use this. talk to one of the Kabuterimon there and he will teach this to you (may also need 500 brains and offense. How to get it: Used by most low level insect digimon. 5 Name: Charm Perfume Power: 180 MP Cost: 210 Range: Wide-Area Special: Confusion Comments: A pink cloud slowly spreads out and damages all nearby digmon. they pause. . defense by a large amount. You can tell this attack from poison claw by a high-pitched noise preceding the strike. 3 Name: Mass Morph Power: 0 MP Cost: 30 Range: User Special: Raises all stats by a small amount. When it reaches target. Comments: Like all stat boosters. How to get it: Red Vegiemon use this often enough. so I can't say for sure. but the stat boost can't be stopped. How to get it: The Weedmon in Great Canyon use this a good deal.

5 Name: Water Blit Power: 211 MP Cost: 102 Range: Long Special: Comments: A strong. As do most powerful ice digimon. How to get it: Gururumon use this attack a lot. The difference is that droplets of water rise up around the digimon instead of balls of light. 4 Name: Ice Needle Power: 126 MP Cost: 78 Range: Long Special: Stun Comments: A quick but weak attack with a dagger of ice. Water Techs 1 Name: Giga Freeze Power: 264 MP Cost: 120 Range: Long Special: Stun Comments: Ice breath with enough of an inhale to break the attack during. Also Ice devimon like this attack. as do the Mori shellmon in Misty Trees. How to get it: Most Ice digimon use this. How to get it: Easiest place if from the J-Moyjamon of Tropical Jungle. How to get it: The Gururumon of Ice Sanctuary and Mt. 3 Name: Winter Blast.***************** e. 2 Name: Ice Statue Power: 424 MP Cost: 186 Range: Long Special: Stun Comments: The digimon points at their enemy and it's quickly encased in ice. but slow attack where the digimon charges up and spit a ball of water. Power: 120 MP Cost: 169 Range: Wide-Area Special: Stun Comments: The digimon twirls in the air and a blizzard covers the screen. Nearimpossible to inturrupt. which hits all other digimon a second later. How to get it: Ice Devimon in Freezeland uses this a lot. Comments: This attack is easily mistaken for war cry. How to get it: Most weaker ice digimon use this. impossible to dodge. 7 Name: Aurora Freeze Power: 430 MP Cost: 258 Range: Wide area . 6 Name: Aqua Magic Power: 0 MP Cost: 36 Range: User Special: Raises all stats. Infinity favor this attack.

which then falls on you. Tough also to interrupt. Quick enough. How to get it: The guardromon inside Factorial town factory use this one. There are safe spots at longer ranges. during which sparkles of light are drawn toward him and then are shot up into the sky. If enemy moves while charging up. Infinity try to use this alot. How to get it: Arugamon in tropical jungle like this one. The attack can hit nearby bystanders as it fans out to home in on the target. 2 Name: All Range Beam Power: 573 MP Cost: 330 Range: Wide-Area Special: Comments: This attack is a true room-clearer. wide area. you will most likely learn it. but this is difficult. ***************** f. and horribly powerful. 3 Name: Metal Sprinter Power: 150 MP Cost: 165 Range: Wide-Area Special: Comments: Digmon summons a pile of junk and sends it in all directions. if you can keep your digimon from attacking him long enough. Also waruseadramon in the second battle with ogremon loves this attack. 4 Name: Pulse Laser Power: 389 MP Cost: 168 Range: Long Special: Comments: A swarm of little blue pulses fan out and converge on the target. Can be dodged. An excellent attack. Mech Techs 1 Name: Power Crane Power: 226 MP Cost: 126 Range: Long Special: Comments: Digimon rears back and sends a huge mechanical arm at foe. How to get it: Rockmon in Mt. but most digimon will suffer for being there to see this one. . It also comes with most water digimon. How to get it: Comes with most Mech digimon. The attack can be broken while the digimon is charging up. but is tough. Then an aurora appears and all other digimon are struck down.Special: Flat Comments: Digimon charges up for way too long. How to get it: Metal Mammemon is the only digimon to use this outside of a tournament. How to get it: Guardromon in Factorial Town. but otherwise accurate enough. but can be interrupted and dodged. they will likely avoid it. but he uses it enough that if you can. Impossible to iterrupt (though you are vulnerable while the attack is happening). 8 Name: Tear Drop Power: 60 MP Cost: 42 Range: Long Special: Flat Comments: Digimon summons up a drop of water above your head.

How to get it: Machinedramon uses this in the rematch in back dimension. How to get it: Giromon uses this as his primary attack. you'll likely have to get it by training brains. How to get it: Giromon uses this attack. Both mons. Can be interrupted if other digimon are fast. Otherwise you have to learn it by training your brains stat and praying. and almost impossible to block. 8 Name: Reverse Prog Power: 256 MP Cost: 297 Range: Long Special: Flat Comments: Two meters and various other data surround attacker and target. are bosses. ***************** g. 6 Name: DG Dimension Power: 722 MP Cost: 420 Range: Wide Area Special: Comments: Attacker summons all digimon into a wireframe world where floating cubes redefine pain. can't dodge. Quick to come out. and is the only digimon to use it with any frequency out of tournaments. Filth Techs 1 Name: Odor Spray Power: 88 MP Cost: 75 Range: Long Special: Stun Comments: Digimon breathes brown clouds at target. Comments: Several gears swirl out from underneath the digimon. but a good window to break the attack exists while the data is circling around. but it's already too late to stop the stat boost. Digimon is vulnerable while this is happening. How to get it: Giromon and Machinedramon use this one. Tekkamon in Grey Lord's Manor also uses this. How to get it: Used often by the Geremon. 2 Name: Poop Spd Toss Power: 122 MP Cost: 96 Range: Long Special: Poison Comments: Digimon tosses a small pile of poop at target. they take damage. however. When meter counts off around target.5 Name: Delete Program Power: 430 MP Cost: 219 Range: Long Special: Flat Comments: A stream of data wraps around the target and they take damage. so if you miss it then. How to get it: Geremon and Platinum Sukamon use this. you will most likely have to get it from training. If you miss it. 7 Name: Full potential Power: 0 MP Cost: 99 Range: User Special: All stats rise by a large amount. . but otherwise they're in for a whole new world of suffering. Easy to interrupt.

