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Innocence A lifetime wasted, or so it seems Full of hatred an unfounded dreams. When will agony come to an end? When will torment cease to exist? When will I be spared of pretense? When will I come to know the truth? These inadvertent wallowings in self-pity construct my life. Will my soul ever know satisfaction? Will my dreams become reality? Will my captors release my soul? Will my mind ever rest? Will I achieve perfection? Will I succeed? Only time will tell, but waiting for time, it seems, has always been a shortcoming of mine. Where did innocence go? Did we leave it all behind? Where did my friends go? Did I leave 'em hanging dry? First snow, once again alone I give so much, just to watch it go I'm lost in sorrow, alone I clench my fist I know it's hard to stop and coexist I'll find myself somehow; journeys unforseen This is the story of how abandonment recedes

The Game (Chorus) Every time I play the game, it seems nothing changes Every time I play the game, it always stays the same. But I know I'll change, if I play just one more time But I know I'll change, in the end I'll be just fine. Cuz the game is always changing, in the end I'm just too late See, the game is always changing – learn to accept your fate. Every time I look inside me, I find something that I've lost. Re-hash the past to spite me, self destruction bears no cost I live inside a bubble, if it's popped I just might fade. I live every day just looking; gotta find a better way. Every time I look in the mirror, I see something that I'm not I am just a mold-cast animal, but I rise to take my lot Every day I wake up frightened. It seems they drop like flies But that's just life, they tell me. I can't believe those lies. A hateful world before me, so cruel it blows my mind. But I know someone will love me, I'll sit and bide my time I sit here, patience waning, I simply can't sit still I'll reach for pride inside me, this time I will not fail! (Repeat Chorus)

In My Place (f/ ARAB2ROK) 2ROK – They put me in my place, a deadly race that was never found. Someone you would love to see falling down and hit the ground. Should have never picked it up when it rang, a call from hell when it came, a bell that chimed for the youth, a youth that killed itself for you but you don't even have a clue what it's like to be attacked or smacked in the face with those lies. A people I despise and the cries came up from children. The things that I'm willing to say or put on tape. The raping, disgracing, of my body and my soul- and the whole world as a whole is waiting for a mistake. Well, you want me to change? Well, I guess you'll have to wait. ZYou put me in my place You told me what to do. You were never there for me Why should I listen to you? You didn't hear my cries, Even though I screamed out loud I still see through your lies You never cared so fuck you. Cuz of people like you, I hated high school, only cared about yourselves. I'd be glad to watch you go down in flames and search long to find the truth It's locked inside every person I meet, every soul that I greet. And the children at my feet. I see them laughing, smiling Unable and incapable of understanding the grief that is to be eighteen with no mission in life than to alleviate all the strife of being this age at a time when the government supports a war that has nothing to do with the peace that it proclaims or the people that it blames for all of the hate that exists in the states they need to find a scapegoat for all of their hate, they blame peace loving people for the lies that they create we need to change the world, just to get it to stop because there's only one life, one world, and one bomb.

Deserted I'm sick and tired of always feeling lonely I feel depressed, someone come and take me away. I'm so sick and tired of everything you say Violent thoughts of killing you run rampant in my head. I suppose I'd better learn to cope before I end up shot but I still need to deal with all the anger that I've got I hate you more and more each day, the anger ceases not I could just learn to bite the bit, but that's something I'm not I'll never learn to settle for something less than what I want bottom line always the same, I'll fight for what I've got So here I am deserted just like I always am I'll still stand up and fight for who ever's got the plan We'll save the world for nothing more than destroy the promised land but in the end I'll be alone, this is the master plan. Seems that every time I'm asked it's always the same: “How do you plan to get ahead in the game?” Some say I'm a fake and they call me a liar You can't beat the system when you're working for hire. They make bad assumptions, and they look like fools When I show them up 'cuz I know the rules But that's not the way it's intended to be they go on the defensive and they laugh at me. I'll never be right, I'm just not up to snuff I could try my hardest, but it isn't enough I'll keep on trying just to prove them wrong I could stop, but it's too much fun I'm sick and tired of always feeling lonely I feel depressed, someone come and take me away

