Chapter 1

Candy Light was a beautiful woman. She was kind and loving to every living soul. She managed to turn a gloomy, depressing, and sometimes violent town into Heaven on Earth. I don't think anyone will forget her. She was loved and cherished, not to mention a very helpful and inspiring woman. It all started when she first came to Sweaterfield at the tender age of twenty-one. She had immigrated to America from London, England. She was staying in a hotel for a few days, at least until she could find a home. She was working with a realtor to find one. Her realtor was showing her a nice, fairly large townhouse with a beautiful garden in the backyard. "This is a lovely house, Ms. Sanders," said Candy. "I thought you'd like it, and please, call me Julian." "Julian?" "No need to be so formal with me." Candy giggled. "So, are you interested?" "I am. I'd love to buy this house, and it's in my price range." "Alright." Days later, Candy packed up her belongings, and checked out of the hotel. She caught a cab to her new home. "So, where are you from?" asked the cab driver, Tyler. "London," Candy replied. "Welcome to America." Candy smiled. "Thank you." "Have you found a job yet?" "Not yet. I've been looking for a house, so I haven't gotten a chance yet." Tyler sighed. "Whatever you end up doing's gotta be better than this." "What do you mean?" Candy asked sweetly. "Being a cab driver sucks. It's the lamest job in the world." "That's not true, Tyler. Don't you see what you're doing for other people?" "No." "Look at all these people that don't have their own transportation, because they either can't afford a car, or they can't drive. They wouldn't have a way to get to their destinations without you to drive them." "I guess." "Look at all the wonderful sides to being a driver." "Like what?" "You get to meet new people, and if you drive them around often, that could mean a new friendship. Plus, you get to see the beautiful scenery." "I never really thought of it that way." "Turn on the radio." "Okay." Tyler turned on the radio to a station that played random ballads, both popular and unpopular. "This is my favourite station." "I can see why. It's lovely music. I love this song so much!" The song that was playing was Strange Way to Save the World by Jump5.

"Yeah, it's a good song." Candy sang along with the music. "You have a beautiful voice." "Aww, thank you." "Do you like singing?" "I do." "I think they're looking for a new singer at the church." "I'd love to sing in a church." "I usually don't go to church, but I'd go if you sang there." "Why don't you go?" "I don't really believe in God." "Aww." "I used to, though." "Then, what happened? What made you lose faith?" "This life I'm living. I'm twenty-two. I didn't get into college. I don't have a girlfriend, and I'm not making very much. My life sucks." "I think you'll get to where you want to go. You just have to keep driving forward." "You think so?" "I know so. You're a kind, young man. You're handsome. You're an excellent driver. You have great musical taste, and I'm enjoying our conversation. I think I've made a new, American friend." "Thanks. By the way, I told you my name, but I didn't get yours." "Oh, I'm Candy." "That's a perfect name for you." Candy blushed. "You're as sweet as Candy." "Awww!" "Well, here we are." Tyler pulled into the driveway of Candy's new house. "Do you want me to help you get your things?" "Sure. Thank you." Tyler helped Candy move her suitcases and other belongings into her new home. "Hey, you already have furniture?" "Yes, I bought it a few days ago." "It's beautiful. I love this house. I'd kill to have one like this." "I think you'll have one like this one day." "I doubt it." "Don't doubt yourself, Sweetie. You can do anything you set your mind to." "You know, for someone so young, you're very wise." "I do my best." "Do you want me to help you unpack?" "No, you've done enough, Sweetie." "You sure?" "I am. Sweetie, you've been a big help." Candy dug through her purse, and handed Tyler some cash. "Here."

"No, I can't take this." "No, Honey, I want you to have this. It's a gift." "I'll pay you back. I promise." "Don't. It's a present, and I want you to keep it for yourself." "Are you sure about this?" "Listen, I am a wealthy person, and I don't mind doing this for you. You deserve it." Tyler smiled at Candy. "Wow. Thanks, Candy." "You're welcome." "Well, if you need a ride somewhere, here's my cell number." Tyler handed Candy a small card. "You can call me anytime." "Thank you, Dear." "I'll see you soon." "You, too." Tyler took one more look at Candy, smiled, and then, he headed for the door as Candy started unpacking.

Chapter 2
The very next day, Candy entered the town's church, and went straight to the minister. "Hello. I'm Candy Light. I'm here to apply for the singing job." The minister looked up at Candy. "Oh, yes! Candy! We talked on the phone. Hi, I'm Reverend Martinez." "Hello." "We do need a singer. What we do is we audition you to see if you can sing well enough, and so far, we haven't found any good singers interested in the job." "How do the auditions work?" "You just sing anything you know." "Can it be anything?" "Yes. Well, anything nice." Candy giggled. "I can sing the chorus of You Raise Me Up." "Oh, let's here it." Candy opened her mouth to sing the haunting, Josh Groban song, You Raise Me Up, and Reverend Martinez was completely blown away by the sound of her voice. He wiped tears from his eyes as he listened. Reverend Martinez looked at Candy with more and more tears pouring from his eyes. "You have the most beautiful voice I have ever heard." "Aww, thank you!" "I would be honoured to have you as our singer." "Really?" "Yes." "Thank you! Thank you so much!" "You're welcome, and I will see you on Sunday morning." "Thank you." Candy left the church with a smile on her face. On the way home, Candy stopped off at the grocery store to buy some food. By the time she had finished, she had a cart filled with food. She went to pay for it, and while standing in line, she saw someone trying to buy food as well. "Oh, I'm sorry, ma'am," the cashier said to the customer. "I'm afraid you're a few dollars short." "Exactly how many dollars short?" asked the customer. "About $250." "Oh, damn! I need this food! I have five kids to feed!" "I'm sorry." "Great. Now, what am I gonna do?" "Excuse me, Miss," Candy chimed in. The woman turned around. "Yeah?" "May I help you with anything?" "I doubt it. I'm $250 short." "I can pay for your food." "You? Are you sure about that?" "It's nothing. You need to feed your family. Here. You take this, and feed them." Candy handed the lady $300. "Nobody should have to starve, because

they can't afford food." "Thank you. I really appreciate this. I'll pay you back." "No, that's not necessary." "Thank you..." "Candy." "Oh, Candy. Thanks." The lady shook Candy's hand. "I'm Yvette." "God bless you, Yvette." Candy paid for her items and left the store.