----------------------------------------------------------------------4. Poison Powder. The pile of poop explodes into several other piles which spray in all directions. Area by Area Guide File City Day (Digimon Bridge area. How to get it: Geremon and Platinum Sukamon use this. as the target can break the attack while the smaller poops are falling. the pile then explodes into several smaller piles which fan out in all directions. How to get it: One of the platinum sukamon inside factorial town factory uses this. Poison Sting . 4 Name: Big Rnd Toss Power: 211 MP Cost: 282 Range: Wide area Special: Confusion Comments: Digimon creates a large pile of poop and tosses it on the target. not always there) Aruramon: Tear Drop. How to get it: Geremon and Platinum Sukamon use this. 6 Name: Rnd Spd Toss Power: 122 MP Cost: 216 Range: Wide Area Special: Poison Comments: Digimon creates a small pile of poop and tosses it at the target. How to get it: One of the Geremon inside factorial town factory use this. 8 Name: Ult Poop Hell Power: 333 MP Cost: 333 Range: Wide Area Special: Flat Comments: Several large piles of poop fall from the sky around the target. Then a giant pile lands right on them. 5 Name: Poop Rnd Toss Power: 75 MP Cost: 120 Range: Wide-Area Special: Poison Comments: Digimon creates a small pile of poop and tosses it in the air. (Should this be renamed gas attack? :) How to get it: Basic attack for filth digimon. It spreads out and hits digimon in the area. How to get it: Geremon and Platinum Sukamon use this. Relatively easy to interrupt.3 Name: Big Poop Toss Power: 211 MP Cost: 192 Range: Long Special: Confusion Comments: Digimon creates a large pile of poop and tosses it on the target's head. 7 Name: Horizontal Kick Power: 53 MP Cost: 24 Range: Short Special: Comments: Digimon turns sideways and kicks foe with a spray of odor.

Prominence Beam Night Gotsumon: Megaton Punch. Poison Powder Muchomon: Dynamite Kick. Danger Sting Night J-Moyjamon: Dynamite Kick. Poison Claw. Wind Cutter. Megaton Punch Boss Agumon: Spit Fire. Poison Claw. ***************** Overdell Day Darkrizamon: Soulmon: Electric Cloud. Megaton Punch Night Dokunemon: Poison Claw. Wind Cutter. Wind Cutter Night Vermilimon: Spit Fire. Poison Claw ***************** Tropical Jungle Day Aruramon: Tear Drop. Danger Sting Night J-Moyjamon: Sonic Jab. Magma Bomb. Magma Bomb. Magma Bomb. Danger Sting Red Vegiemon: Poison Claw. Bug ***************** Mangrove Region Day Yanmon: Wind Cutter. Danger Sting Goburimon: Sonic Jab. Danger Sting. Poison Claw Yanmon: Wind Cutter. Spit Fire. Poison Powder. Buster Dive Saberdramon: Spinning Shot. Sonic Jab Darkrizamon: Boss Meteormon: Meltdown. Heat Laser Yanmon: Rolling Cutter. Water Blit Tsukaimon: Sonic Jab. Electric Cloud. Buster Dive. Heat Laser Yanmon: Rolling Cutter. Airdramon: ***************** Native Forest Day Modoki Betamon: Static Elect. Sonic Jab ***************** Ancient Dino Region Day Vermilimon: Spit Fire. Tear Drop. Poison Claw Goburimon: Sonic Jab.Night Tsukaimon: Sonic Jab. magma bomb ***************** Speedy Time Zone: Day Gotsumon: Megaton Punch. Ice Needle Modoki Betamon: Static Elect. Megalo Spark. Wind Cutter Boss Tyrannomon: Red inferno. Wind cutter Boss Greymon: Red Inferno. Electric Cloud. Rolling Cutter Muchomon: Dynamite Kick. Megalo Spark Night . Static Elect. Electric Cloud Palmon: Poison Powder. Danger Sting. Dynamite Kick Boss Piximon: Confused Storm. Static Elect. Sonic Jab. Sonic Jab Kunemon: Static Elect. Poison Powder. Danger Sting Aruramon: Tear Drop. Static Elect. Water Blit. Poison Powder. Fire tower. Danger Sting. Static Elect. Dynamite Kick. Magma Bomb. Water Blit (rare) Red Vegiemon: Poison Claw. Ice Needle. Dynamite Kick. Electric Cloud.

Megaton Punch. Winter Blast. Hurricane Muchomon: Night Gotsumon: Sonic Jab. Ice Statue Hyogamon: Ice Needle. Megalo Spark. Static Elect. Megaton Punch Hyogamon: Giga Freeze. Danger Sting Sand Yanmon: Wind Cutter. Buster Dive. Spinning Shot. Buster Dive Gururumon: Weedmon: Goburimon: Boss Birdramon: Prominence Beam. Tremar. Buster Dive. Megaton Punch. Reverse Program Skull Greymon: War Cry. Winter Blast Boss Garurumon: Giga Freeze. Winter Blast Snow Goburimon: Ice Needle. Dynamite Kick. Full Potential.Darkrizamon: Tsukaimon: Soulmon: Electric Cloud. Tremar. Thunder Justice ***************** Misty Trees Day Fugamon: Wind Cutter. Winter Blast. Megaton Punch. Buster Dive ***************** Great Canyon Day Goburimon: Gotsumon: Sonic Jab. Magama Bomb Agumon: ***************** Ogre Fortress Boss Gabumon: War Cry. Buster Dive. Ice Statue. Megalo Spark ***************** Grey Lord's Manor Day/Night Soulmon: Thunder Justice. Megaton Punch. Spit Fire. Megaton Punch. Giga Freeze Gururumon: Aqua Magic. Magma Bomb Boss Tekkomon: Buster Dive. Electric Cloud Tsukaimon: Rockmon: Darkrizamon: Heat Laser. Ice Needle Snow Goburimon: Ice Needle. Winter Blast. Agumon: Fire Tower. Magma Bomb ***************** Freezeland Day Snow Agumon: Ice Needle. Winter Blast ***************** Ice Sanctuary Day/Night Ice Gotsumon: Ice Needle. Muscle Charge Ogremon: Megaton Punch. Winter Blast. Sonic Jab. Sonic Jab. Giga Freeze ***************** Secret Cave Boss Ogremon: Tremar. Megaton Punch. Buster Dive Weedmon: Mass Morph. Megaton Punch Hyogamon: Giga Freeze. Static Elect . Muscle Charge. Ice Statue. War Cry. Magma Bomb Gabumon: Waruseadramon: Aurora Freeze. Winter Blast Night Ice Devimon: Ice Statue. Aqua Magic. Ice Statue Blue Meramon: Prominence Beam. Ogremon: Sonic Jab. Green Trap.

