District Advisory Board Minutes Monday, May 10, 2010 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Johannsen Support Services Center (JSSC) 2407 LaPorte Avenue




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Budget Update

Dave Montoya, Budget Manager

See below.


The Education Accountability Act of 2009 (SB 09-163) This bill aligns accountability Chuck DeWayne, Director of and accreditation systems Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment into a single system that meets federal standards. It also changes School Accountability Reports (SARs) to School Performance Reports, and specifies the contents of the new performance report.

SB 09-163 Summary http://tinyurl.com/yd4vm42 SB 09-163 more information http://tinyurl.com/yexmvnz SB 09-163 School District Accountability Committees (DAC) http://tinyurl.com/y8qtouh Please review and be prepared to vote on the attached proposed DAB DAC Proposal. DAC/DAB Org Chart.pdf DAC/DAB Roles&Responsibilites.doc

Kim Redd, DAB Exec


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Terri Sunset, DAB Chair

Please review and be prepared to vote on the attached proposed DAB Suggestions for Improving Science in the District and the Positive Positioning for Future Funding. DAB Science Suggestions.doc Funding Recommendations.doc


Cathy Kipp, DAB Secretary

See attached DAB Survey Results DAB Survey 2010.xls


Officer Election for Terri Sunset, DAB Chair and 2010-11 Cathy Kipp, DAB Secretary •Board Update

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Budget Update – Dave Montoya, Budget Manager The budget situation has improved slightly for the 2011/2012 school year, and it appears that the district will only be short $8 million instead of the up to $12 million we have been planning for. The district has decided it is better to go ahead and continue planning at the $12 million cut level so that additional cuts will not have to be taken the following year. Our obligations will be increasing with flat revenues, so it makes sense to continue with the proposed cuts at this level. Cuts: • • • • 4.5% target for schools – instructional level 4.5% PSD departments – 8-10% - non instructional 5% Special Ed and ELA cut at a lower percentage 2.5 million through specific identified cuts

PSD enrollment numbers may experience some small growth next year (maybe 147 of 125,000 students). Liberty is growing. Through the next several years we are looking at flat or small increases in enrollment. One time funds are being used to reduce the ongoing financial commitments of PSD. We have also saved money in areas such as energy management and have been able to reduce the energy budget. Education Accountability Act – SB 163 – Chuck DeWayne, Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment This new act has changed the accreditation process. The district is still waiting to get some information from the state. Basically, the state of Colorado will accredit the district. The district will get a status based on data, primarily C-SAPs, but also the graduation and dropout rates and ACT scores. The district sends plans out to the schools based on these scores. Performance plans will all be the same format although the data in each will be different. School plans will be written by each school, again all plans will have all the same format, each with different data. PSD used to have more control over process. Now the process is more data driven with more consistency. These plans will also be used as performance indicators. It will be now be worse for schools and school districts if parents/kids opt out of taking the CSAPs.

School Accountability Committees (SACs) are part of this new legislation. More parents are required to be on the committees than staff. The chair or co-chair must be a parent or community member. They will work on items such as spending priorities, performance targets, the school plan, and more. They are required to meet at least quarterly, although timelines (especially at the beginning of the year) may dictate the need for additional meetings. The SACs are required to have representation from all groups (eg. English Language Learners, gifted/talented, English Language Learners, etc.). There will be some variability on how these committees are run from site to site, but minimum standards must be adhered to. Schools are encouraged to have multi-year looks and multi-year plans. Current 2010/11 plans were written earlier this year. New plans should continue to be tweaked from existing work – not starting over – even though there will be a new format. There will be training and support for SACs from PSD (PSD 101 would be a good place to have some training also). Our plans may also look a little different because our district has Student Based Budgeting. We still want idea sharing, teachers need to feed ideas into the SAC. Employees or spouses of employees can’t be a parent rep on committee. This includes subs. (This information was later checked by a thorough reading of SB 163 and by checking with State Senator Bob Bacon and we believe it is incorrect. The SACs do not appear to have this restriction although the DAC - see below does.) The District Accountability Committee (DAC) is required to consult with the SACs in a substantive manner. A minimum of 8 people are required to serve on this committee: parents representing GT, Special Ed, Title 1/ELL, Charter Schools, a business person, a teacher, a school administrator, and the Director of Curriculum and Assessment. Concern was expressed over the lack of general parent representation in these minimums. The DAC is responsible for reviewing achievement trends, school plans, budget priorities, district goals, district plan, monitoring reports, and Charter applications. Updates and Recommendations District Accountability Committee Proposed Recommendations – Kim Redd This proposal recommends that the DAB have a representative serve on the District Accountability Committee (DAC). It also suggests that several “at large” parent or community representatives serve on the DAC so that general interests are served in addition to just representatives of special populations. It also requests that PSD committees have DAB representation and a close collaboration between the DAB and DAC. The DAB unanimously agreed that the recommendations for the District Accountability Committee be forwarded on to the PSD Board of Education and administration. Science Proposed Recommendations – Rob Petterson, Academic Subcommittee Chair The DAB Academic Subcommittee suggests that more attention be given to the delivery of science curriculum in PSD. The delivery of the curriculum is widely varied from school to school. The list of

suggestions also includes that the issue of delivery versus success in science at schools be studied. The focus on science education should be for preparing kids better for post-secondary success. A complete set of recommendations from the Academic Subcommittee regarding science is attached. The DAB unanimously agreed that the science recommendations be forwarded on to the PSD Board of Education and administration. Positive Positioning for Future Funding Proposal – Kim Redd This proposal is intended as a recommendation to help better explain the financial situation of PSD to the community. The proposal includes crafting a clear message which is repeated through multiple channels to make sure the community understands the funding issues. This proposal is attached. The DAB unanimously agreed that the recommendations for the Positive Positioning for Future Funding Proposal be forwarded on to the PSD Board of Education and administration. 2011/2012 Officer Elections – Terri Sunset, DAB Chair We are fortunate this year to have two people who volunteered to be DAB Chair-elect for 2011/2012: John Lynn and Kim Redd. John and Kim each gave brief statements about why they would like to be DAB Chair-Elect. Ballots were passed out to all voting members. After the counting of the votes, Kim Redd became the 2011/2012 Chair-Elect. DAB Survey – Tami Weininger, DAB Chair-elect The results from the April survey of DAB members gave us the following results: • DAB members find the information presented at DAB meetings valuable. • We need to do better at letting DAB members have dialogue with one another. • We need to have presenters come back to DAB and follow up so we know the outcome of the various issues we give feedback on. • DAB members don’t feel valued the DAB is valued by PSD administration. Terri thanked those who worked on issues with the DAB Executive Committee this year. She also stated that anyone interested is welcome to participate on this group. PSD 101 – Tami Weininger An e-mail will be sent to those who have signed up to help with PSD 101 so we can begin planning. Please let us know if you would like to help or if you have ideas for any of the breakout sessions. It was suggested earlier at this meeting that School Accountability and District Accountability Committees be a PSD 101 topic.

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