Chapter 3
Candy decided to walk home. She wanted to see the town and the people living in it. Well, she was horrified and heartbroken at the things she saw. She saw people getting into fights, even physical fights. She saw people all by themselves, but not happy. She even saw homeless children, trying to live on the streets. The town was beautiful to her, but the things that were happening in the town were breaking her heart. She arrived home, and opened the front door. She tearfully put her groceries away. Then, just as she had sat down on the sofa, the doorbell rang. She answered. "Hey, Candy." It was Tyler. "How'd your audition go?" "Wonderful. I got the job." Candy tried to hold back the tears. "That's awesome!" Tyler noticed the expression on Candy's face. "Hey, what's wrong? You okay?" "Oh, Tyler!" Candy sobbed. "I was coming home from the store, and I couldn't believe the things I saw in the streets. There were children with no homes, people all alone, and so much fighting." "I know. I wish there was something we could do to help." "It's such a beautiful place to live. I just wish everyone here was happier. Nobody deserves this." Tyler nodded. "While I was shopping, I ran into a woman that couldn't afford food. She has five children, and she was $250 short. I helped her out. I wish I could help the town." "You can." "I don't know." "You're helping me. You're my first real friend." "What do you mean?" Tyler sighed. "I never really had a real friend before. I never knew how to make friends. I was always the outsider. But, when I talk to you, I feel like I can tell you anything, and you understand me." "I'll always be here for you." "Maybe that's what you need to tell the rest of those people. You'll always be there for them. You have no idea how powerful those words can be, especially to people with these kinds of problems." "Do you think I can make a difference?" "Yeah, I know you can." "I'll try to help them." "You can do it, Candy. In the meantime, do you wanna go out to dinner?" "Don't you have to work?" "No, I'm done for the day." "I'll go get my purse." "No, no. It's on me." Candy stared at Tyler, red in the face. "Awww! Are you saying this is a date?"

"Well, if that's a problem, no." "It's no problem at all. I'm single, and I would love to go on a date with you." "Great! Let's go!" "Alright." The two went to a romantic restaurant downtown. "I love American salads," Candy chuckled. "I've never had dressing before." "They don't have dressings in England?" "Not much. They usually use salad cream or vinegar." "Doesn't sound too good." "Oh, no, it's delicious, but I love American salads even more." "Do you eat any meat?" "No." "You're a vegetarian?" "Yes. I do eat the artificial meats, but I don't like to eat real meat." "Why not?" "I'm an animal lover." "Aww, that's really sweet. So, you give up meats to save animals?" "Mm-hmm." "I wish I could do that, but I get too tempted when I see a large steak." "Aww, that's alright. I won't try to force you to be a vegetarian, too. Part of a relationship, or even a friendship, is accepting the other, and not trying to change them, even if you don't agree with the choices they make. I'm not a meat eater, but I would never force you to stop eating meat." "You're a good person." "Awww, you're very sweet, too, Tyler." "Candy?" "Yes?" "I need you to help me." "With what, Honey?" "I wanna believe in God again." "Oh, Honey, I don't think you don't believe in him. Maybe you have your doubts, because your prayers haven't been answered." "Will you help me?" "I'll do my best." "Thanks." "I have a place we can go after we eat. I know I've only been here for a few weeks, but during that time, I found a beautiful place." "What kind of place?" "You'll see."

Chapter 4
After dinner, Candy drove Tyler to an empty area with only trees, grass, flowers, and a peaceful waterfall. The two stepped out of the car, and Tyler followed Candy to a place under the trees. They sat down next to each other. Tyler looked around him. "Wow. This is awesome." "Isn't it? I love to sit here, and I just relax." "It's very peaceful." "Look around you." "Okay." Tyler did so. "Look at the leaves in the trees, the colours of the flowers, the pure water, and take time to look at it." Tyler did. "Do you know who created the beauty of nature?" "Was it God?" "Yes. Someone may have planted the trees and the flowers, but God made them beautiful." "He sure did. Like, your mom may have given birth to you, but God made you the most beautiful woman in the world." "You think I'm beautiful?" "I do. I really, really do." "Aww." "You're the kind of woman I can easily fall in love with." Tyler realised what he said, and blushed. "I... I didn't mean to freak you out." "No, you didn't." "I'm just saying." "I know what you're saying," Candy said, looking into Tyler's eyes, "and I know what you mean." "Do you feel something?" "I do. I think I have feelings for you." "Me, too." "Tyler, you're a wonderful man. I'm so lucky to know you, and I am more than blessed to have you in my life. We met in a different way, but I'm glad it happened. Tyler, you may not believe in God right now, but I think you're still an angel, sent from him. You're a sweet angel. You're my angel, and you always will be." "I think I'm starting to believe again." "You do?" "I prayed for someone like you to come into my life, and that prayer got answered. I'm starting to believe in God again. Candy, when you go to sing at church, would it be okay if I came to hear you?" "I would love that." "When do you sing?" "I sing on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights." "Those times are perfect." "You're not working?"

"No. I work on Monday through Friday... from eight until five." "My goodness, that's a long time to spend in a car." "Well, because of you, I'm starting to like my job. I get a lunch hour, anyway." "That's good." "I eat like a truck driver." Candy giggled. "Aww, you're so cute." Tyler blushed. "You think?" "I know." "Then... I know you're beautiful." "Awww!" "Do you wanna play 20 Questions? Well, actually, there's more than twenty." "Sure." "I have a different version of it. I ask you. You answer, and then, I answer." "Ohh, I like your system," Candy said in a flirty tone. "Okay. Would you wanna have kids someday?" "Definitely. I love children. You?" "Yeah. Why not? Next question. What kind of job would you like to have?" "I have a job I love. It's being the singer at the church. However, there is something else I want to do." "What is that?" "Help the less fortunate, and turn their lives around. I want everyone to be happy." "That's a great job. I like the one I got right now, but I wish I could be a musician." Candy smiled. "Ohh!" Tyler chuckled. "What kind of music do you like?" "I love anything beautiful, even if it has a bouncy beat to it." "I like soft rock, but I'm startin' to get into your music." "Oh, soft rock is lovely to listen to." "Would you like to have a pet someday?" "Awww, yes! I love animals!" "Me, too. I want a cat." "Awwww, kitties are adorable!" "Yeah. Did you have any pets when you were a kid?" "I had a little bunny named Cupcake. She was my baby." "Aww. I had a dog named Fluffy." Candy giggled. "Fluffy's a popular name for a pet, isn't it?" "Yeah, and I liked it. Still do." "Me, too." "Do you like any sports?" "Mmmm, not many. I like swimming and cheerleading." "Awesome! Were you one of those hot cheerleaders in school?"

