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Evidencias 10: Sentences Marketing plan

Para realizar esta evidencia usted debe tener en cuenta los siguientes
1. Estudiar el vocabulario que encuentra en el material denominado English
Word Marketing plan (Material de formación).
2. crear 20 frases referentes al plan de mercadeo.

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1. Marketing plan is essential if you want to grow your own business, because,
you know who your target customers are, what need and how to reach them.
2. Companies use for to reach to customers good marketing strategies, that
way, they increase sales of product or services.
3. The large companies conduct market research to know the preferences and
tastes of customers.
4. Companies invest a lot of money in the promotion of their products or
services, all this, for to attract to customers.
5. McDonald’s is a large multinational fast food company, that offer to their
customers several menus of fast food and your brand is very recognized.
6. Companies have many channels distribution for bring their products to
7. The distribution plan details how customers will buy from company, what are
our direct customers and our distributors and other retailers.
8. In the marketing plan we can think different ways in which we might be able
to reach customers through of strategies.

KFC. where establish goals and objectives and strategies to reach them. When we start a new business. 11. 12. 18. through market segmentation we know the target market. we divide the market in groups and knowing what potential customers are and their needs. strengths and threats. The business world is very competitive. large companies offer their products and services with special deals. opportunities. the companies perform many deals and alliances with other companies like market strategy. where all parties share profits and losses of the enterprise. better characteristics and prices. 14. It's very important market segmentation to start a business.9. Companies expand their products portfolio everyday for attract new buyers. 19. 13. 10. 16. McDonald’s. The large companies join through Joint venture or consortium for a particular business undertaking. The large companies reach to customers in many countries. . because that way. Currently. 17. with that we can know its weaknesses. etc. All business should have a market plan. 20. In different cities of Colombia there are many franchises such as. for to attract buyers and increase sales. Subway. The best tool to know the current situation of company is the swot matrix. through franchises. thanks to agreements trade Colombia export several products to different countries on the world. With the financial crisis facing the country. who we want to sell our products or services. 15.