Acquiescence I wake up in the morning, and I ask myselfwhy do good things never happen in my life? It seems that all I ever get is really bad news. It seems, sometimes, that the good doesn't get through. It seems that people never give me a shot It seems that I quit before I've given all I've got Why does it always seem that no one really cares? Why does it seem that I'm going up the down stairs. It's not that I'm unhappy with my lot in life. It's not that I'm always in pursuit of a wife. It's not that I understand the way that I feel It's not that I'm always hunting for a deal It seems that I'll always be a step behind but happiness is waiting on the other side Even after all of this is said and done Even after all of you have gone and had your fun When will I be left to live my life? When will I be free from the pain and strife? When will I be left to understand? When will I be left to begin again?

The Truth I live every day like I'm gonna get shot. When I wake up, that's all that I've got. I don't blame god when something happens to me Cuz I am the master of my destiny First thing, nobody likes you Second thing, no one ever really did Third thing, you're good for nothing Fourth thing, we're better than you Fifth thing, you'll amount to nothing Sixth thing, what I say goes Seventh thing, follow all these rules Eighth thing, we own all of you Ninth thing, no thoughts of your own Tenth thing, we own those, too I don't know how to get myself through What can I do to resolve these issues? They've got me held tight by my future Such a strong hold, how can I break free? Searched inside me for the answer Break these chains that hold me prisoner They say they own me, but what can I do? They all control me, I don't know what to do I know one thing now, no one can stop me I'm insignificant, they'll burn in effigy Symbols of power look extinct now Their world comes crashing down and I'm finally free.

Rise Above Extreme jealousy to legitimize my needs. I don't have a silver spoon, but I still have all the greed. I can't respect myself until I learn to bleed With the drive I have my ends I just don't have the means. I know all I have to do to get where I want Without opportunity, I must rise above Woeful beings stand in my way caught beneath the clouds of rain True happiness doesn't exist. I must rise above to get my fix. I must rise above petty desire I must accept goals that are higher unconscious needs bring swift demise save your lectures for later times For success, life is my prize If I were to lose I would die It's hard to deal with pressure's grip so many crowd me awaiting the slip false judgment clouds my eyes one more step and you'll be terrified I hate everyone, I hate everything I hate all of this- society brought it all on me.

A Free Car Wash from the Grey Skies Above I put my trust in you, I put my faith in you I put my hope in you, that you would see me through Open up your ears, your mind, and your souls Open up your heart as we assess our goals As we look up to the sky we can see our lives falling like the droplets of rain No one understands the pain that you feel sometimes you have to prove that it is real A look in retrospect to save your life pain is evident with a look into your eyes so save your mind, your soul, your tears, and your eyes be cleansed, be saved, be healed, be sacrificed step soundly unto the black-topped street feel the rain wash from your head to your feet if you're ready, don't be afraid that you'll die be washed away by the water from the sky

Abandoned Abandoned by my friends, I stand to fight alone It's alone I've always been to face the unknown Solidarity cries my name, representing all my faults I'll always be weary of those that betray me, I'll never fall back down. Hey oh, hey oh, hey oh I'll always be Hey oh, hey oh, hey oh I'll always be alone I clench my fists and scream in an attempt to dull the pain my words profess my faith of avoiding all disdain triumphant is what I am in becoming what I want I'll never fall down to face the crowd I'll always rise above (Repeat Chorus)

Insignificant Youth Won't play your games no more I'm sitting her and trying to write I can't stand up to face the fight I'm sick and tired of trying to find everything that you left behind I can't stop thinking about how you managed to put me in denial of all those things I tried to hide away from everyone so long Won't play your games no more I'm fed up insignificant I'm picking up what's left of me I can't find the time to find myself so then I'll just find someone else to bear the burden on my back think long and then restart the track I'm getting mad it took so long but now I can finally get some sleep And I guess when it's all said and done, we really are insignificant youths in our minds No one ever really does find themselves until it's too late to do something about it

Rush Jam (Seven Days) f/ Pete Avink and Scotty B We're all creations of society We feed on influence and tragedy We're all creations of society I in you, and you in me Seven days after she left me Seven days after she said goodbye Seven days I don't know to laugh or cry Seven days I wish that I would die.