Candy giggled. "I was a cheerleader, and during the summer, I was on the swim team. Does that count as a question?" "No. It was part of the sports question." "Oh." "Okay. Next question." "Wait. You didn't answer the last one." "No, I wasn't a hot cheerleader." Candy laughed. "No, you silly goose." Tyler chuckled. "I like basketball and football." "I would cheer for you." "I'd blow kisses at you." "Awww. I'd blow some back to you." "Do you have any hobbies?" "Yes. I love singing, dancing, acting, writing, and I love to cook and bake." "Cool! I like playing basketball and football, listening to music, watching TV, and I never told this to anyone." "What?" "I sing, too." "Ohhh, you do?!" Candy inquired happily. "Yeah. Maybe we could sing a duet one day." "I'd love that." "Okay. What's your favourite movie?" "I love God's New Plan." "I've never seen that." "Oh, it's a beautiful movie about a woman who has a baby and a husband, but she's dying of cancer. She knows there are feelings between her husband and her nurse, so she tells him that he should get together with the nurse after she dies." "Do they?" "Yes, but they never forget her." "It sounds awesome. Lemme see. I like Alvin and the Chipmunks." "That's an adorable movie." "Yeah. Okay, what's the best book you've ever read?" "Oh, I've read so many beautiful stories. I don't even know." "I like Lord of the Flies." "I do, too. That's such a wonderful book." "Yeah. It kinda made me cry. I'm ashamed to admit that." "Why, because grown men don't cry?" "Yeah." "Don't listen to people who say that you can't cry. Don't keep your feelings locked inside of you. It's so unhealthy. It's alright to let them out, and I will be your safe place. You can always cry on my shoulder." "Thanks, Candy." "Anytime, Sweetheart." "What's your favourite song?" "Like the answer to the book question, too many wonderful songs to list."

"Yeah, same for me. Okay, where would you like to go someday? Like, where would you wanna visit?" "I'd like to go many places around the world." "I wanna go to Hawaii." "I do, too. I hear it's a gorgeous place!" "Yeah. What's the best vacation you've ever been on?" "My mum took me to Ireland when I was thirteen, and I had lots of fun. I met some wonderful people." "I went to Myrtle Beach when I was ten. It was awesome." "Aww, adorable!" "Okay, this is kinda random, but... where did your name come from? I mean, why did your parents name you Candy?" "I don't know. My mum told me that it was because I was a sweet baby." "If you're this sweet today, you're mom's right. You probably were a really sweet baby. My parents just really liked the name Tyler." "So do I." Tyler blushed. "Awww, you're blushing! You're so adorable when you blush!" "Okay, this is even randomer... if that's even a word. What's the origin of your last name?" "My last name is Light." "Oh, then, I think I know the origin." "What?" "The light in your eyes." "Awwww. What about you? What's your last name?" "Candy. No, I'm kidding!" Tyler laughed. "My last name is Lawrence, and I don't know the origin. I'm not a genius." "Oh, who cares? You're still my angel." "So are you. Okay, who would you like to meet? I mean, anyone." "I'd like to meet God." "Wow! I don't think I can beat that." "Don't worry about that." "I'd wanna meet Estelle Getty." "I think that matches up with God. She was a wonderful person." "Yeah. I can't believe she's gone." "Oh, but she's never gone. No one who dies is ever gone. They're still here in spirit. You just have to look with your heart, not your eyes." "And, feel with your heart instead of your hands?" "Yes." "Okay, I think I already know the answer to the next question. What's the greatest thing you've done so far? Don't answer. Let me guess. The greatest thing you ever did was come into the world." "Awwww, I think that's the answer for you, too." "You know how to make me blush, don't you?" "I do my best, but everything I say is sincere." "I can tell. I can see it in your eyes. Okay, uh, what was the scariest

moment in your life?" "When I was fourteen, I fell, and broke my leg. I didn't think I would ever walk again." "Aww. How did you fall?" "I was at cheerleading practice, and I messed up on one of the moves. The coach was worried." "I'm sure he was. One of the sweetest people ever fell down, and broke her leg." "Awwww. Actually, it was a she." "Oh, then, I'm sure she was." "Aww, Sweetie!" "I'm glad you're okay." "What was the scariest moment for you?" Tyler sighed, and tried to hold back tears. "I'm sorry. Do you not want to answer?" "No, it's okay. I can. I got these questions offline." "You made a good choice." "Okay, well, I was seventeen, and I was going out with this girl. She and I were getting on great. What I didn't know was... she was the sister of the biggest bully in school. He was a violent bastard. When he found out about us, he forced me to break up with her. He had a gun, and he held it up to my face, until I promised to dump her." Tyler began to cry. "He said he was gonna kill me if I didn't. What was I supposed to do? So, I broke up with her." Candy held Tyler in her arms as he cried. "Awww, Sweetie, it's alright. I know that must've been very frightening for you, but you're safe now. I promise you. I don't have any violent family members that'll try to kill you for dating me. I promise, and even if I did, I would let them take my life before they even tried to hurt you. I'd give up my own life to save yours." She rubbed his head. "Tyler, that took a lot of courage for you to admit that to someone you've only known for a little while. It shows me just how strong you are." "Well, I feel like I've known you for a while, and I feel like I can open up to you about everything." "You can. You can tell me anything, and I'll understand. I'll always be there for you, and that's a promise I will keep forever." "Thanks, Candy." "You're welcome. Now, what's the next question?" "Do you believe in love at first sight?" "I do." "Me, too, because I fell in love with you when you got in my cab." "You did?" "Yeah." "Aww, Baby!" "Do you believe in soul mates?" "I do, because I found mine." "I do, too. I think you're my soul mate." "Aww. Do you want to lie down?"

