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English 11

Course Outline and Expectations

Ms. Farano
Mr. Szlivka
Learning Outcomes
The learning outcomes for English fall under three categories:
Comprehension and response. Students are expected to be able to comprehend,

analyse and respond to literature.

The ability to communicate ideas and information. Students are expected to

manage and exchange ideas, both verbally and in writing, with precision, clarity
and creativity.

The self and society. Students are expected to develop a deeper

understanding of themselves and their world by becoming more aware of how

people use language for various purposes through their exploration of literature,
and as they work with others in establishing relationships in the classroom and
within the school community.

Tests, quizzes, assignments, participation, projects, in-class activities and informal
observations are some of the assessment tools that will be used for evaluation. You will
help set criteria for some of your assignments and will often be asked to participate in the
evaluation process through self, group and peer evaluation.
Mark Breakdown
Written Assignments
Group Assignments/Projects
Midterm/Final Exam

Term Weighting (% of full year mark)

Term 1 mark 40%
Term 2 mark 60%


Written Assignments, Projects and Homework

All written assignments, projects and homework are ALWAYS due at the
BEGINNING of class on the specific due date determined. Extensions may be granted
when they are PRE-ARRANGED at least 3 days before the due date. At Mr Szlivka's and
Mrs Farano's discretion, a student with incomplete or outstanding assignments will be
expected to come in at lunch or after school to finish it, or be referred to administration
who will deal with the student.
If you are away, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to catch up on missed work! Assignments
will be due the day of your return to school, not the next English 10 class you attend. A
missed test must be made up on your time during the week and must be arranged with us
the day of your return. If youre going to be away and you know ahead of time, it would be
beneficial to hand it in before you go or email it us while away. Our email is: or
Come prepared! Come to class with all the necessary supplies and assignments.
Be respectful of the classroom, classmates, teacher, and yourself at all times!
Be attentive and positive! No one wants to be around someone who is constantly
Complete assignments in a conscientious manner!
Be an ACTIVE participant in class NOT a bump on a log!
Work co-operatively with peers.
Seek help and clarification when necessary!
Have Fun!!!!
Course Overview
Term 1


Term 2

Essay writing (emphasis will be on developing critical thinking and

analytical skills through expository and persuasive writing):
Narrative, Expository, Persuasive
The Comedy of Errors
Short Story Analysis: Inside Stories/Tigers in the Snow/Various
Midterm Exam

Novel: Lord of the Flies

Poetry: The Poet's Craft/Various Anthologies
Exam Prep/ Final Exam