Chupacabra He seems homicidal, better run for your lives He seems contradictory, listen for his lies He seems anger driven, sow the seeds of hate He seems to roam the night, so keep off the streets He seeks the taste of blood, he's a fucking leech He's a chupacabra; you'd better run Waaah! I will rape and pillage you, I'll show you what I mean I will drag your bleeding carcass right into the street I will take you right into my dark and twisted world I will suck out all your blood and you'll feel everything If you can't take what is yours by birth, you'll settle for what's mine I will breathe into you life like a star receiving shine Welcome to the afterlife, it's sure to dissapoint What I provide is more than death, it's a struggle to survive See him coming in the night, but you just can't run away you do your best to hide your face but your scent just won't escape He seeks the taste of blood, and he thinks you'll do just fine He'll run you around the field for sport and fucking snap your spine He's a chupacabra, he'll suck your fucking blood

Forbidden Flames I fight so long and hard to always be the last I cry these frightful tears and walls come tumbling down I think these empty thoughts they all just disappear I feel the forbidden flames like lust and life and power Well you can see that it's just a waste of time You fight a solemn fight to barely tow the line You live an empty life, you think you're doing fine We all shall perish for a new paradigm

Demons of the Past Itching to pull the trigger of a loaded gun wishing I was the bigger man those days are gone Wishing I was the winner of this sad and lonely game Wish in one hand, shit in the other- not in control of my fate All the wishing I did brought me nowhere but back to where I began All the trials I passed were a burden It was a load that no one could bear Demons of the past keep me yearning for a past so far away Haunting me and asking forgiveness I just don't know if I can I'm trying to move on There's no place for me here I'm not trying to play along Cuz that's more than I can take And I don't want to play hero I think I'm just trying to live And I don't want to be near here I just want to go away I really don't know about anything but something is making me stay

Strength Fall in love once in your life, it's up to you to make it right you can fail and blame it on fate, but it takes more to see the light Just say his name, just speak his words but in the end, one thought will haunt you what have you done in this man's name? Separated myself for all these bitter years fishing through memories and falsified tears Where did you go, and where have you been? With all that I have done, I've lost my innocence So where were you on that dark, cold, winter night? And where were you when my little brother died? So here we are, now, standing in the light. We have no fun down here, all we do is fight You were never there for me like I was there for you but still I stand here, sick of loving you you fucked me up so bad, living your little lie I'm not sentimental, now all I do is cry Thinking of you like I never had before A decision to be made for here and ever more You drove me to the edge, I'm never coming back without you around, my life is back on track Separated myself for all these bitter years fishing through memories and falsified tears Where did you go, and where have you been? With all that I have done, I've lost my innocence Cant take it, Can't take this.

Pride In a silent, permanent sleep my fallen hero lies surrounded by earthen debris exists his eternal life Twisted lies and fairy tales a fortune made on broken lives putting faith in humanity to step aside and watch it die a gentle heart betrayed tonight a fortnight bound by fear rejection lies in the heart of man between solitude and pain A frailty lies in hiding Our gentle hear beats on Marching pride and confidence hidden beyond these eyes a tear that's shed in private the soft warm touch of your skin hides the scales of longing for the scourge within me Candlelight and expensive wine calms the urge to find what you can never see when shadows bend to your light A hidden thought lost within me you sense it, but just ignore the price of life flies through your door swiftly fleeing into the night a haunting ghost lies within me ghost so frail and white a precious calm that was shattered with the edge of a knife The smell of the autumn air affects their disposition as the leaves turn to dust I remember the face of regret the cold, backward stare unrequited and left behind I didn't ask for creation and I didn't ask for pain I didn't work so hard just to go back again

The Soothsayer / Harbinger It hangs around me like a rain cloud Imagine it pouring down on me something inside that makes me break down every time I think I've got it right These things will never go away We're all doomed to fail no way to escape the light of day I will live and die in this town There is no escape, subscribe to fate There's no sense in pursuing your dreams You think you're getting further but you're going in reverse You'll never have the cash to roam the Earth Time made you unhappy, and luck made you so helpless Always reaching higher for something that you want Give up your dreams and take a bite out of reality