***************** Geko Swamp Day Yanmon: Spinning Shot. Megaton Punch Psychemon: Boss Patamon: Wind Cutter. Megaton Punch.Mori Shellmon: Aqua Magic. Wind Cutter Night Gekomon: Boss Otanamon: ***************** Gear Svannah Day Psychemon: War Cry. Static Elect Saberdramon: Boss Gabumon: Kokatorimon: ***************** Toy Town Day/Night Toy Agumon: Red Inferno. Fire Tower Tankmon: Red Inferno. Sonic Jab. War Cry Sharmamon: Magma Bomb. Tremar Sharmamon: Magma Bomb. Water Blit. Ice Statue Goburimon: Night Darkrizamon: Tsukaimon: Goburimon: Fugamon: Wind Cutter. Megaton Punch Akatorimon: Night Tsukaimon: Nise Drimogemon: Sonic Jab. Boss WaruMonzaemon: Megalo Spark. Danger Sting. Sonic Jab. Sonic Jab. Muscle Charge. Dynamite Kick . Charm perfume. Spit Fire. Dynamite Kick. Sonic Jab. Muscle Charge. Insect Plague. Shima Unimon: Dynamite Kick.

are fairly ubiquitous and you have more trouble finding a digimon that CAN'T learn the technique rather than one that can. I was trying to fill out my technique chart and as such I was trying to guide my digivolution towards digimon that could learn techniques that I had not learned yet. around the internet. by digimon List of techniques learned. Each digimon that you raise has access to 1. which starts empty and must be filled in by learning the techniques. These are Fire. Battle. by technique List of techniques Opinions FAQ version history Thanks Contact Information Legal Information -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Introduction----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This FAQ. Mech. As one of the many goals in this game is to fill out the entire technique chart.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Digimon World-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Digimon Techniques Learned FAQ-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version 1. some others. is a product of there being a lack of this list. like Dynamite Kick. for the general use of everyone.This guide will help in that task by avoiding the guessing game if the digimon you are aiming for will be able to learn the technique that you want it to.1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Table of Contents-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 - Table of Contents Introduction List of techniques learned. and Filth in order. you are forced to raise many digimon to fill out the chart in its entirety. Ice. Earth. at least that I was able to find. 2. Air. While some techniques. and frequently not even the whole row of 8 techniques in each type. like Infinity Burn are only learned by a few digimon total. Add in that some moves can only be learned from bosses or by brains training. So. and you can have some trouble finishing up that tech chart!Thus was born my desire to create the list myself. what's the deal with techniques? There are a total of 7 different technique types in the game. or even 3 different types of techniques. rather late in creation for a game that was released in the year 2000 in the US. This FAQ does not include a digivolution guide but that is generally easy .

you only have a chance to learn a new.You have to be able to use the technique with the digimon you are using and even then it isn't guaranteed that you will learn the technique after the battle. or Ultimate. and sixth spots in the fire techniques row. First of all. consult this list.4 This means that he can learn the techniques in the first. your digimon's brains stat generally improves the chance. by digimon---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In this list I have used a shorthand for the techniques learned. There are two ways that you can improve the chance of learning the technique in this way. fifth. or even a specific technique that you find really useful. fourth. with additional information like where they can be learned.enough to find on the internet. This is a great help if you are towards the end of your tech chart filling escapades and random digimon simply aren't getting you anything new.6 Battle 2.5.3. either through the black board in the green gym or by Cherrymon's lessons. a secondary component is a list of all of the techniques and their pertinent information. For example. It is sorted first by level. directly from NPCs as a gift of sorts. which. Techniques can be learned in two ways. with a higher score giving you a better chance. Some techniques are quite rare to see and you need to plan to have a digimon that can learn them from a specific boss. The second main component lists the techniques out sorted by technique and listing every digimon that can learn that respective tech. and secondly alphabetically within the digimon level. I have chosen not to include. and realize that he doesn't really learn a single strong move. This information may change your mind. This FAQ has two main components. Perhaps you like digimon with a specific type of technique. However. The reason this is secondary is simply because everything can be found in the game by highlighting the respective technique. and more in-depth technique FAQs are also widely available. Rookie. example. This first list is useful if you are curious about what a specific digimon you may want to digivolve to learns. The other way to learn techniques is directly by brains training. the more an enemy uses the tech in question. Champion. the greater your chance of learning it. First of all is a list of techs learned sorted by the digimon that learns them. so it isn't really worth discussing. Secondly. and this way of learning isn't guaranteed either. third. Finally. if you are training brains from 0 to 950 you will only learn a technique or two. you may want to raise a Ninjamon because for some reason you find him cool. In general. and you will take a good deal of your digimon's life to do it. The main way to learn techs is to witness the tech being used in battle. or simply know which digimon to aim for so you can brains train the living daylights out of it. as well as .4. as of this version. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------List of techniques learned. but this way is only available late in the game and only a few ice techniques and a single earth technique are available this way.You may not even learn a single one!There is also a third way to learn techniques. lernable technique when you pass a multiple of 50 in brains. Agumon is listed as follows: For Agumon Fire 1.