"Will you hold me?" "Of course." "Will you let me hold you?" "Aww, yes!" "Okay." The couple laid down, in the grass, wrapped in each other's arms. Tyler continued. "I know the answer to the next question. Do you believe in God?" "Yes." "I'm starting to believe in him again." "I'm glad." "What's your religion?" "I'm a Christian." "I was Christian, too, and I'm starting to regain it, because of you." "Aww." Candy kissed Tyler's cheek. "What's your sign?" "Aries." "I'm a Leo." "Beautiful zodiac name." "Yeah. When's your birthday?" "April 18." "Mine's August 14." "I guess that's all twenty-some questions." "Well, I have one more." "What is it?" Tyler paused. "Do you ever wanna see me again?" "Awwww, of course! Do you want to see me again?" "Absolutely!" Tyler paused for a moment. "Candy?" "Hmm?" "Is it okay if..." "If what?" "If I kiss you?" "Aww, I'd love that." Tyler pressed his lips against Candy's, forming a romantic kiss. Then, he stared into her eyes for a little while. "Candy, you're so beautiful." "Tyler, that was the best kiss I've ever experienced." "I second that." Candy giggled sweetly. "Oh, Tyler, I love you." Tyler lost his breath. "Are you okay?" "Yeah. I'm just stunned." Candy felt a little embarrassed. "I'm sorry." "No, no, I meant that in a good way." "Oh." "I love you, too, Candy." "Can you believe we fell in love as quickly as we did?"

"No, but I'm glad it happened. I feel like I've known you forever." "I feel the same way, too, Angel Face." "My love." "My cutie." "My goddess." "Aww." "You sure do 'aww' a lot." Candy chuckled. "I love that." "Awww." "Awww." "Awww," Candy giggled. Tyler laughed. "Awww!" "Awwwwwwwwww!" Candy and Tyler cooed at the same time, laughing and kissing each other. "Oh, Sweetie," Candy sighed happily, "I've had a wonderful night with you." "Yeah, me, too," Tyler agreed. "I don't ever want it to end." The couple kept holding onto each other as they fell asleep in the tall grass. The stars twinkled above them, and the moon shined her light down onto them. For the whole night, it was just the two of them. No one saw them.

Chapter 5
Candy and Tyler woke up, right before sunrise. "Good morning, Tyler," Candy greeted sweetly. "Morning, Candy Girl," Tyler responded. "Did you sleep well?" "Yeah. I had the best sleep. What about you?" "I slept very peacefully." "That's awesome." "Do you want breakfast?" "Not right now." "Okay." "I gotta take care of some business." Candy giggled. "Okay, Sweetie." She sat, and waited for the sun to rise while Tyler did his "business." Soon, Tyler returned, and sat back down, holding Candy in his arms. "Good morning, my beautiful Candy." "Hi, Precious. Feeling better now?" "Yeah." Candy pointed to the sky, excitedly. "Look! Sweetie, the sun is rising!" Tyler turned his head, and watched the sun rise. "Wow." "Isn't that the most wonderful sunrise you've ever seen?" "I've seen some awesome sunrises, but you made this one special." "Awww." "Candy?" "Yes?" "Will you do something for me?" "Anything for you, my angel." "Will you sing to me?" Candy didn't say a word. She just kissed Tyler, held him close, and sang the timeless classic, On the Wings of Love. While singing, she noticed tears falling from Tyler's eyes, and she gently wiped them away. When she finished her piece, she kissed him once again, and then, asked sweetly, "Are you alright, my precious love?" "Yeah, just blown away. That was incredibly awesome. You have the sweetest voice in the world, and you're the most beautiful person I'll ever know." "Awwww, my angel." Candy stroked Tyler's hair, and kissed him again. "My sweet, precious angel." She held him tighter. "You're my angel, too." "Awww." "Hey, you're not a siren, are you?" Tyler joked. "What?!" Candy laughed. "You know, those hot girls that hypnotise you with their beauty and singing, and then, they rip you up." Candy laughed harder. "You silly angel!" Tyler chuckled. "I'm just kidding."

"I know," Candy replied with a giggle. "Oh, Sweetie, I would never do anything to hurt you, and if I ever do hurt you, I'm so sowwy." "I know you wouldn't hurt me." "You're so funny, Honey." Tyler laughed. "Wow, you're a poet, and you didn't even know it." Candy giggled. "You sure do giggle a lot, too." "Yes, I do. I'm a giggly girl." "I love the way you sound when you laugh." "Aww, I love the sound of your laugh, too. It's adorable." "Wow, Candy, you're amazing. This was the best date I've ever been on... period." "I agree, Baby. I'm having a wonderful time." "I don't wanna be away from you." "Aww." "I wanna be with you forever." Candy's jaw dropped. "Baby? Are you saying what I think you're saying?" "Candy Light, will you marry me?" Tears of joy spilled out of Candy's eyes, and she threw herself around Tyler, kissing him, and weeping happily. "Oh, Baby, yes!" "Yes?!" "Yes! Yes, I'll marry you!"

