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It happened once in very distant lands was a small Kingdom prosperous, peaceful and rich in
romance and tradition and there in a stately castle had a named widower gentleman with his
small daughter Cinderella, although he was a kind and loving father giving his daughter every
luxury and comfort felt that the love of a mother had insisted. So thinking returned to marry a
widow from a good family with two daughters the same age that Cinderella is called Anastacia
and Grisell.
But with the sudden death of the father of Cinderella the wicked stepmother showed their true
feelings, cruel and jealous of the charms of Cinderella was proposed to meet plans for their
daughters. And so spending time all the family fortune was wasted in the selfish two halfsisters and Cinderella will finally be the servant of his own home, despite everything remained
friendly and affectionate.
Cinderella: (singing)
JACK: There's a new mouse in the House brand new!, I had never seen it, visitor!
Cinderella: Ohh! It is a visitor, if girl will get you this dress
JACK: Is not it is it.
Cinderella: Then a shirt and some shoes. We will call you Gustavo and love we will tell you
JACK: Chubby look we don't have to be afraid, that it is the cat Lucifer MIAAAAUG!
GUS: Miauug Lucifer, Yes.
The stepsisters call cries Cinderella for breakfast.
DRISELLA: Cinderella! Cinderella!
Cinderella: I already heard, already heard the same morning, afternoon and evening.
ANASTACIA: Cinderella! Cinderella
STEPMOTHER: Cinderella! Move.
Cinderella: I'm already going, now I upload, a moment.
Stepmother: (shouting) Cinderella, Ponte to scrub the floors, the glass cleaner and clean the
kitchen also
Griselda: Yes, get to scrub the floors.
Griselda and Anastacia: and that is fast! JI, ji, ji.
Cinderella: How much work, will have to hurry me, if not, again I do not sleep to cleaning.
Mice: Don't worry Cinderella, we will help you.
Cinderella: thank you friends! (He kisses them)

King: It is time that my son feel head and get married, I want grandchildren!
Duke: These things take time his Highness, the Prince has not found the right girl.
King: already is! We will do a dance and invite all marriageable young women of the Kingdom.
Take care of that!
Duke: right now the Honourable!

Messenger: (Toca timbre and delivery a letter to the stepmother, waiting its tip and the dog
Stepmother: (reading correspondence that gives the Messenger) by orders of the King, all
marriageable young women must attend the dance
Cinderella: Oh, that means that I can also go!
Stepmother: I guess that Yes, as soon as you finish all your work (gives a long list of tasks).
And you have to find something suitable to wear.
Cinderella: (runs off excited) I'll find it!

Little mouse: perhaps we can help you. You have to find. your shoe. ji.. Gus: (Sad) poor Cinderella. so. I said you must find. wait.. (Pick up the shoe.. (Saying goodbye and going up to the carriage).. Narrator: It came the day of the great feast. Cinderella: (sitting beside the road. with the mice next to it).. that Cinderella forgets completely the directions of the fairy. ji. with the face of admiration) King: But who is this beautiful maiden who has arrived? Duke: All parties that had been made. Cinderella: (crying) thanks. SCENE 4. anda goes. but when looked to his stepsisters. it transforms the mice into horses. your shoe! . Fairy godmother: (appears to) dry your tears.. you can not go to the ball with that face! (He pulls out his wand and transforms into a beautiful carriage where there used to be a pumpkin. very happy both are going to the party with her mother and leave Cinderella sobbing in a corner).. understood. Cinderella: Oh. Look at Cinderella. Griselda: those are my accounts! (It starts them is) Anastacia: And my old Ribbon! Narrator: The stepsisters (they Jalonean and torn dress.Griselda: (with a tantrum) mother. Cinderella: Everything is clear. (Be released from Prince and runs off. Stepsisters: Cinderella.. because at that time all the charm that you see today. my dress will have to wait. Cinderella! Cinderella: Well. Jack and Gus: (begin to jump over excited and pointing the foot of Cinderella). alas! I forgot about the time! But it was so wonderful. do you realize what you just said? Stepmother: of course. And I danced with the most handsome of all young people! (sighs deeply). with shredded clothes. Cinderella: (in his room looking for in an old trunk saca a dress) is not beautiful? It was my mom.. JI. shoes and hairstyle will appear as soon as you enter the carriage. he had never seen a so. Alas. you drop a shoe) Prince: waiting. Cinderella: (it becomes the big party. Cinderella: (listen to the chimes) I'm sorry.. by the happiness radiating. will arrange it (pulls out her sewing basket and a notebook of patterns) you will cut off the sleeves will need a Ribbon. The clock is ticking as fast for Cinderella and the Prince.. will disappear.. (sighs) Narrator: Prince (walk quickly to find her and invites her to dance). I should have. SCENE 6. he runs to stop it but is lost on the way). but how to I get before the Prince with these rags? Fairy godmother: don't you worry. Mice: (look at it sadly). there is only a condition: you must leave party before the Bell of the midnight. Cinderella was delighted with her dress. Jack: It is a bit outdated. Jack: Never go to dance if it can not finish that dress. I promise you.. that the most beautiful dress.. Gus: Why not? (Find accounts and Ribbon and begin to assemble the dress) SCENE 5. Stepsisters: (turning to see) Oh.

my Prince will not marry with me. mad maiden anyway tries but fails and sobbing. SCENE 7. to mice and Cinderella and the Prince lived very happily for ever. shouts to his daughters to get they checked and runs to lock up Cinderella keeping the key in your Pocket). So the King ordered the Grand Duke to look in all corners of the Kingdom.. the Prince promised that only she would marry the mysterious owner of the glass slipper. of course it's mine. I was dancing with the Prince! Narrator: The stepmother (quickly pretends to the Grand Duke. excellence! Can I measure it to me? Duke: (add monocular and looks amazed to Cinderella) Stepmother: ignore him! Griselda: is only our maid! Anastasia: is crazy! Duke: Madam. he will marry her.Cinderella: (takes the shoe in your hand and look up) thanks for everything fairy godmother. Maid: (excited) is mine. Girl: That was my shoe. hurry to open the door to Cinderella. measured you the shoe). Duke: (Knocks on the door of the home of Cinderella and opens the stepmother) the King has ordered all the maidens of the reign must prove this shoe and to who fits. Duke: Sorry Miss. The Prince.. Narrator: In the Palace. he will marry her. Have a good evening. I I will marry the Prince! Narrator: The Duke placed the shoe and realizes that does not fit you. Stepmother: first you Anastasia! Anastasia: (Pushes and squeezes but can barely get half of your foot) Duke: enough! The next girl Narrator: Meanwhile Gus and Jack out the key in the pocket of the stepmother without realizing. Duke: (knocks on the door of a maiden) the King has ordered all the maidens of the reign must prove this shoe and to who fits. Cinderella: Please do not do this. they run. Narrator: And it was as Cinderella and the Prince were married. Perfect. Cinderella: incredible.. Duke: enough! Are you only young women of this House? Stepmother: No one no more excellence. .. (Cinderella and the Prince marrying appear and behind them all the characters. amazing! Fits perfectly (jumping of happiness) SCENE 8. I have orders that all the maidens try the shoe (indicating the Chair to Cinderella. Cinderella: (Comes running) excellence. until the young man who could wear the glass slipper. let me out! Stepsisters: (discussed by who first measured the shoe).) The end. the entire Kingdom was invited to the wedding.

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