You can also simply refer to the technique chart in game.3.But that is neither here nor there so.5 Earth 1.6.6 Battle 2.7.8 Patamon Battle Air 2.7.4. without further pause.6.3.6 Air Air where every technique is layed out very nicely. the list! ---------------------------------ROOKIES-------------------------------Agumon Fire 1.6.4 Betamon Air 3.8 Elecmon Battle Angemon Battle.6 Ice Biyomon Fire 3. Simply hit ctrl+F and enter "Fire1" or "Battle4" and it will take you to that section and to the technique in question.6 Birdramon .the ones in the second and fourth spots in the battle tech row.7 Palmon Earth 1.7 Kunemon Air Penguinmon Earth 5.4.3. Air 2.5.4. so in the list of techniques I have included a search term to help you find them better.3.8 Ice 1.6 --------------------------------CHAMPIONS------------------------------Airdramon Fire 2. so that you can see the first fire tech is Fire Tower and the fourth battle tech is Sonic Jab.4.8 Air Battle 1.5 Ice 1.6 Ice Bakemon Air Gabumon Fire 1.5.3. This isn't particularly useful information unless you can see the chart and know what moves are in those spots.

4 Air Battle Air 2.6 Coelamon Earth 4.4.8 Battle Battle Air Earth 3.8 Devimon Battle 2.8 Kuwagamon Battle 2.5.8 Leomon Battle Ice Frigimon Battle 2.6 Mojyamon Battle 5.8 Ice 1.6.8 Earth Ice Kokatorimon Battle 1.8 Garurumon Fire 1.8 Earth 1.8 Air 4.8 Battle Battle Air 1.6.3.Fire Ice Meramon Fire Monochromon Fire 2.3.8 Air Ice Greymon Fire Air .5.8 Centarumon Fire Kabuterimon Fire Earth 1.7 Earth 3.2 Drimogemon Battle 1.

6 Air Seadramon Fire Battle Ice Battle Digitamamon Fire 1.8 Etemon Battle Filth Shellmon Earth 1.8 Ice 5.5.4 Filth 7.8 Ice Air Numemon Filth 1.7 Ice Unimon Battle Earth 1.4.8 Ogremon Fire Earth 4.6 Earth 1.2.7 Ninjamon Fire Air 1.8 Vegiemon Earth 1.6.5 Battle 1.5 Mech -------------------------------ULTIMATES-------------------------------Andromon Battle 1.4.8 . Battle 3.8 Air 1.8 Sukamon Filth 1.8 Tyrannomon Fire Giromon Battle Ice 1.5.6 Whamon Earth 1.

Birdramon.2. Tyrannomon.3.5.4. Meramon.8 Metal Greymon Fire Megadramon Battle 5.3 Mech 1. Kabuterimon. Gabumon.Airdramon. Garurumon.7.6.8 Mech 1.2.8 Mamemon Battle 1. Digitamamon . Greymon. Mech 1.8 Mech 2.6.8 Hercules Kabuterimon Fire Earth 1. Monochromon.6.7.4 Mech Battle 1. Monochromon.6.7.8 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------List of techniques learned.2.7 Ice 1.5.3 Mech Tower .7. Biyomon. Hercules Kabuterimon Fire Skill 3 . Air 1. Ninjamon. Meramon. Piximon Air 2.8 Earth 1.Spit fire .5.3.8 Mech 1. Centaurumon.7.Agumon.3.7. Centaurumon.5. Centaurumon.4 Battle 2.2. Tyrannomon. Digitamamon Fire Skill 2 .4.4. Birdramon. Greymon.3. Ogremon.4.7. Garurumon. Ice Megaseadramon Air Phoenixmon Fire 2.6.8 Metal mamemon Battle 1.8 Monzaemon Battle 1.7.8 Ice 1.5.3. Greymon.8 Air Airdramon. Digitamamon. Birdramon.7. by technique--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fire Skill 1 .4 Vademon Earth 2.3.Prominence Beam .6.7.4.Air Skullgreymon Battle 1. Kabuterimon.6.3. Seadramon.