Chapter 6
Candy and Tyler worked very hard on their wedding plans. Yes, they had some help from professional wedding planners. There were flowers of different colours, a large wedding cake, and the wedding theme, chosen by Candy and Tyler, was Peace on Earth. It was a beautiful day for them both. When the minister finished reciting the vows, and told Tyler to kiss the bride, tears ran down Candy's face. At the reception, Candy and Tyler sat at a large table with their families. Clockwise, it was Candy, Tyler, Tyler's father, Earl, his mother, Anna Maria, his older brother, Jake, his grandmother, Kathleen, which was his only living grandparent, Candy's father, Charlie, and her mother, Marie. "Would you like some wine, Candy?" asked Anna Maria. "Oh, no, thank you. I don't drink alcohol," Candy responded politely. "You're a smart woman," said Earl. "You don't seem like the kinda gal that goes out, and gets herself drunk." Candy giggled. "No, I don't believe in that sort of thing." Kathleen changed the subject. "How do you like America?" "Oh, I love it. I miss my home, back in England, but America is such an amazing place to live. I'm so glad I came here, or I wouldn't have met my Tyler." Candy put her arm around him. "Aww, you're all so lucky to have him in your family." "Yeah, he's an awesome guy," agreed Jake. Just then, the DJ cut the music. "I'd like the bride and her father on the dance floor, please, while we play Daddy's Little Girl." Charlie took Candy's hand. "Come on, Darling." Candy and her father danced to the tearjerking classic, Daddy's Little Girl. While dancing, tears rolled down Candy's cheek. "Darling, what's the matter? Are you alright, Love?" asked Charlie. "I'm alright, Daddy," Candy sniffled. "I just can't believe I'm married. I'm so happy, and I'm honoured that you're here to see me on the most wonderful day of my life. Oh, I'm going to miss you, Daddy." She hugged her father. "Hey, I'm the one who should be crying," Charlie teased. "Awww. Why?" "My little girl's married, and leaving the nest." "Oh, Daddy, you're not losing me. You're gaining a son-in-law, and he's a wonderful man. In the time I've known him, I have told him a lot about you and Mum, and how wonderful you both are to me. You're my precious angels, and I'll never walk out of your lives. You won't lose me. No matter where I go, I'll always be with you, and that's a promise." "Candy, watching you grow up has been the highlight of my life, and your mother's. These last twenty-one years with you have been extraordinary. You were an easy child to love. Not once did we have to discipline you." "I was Little Miss Goodie-Two-Shoes, wasn't I?" Charlie chuckled. "No, you were more than that. You were an angel. You were our angel, and we couldn't ask for a better daughter."

"And, I couldn't ask for a better mother and father. Charlie paused. "Oh, dear." "What is it, Sweetie?" "Our house is going to be packed around Christmas time!" he joked. Candy laughed. "Yes, it will, Daddy. Yes, it will. But, it'll be worth it." "That, it will be." "I'm looking forward to it." "So am I." "And, someday, Tyler and I will have children." "Oh, dear God. I'm going to be a grandpa soon." Candy laughed. "You're going to have beautiful children." "Awww." The song came to a close, and Candy hugged her father once again. "I love you." It was a day that Candy and Tyler would never forget. That night, they were flown to Hawaii for their honeymoon, where they would spend four days, just the two of them. They even stayed in a five-star hotel, and their room had a perfect view of the ocean.

Chapter 7
After the honeymoon, Candy helped Tyler move his things into her home. "See? I knew you'd be living in a house like this," Candy said while helping Tyler store his clothes. Tyler smiled at Candy. "You were right." Candy moved the suitcases into the hall closet, and she kissed Tyler. "Isn't it wonderful? You and me together, and knowing that this could very well last for a lifetime?" "It's more than I could ever ask for in a lifetime." "Awww." "I love you, Candy." "I love you, too, Baby." The two crawled into bed, holding each other. "So, now that we're married, what do you think we should do?" asked Tyler. "What do you mean?" "Well, you're the church singer. Would it be okay if I started singing with you?" "Aww, I'd love that." "You made me believe in God again. You answered my prayers. I was about to give up, and then, you got into my cab. That day, I knew I had met an angel. I was right. Candy, you're the most amazing woman I've ever known. You changed my life... in a good way." "Awww, I will always be your angel, and you'll always be mine. Together, we'll fly as high as the heavens." "I think we already are." Candy giggled sweetly. "I think so, too." That evening, Candy was out, running some errands. She had to go grocery shopping again, and she also needed to buy some things for the house. While she was walking to the stores, she saw a man, beating his own daughter. What hurt her more was the fact that the daughter was just a small child. "DON'T YOU EVER, EVER TALK TO ME LIKE THAT AGAIN!" the man screamed, right in the little girl's ear! "Stop it!" the little girl cried. "Do you understand?" The girl didn't answer. "DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!" The little girl still didn't respond. She just cried harder and harder. Candy ran to them. "What are you doing to that little girl?!" she cried. The man turned to Candy. "She talked back to me!" "That is no reason to beat her. She's just a child." "She's a brat." "She's a child, and some children act that way, especially when they don't feel like their parents love them. Don't you see what you're doing to her? Nobody deserves to be abused. Why don't you look at that child, and realise

what a precious gift you've been given? I know you didn't have this girl to hurt her, did you?" Candy picked the little girl up, and held her. "Look at her. You've broken her heart, and you're frightening her. She needs you. Don't take this sweet, little angel for granted. She's so beautiful, and every child born is another chance for this world to be a better place." The father looked at his daughter. "I'm sorry, Daddy," the girl wept. "Do you still love me?" He hugged his daughter. "I'm the one who should be sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. Can you ever forgive me?" "Yes." The child kissed her father's cheek. "I love you, Daddy." "I love you, too," the man said with tears rolling down his face. Candy put the little girl back down, and gave her a kiss on the forehead. "Thank you, lady," said the girl. "Awww. It's alright, Sweetie." The man turned to Candy again. "Thank you. I never realised what a jerk I was being." "It was no problem. I know you've got a big heart inside of you. Don't be afraid to show it." "Thanks." The man was about to walk away, but he turned back around. "Hey, what's your name?" "I'm Candy." "I'm Sam. This is my daughter, Kayla." "It's very nice to meet you both." Candy shook hands with Sam. "Bye, Candy," said Kayla. "Bye-bye, you adorable angel, you," Candy cooed, making kissing sounds at Kayla. Then, she headed to the stores. While she was shopping, she saw a young man, about her age, with a cane, trying to find his way around the store. She headed towards him. "Hi. Do you need help with anything?" "Yeah, I'm blind," said the young man. "Aww, I'm sorry. Would you like me to help you find what you need?" "Yeah, thanks." "Alright, take hold of my arm." The boy did so. What he and Candy were doing was completely innocent. When a blind person holds onto another person's arm, it is called Sided Guide. Candy was guiding him in the right direction, and helping him shop. "What do you need?" "I need soap, shampoo, and tooth paste." "Okay, Sweetie." Candy guided him to the toiletries, and she found the supplies he needed. "Is there anything else you need?" "No, that's all." "Then, we'll check out together." "Are you done, too?" "Yes." "Okay. Thanks." "It's no problem at all." Candy guided him to the checkout line. "I'm

