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Although majority of Sunnites disagree from Imam Ibn Taimiah RD on the issue of
Perpetual creation however this dogma is incorrectly understood by the scholars of
the past. Imam Ibn Taimiah was for ahead of hs time and did present a dogma which
requires modern Mathematics to understand this dogma.
A number of scholars that this Dogma contradicteth the belief of Pre=Existence and
Eternity of ALL=H and His Essential Existence.
But this is not the case
Actually an infinite series of Creations [Created things/Creatures] such that to each
and every Created thing there is an other Created thing prior to it does not imply
that the series actually goes to wit eternity or some atleast some members of the
series does go to Eternity.
So this dogma makes a sharp distinction between beginingless series and Eternity.
This does means that they are two different concepts as according to Ibn Taimiah
In order to understand the concept clearly let it be supposed that there is a one to
one co-oresdondence between the set of rea numbers and the created thing.
Then to each and every Rea Finte Number there is a Number Prior to it.
This implies that there are infinite many finite numbers prior to any given finite
number say n0.
But among infinite many finite numbers prior to any given finite number say n0, no
number is infinitely prior to it. Rather among infinite many finite numbers prior to
any given finite number each one of them is finitely prior to it with out any
exception what so ever.
This may sound contradicting to a Non Mathematical Mind so a Mathematical
representation is provided.
Let R be a Set of real numbers. Let n0 belongs to R.
Let P={y,such that y<n0}
Let V = {b,such that n0-b>0}.
CLEARLY THE SET P is infinite and it doeth not have any Greatest Lower Bound
[GLB], but it dorth have aLeast Upper Bound.
Clearly P=V.

As Infinity and +Infinity do not belong to Set of Real Numbers this implies that
they only possible value of n0-c =- Infinity is that c=-Infinity.
Supposing that Negative Infinity =-Infinity cooresponds to Eternity, c and c doeth
not belongs to R, imlies than only Infinity is infinitely Prior to any given arbitrary
real number say n0.
As there is 1to 1 CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN Set of Real Numbers and Set of
Creations, then only Eternity is infinitely prior to any given Creation say E what so
The infinite beginning less series is not Eternal since no member of the series is
Eternal and Any thing That is Eternal doeth not belong to the series. That is it is out
of the series.
Since it is an infinite series of Non Eternals.
Finally this series is also not Eternal since the Necessary and Sufficient Condition for
any series
Of Existents is that at least some of them members of the series are in Eternity i.e
are Eternal.
If Not then not.
This implieth that an infinite series that approaches to Eternity but actually never
reaches it is certainly not Eternal. So the the Pre- Existence of any thing Eternal is
not contradicted.
This is different from the dogma of Ibn Rushd that he considered a number of things
Other Than ALL-H and Divine Attributes as Eternal.
This is also different from Stephen Hawkings view that the Universe is finite but
beginingless. This implies a Beginning less circular finite series.
Even then we do follow Asharite and Maturidite System of a finite series with a
Yet the view if Imam Ibn Taimiah is neither Kufr nor Bidah but just a unique dogma.
It is now supposed that Engineer Ali Mirza shall not make objection upon this view
which was held by a scholar of highest eminent.

Out research is that ImamS VIEW DOETH NOT CONTRADICTHETH the H:adith: often
presented against Him . How ever the tradition also doeth not implies it.