Waste of time One day, he woke up, found his life was a lie One day he spoke up, found his chance to be right One day his time was up, and he paid the price. Debased, defiant of the way that he lived He never learned just what a conscience did Too little prophet, but too much of a man He didn't know he had the world in his hand. You never tried to understand You never learned your lessons In time we learned your actions, but you never paid the price God made you a waste, baby it's time to take out the trash You'll never know It's just a waste of time Don't ever try Don't try stepping out of line Don't you? Don't you think it's true? The world does not revolve around you. I don't wanna tear your walls down, but just what kind of world have you found? Confront, conform, content? Defy. Was it all a waste? Is this what it feels like? Have I been put in my place? I don't know. What is forgiveness? I don't know what I've found buried six feet underground I don't know. This vicious road was frightening but your curves were so inviting Had to take my chance at leaving I'm not asking for forgiveness I'm just trying to say I'm breaking up with you God, what a waste of time

Betrayal I know you're watching me in hope I'm breaking apart I know you're wishing me, this you knew from the start I think you're losing me, I just don't think you know it yet I hope you'll cry for me; it fits your style that you'd beg You said you'd die for me, I think we'll put it to the test Take a walk with me, chose the path that you like best. I have some things to say I know these words are too much I've struggled long to know Two separate lives torn apart sometimes I think I try to hard to make my problems go away I guess I tried in vain these issues just won't lay to rest You said you'd marry me children to raise at half ourselves I held the scourge at bay You failed to rise up to the test You wished your life away I know you cannot comprehend Just what you've done to me with your fake reality well now our friend is dead just what do you think you can do? You said you had the answer, well, my friend what can it be? You deny the onslaught, refuse to retract alibies you've run out of endings you've come to one last chance to be what can your heart decide? When can you call this lie complete? You thought to be forsaken what lies can hold the truth to hide? You've had your chance to retort in your silence you confide I've had my time to reply with your silence you deny

Stone's Throw from Paradise (Instrumental)

Overly Dramatic Pragmatist I've always had the worst luck seems like I'm stuck in a rut Society tells me to want love I'm not living in a storybook the world has taken it's toll on me I've nothing left but my memories I guess I'm fine with my outlook grim I've never been good with what's within I took my time to write this down a few thoughts I've been tossing around when nothing's right, and nothing's wrong I find it's best to write a song so if you find this helpful at all I think you're well on your way well, I guess, here it goes I think I might have something to say Cover it up with a well groomed lie They will believe what you want them to believe weaving the truth into shifting alibis and hanging on your every word And now you're mixing with the people you despise you brought it all on yourself Fighting wars I can't possibly win candle lit at both ends, my friend I never really thought that this would end the time it took to learn was worth it in the end You can't live life as an effigy a specter haunting the truth, you see forsake your friends and your family that doesn't sound like a prize to me you finally got what you wanted, mom I finally turned into your psychopath son Destroying all in my path that I see The future looks pretty grim to me I'm trying I'm finding my way I'm laughing I'm pushing to stay.

The Fall of Mighty Vercingetorix In a heap lay screaming soldiers 'midst sword and shield they die

the great horse of the general in one last circle rides Raise the gallic standards high unite the tribes and we'll defy and from our captors shall we flee when they hear our name cried from the free Vercingetorix! He stands noble and wills the wicked dead. Legions, hold the eagle high knowing that our men must die and on this hallowed winter's day mars has known the men that lay such noble sacrifice to see barbarians all dead will be for free men fight so gallantly when they have everything to lose Vercingetorix! Now in chains he has been bound Vercingetorix! No glory has he found Vercingetorix! Drive the rebels underground To the worthy foes of Caesar, a message has been sent Kneel to me, barbarian tribes your insurrection is at an end if you would only genuflect I'd name you as a friend you have to chose, or death to you do not dare to make a stand. Vercingetorix! See the form of Vercingetorix perched on his warhorse high cast away the infidels, for the glory of Rome we die see the face of might Caesar see the sweat upon his brow call out to his opponents: “Fear me, I bring you death!” See the dead that lay here fallen stiffened and cool to the touch the icy stings of Caesar, no more glory shall he bring Vercingetorix! I call out to Vercingetorix and the Gauls he did ally if you challenge mighty caesar, all your men will die I submit to roman conquest, I promise to pay the tithes I fear the Roman power, I admit that I will die.