Candy, by the way." "I'm Jordan." "Well, Jordan, it's been nice meeting you." "Thanks for helping me." "Awww, I'm happy to help you. Hey, if you ever need anything, you feel free to give me a call." "What's your number?" asked Jordan, pulling out an electronic device. "555-3815." Jordan punched in the numbers, as the device read them back to him. "This is my phone book." "Oh, you have a talking phone book? That's very interesting." "Yeah. That's one cool thing about being blind. You get all this cool stuff." "There is always a sunny side to everything. I'm glad you see it." "Thanks." They both paid for their items, and then, stood outside the store, still talking. "How did you get here?" asked Candy. "I took the bus." "Would you like me to take you back home?" "Are you sure?" "Of course. Listen, Sweetie, I don't mind at all. I love helping people." Jordan smiled. "Thanks. You're really nice." "Awwww." "Wait. Your voice sounds familiar." "Oh?" "Aren't you the singer at the church?" "Yes, I am!" "Awesome! I was hoping I'd meet you, because I wanted to tell you what a great voice you have!" "Awwwww, Sweetie!" "Will you go out with me?" Candy paused. She loved her husband, but she tried to think of a way not to hurt Jordan's feelings. "Oh, I'm sorry, Honey. I can't. I'm married." "Oh, that's okay," Jordan said, disappointed. Candy hugged him. "I'm so sorry. Jordan, you're such a kind person, and I don't want us to not be able to be friends. I'm so sorry I hurt you." "Well, can we at least be like brother and sister?" "Of course, Sweetheart. In fact, to make it up to you, I'd like you to meet my husband one day." "That'd be awesome!" Jordan said excitedly. "Does that make you feel any better?" Candy asked sympathetically. "Yeah, a lot." "I'm glad." She hugged him once again. "Come on. Let's get you home."

Chapter 8
In the next nine years, Candy and Tyler's marriage grew more and more powerful and beautiful. They had two children together. Their first-born was a little girl they had named Janey. She was six years old. They also had a son named Christian, and he was only a month old. They were a church-going family. Candy continued singing in the church on Sundays and Wednesdays. Sometimes, Tyler would join in with her. Janey had joined the children's choir, and she seemed to be enjoying it. Along with being church singers, Tyler and Candy also shared another very important career together. They were both head of their own charity business. They made and gave away free food and clothing to the less fortunate people in Sweaterfield. They also gave away free toys to the needy children. As well as giving away free gifts, they also connected with their customers. They bonded with them, and formed friendships with them. They became the town's biggest heroes, especially Candy. Her kindness affected many people, and brought so much joy and happiness to their hearts. She always knew how to light up the town. In early September, Candy had just dropped her children off at school and daycare. Then, she and Tyler headed off to work. "There you go, Sweetie," Candy said to one of the customers, handing them a salad and a hamburger. "Thanks, Candy," said the customer. "You're welcome." Candy shook hands with the customer. Then, she looked at Tyler. "It feels wonderful, knowing we're making a difference in others' lives." "Yeah," agreed Tyler. Just then, a teenage girl approached them. "Hi," she said shyly. Candy turned to the girl. "Hello. How can I help you?" "Um, can I get a pizza?" "Of course. What kind would you like?" "Cheese, please." Candy put a few slices of cheese pizza into a small, cardboard box, and handed it to the girl. "Would you like a drink with your pizza?" "Do you have Pepsi?" "Yes, we do." Candy opened the refrigerator, and grabbed a bottle of Pepsi. "Here you go, Honey," she said, handing the drink to the girl. "Thanks." The girl tried to hold back tears as she carried her meal to a nearby table. She sat down, and tearfully ate her meal. "Tyler, Baby, will you cover the food for me? I need to go check on one of the customers," said Candy. "Sure," Tyler replied. Candy approached the young girl's table, and sat down, next to her. "Are you alright?" The girl looked at Candy. "Yeah," she said, trying to cover up her emotions.

"Are you sure?" "Yeah, I'm fine." "If there's anything you want to talk about, I'm right here. You can tell me anything." "'Kay." "Where are your parents?" "I don't have any parents." "Do you have a caregiver?" "I did, but she abandoned me. Now, I'm living on the streets, by myself." Candy wrapped her arm around the girl. "Oh, Sweetie, I'm so sorry." The girl sunk her face under Candy's arms, and cried. "I hate my life. Nobody even knows I exist. No one ever stopped to help me, and every time I make new friends, they always find reasons to ditch me! I hate this!" "Awww, I would never do that to you. Do you want me to be your friend?" "You would really do that for me?" "Of course." "And, you won't ditch me?" "Never. Nobody deserves to be left behind. I don't understand why people did this to you. You're such a beautiful girl." "Thanks." "What's your name?" "Lauren." "I'm Candy." "Thanks, Candy," Lauren sniffled. "Anytime, Baby." Candy continued holding Lauren. "Listen, why don't you stay here for now, and when Tyler and I get off work, you can come home with us, alright?" "Okay. Thank you." That evening, Lauren went home with Candy and Tyler. They picked the children up from school and daycare. Then, they all went home. "Mommy, who's that pretty girl?" Janey asked at dinner. "That's Lauren," Candy responded. "Hi, Janey," Lauren greeted. "Hi," said Janey. "How old are you?" "I'm seventeen." "You're pretty." "Aww, thanks. You are, too." "Thank you. Are you gonna live here?" "I think so." Lauren sighed. "I hope so." "Yes, she is, Janey Bear," Candy said sweetly. "Why?" asked Janey. "Will you all excuse us for a moment?" said Candy. "Sure," said Tyler. "Come in here, Sweetie," Candy said to Janey, leading her into the living room. She sat on the sofa. "Come sit on my lap." Janey did so. "What's going on?"