Centarumon. Hercules Kabuterimon. Hercules Kabuterimon. Unimon. Skull Greymon Battle Skill 6 .Betamon. Ogremon. Unimon. Angemon.Agumon. Mamemon. Leomon. Drimogemon. Centaurumon. Mamemon. Leomon. Monochromon. Drimogemon. Digitamamon. Meramon. Garurumon.Agumon. Meramon. Devimon. Metal Mamemon.Tremar . Greymon. Devimon. Tyrannomon. Tyrannomon. Metal Greymon Fire Skill 8 . Metal Greymon. Patamon. Metal Mamemon.Counter . Mamemon. Devimon.Elecmon. Devimon. Metal Mamemon. Elecmon. Tyrannomon. Nanimon. Greymon.Sonic Jab . Garurumon. Hercules Kabuterimon. Angemon.Elemon. Garurumon. Giromon. Andromon. Ogremon. Meramon. Hercules Kabuterimon.Electric Cloud . Ogremon. Tyrannomon. Greymon. Centaurumon.Agumon.War Cry . Monochromon.Fire Skill 4 . Leomon. Mojyamon. Digitamamon. Meramon. Elecmon. Ogremon. Devimon. Monochromon. Garurumon. Birdramon.Heat Laser . Ninjamon. Devimon. Kokatorimon.Agumon. Metal Greymon. Monzaemon. Birdramon. Digitamamon. Monochromon. Greymon.Buster Dive . Mojyamon. Centaurumon. Digitamamon. Gabumon. Nanimon. Kuwagamon. Phoenixmon Fire Skill 5 . Skullgreymon Battle Skill 2 . Digitamamon.Megaton Punch . Bakemon. Frigimon.Red Inferno . Etemon. Airdramon. Mamemon. Monzaemon. Metal Greymon Fire Skill 7 . Birdramon.Biyomon.Magma Bomb . Ninjamon. Drimogemon.Patamon. Metal Mamemon. Etemon. Leomon. Tyrannomon. Biyomon. Etemon. Ogremon. Skull Greymon Battle Skill 3 . Gabumon. Metal Mamemon. Devimon. Kuwagamon. Giromon. Airdramon. Metal Mamemon. Phoenixmon Air Skill 3 . Leomon. Birdramon. Mamemon. Leomon. Biyomon. Kokatorimon. Monzaemon. Andromon. Etemon. Ninjamon. Greymon. Drimogemon. Drimogemon. Etemon. Phoenixmon Air Skill 2 . Tyrannomon. Etemon.Muscle Charge . Phoenixmon -----------------------------------------------------------------------Battle Skill 1 . Patamon. Kabuterimon. Monochromon. Tyrannomon. Ogremon. Giromon. Phoenixmon Fire Skill 6 . Monzaemon. Patamon.Agumon. Monzaemon. Seadramon.Birdramon.Meltdown . Ogremon. Angemon.Gabumon. Metal Mamemon. Monzaemon. Ninjamon. Monzaemon. Monzaemon. Leomon. Meramon. Greymon. Mamemon. Gabumon. Skull Greymon Battle Skill 7 . Drimogemon. Tyrannomon. Piximon. Skull Greymon Battle Skill 5 . Metal Greymon. Mamemon. Drimogemon. Skull Greymon Battle Skill 4 . Etemon. Metal Greymon.Thunder Justice .Infinity Burn .Spinning Shot . Skullgreymon Battle Skill 8 . Kunemon. Skullgreymon -----------------------------------------------------------------------Air Skill 1 . Kokatorimon. Andromon. .Gabumon. Etemon. Frigimon. Centaurumon.Etemon. Megadramon. Nanimon. Kuwagamon. Unimon. Megadramon. Monochromon. Etemon.Gabumon.Bakemon.Dynamite Kick . Centaurumon. Digitamamon. Monzaemon. Hercules Kabuterimon. Greymon. Digitamamon. Mamemon. Greymon. Devimon. Leomon. Ogremon. Unimon. Meramon. Angemon.Meramon. Kokatorimon. Patamon. Ninjamon. Centaurumon. Andromon. Drimogemon.

Danger Sting . Kunemon. Kabuterimon. Kokatorimon. Hercules Kabuterimon. Phoenixmon Air Skill 6 .Hurricane . Phoenixmon Air Skill 8 .Hercules Kabuterimon. Ninjamon. Mojyamon. Ogremon. Shellmon.Kunemon. Andromon. Angemon. Shellmon. Unimon. Garurumon. Hercules Kabuterimon. Devimon. Vademon Earth Skill 6 . Skullgreyon Ice Skill 2 . Coelamon.Confused Storm . Andromon. Whamon. Penguinmon. Coelamon. Devimon. Frigimon. . Frigimon. Monochromon. Seadramon. Digitamamon.Kunemon.Ice Statue . Coelamon. Skullgreymon Ice Skill 4 . Penguinmon. Vademon Earth Skill 3 . Unimon. Seadramon. Kuwagamon Ninjamon. Piximon Earth Skill 7 . Drimogemon. Frigimon. Penguinmon. Shellmon. Megaseadramon. Angemon.Biyomon. Mojyamon. Kokatorimon.Giga Freeze . Megadramon. Penguinmon. Kunemon.Charm Perfume . Unimon. Kabuterimon. Giromon. Ninjamon. Whamon. Devimon. Seadramon.Winter Blast . Giromon. Kokatorimon.Megalo Spark .Ice Needle . Patamon.Wind Cutter . Piximon Earth Skill 4 . Shellmon. Hercules Kabuterimon. Piximon. Vademon -----------------------------------------------------------------------Ice Skill 1 .Coelamon. Bakemon.Poison Claw . Monzaemon.Palmon.Insect Plague . Angemon. Garurumon. Elecmon. Digitamamon. Hercules Kabuterimon.Bug . Greymon. Hercules Kabuterimon. Elemon. Bakemon. Kabuterimon. Palmon. Penguinmon. Shellmon.Betamon. Searamon. Whamon. Piximon. Airdramon. Kuwagamon. Megadramon. Seadramon. Garurumon.Green Trap . Hercules Kabuterimon.Static Elec . Kokatorimon.Betamon. Piximon Earth Skill 5 . Vegiemon. Piximon Earth Skill 2 . Piximon. Kabuterimon. Birdramon. Coelamon. Phoenixmon Air Skill 5 .Betamon. Leomon.Betamon. Vegiemon. Unimon. Monochromon. Megaeadramon.Coelamon. Monzaemon. Bakemon. Bakemon.Drimogemon. Kabuterimon.Airdramon. Digitamamon. Palmon. Kabuterimon. Megaseadramon. Kokatorimon. Phoenixmon -----------------------------------------------------------------------Earth Skill 1 . Piximon Earth Skill 8 . Airdramon. Unimon. Kuwagamon.Mass Morph . Unimon. Airdramon. Angemon. Coelamon. Kokatorimon. Etemon. Whamon. Piximon. Megaseadramon. Devimon.Biyomon. Vegiemon.Elecmon. Skullgreymon Ice Skill 3 . Bakemon. Megaseadramon. Kabuterimon. Palmon. Vegiemon. Bakemon. Kuwagamon. Patamon. Mojyamon. Vegiemon. Frigimon.Airdramon. Airdramon. Phoenixmon Air Skill 7 . Piximon Air Skill 4 . Bakemon. Kabuterimon.Kunemon. Kuwagamon. Leomon. Monzaemon. Angemon. Megadramon. Birdramon. Whamon. Coelamon. Hercules Kabuterimon. Angemon. Monochromon. Piximon. Kuwagamon. Vegiemon. Ninjamon. Ogremon. Mojyamon. Monzaemon. Megaseadramon.Poison Powder .Kunemon. Kuwagamon.

