*On the twenty-second of July, (year 1957)* when he was just 31 years old, Baba left New Delhi

by car for Rishikesh. When he reached Sivanandanagar at 6:30 that evening, *Swami Sivananda* called a special gathering of the disciples of the Ashram and offered Baba a hearty welcome. *Swami Sivananda* was the very embodiment of equanimity. In the midst of vociferous pleadings and protestations from visitors and inmates, he was being pushed around by his disciples in a *wheeled chair. * *Speaking of the things that he is accustomed to make and give, Sai Baba discounted all spurious explanations and said that his will is immediately fulfilled. He materializes things to give joy to his devotees, just as a father gives sweets to his little ones, not to advertise his generosity or parenthood.* *He then materialized by the mere wave of his hand a magnificent Rudraksha garland of 108 beads, a rosary made from a berry. *It was of exquisite workmanship, each bead encased in gold, and all were strung in gold with a five faced king-bead in the center. He presented it to Swami Sivananda. He also manifested a large quantity of sacred ash and applied it to the sage's forehead. That evening when the Swami entered the Satsang Hall wearing the unique garland, everyone was awed by its luster and workmanship and the miracle that brought it forth. Baba's speeches and conversation were so full of rare and deep wisdom that the next day a number of senior monks and neophytes came to see Baba and plied him with questions designed to clarify their doubts. *Swami Sadananda,* one of the senior disciples and *author of "Sanmarga Deepam," "Maha Sakthi" and books like a commentary on Patanjali's Yoga Darsana *was, prior to his entering the monastery, a professor of history at the Presidency College, Madras. Swami Sadananda told that Baba can roam at will through the regions of the

soul, the supersoul, and the oversoul, and can reveal whatever happens anywhere at any time. *He also said he is all-powerful and had seen Baba converting a grain of rice into a grain of ivory and transforming that grain of ivory into a hundred and eight elephant figurines, each one carved and clearly recognizable by means of a magnifying glass! * *Swami Sivananda also had hour-long discussions with Baba every evening* and was given fruits and holy ash materialized specially for improving his health. Day by day the Swami became better and better. One day Baba took Ganges water in his hand, and lo, it became sweet and fragrant nectar. He gave it to the Swami to be taken as a cure. It came as a pleasant surprise to many in the Ashram when they saw, on the day Baba departed, *Swami Sivananda enthusiastically taking Baba around* his hermitage, for on the day Baba reached the Ashram, and for a number of days thereafter, *the Swami had been pushed around in a wheel chair! * *"Every Avatar is an amazing phenomenon - but it is also amazing not to recognize Him!!! : SATHYA SAI BABA*