"Baby, listen, Lauren... doesn't have a mommy and daddy. They died when she was very little. She had a caregiver, but she left her out on the streets. Lauren needs us. She needs a family that loves her." "So, she's gonna live here?" "Yes. Daddy and I are going to adopt her. That means that she'll become our daughter, too. Now, Sweetie, don't be afraid, because we won't forget about you. You'll just have a big sister to play with. Won't that be nice?" Janey smiled. "Yes." "You'll love her. She's a sweet girl." "I do like her." "Aww. Let's go finish our dinner." "Mommy?" "Yes, Baby?" "Is she gonna sleep in my bedroom?" "Yes." "Yay!" Janey jumped up and down. Candy giggled as she and Janey walked back into the kitchen to finish eating. That night, Candy was getting Janey ready for bed. "Did you brush your teeth?" she asked Janey. "Yep." Janey opened her mouth to show off her clean teeth. "Ohhh, they look beautiful! Did you use the bathroom?" "Yep." "Good girl!" "I don't wanna pee in the bed again." Candy giggled. "Awww. Sweetie, don't be ashamed of it. It's normal for children your age." "But, it's yucky." "I know. That's why it helps to pee before you go to bed." "Yep." "You go get into bed, and I'll come in to sing you to sleep." "Okay, Mommy." Janey ran into her bedroom, while Lauren came upstairs. "Hi, Sweetie," Candy greeted. "Hey, Candy," Lauren replied. "You don't have to go to bed now. You're seventeen. You can stay up a little later." "No, I'm exhausted. I'm ready to go to sleep. I'm just gonna get ready." "Okay." Lauren brushed her teeth, used the bathroom, and changed into a nightdress that Candy had given her. Then, she crawled into bed with Janey. "Hey, girl." "Hi, Lauren," said Janey. "Wow, you have a comfy bed." "Do you like it here?" "Yeah. Your mommy and daddy are awesome."

"Uh-huh." "You're a lucky, little girl to have parents like them. They're the nicest people in the world." "Yep. One time, Mommy was so nice to me, she made me cry." "Awww, that is so sweet. She made me cry, too." "When?" "Today, when I went to where she works to get something to eat. She was so nice to me, and I wanted her to be my mom. I was so sad that she wasn't, and I cried. I guess it wasn't her that made me cry. It was the fact that I wanted her to be my mother. I knew she would be the perfect mother for me. I was right. You're so lucky to be her daughter." "So are you. I'm lucky to have you as my sister." "Aww, thanks. I feel the same about you, too. You really are Candy's daughter, aren't you?" "Yes." "I mean, you're sweet, just like her." "You're sweet, too." "Thank you." Candy was listening outside the door. What she heard brought tears to her eyes. She walked in to sing the girls to sleep. "Hi, my angels." "Hi, Mommy," said Janey. "Hey, Candy," said Lauren. "Mommy, why are you crying?" asked Janey. Candy smiled at her. "Oh, I'm alright, Sweetie. I heard what you two were saying, and it touched my heart." She crawled into bed, between the two girls, and held them under her arms. "Do you want me to sing you to sleep?" "Sure," said Lauren. Candy cuddled the girls, and sang them a sweet lullaby. Then, she and Tyler went to bed as well.

Chapter 9
In the middle of the night, Candy woke up, coughing uncontrollably, which frightened Tyler out of his sleep. He tried to calm Candy's coughing by patting her back. "Candy? Candy, are you okay?" Candy could not answer. She jumped out of bed, and rushed to the bathroom, coughing over the toilet. "Oh, my God. I'm calling 9-1-1!" Tyler ran to the phone. Meanwhile, Lauren and Janey were woken up by the sounds of Tyler panicking over the phone, and Candy coughing. "What's going on?!" Lauren asked, worried. "Something's wrong with Candy!" Tyler whimpered. "What's wrong with Mommy?" Janey sobbed. "I don't know, but we gotta get her to the hospital!" The whole family went with Candy to the hospital. She was immediately sent to a doctor. Tyler and the kids waited outside, while the doctor did some tests on Candy. "Daddy, I'm scared," Janey sniffled. Tyler held his little girl. "It's okay, Janey. Mommy's gonna be alright." "I don't want Mommy to die." "Janey, it's gonna be alright, girl," Lauren said sweetly. The doctor came into the waiting room. "How is she, doctor?" asked Lauren. The doctor sighed. "I'm afraid I have some bad news." "Uh-oh," said Janey. "I have the test results. Candy has a very severe cancer." "Oh, my God," Tyler said, trying to hold back tears. "Is there anything we can do to save her?" asked Lauren. "I'm afraid not," the doctor replied. "We can do chemotherapy, but that won't do much for her. Her chance of survival is less than one percent." "How long does she have left to live?" "Not very long. With the rapid deterioration of her lungs, I would say about... a month or so." "How can she have Lung Cancer?" Tyler asked. "She's never smoked a cigarette in her life." "That may be, but maybe she was exposed to other toxic fumes that caused her cancer. Or, maybe it runs in the family." The family was in deep shock. "Only a month?!" Lauren cried. "Is it really that bad?" "Yes." "How long has she been sick?" "I'm not sure." Everyone wiped away tears. "I'm very sorry," the doctor said sadly. "Where is she?" asked Tyler.