Big Random Toss .Ultimate Poop Hell . Sukamon. Mamemon. Frigimon. Seadramon.Nanimon.Frigimon. Vademon Mech Skill 6 . Vademon Mech Skill 7 .Aqua Magic .Nanimon. Giromon. Digitamamon. Metal Greymon. Metal Mamemon. Metal Greymon. Metal Mamemon. Vademon Mech Skill 5 . Shellmon. Megaseadramon Ice Skill 8 . Sukamon. Frigimon. Mamemon. Shellmon. Giromon.Reverse Program . Whamon. Palmon. Megadramon. Sukamon Filth Skill 4 . Megadramon. Numemon. Sukamon Filth Skill 7 . Mamemon.Andromon.Betamon. Metal Mamemon. Mojyamon. Mojyamon. Shellmon. Metal Greymon. Shellmon. Giromon. Megadramon. Sukamon Filth Skill 2 .Andromon.Andromon. Megadramon.Nanimon. Penguinmon. Mamemon. Vademon Mech Skill 4 . Numemon. Whamon. Metal Greymon. Numemon. Megaseadramon Ice Skill 5 . Megaseadramon Ice SKill 6 .Palmon. Garurumon. Giromon.Nanimon. Numemon. Seadramon. Vademon Mech Skill 2 . Sukamon Filth Skill 5 .Horizontal Kick . Seadramon. Vegiemon.Teardrop . Coelamon.Full Potential .Aurora Freeze .Odor Spray .Numemon. Giromon. Giromon.Metal Sprinter . Frigimon. Giromon. Numemon. Etemon ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------List of Techniques------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fire1: Fire Tower .Andromon. Mojyamon.Poop Speed Toss . Sukamon Filth Skill 3 .Andromon. Metal Greymon. Etemon Filth Skill 8 .Garurumon.Poop Random Toss .All Range Beam . Metal Greymon.Big Poop Toss .Random Speed Toss . Sukamon Filth Skill 6 .Andromon. Mamemon. Megaseadramon Ice Skill 7 .Pulse Laser .Nanimon.DG Dimension . Mojyamon. Megadramon. Whamon.Nanimon. Shellmon. Megadramon. Penguinmon.Betamon. Vegiemon. Vademon Mech Skill 3 .Power Crane . Palmon. Skullgreymon. Numemon. Skullgreymon. Whamon. Metal Mamemon.Andromon. Whamon. Metal Greymon. Megadramon.Nanimon.Andromon. Giromon. Coelamon. Megadramon.Delete Program . Vademon -----------------------------------------------------------------------Filth Skill 1 . Metal Mamemon. Metal Greymon.Water Blitz . Vademon Mech Skill 8 . Numemon. Seadramon. Megaseadramon -----------------------------------------------------------------------Mech skill 1 . Coelamon.

Power: 155 MP: 81 Range: Long Special: Stun Fire2: Prominence Beam Power: 444 MP: 183 Range: Long Special: Flat Fire3: Spit Fire Power: 66 MP: 30 Range: Long Special: None Fire4: Red Inferno Power: 210 MP: 171 Range: Wide Special: None Fire5: Magma Bomb Power: 279 MP: 132 Range: Long Special: Confuse Fire6: Heat Laser Power: 84 MP: 105 Range: Wide Special: Flat Frie7: Infinity Burn Power: 488 MP: 264 Range: Wide Special: Stun Fire8: Meltdown Power: 400 MP: 318 Range: Wide Special: Stun -----------------------------------------------------------------------Battle1: Tremar Power: 178 MP: 168 Range: Wide Special: None Battle2: Muscle Charge Power: 0 MP: 66 Range: Self Special: Boosts ATK 30% Battle3: War Cry Power: 0 MP: 42 Range: Self .

DEF 5%.Special: Boosts ATK 10%. and SPD 10% Battle4: Sonic Jab Power: 52 MP: 18 Range: Short Special: None Battle5: Dynamite Kick Power: 193 MP: 99 Range: Short Special: Stun Battle6: Counter Power: 285 MP: 165 Range: Short Special: Confuse Battle7: Megaton Punch Power: 320 MP: 186 Range: Short Special: Stun Battle8: Buster Dive Power: 500 MP: 258 Range: Long Special: Confuse -----------------------------------------------------------------------Air1: Thunder Justice Power: 586 MP: 330 Range: Long Special: Stun Air2: Spinning Shot Power: 389 MP: 150 Range: Long Special: None Air3: Electric Cloud Power: 120 MP: 69 Range: Long Special: Stun Air4: Megalo Spark Power: 382 MP: 174 Range: Long Special: Stun Air5: Static Elect Power: 85 MP: 45 Range: Short Special: Stun .

and SPD 10% Earth4: Insect Plague Power: 58 MP: 96 Range: Long Special: Poison Earth5: Charm Perfume Power: 180 MP: 210 Range: Wide Special: Confuse Earth6: Poison Claw Power: 62 MP: 51 Range: Short Special: Poison Earth7: Danger Sting Power: 157 MP Cost: 102 Range: Short Special: Flat Earth8: Green Trap Power: 310 MP: 147 .Air6: Wind Cutter Power: 178 MP: 93 Range: Long Special: None Air7: Confused Storm Power: 225 MP: 216 Range: Wide Special: Confuse Air8: Hurricane Power: 366 MP: 255 Range: Wide Special: Confuse -----------------------------------------------------------------------Earth1: Poison Powder Power: 117 MP: 171 Range: Wide Special: Poison Name: Bug Power: 500 MP: 354 Range: Long Special: Flat Earth3: Mass Morph Power: 0 MP Cost: 30 Range: Self Special: Boosts DEF 20%.

and SPD 7% Ice7: Aurora Freeze Power: 430 MP: 258 Range: Wide Special: Flat Ice8: Tear Drop Power: 60 MP: 42 Range: Long Special: Flat -----------------------------------------------------------------------Mech1: Power Crane Power: 226 MP: 126 Range: Long Special: None Mech2: All Range Beam Power: 573 MP: 330 Range: Wide .Range: Long Special: Stun -----------------------------------------------------------------------Ice1: Giga Freeze Power: 264 MP: 120 Range: Long Special: Stun Ice2: Ice Statue Power: 424 MP: 186 Range: Long Special: Stun Ice3: Winter Blast Power: 120 MP Cost: 169 Range: Wide Special: Stun Ice4: Ice Needle Power: 126 MP: 78 Range: Long Special: Stun Ice5: Water Blitz Power: 211 MP: 102 Range: Long Special: None Ice6: Aqua Magic Power: 0 MP: 36 Range: Self Special: Boosts ATK 7%. DEF 7%.

