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Training and Seminars

The eFatigue staff provides on-site training in all aspects of fatigue and fatigue analysis.This includes both customized training and standard seminars.

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Advances in Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics 2014

This course was held June 2 - 6, 2014 in Finland

The Department of Applied Mechanics at Aalto University is organizing an intensive postgraduate course on fracture mechanics and fatigue. This course is intended for
postgraduate students and engineers working in industry.The course lecturers are Professor Darrell Socie from University of Illinois and Professor Grzegorz Glinka from
University of Waterloo. Both Professors are also working as visiting professors at Aalto University. Lecturers are worlds leading experts on the field of fatigue and fracture
mechanics and the course topics are related to their research interests such as elastic-plastic stress-strain analysis, multiaxial fatigue and fatigue of welded structures.
The aim of the course is to provide participants with an extensive review of the basics of fatigue and selected more advanced topics. The topics cover common challenges
that engineers should consider in order to design safe and reliable structures. After each 2 hour lecture, there will be a 1 hour workshop where participants learn to solve
fatigue problems utilizing the methods presented during the lectures.

Course Notes

Physics of Fatigue (pdf)

Fatigue Methods (pdf)
Stress Concentration (pdf)
Strain Life Method (pdf)
Fracture Mechanics Method (pdf)
Multiaxial Stresses (pdf)
Multiaxial Fatigue Damage (pdf)
Welds, Simple Methods (pdf)
Welds, Advanced Methods (pdf)
Statistics and Probabilistic Fatigue (pdf)

Calculation Exercises / Discussion Questions

Axle Failure Case Study (pdf)
Tractor Spindle Simulation (pdf)
SAE Welded Square Tube (pdf)
Bicycle Reliability Study (pdf)
Strain-Life Example Problem (zip)
Strain-Life Weld Example Problem (zip)
Prof. Glinka will use this software in his example problems and you may wish to follow along. It is not mandatory for you to download and install this software on your computer.
Software for example problems (zip with exe files)

Prof. Glinka's software

Here is a full version of Prof. Glinka's software if you want to try it.
Software Description
FALLO - load editor - reading binary and text files, assembling, rainflow counting, combining multiple channels, scaling, etc
FALIN - strain-life - fatigue life analysis package including the Monte-Carlo simulation of the scatter in input data
FALPR - fatigue crack propagation - fracture mechanics based fatigue analysis package including the Monte-Carlo simulation of the scatter in input data
FALSN - stress-life - fatigue life analysis package including the Monte-Carlo simulation of the scatter in input data
Fallo Install (zip with exe files)
Falin Install (zip with exe files)
Falpr Install (zip with exe files)
Falsn Install (zip with exe files)

Prof. Fatemi's Seminars

Professor Fatemi's seminar corresponding to his fatigue book

Introduction (pdf)
Design Methods (pdf)
Micro-Macro Aspects of Fatigue (pdf)
Stress Life Approach (pdf)
Strain Life Approach (pdf)
Crack Growth (pdf)
Notches (pdf)
Residual Stresses (pdf)
Variable Amplitude Loading (pdf)
Multiaxial Fatigue (pdf)

Prof. Socie's Seminars

SAE training seminar held in Minneapolis 2013
Strength and Fracture (pdf)
Fatigue How and Why (pdf)
Fatigue Factors (pdf)
Multiaxial Fatigue (pdf)

Fatigue Made Easy

Fatigue failures have been documented and researched for over 150 years. Despite all of the understanding that has come from this research, unexpected failures still occur.
Why? Fatigue is a complex subject, and it is easy for a non-expert to become overwhelmed by all of the detailed fatigue theories and features of analysis software. This
training session, taught by Dr. Darrell Socie, makes fatigue easy and provides a few simple ideas and concepts that can be used every day by design and test engineers.
Seminar Outline
Seminar Notes (pdf)

Multiaxial Fatigue
More than 80% of all failures in the ground vehicle industry are fatigue-related, and most of the related components are subjected to multiple loads, potentially leading to a
multiaxial state. Accurately calculating the fatigue damage of these components is a critical aspect of designing to product life cycle. The analyses, however, are only as good
as the underlying algorithms. This seminar, taught by Dr. Darrell Socie of the University of Illinois, will provide an overview of multiaxial fatigue theory and offer useful tools &
techniques that can be used every day by design and test engineers.
Seminar Outline
Seminar Notes (pdf)

Probabilistic Aspects of Fatigue

Fatigue damage accumulation is a stochastic process that results in considerable variability in the durability of all structures and components. Sources of this variability
include customer usage, material properties, component geometry and manufacturing processes. Modeling errors introduce additional uncertainties in any fatigue
assessment. This seminar with Dr. Socie will provide tools and techniques for determining the risk of failure and identifying the major risk contribution factors.
Seminar Outline
Seminar Notes (pdf)
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