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Born in Hawaii Built for the World

Catalog 2015

Celebrating 21 Years of Innovative Product Leadership


Sport Camera Accessories

net . Correction function ON Correction function OFF www. 1200p 60fps. 960p 60fps.intova.75 hour battery life 60x digital zoom Easy to use Intova operating system Model# EDGE X Exclusive EDGE X video Fisheye correction function This feature allows correction in video for wide angle lens (fisheye) distortion. patented unibody design with rubberized coating • Deep depth capacity: 200’/60 M UPGRADED to 330’ / 100 M Rechargeable/Removeable Li-ion battery 1.Born in Hawaii Built for the World EDGE X Waterproof HD Video WiFi Camera • 1080p 60fps. 720p 120fps video Exclusive Video (Fisheye) lens correction function WiFi Wireless file transfer WiFi remote control (optional accessory) • 12 MP photo Burst mode with up to 30 frames in 3 seconds • Built-in LCD 1080p HDTV output Manual White Balance Diving Mode • Rugged.

• Great value Xccessories for CONNEX VGA or HD Wire Kits with 12V power connection Monitor with 4 Cam Switch Multi-Purpose Bracket in 1 camera / 2 video light and 4 camera configurations Bare Wire Adapter Cigarette Lighter Adapter Plug www.Born in Hawaii Built for the World Coming Soon! CONNEX Live View Fish View Any View!! Waterproof HD Video Camera • 1080p video • Camera floats • Built-in LCD Waterproof 2.intova. video recording. • 3 hour battery life • Easy to use Intova operating Tow Behind Sleigh Waterproof External Battery Anchor View Trap View External DVR Trail Cam Kit . • 4x digital zoom • Cable also supplies power to camera.4G 2-way remote • Connect with waterproof cable up to 300’ (optional accessory) • Control via cable: power on/off. photo Model# CONNEX and view real time live broadcast on remote monitor. • Deep depth capacity-rated to 200’/60 M.

intova.Born in Hawaii Built for the World NOVA HD Waterproof HD Video Sports Camera • 1080p video • Camera floats • Built-in LCD • 12MP photo • HDTV output • 4x digital zoom • 3 hour battery life • Waterproof . • Easy to use Intova operating system. • Great value Model# NOVA HD Enhancing Enhan ncing Recreation SPORT 10K Model# SPORT 10K 10MP Waterproof Digital Sports Camera • VGA Video • 10 MP photo • Built-in LCD • Rugged polycarbonate housing • Housing waterproof to 140 ft/42 M • Camera waterproof to 10 ft / 3 M • 4x digital zoom • Built-in flash • Compact and shock resistant • Easy to use www.4G 2-way remote • Deep depth capacity: 200’/60 M UPGRADED to 330’ / 100 M.

Born in Hawaii Built for the World Sport Camera Accessories Compatible with standard camera tripod mount base. Sport HD EDGE. and NOVA HD CS-A FMMT Chest Strap Facemask Mount SGM CUC Spear Gun/ Shot Gun Mount Camera U connector SP1-FA HBM Handlebar/Pole/ Paddle/Boat Mount Mini Flex Arm 24. CONNEX. All products and specifications subject to change without notice For EDGE X For EDGE X For EDGE X PXX INTPOD 50cm flex arm with tripod mount EXTP-01 EXT COM Compact Extension Pole max extended 81cm long Extension Pole max extended 160cm long SP HDE BAT FMG01 Floating Multi Grip Rechargeable Li-ion battery Fiber Optic cable for EDGE X with PX21 EDGEX REMOTE HEL MT2N HEL MT3 Helmet Mount with flexible straps Helmet Mount with straps for vented helmet WiFi Remote Control For CONNEX and NOVA HD IFRED SP1 Red Filter IFMAG SP1 Magenta Filter for freshwater diving SPND2 Neutral Density Filter 2 stops IFRED M67D SPUV Ultraviolet Filter ADMT BBMT Adhesive Mount Body Board Mount AHMT COLORS Red Filter for SP1-CUL Close up Lens Colored Lens Port Rings CHS SP1-CUL Camera Hand Strap Adhesive Helmet Mount SP1-CB Macro / Close up Lens Camera Bag for Sport HD II.5cm GMA Mount Adapter adapts tripod base to GoPro cameras RBMT SSTKR Roll Bar Mount Silica Sticker SP1-BT Sport HD Base Tray SCM Suction Cup Mount SP-PM SBM Surf Board FCS Plug Mount Surfboard Mount TMA Tripod Mount Adapter adapts GoPro base to tripod mount camera USB-CH Universal Adapter USB Charger . EDGE X.