Special: None Mech3: Metal Sprinter Power: 150 MP: 165 Range: Wide Special: None Mech4: Pulse Laser Power: 389 MP: 168 Range: Long Special: None Mech5: Delete Program Power: 430 MP: 219 Range: Long Special: Flat Mech6: DG Dimension Power: 722 MP: 420 Range: Wide Special: None Mech7: Full potential Power: 0 MP: 99 Range: Self Special: Boosts ATK 25%. DEF 15%. and SPD 15% Mech8: Reverse Prog Power: 256 MP: 297 Range: Long Special: Flat -----------------------------------------------------------------------Filth1: Odor Spray Power: 88 MP: 75 Range: Long Special: Stun Filth2: Poop Speed Toss Power: 122 MP: 96 Range: Long Special: Poison Filth3: Big Poop Toss Power: 211 MP: 192 Range: Long Special: Confuse Filth4: Big Random Toss Power: 211 MP: 282 Range: Wide Special: Confuse Filth5: Poop Random Toss .

Power: 75 MP: 120 Range: Wide Special: Poison Filth6: Random Speed Toss Power: 122 MP: 216 Range: Wide Special: Poison Filth7: Horizontal Kick Power: 53 MP: 24 Range: Short Special: None Filth8: Ultimate Poop Hell Power: 333 MP: 333 Range: Wide Special: Flat -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Opinions------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Here is a section where I wax on the power of the moves. You may want to replace the area move with a very quick move. but the fifth. The first is to pick one strong move. unless you simply outclass the opponent by a large margin. When there are multiple opponents. You end up just wasting a move slot or two on a move that is rarely used. as sometimes you may encounter a digimon that has much higher speed. And the stat booster should be used as many times as possible early on. and when it is. since each digimon has 3 move slots at any given time to use in battle. like the stat raising moves and moves like All Range Beam have no startup time at all and impossible to interrupt once started. like Meltdown and Buster Dive take FOREVER to startup and you may never get to use them at all if the opponent digimon is fast enough. and some start fast with a long animation and some have a long startup with almost no animation. and one stat boosting move. First of all. In these cases. and any special effects it may have are stated simply on the move listing. even worse. one area move. startup time. you need to diversify. range. One mistake that a lot of people make is simply to load up on the most powerful moves. Some. often times your area move is the strongest one you can use. This really does nothing since the moves are used in similar circumstances. When designing your moveset. but there are other situations out there when playing the game. There are actually five main things to consider when picking your moves. there are generally two strategies you can use. power. You can also use this in reverse and use the . similar. MP. or. about the exact same speed as you. Some moves. you generally need to figure out for yourself. Startup time becomes INCREASINGLY important as the speed of opponent digimon goes up through the game. The general idea is that you always want to use your strong move when possible. Remember that startup time isn't the same as animation. The first four. The second. even if the startup time on your power move isn't very long. a very very quick move that is only medium power may be the best choice. it is probably redundant to the other moves. is only different in that you replace the area move with a quick move instead. This causes the digimon to attack at the same time as you and may end up interrupting your move constantly.

It's main use is actually defensive in nature. but one of the best MP/Power ratios in the entire game. it can flatten the enemy. The status effects range from meh to basically detrimental to yourself! You can and should use moves with stun as often as you can. It can miss if they are running around. and as soon as you can afford to spam MP recoveries of various sizes it doesn't matter as much. two attacks thanks to turning them flat. you can avoid close moves pretty much indefinitely. the best moves. but I found it really ingrained in myself to use different types to be "diverse" and it took willpower to resist it. or if unlucky. if you are an avid RPG fan. don't be afraid to use them all. and combined with the Distance tactic. this slow can save your ass. and All Range Beam is quick. Defense is never as good as offense since you can spam recoveries if needed. in my opinion. won't be back for sometime. AND area. The problem is that if your move is close your digimon will have a hell of a time trying to close with them. God help you if your move can confuse the opponent digimon. but. it is wide and can hit multiple digimon. and if it is long and doesn't track then they will most likely dodge it and even wide area moves can miss as they run out of range! And if their moves are tracking they will STILL hit you! Confuse just plain sucks. if your digimon can learn them! One thing you may be tempted to do. and you may be hurting yourself for a silly reason. but has two main advantages some of these other power moves don't: first of all. If you use . is to design your moveset with different technique types in mind. This is especially useful when trying to use your finishing move. and in fights with digimon that are much stronger than you. it can stun. they are immune to all damage. Ice Statue is both quick and very powerful. This wastes MP and can throw off your timing. Flat is generally annoying. it isn't horrible Infinity Burn: Suffers from the statup time from hell. and better yet. but this overlaps with quick moves a lot of the time. Early in the game there is perhaps a fourth type of move you want to use. Do yourself a favor and try to avoid using flat moves if possible. like including both fire and ice moves if your digimon learn both. Finally there is confuse. while they are changing and changing back. which if hit out of. lets you get off your own attacks unimpeded for a time. powerful. Some of the best moves in the game can fufill multiple roles. You will generally miss one. but usually doesn't do much damage in normal enemy fights. They will run around like crazy and fire moves at random. more importantly. All Range Beam and Full Potential covers all your bases in two moves. a cheap move. and then most likely missing as they keep running. Here are.very quick move to constantly interrupt the opponent so that they can never do anything! Moves like Ice Needle and Wind Cutter won't kill fast but they do wonders at dominating the fight. but if it is your only choice for power. but you hurt your own offense too. It will slow down the enemy to a walk speed. Poison can be useful in boss fights. This may sound silly. There is no reason to do this in this game! Digimon have no "type" resists whatsoever. but early on when this is expensive. as stun not only shuts down the enemies offense. and secondly. and worse yet. First of all. while flat their attack can't be interrupted! You may end up wasting a TON of moves simply because their pixel interrupts you. You may stop them from doing any real damage while they are so affected. listed by what role they suit: -----------------------------------------------------------------------Power Prominence Beam: A bit slow to start. Secondly. and the animation really does take some time. If all the moves you feel are best are a single type.