Defeat (Unrequited and Left Behind) This is one of those “feel good” stories

It's been a long, cold, and lonely night – you've got no aliby But I still know where you've been – Don't question trust. The morning sky looks so different, don't close your eyes The sky is turning grey now, am I colorblind? You won't find color in the sky- let's die together! I can feel a new man being born everytime I stare into your eyes New personalities materialize I can't think clearly anymore, your gentle touch won't work again your time is limited, my friend There's only so much a man can take before it's time to think again Stuck on an antiseptic death bed, serpents shrieking from my arms provide a chance for thought, alone inside my head Alone inside my head, drugged up on dopamine Suffering in silence to meet the bitter end Some say that you can find a new lease on life it's buried in here supple breast at the edge of space and time insanity's a crazy thing; only so much can you take before you lack the balance to keep your walking straight the paths we take are camouflaged by the choices we regret time isn't cyclical so at least we all have that How can you say you love me only to crawl to my best friend's bed what kind of person does this, what kind of person are you? Your role is fresh, but endangered, you try to make things right You'll wish you never came here, just give it a bit more time Well, that's over now and I'm glad to see it go we weren't to be together, that's the way it goes But now I'm stronger and the less I have, the more I don't need anyone to tell me what I'm worth I'll put my faith in something I can get to work How can you say you know me only to spread more lies? What kind of people do this? How do you see the truth? I thought my life was over, but now I'm doing fine You both just up and left me, and I can't sympathize

Drive (Instrumental)

Hand Rolled Cigarettes Smell the smell of burnt cigarettes It's astonishing how much we forget Then you wake up and the time is gone you find yourself singing really sad songs roll out of bed and flip on the tube just to remember everything you can lose procrastinate washing last night's filth smoke one more cigarette and bury the guilt What do we do when we get out of bed? Try to avoid, not putting guns to our heads. Wait for the media to tell you the truth and get real bummed to find they're selling it to you. Try and avoid people walking down the street thumbing cell phones and stumbling their feet we're all enslaved by the things we create just smoke your cigarette and shoulder the weight The nicotine burns my eyes as I question why I always try so hard just to fail at life Questions run through my skull the paths we take through life I'm always a fading star as the moon recedes from the sky I'll always wonder how I can be without a path to follow and a map to show me the way Life's too short to make amends no need to apologize to friends You're gonna die at the end Life's too short to make amends.

Hey There, Dreamer Hey there, dreamer in a world full of dreams

Won't you throw a dream my way, oh just for one day Hey there, madness, well the world's a little mad. Won't you curse the day I came (curse the day I came) Hey there lady, hey pretty lady won't you take me where I lay? Oh, won't you take me? Hey there, sorrow, well the sky's a little grey Won't you come another day (better yet, don't come at all) Hey there, action, you speak louder than words Won't you bring me there to stay (or don't bring me at all) Hey there, morning (oh, just about dawn) Won't you wipe the tears away? (Tears rolling down your cheeks) Hey there, longing, won't you take my pain away? I tried to pay attention, I tried to hear your words but all those broken promises seemed to make things worse I tried to read your actions, I tried to make things right. I can't live the lie anymore, I tried. So the fact that I'm alone again means nothing to you now and will you be my only friend, I could get used to it somehow Do you know what it's like to be lonely? Do you know what it's like to be alone? I tried, I can't, surprise- she's taken! You will suffer.

Waste One day, he woke up, found his life was a lie One day he spoke up, found his chance to be right One day his time was up, and he paid the price. Debased, defiant of the way that he lived He never learned just what a conscience did Too little prophet, but too much of a man He didn't know he had the world in his hand. You never tried to understand You never learned your lessons In time we learned your actions, but you never paid the price God made you a waste, baby it's time to take out the trash You'll never know It's just a waste of time Don't ever try Don't try stepping out of line Don't you? Don't you think it's true? The world does not revolve around you. I don't wanna tear your walls down, but just what kind of world have you found? Confront, conform, content? Defy. Was it all a waste? Is this what it feels like? Have I been put in my place? I don't know. What is forgiveness? I don't know what I've found buried six feet underground I don't know. This vicious road was frightening but your curves were so inviting Had to take my chance at leaving I'm not asking for forgiveness I'm just trying to say I'm breaking up with you God, what a waste of time

Threading the Needle Everything is temporary Seasons pass and things get scary We all think we know, but maybe Nothing is as it appears Most things in life seem illusionary The burdens get too heavy to carry. Give it up while you still can Plenty of time to become a man Keep running from your problems Kill tomorrow for yesterday again You can never be too sure.

