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Adventure in Botolan

An area of at least 15,998 hectares including
Mt. Pinatubo has been registered at the
Registry of Deeds in Zambales as a Certificate
of Ancestral Domain Title. The application
originally covered 20,567.89 hectares but the
size was reduced to 15,998.4748 hectares after

The farm covers an area of 55,000.00
square meters and is home to a variety of
exotic animals and plants from all over
the world.

Rama Beach Front Resort is centrally located in
the very heart of Barangay Binoclutan, Botolan,
Zambales, easily accessible with private
vehicles or public transportation or our Airport
Shuttles from Clark or Manila. It is also known
as one of the "Best Beach Areas" in Zambales.
The area is famous for being the sanctuary of
sea turtles. The resort maintains a Turtle
Hatchery dedicated to preserve the turtle
population in Zambales.

some private titles within ancestral domains
were recognized and segregated by the
government agencies. It is said that the Aetas of
Pampanga, Tarlac and Zambales have reached
an understanding that Pinatubo is on the
Botolan, Zambales side and the lands there
belong to Botolan Aetas. After about five years
from the eruption, the Aetas returned to the
volcano to live and cultivate lands there.
It is a family-run wildlife sanctuary, all
funded and maintained by the family. It is
also a national quarantine station for
animals in the province of Zambales.

The barangay of Binoclutan is the
"Beach Capital" of Botolan, featuring
several first class resorts. The area is a
habitat of sea turtles, as is all of the
Zambales coastline. Olive Ridley, Green
and Hawksbill turtles nest along the
beaches of Botolan every year between
September and January. A turtle
hatchery located is located in Binoklutan.
The area also has many other
attractions, beach resorts, waterfalls,
hiking paths, views of the lahar fields left
by the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo,
and views of Mount Pinatubo itself.

elevating the doctrina (missionarea) to a parroquia (parish). Mariano Tuto as the first parish priest The "Miraculous" Church of Ina Poon Bato Many come with their prayers for a miracle or healing. the date of erection is still unknown. only God would be their source of strength. As of this writing .current site. With the kind of life condition. having Fr. Monica in Botolan. Zambales. settlers have grown to more than 1500 that the superior government made a decree in March 8. The Parish Church of Sta. And after 30 years. According to the parish priest Father Paolo it was in the year 1736 when the Recollect-missionaries from Pampanga gathered settlers in the . hope and redemption. 1844.

Entering the cave is difficult though due to a narrow opening at the entrance . Zambales. Cruz. Alwasan Lanum Cave is located in Sta. Brgy. "tabios". Trekking east from the national highway after Uacon Bridge to the foot of the Zambales mountain range takes about two hours. Cruz. Cruz molave-type forests at Sitio Matalahib. natural cool spring water oozes out of the cavernous ceiling and on to the caves grotesque rocky . eel and assorted array of small fish. The cave can be reached by passing through thick Anos bamboo species and Baloc-Baloc Cave Sta. south of Sta. the most unique of which is the sound of cascading waters coming out with cool breeze from the dark recesses of the cavern. one is rewarded with a magnificent spectacle: a waterfall right inside the cave. From a height of about 10 meters. It is about 4 kms from the national highway. Cruz. biya. The cave features a miniature waterfall gushing from a narrow 2-feet opening some 15 feet above the water level below.Adventure in 2 feet only. Cruz. Water plunges down to a pool about 12-ft deep with a floor area of some 20 square meters. Apaan Cave Zambales Sta. Zambales After a brief but arduous trek thru rocky path. The stream flowing down the mouth of the cave teems with shrimps. Of the many caverns in Central Luzon. Lucapon. Alwasan Lanum is Zambal which means "water outflow" suggesting a concave fissure on the side of a mountain endowed with rich natural formations. only the bats of the Apaan Cave can rival the millions of bats that dwell in the Bahay-Paniki Cave. Thick guano deposits cover almost all the floor area of the cave.

Cruz. Cruz. it is Sagrada Familia Sta. . Island An ideal place for diving. Zambales Caves Found along the cliffside of the Zambales mountain ranges. Hermana Mayor Sta. Zambales the venue where the candidates of the 1979 Miss Universe Beauty Pageant posed for photograph.walls. Evidences of coral fragments along the cliffside point to the fact that the area was millions of years ago part of an ocean bed. a natureformed swimming pond awaits the exhausted trekker. It has standard facilities for beach combing and water sports activities. swimming. the Sagrada Familia caves are typical of others except that a mysterious image of the Holy Family was caused by a continuous dripping from the apex of the cavern. Down under. and recreation.

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