Bug: Oh god. Ice Statue: As mentioned above. how about it is one of the coolest looking moves in the game! The only downside is that if the opponent is running around. it is incredibly powerful. Thunder Justice: The second most powerful move in the game and can stun.this. you may end up "stun locking" the enemy into submission. long range. -----------------------------------------------------------------------Area Meltdown: Ok. but I would pair this with a quick move just in case. One of the few literally un-interruptible moves in the game. meaning they almost need to stand still. but awfully expensive for the power since it is area. It also hits all enemies on the entire screen with no miss chance (but can be blocked) and has an invulnerability phase in the animation when rising up and coming down that may save you sometimes from a hit. All Range Beam: Ok. this certainly gives Bug a run for it's money. It's wide area. either due to flat or hit recovery as the chips you launch out have a delay where they attach to the enemy and before they explode. Thunder Justice comes from the top of the screen. but Hurricane is the more powerful one and confused storm has a better startup time. Megalo Spark: One of the weaker power moves at only 382 power. it still offers enough advantages that it makes a great move to use without hesitation. This move will serve you well. And because there is more than one you can hit twice with one move. especially in the environment that it was designed to be used in. Need I say more? Ok. and if the opponent has a quick move you will NEVER pull this move off. It's very powerful for one. as a quick move. if the MP gets used. And it tracks! And it stuns! Simply put. as well as damage them when they block the first part. and oh. Confused Storm/Hurricane: Two moves that I list here as one simply because they are so similar. this is really hard to interrupt. Both are viable as your area . namely against multiple digimon. Usable. Still. and by quite a bit. What makes it so good? Well. at least that I have seen. can stun. Again. use this move. however. it's the third most powerful move in the game. and the projectile is fairly large so not tracking isn't as large a problem as it can be with some other techs. It flies out fast. but it does have some advantages. it very easily misses. I guess it depends on how frustrated you get by wasted MP and time due to interruptions as to if you want to use this. Both are wide and cause confuse. Ice Statue is both powerful and quick. hits from far. if you can. it has a long startup time that can REALLY make it frustrating to pull off. tracking. Unlike moves like prominence beam that fly out towards them and thus can be ran into. DG Dimension: The strongest move in the game. On the downside it also has the longest charg eup time out of all these power moves. this move is probably the best move in the ENTIRE game! It literally only has a SINGLE downside in that it may flatten the enemy. but hell. this move hits and hits HARD. and secondly it can stun. Can suffice as a power move in a pinch too. and better yet it has MULTIPLE projectiles! This makes it one of the few moves in the game that can be used safely when the enemy is invulnerable. it goes off. The downside? Only 3 digimon learn it. only 3 digimon learn it. Or if it is your only option. maybe you like flat for it's defensive effects.

Power Crane: Another of the slower speedy moves.0 . Winter Blast: Very weak. All Range Beam: See above DG Dimension: See above -----------------------------------------------------------------------Quick Fire Tower: Actually a bit slow for a quick move. and it also hits all digimon on the screen and can't miss (although. Ice Statue: See above. it won't be very useful in interrupting enemies either.First version! Version 1. A great move to use if your goal is to interrupt enemy techs. and note that while you won't get interrupted using this move. and Gamefaqs ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Contact Information-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you notice anything wrong. and quick travel time for the projectile. power or startup time. almost impossible to interrupt. One of the worse startup times. All Range Beam: See above. Can also stun which is cool.1 .Fixed a few spelling errors. No travel time helps though. again it can be blocked). as your digimon needs to get fairly close overall. format errors. It is on the low end of area moves though.behemothzero. as it has a LONG animation before it hits Ice Needle: Like Wind Cutter but even cheaper and even weaker. you are almost looking at DG dimension here. Low to medium power. Aurora Storm: OK. but being able to stun multiple digimon with no startup time definitely has it's uses. Won't kill fast. It borders on being too weak to be used. but suffers from being a melee type short move. but isn't guaranteed to hit and will be dodged now and then. though fast compared to a lot of other moves. your name here. low MP cost. I only list it here because it has an instant startup time and it causes stun. . ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thanks------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THANKS GO TO . Megalo Spark: See above Wind Cutter: This really embodies the quick move. but it still works as an interrupt. Oh. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FAQ version history------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version 1. this suffers from startup. the only downside is I can barely classify this as a long move. just chose which you prefer. Dynamite Kick: Quick to come out. The only reason it gets mentioned is it IS quite powerful and it hits all digimon on the screen. Winter Blast: See above. and will still end up interrupting a lot of enemy moves. and added some information. editing. misinformation. be it spelling. SwordofSephiroth. it is also actually the most powerful one. again. Great on digimon that don't move though. It semi-tracks and will arc towards the enemy if they are moving.move.

or really anything else with this FAQ that I need to fix. that this is NOT my main email address and I don't check it very often. private use. Note. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. feel free to contact me at swordofafang AT yahoo. or if you want to suggest I add something to the FAQ. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. however. Replies and changes may not come very quickly. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Legal Information------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Copywright 2009 Caleb Kent This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for and a violation of copyright. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited. .

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