IFRED WAL Silicone Grease model# IGRS 2T WATERPROOF REUSEABLE FILM CAMERAS SS01 • • • • • • • • • Rugged polycarbonate housing Waterproof to 100 ft / 30 M Pre-loaded with 27 exp 35mm film Reuseable Floats Built-in flash Compact and shock resistant Easy to use Low cost SS04 • • • • • • • • Reusable Sports Waterflash 100’ Model# SS01 Reusable Sports Waterproof 25’ Rugged polycarbonate housing Waterproof to 25 ft / 8 M Pre-loaded with 27 exp 35mm film Reuseable Floats Compact and shock resistant Easy to use Low cost Model# SS04 www.Born in Hawaii Built for the World CAMERA ACCESSORIES Camera Care Kit model# CCK Leak-Sorb model# LS1 Camera Float Strap model# ICFS-Red O-Ring Removal Tool model# ORT Red Filters model# IFRED White Balance Wrist Band model# WBWB .intova.

1x8.000 lumens Rechargeable Li-ion battery Waterproof to 400’/122M 10 degree beam angle Burn time: 1. 30% and emergency strobe. Min • 3 Pre-flash settings • Diffuser holder with 3 diffusers PX-21 Compact Slave Strobe www. Teranova is constructed of anodized aluminum and waterproof to 400 feet. Waterproof to 60 meters/200 feet. Lithium ion rechargeable batteries with a multi voltage charger and global AC adapters provide the power to light up your world.000 lumen torch that overwhelms others with a similar rating.8)in/(104x180x223)mm For underwater use only • Universal slave strobe • Underwater Housing Depth Rated to 200’ / 60 M • Flash Sync Sensor • Light Output Control: Auto light sensor with 3 levels-Max.Born in Hawaii Built for the World LIGHTING SOULTIONS Action Video Light: Compact. the kit includes a bracket with standard tripod mount. .3 lbs/3.000 hour lifetime is controlled by Intova thermal protection circuitry with auto dim to protect light from overheating during useon land. The rugged polycarbonate battery casing doubles as a hand grip for ease of use and panning control.1x7. 12 CREE LEDs utilizing proprietary reflector and PCB technology provide tremendous brightness and long burn times.3kg Dims: (4. The rechargeable 18650 battery delivers powerful 640 lumens of light with a burn time of over 2 hours. Teranova: model# TTN1 TERANOVA: This torch needs to be seen to be believed-so bright it can be disorienting. the Action Video Light was designed for use with Action Cams but is a great complement to any video camera. Med. lightweight and ergonomic. A true 10.5 hr @ full power Weight: 7. A wide and even 120 degree beam angle provides consistent lighting with no hot spots or edge rings. Low Power setting doubles the burn time. Model# AVL.intova. A CREE XM-L2 LED with 100. The 3 position switch allows full power. Shown with EDGE X camera (not included). .Born in Hawaii Built for the World LIGHTING SOLUTION ACCESSORIES 18650 BAT 18650 CHGR Rechagreable Li-ion 18650 Battery for Action Video Light Rechagreable Li-ion 18650 Battery with Charger SP HOLDER PXX Smartphone Holder for Action Video Light Fiber Optic Cable to connect EDGE X with PX-21 Flex Arm FA18 BTD PX25 Base Tray Double Handle Fiber Optic Cable SSFL Stay Slim with Flex Arm SSMR Stay Slim Extra Arm FA30 MEMORY CARDS Micro SD cards Class 10 speed SD8G SD16G 8 Gigabyte capacity 16 Gigabyte capacity WATERPROOF BOX SC100 Waterproof Box SC25 Waterproof Sport Case (custom order only) www.

