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A. B.

Ben Lieberman Canada Free press’s author profile Ben Lieberman is a senior policy analyst in the Thomas A. Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies at (, a public policy institute on Capitol Hill that promotes conservative policies and free-market ideas. Readers may write him at Heritage, 214 Massachusetts Avenue NE, Washington, DC 20005. IMPACT: He works for the heritage foundation….find heritage indictment under letter H

CATO Institute Cato Funded By Oil Industry The Cato institute receives much of its support from oil & gas companies N. Solomon (director, Institute for Public Accuracy) et al, 98 Norman Solomon [founder & executive director of the Institute for Public Accuracy, a national consortium of policy researchers & analysts], & Peter Hart [activism director at FAIR], “Media Moguls on Board; Murdoch, Malone and the Cato Institute,” Extra! A publication of Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting, January/February, 1998, (web,, 1/26/10) “In their book No Mercy, University of Colorado Law School scholars Stefancic and Delgado describe a shift in Cato's patron base over the years. Cato's main philanthropic backing has come from the right-wing Koch, Lambe & Sarah Scaife foundations. But today, Cato "receives most of its financial support from entrepreneurs, securities & commodities traders, & corporations such as oil & gas companies, Federal Express & Philip Morris that abhor government regulation." Financial firms now kicking in big checks to Cato include American Express, Chase Manhattan Bank, Chemical Bank, Citicorp/Citibank, Commonwealth Fund, Prudential Securities & Salomon Brothers. Energy conglomerates include: Chevron Companies, Exxon Company, Shell Oil Company and Tenneco Gas, as well as the American Petroleum Institute, Amoco Foundation & Atlantic Richfield Foundation. Cato's pharmaceutical donors include Eli Lilly & Company, Merck & Company & Pfizer, Inc.” Competitive Enterprise Institute In Judd Legum’s (Editor and Maryland canadate for Delagate) article “ExxonMobil Stops Funding Competitive Enterprise Institute” in Sep 20th, 2006 he says quote: ExxonMobil is notorious for funding groups that attack global warming science. A recent survey by the Royal Society, “Britain’s premier scientific academy,” found that “ExxonMobil last year distributed $2.9m to 39 groups that the society says misrepresent the science of climate change.”

IMPACT: We see Exxon Mobile has been funding this organization to fight global warming advocates.

David Kopel The Second amendment project: by David B. Kopel'S-FASCINATION-WITH-FIREARMS.htm

David B. Kopel ( is research director at the Independence Institute and an associate policy analyst at the Cato Institute. He is author of numerous books and articles on firearms law and policy, including The Samurai, the Mountie, and the Cowboy: Should America Adopt the Gun Controls of Other Democracies? IMPACT: He supports gun control and works for Cato (see cato indictment)

EPA unconstitutional Michael Farris (J.D., B.S. in Political Science, magna cum laude, a constitutional lawyer who has argued before the Supreme Court, former Dean at Patrick Henry College), 2006, Home School Legal Defense Association, "Constutional Law for the Enlightened Citizen" Second, a bureaucratic agency, the EPA - not Congress - decided how much wetland is sufficient to justify federal control. The EPA decided that one acre was the minimum. [later, in the same context:] All legislative power in the United States was supposed to be exercised by Congress. If we are to follow the Constitution, no regulation of this type may be directly issued by the EPA.

Fred Singer Exxon Secrets – A green peace project. Fact sheet: Fred Singer Date: Unknown but after 2001 In a February 2001 letter to the Washington Post, Singer denied receiving funding from the oil industry, except for consulting work some 20 years prior. SEPP, however, received multiple grants from ExxonMobil, including 1998 and 2000. In addition, Singer's current CV on the SEPP website states that he served as a consultant to several oil companies. The organizations Singer has recently been affiliated with - Frontiers of Freedom, ACSH, NCPA, etc. - have recieved generous grants from Exxon on an annual basis. Singer Letter to the Editor -Washington Post February 12, 2001 It is ironic that the attempt by two environmental activists to misrepresent my credentials [letters, Feb. 6]

coincides with a sustained cold spell in the United States that set a 100-year record. As for full disclosure: My resume clearly states that consulted for several oil companies on the subject of oil pricing, some 20 years ago, after publishing a monograph on the subject. My connection to oil during the past decade is as a Wesson Fellow at the Hoover Institution; the Wesson money derives from salad oil. S. FRED SINGER Singer is listed as a $500 plus contributer to the Center for Individual Rights. Singer's publications include "The Scientific Case Against the Global Climate Treaty" (SEPP, 1997), "Hot Talk, Cold Science: Global Warming's Unfinished Debate" (The Independent Institute, 1997) Singer signed the Leipzig Delcaration.

George Miller Vote smart: Dedicated to educating the public on elected officials positions can_id=26734&type=category&category=30&go.x=12&go.y=11
Representative George Miller (CA) Date
Bill Title Vote Outcome
Conference Report Adopted House (247 178)

Continuing Appropriations Extension and 2009-2010 10/29/200 Department of Interior, Environmental Protection Agency, 9 and Related Appropriations
HR 2996


IMPACT: He voted for the unconstitutional EPA (see epa inictment)

HERITAGE FOUNDATION Heritage “Scholars” Lack Expertise Heritage writers lack credentials & value quantity over accuracy N. Solomon (director, Institute for Public Accuracy), 96 Norman Solomon [founder & executive director of the Institute for Public Accuracy, a national consortium of policy researchers & analysts], “The Media's Favorite Think Tank: How the Heritage Foundation Turns Money into Media,” Extra! A publication of Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting, July/August, 1996, (web,, 1/26/10) “But in his book The News Shapers, professor Lawrence Soley of Marquette University observes that "among beltway think tanks, Heritage associates have the weakest scholarly credentials." Instead of seeking quality, "the Heritage Foundation appears to strive for quantity"--feeding a glut of material to Congress & the news media. He adds that "the biggest names at this think tank are not thinkers, but former Republican officials." (These days they include Heritage "fellows" Edwin Meese, Jack Kemp & William Bennett, all highly paid for their expertise.) "Given the backgrounds of individuals at the Heritage Foundation, there is little question as to why it is more accomplished at lobbying than research." Soley describes Heritage position papers as "sophomoric."”

I. J.
Jonathan H. Adler Vote smart: A site dedicated to educating the public on the way government officials have voted. can_id=4171&type=category&category=38&go.x=12&go.y=12
Date Bill Title Vote Outcome
Concurrence Vote Passed N House (220 - 207)

03/25/201 Health Care Reconciliation Act 0 HR 4872

Impact: He voted for government health care!

K. L. M.
Marlo Lewis Competitive Enterprise Institute Marlo Lewis, Jr. is a Senior Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, where he writes on global warming, energy policy, and other public policy issues. IMPACT: He is the head of the CEI (See CEI indictment)

N. O. P.
Patty Murray Patty Murray’s web site Working to help fix the national health care crisis is one of my top priorities. And as a member of both the Senate Appropriations Committee and Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, I will push to expand access, and increase affordability, while maintaining quality, cultivating innovation, and ensuring that safety standards are met. IMPACT: She supports government health care.


Richard Black BBC Richard Black covers environmental issues for BBC News, primarily for the web site, but also for national and international radio. Most of his career has been spent in BBC World Service reporting on scientific and environmental affairs, and presenting programs with a similar brief. IMPACT: He is not credible he is a journalist; unless he is quoting someone with creds we should not believe him.

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