Prodigal Son If you'd follow your own advice, you could avoid all of this Make a triumph out of it. Stitch a story from this. Alone (have to react) I'd never (walk alone) Alone. Make a triumph out of it, stitch a story from this. Learn a lesson from this. You'd be alone through all of it. I never lied when I said I'd try to make peace with the fact that you're not a live But every second I sit and think of things that I should have said, and never did. I try to swallow second thoughts of time well spent and broken trust. But I never thought the end would come as quick as it did- does anyone? It's a sad eulogy for a half lived life, and as much as I fight it, I think I might take just a second out of every day to think about the things that I wanted to say because as long as you're gone, I'll never get a chance to be your prodigal son. I'd like to take a moment to reflect on death take a look at your life and realize there's not much time to take a look at yourself, look forward and see what's next. Re-arrange your lifestyle and live like this day is your last. I'll never walk alone with memories. Huh, I never thought it'd actually be this hard to weave some sort of fairy tale about all the things we went through back when you were still around. Every once in a while, I look to my right and try to pass a bowl of chronic to the man in the yellow coat, but you're not there- no matter when, no matter why, no matter how. I know it's kind of been a long time since you offed yourself and all, but I'm really curious to know how the afterlife's been treating you. We spent so much time talking about metaphysical existence after death, you know. But I guess that's the really sad thing about self-imposed mortality. You never get to have another chance. But I know I'll never walk alone, because the legacy of everyone I know I keep to myself. But some day, all of these stories will be told- I promise. And I don't back down on my word- you know that. I learned a lesson or two from every face I've seen in reality- or in a dream. But there's one lesson I know I learned for sure. I'll never be the prodigal son.

Twenty One Summers What once was lost can now be found among the ashes and destruction that I see along the ground. I found a place to keep my stance, and all I see is stupid faces and I know I'll just get lost out in the crowd. I hide my face among the chosen ones that see beyond choices we all make from day to day. But the Earth is cluttered with the corpses of my battle and as hard as I try, I can't look away. Twenty one summers gone, plenty more yet to come. But I might be alone for this one. Where did everyone go tonight, must be I missed the rapture. Or maybe just the invite. I don't know, it'll be alright. Now I found a place in my mind, where I don't have to hide. I won't have to be afraid any more Now, I don't have to dwell inside this living hell That other people live inside, it's out of mind I'd say. Picked up the pieces of the puzzle, now I'm glad to say I put those pieces right back in their place. I'm so surprise to see I'm standing tall on solid ground to conquer and to shove it in their face. I was a broken man, but now my wings are mended and I think I can remember how to fly. I'll build a castle on these broken pieces, I'll build it so tall I'll make the towers touch the sky. It's been so long since I could the faith inside myself to find the truth in all the lies. And now there's no pretending that the forces holding me down just up and took a shit and died. And there just has to be a reason I'm still here to look out at all the stupid faces, smile, and know that I'm alive.

Vagrant Transmission I've got some things on my head that I've been meaning to say You don't care, but you're listening anyway All my life I've been dealing with fucked up shit I don't think that I understand any of this. Could run away, but that won't solve anything. Better off to suck it up and be a machine. All I can see is rules for me to break, but the pressure might be more than I can take Through the years I've been wasting all my time only come to find out that I can't rewind. I've had enough of philosophical issues I really won't, but I'll say that I'll miss you Too many problems facing the world today I'd like to fix them but I guess I have nothing to say Trying too hard to keep up with the times I wanna make it, so I stay in line So many idiots are running the race Sometimes I wonder how they even keep pace All these things I just keep pent up inside I guess I'm really only looking for a way to get by sit and wait for the drugs to take affect as you squander away all your self respect Lack of sleep means tomorrow is today another few years of this and I'm insane please stop, please put bullet in brain once you think it you can't make it go away I can't take this fucked up shit. Vagrant Transmission!