20 and 30 photos NOTE: As a result of continual improvements.7x3.4G REMOTE REMOTE LIVE VIEW DIVING MODE MOTION DETECTION MODE TIME LAPSE MODE Coming Soon! EDGE X NOVA HD Digital Digital CONNEX Digital 1080p 60fps 1080p 30fps 1080p 30fps VGA 12 MP 5 MP 5 MP 10 MP Up to 60x digital 4x digital (except 1080p mode) 4x digital (except 1080p mode) 4x digital Yes - - - Yes Yes - - - - - - Yes Yes Yes - (oponal accessory) Yes (via smartphone app) - (via wire connecon) SPORT 10K Digital - Yes Yes Yes - Yes Yes Yes - Yes Yes Yes - 3.4) in (7x8.0 oz / 170g 6.5” TFT LCD UPGRADED to 330’/100 M 1.5” TFT LCD 2.6)cm (2. 5.4x2.4x12. . and 10 photos 3.8x3.3 oz / 201g 6.3 )in (7x8.6)cm BURST MODE MANUAL WHITE BALANCE PICTURE IN VIDEO HDTV OUTPUT DEPTH RATING LCD MONITOR REMOVABLE LCD HOOD WEIGHT DIMENSIONS www. 10.7x5x2. and 10 photos - Yes Yes Yes - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes - POWER Removable /Rechargeable Li-ion baery Rechargeable Li-ion baery Rechargeable Li-ion baery (2) AAA baeries (included) MEMORY Up to 64GB Micro SD card (oponal) Up to 32GB Micro SD card (oponal) Up to 32GB Micro SD card (oponal) Up to 32GB Micro SD card (oponal) UPGRADED to 330’/100 M 1. the design and specifications of our products may change without notice.3x2.4) in (7x8.0 oz / 170g 10.4x6)cm (3.Born in Hawaii Built for the World CAMERA / MODEL# TYPE VIDEO RESOLUTION PHOTO RESOLUTION ZOOM SLAVE STROBE FUNCTION WIFI WIFI REMOTE 2.7x5.6 oz / 300g (2.3x2.5” TFT LCD 200 feet / 60M 140 feet / 40M 1.4x6)cm (2.4” TFT LCD Yes - - - 7.8x3. 5. 5.9x5.2) in (9.

5) in. www. please contact your sales rep or call (808) 837-0074.75 x 5. (877) 837-0074 toll free in USA only. Dimensions: (65 x 23 x 15) in Assembled weight: 37 lbs Item#s FD MONITOR DISP and FD MONITOR Shown at right with mechandise (not included) Shown with mechandise (not included). Item# FD MONITOR-L Cam Display Clip Strip Dimensions: (1x 5. Camera Display 2 Dimensions: (9 x 7 x 6) in Assembled weight: 1 lbs 2 oz Item# Cam Display2 Custom graphics provided upon request. Weight: 3 oz Shown at right displaying camera (not included) Dimensions: (40 x 2) in Weight: 2 oz Shown at right with mechandise (not included) To order merchandising displays.Born in Hawaii Built for the World MERCHANDISING DISPLAYS Sport Camera Floor Display with Video Monitor Comes with demo video on SD card. Clear Lock Box for Floor Display Optional clear plexiglass box with door and lock that fits on floor display .

Starting with low cost Snap Sights cameras. unique feature sets. Intova grew into the digital camera Mahalo Nui Loa Thanks very much for your support!! Kulia i ka nu'u Strive to the top Intova is proud of the product range and appreciative of your interest. We don’t just make the products. Rest assured that we listen to what you say and will stand behind our line up with an unwavering commitment to customer service.Born in Hawaii Built for the World Hawaii may seem like an unusual place for an international corporation to be based but its deep oceans. tall mountains and 11 of the worlds 13 climatic zones make it a Sportsperson’s Paradise. Many exciting new models are in the pipeline and there is a constant drive to improve existing models. high quality. waterproof electronics and a robust range of waterproof . Your comments and suggestions are welcome at sales@intova. The mission has always been to deliver products that offered great value. Primary warehouse facilities are located in California and Hong Kong with administrative HQ in Honolulu.The drive to innovation has led to many industry firsts and a growing family of Intova users. HD video. we use them-created for sportspeople by sportspeople. upgrades and services that will keep us relevant and allow continued growth. As the world around us changes. www. Honolulu is where Intova was born and the islands are the crucible in which ideas are developed and tested. low cost. Intova products are sold around the world by a steadily increasing number of distribution and retail partners. Intova was founded in 1995 as an offshoot of a company whose roots in the photo industry extend back to 1982. Intova will continue to develop new items. Currently.

net Email: admin@intova. 18th floor .intova..Born in Hawaii Built for the World Born in Hawaii Built for the World INTOVA 1100 Alakea St. HI 96813 Ph: (808) 837-0074 Toll Free (USA): (877) 837-0074 Fax: (808) 837-0081 Email: sales@intova.