Mexican Flag Burner Agrees: “Racism DID Inspire Arizona SB 1070 and HB 2281”

New Age Rednecks Are More Likely to Wear Brown Berets and Shout: “Viva La Raza!!” “From TUSD Classrooms to the Arizona Supreme Court, ‘Pro-Raza’ Racism Lies at the Heart of Arizona’s Educational, Economic, Social, Political & Legal Institutions,” Says Roy Warden May 17, 2010 CSII Press Tucson Arizona The other day I was (very) disappointed to hear an Hispanic Supporter of Arizona SB 1070 answer a reporter’s question, “Are YOU a Racist,” by declaring: “How Can I be a Racist? I’ve Got Brown Skin!” Listen Up Hombre: From yesterday’s White Skinned Knuckleheads of the KKK to today’s Brown Skinned Racists of La Raza, any ideology which makes its primary appeal on the basis of race, skin color or ethnicity is racist, period. “Raza” Doctrine specifically states: “For Those Of The Race, Everything. For Those Outside The Race, Nothing.” “Raza” Promotes Racist Doctrine. End of Story. Here in Arizona we Veterans of the Civil Rights Marches of the Sixties—and that includes embattled Arizona Superintendent of Schools Tom Horne—know that racism is not a mind-set limited to Stupid White Males wearing Pointy Hats. Some of us still remember Martin Luther King’s dream “…that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged on the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Sadly; in their haste to embrace the politics of modern day Left Wing “Pro Raza” Racism, the Left Wing has altogether forgotten founding father Martin Luther King, without whom a rational debate on the true meaning of “Civil Rights” is not possible. Here in the Grand Canyon State, we know the Racist Hats in are more likely to be “Brown Berets,” worn literally or figuratively, by students, high school teachers

named Acosta, Rogers Law School Professors named Silverman, media hacks named Barbara Grijalva, Lupita Murillo and Lorraine Rivera, public officials (far, far too many to enumerate, but you can start with Pima County Legal Defender Isabel Garcia and Deputy Tucson City Manager Richard Miranda, a card carrying member of “Chicanos por la Causa”) all the way up to Former Arizona Supreme Court Chief Justice Ruth McGregor who resigned in disgrace last year after she used her position to encourage the lower courts to adopt “Pro-Raza” terminology “approved” for use in Arizona courtrooms by a radical group of racist lawyers and judges called “Los Abogados.” Cari Gerchick, a member of Los Abogados, was fired as Spokesperson for the Arizona Supreme Court shortly after Ruth McGregor resigned 18 months prior to the expiration of her term as Chief Justice. “Gosh! I just wanted to spend more time with my family,” said McGregor, who recently was “rehabilitated” by Rebecca White Berch, the present Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court, and assigned the task of “Special Master” up in Phoenix. “In Arizona, ‘Pro Raza’ Sewer Rats like “Chico” Miranda outnumber Cucarachas in Tijuana,” says Activist Roy Warden, who has been arrested 13 times for using a public forum to bring to public view Pima County and Tucson City Cheap Illegal Labor and Pro Raza Open Border Policy. “In Arizona ‘Pro Raza’ Racism lies at the heart of all our political, economic, social, media, religious, educational and legal institutions,” says Warden. “You don’t have to speculate on it. Objective Proof of “Raza Racism” can be found in the evidence and testimony cited in my Petition for Special Action and Petition for Review waiting for a decision up at the Arizona Supreme Court.” Roy Warden

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