"She's resting." "Can we see her?" "Sure." The four went to go see Candy. They stuck their heads in the doorway, and looked at her. Lauren cried, and hid her face. "Oh, God. She looks so sick." Janey ran to her mother, and climbed into the bed with her. "Mommy, please be okay." Tyler, holding Little Christian in his arms, bent over Candy, and kissed her. "Candy, we're all here for you. We want you to be okay. No matter what happens, we're staying by your side." Janey started to cry. "I want my mommy back!" Lauren picked Janey up. "Come on, Sweetie. Let's go get you something to eat." "Okay." Lauren carried Janey to the cafeteria. Meanwhile, Tyler and Christian stayed in the room with Candy. Tyler looked out the window, and up into the night sky. "God? Candy is very important to me. She's important to this whole town. She lights up the darkest places with her smile, and she warms every heart she touches. She saved my ass. I'm sorry for swearing." He began to cry. "All I ask of you... Lord, please don't let me lose my wife. Please don't take her away from me. Amen." He hid his face in Christian's blanket, and sobbed, which made Christian cry, too. "Tyler?" Tyler turned around to see his wife waking up. "Candy?" "Tyler, come here, Baby." Tyler pulled up a seat, and sat by Candy's side. "The doctor's say I don't have very long." "I know. They told me. Candy, I don't wanna lose you. I need you." "Baby, you'll never lose me. Even if I do die, I'll still be here in spirit, and I'll keep you safe and warm. I'll take care of my whole family. I'll be up in heaven, watching over you, and when you need me, just call for me." "Candy, I need you to promise me one thing." "What is it, Sweetie?" "Promise that you'll try to fight to live a little longer." Candy kissed Tyler's hand. "I will. I promise."

Chapter 10
On the following Sunday, at church, Candy had just finished singing a solo. "That was lovely, Candy," said Reverend Martinez. Then, he continued his speech. "Uh, I'm afraid I have some bad news regarding our very own Candy Lawrence. I was informed by her husband that she was recently diagnosed with a very serious Lung Cancer, and she has less than a month left to live." Almost immediately, the entire congregation burst into tears. "I know this is very hard to hear. I'm still in shock, myself. Candy has become a legend in Sweaterfield. Personally, she has been like a daughter to me for the past nine years. The day she walked into my church for an audition was a very happy day, not just for me, but for all of us. She has a voice that can touch any heart, a smile that lights up the darkest room, and a heart, bigger than the entire universe. She will be deeply missed, but remember that even after someone dies, their spirit and their love never leave this Earth. In the meantime, we need to enjoy the time we have left with her, so please, don't take these precious moments for granted. Hold onto her, and cherish her for as long as you can. When you go to bed, say a prayer for her, Get down on your knees, and thank God for giving you this time with her, even if it was very short. It was still worth it. So, hold onto these moments with Candy, for as long as you can." Reverend Martinez wiped a few tears from his eyes. "That's all I have to say for now." During the late afternoon, Candy was making dinner for the family. "That was so wonderful what Reverend Martinez said about me," she said. "Well, he sure was right," Tyler responded. "We do need to cherish every moment we have left with you." Candy kissed Tyler. "Aww, and I'll make sure these last moments are very special." While they talked and cooked, the doorbell rang. "I'll get it." Candy went to answer the door, and she saw two sisters, holding flowers, balloons, and a card. "Hello." "Candy?" said one of the sisters. "I'm Sara, and this is my little sister, Brie." "We heard about your cancer," added Brie, "and we wanted to give you these." The girls handed the gifts to Candy. "Awwwww!" Candy cooed. "These are so lovely! Thank you!" "You're our hero," said Sara. "Awww, come here, you two." Candy gave the two sisters a big hug. "Thank you so much! You're both sweet angels." "Thanks," said Brie. "God bless you." Candy carried the gifts into the kitchen. "Tyler, look what I got!" Tyler looked at the flowers and the balloons. "Those are beautiful!" Candy opened and read the card. "Dear Candy, you have been our hero

for a long time. Ever since we were kids, we've admired your strength, bravery, and kindness, and now that you're sick, it was a major wake-up call for us. We should've come to you a long time ago to let you know how special you are to us. We'll miss you so much when it's your time to take your little journey, but we know you'll watch over us from heaven. We also know that God's gonna take good care of you. We wouldn't be surprised if he made you Heaven's Top Angel.'" She giggled through tears. "'We're keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers. We'll always remember you as the town's angel. Thank you for spreading so much love and peace, and making a crappy town part of heaven. We love you. Love, Sara and Brie. PS. Giant hugs and kisses to you!'" She put the card down, next to the flowers and balloons, and cried. "I never realised how special I am to everyone." Tyler held her. "You are special. You're very special to this whole town, and I'm sure the people back in London agree with me on that. I know your mom and dad would agree with me in an instant." "I never told them about my illness." "It's okay. I called them on Friday." "Oh, my poor family!" "I know. It wasn't easy for them to hear." "I'd like to see them before I go." "They'll be coming on Saturday. I'm flying them in from England." "Thank you, Baby." The next few weeks were very precious to the people in Sweaterfield, as well as Candy's family. They all spent as much time as possible with her, giving her gifts, and letting her know how important of a person she was to them. During the time, Candy decided to do some things for them, so they'd have something to remember her by. She recorded her own CD, and gave out free copies to everyone. Tyler even published a web site in her honour, which included a biography, pictures, and all the songs from her CD. The day everyone was dreading kept drawing closer, and they kept holding on tighter.

Chapter 11
One Friday night, very late, Little Janey left her room, and went downstairs. She found her mother in the living room, sitting on the sofa, and enjoying the peace and quiet. Candy saw Janey in front of her. "Baby, what are you doing up so late? Are you alright?" "Mommy, I can't sleep. I had a bad dream." "What about, Sweetheart?" "About you, dying." "Awww, come here, my little angel. Come sit on my lap." Janey climbed up, onto her mother's lap. Candy held Janey. "What happened in the dream?" "You died, and I never, ever saw you again." "Aww, Sweetie, that'll never happen." "Where do you go after you die?" "If you're a good person, you go to heaven, and you get to be with God." "What's in heaven?" "Well, there are angels, and they are very sweet." "Like you?" Candy giggled sweetly. "Aww, I guess. And, there's Mary, Joseph, and their son, Jesus." "Are they nice, too?" "Yes, they are. And, there's God, and he's the nicest of all." "Are you gonna meet him?" "Yes, I am." "What else is in heaven?" "Happiness. Pure happiness. There's no sadness or crying in heaven, no need to feel scared, and when Mommy goes there, she won't be sick anymore. God will give her a healthy body of an angel." "You're gonna be an angel?" "Yes, and I'll watch over you." "Mommy?" "Yes, Precious?" "Will you ask God if you can come visit me?" "Of course, I will, Sweetheart. I'm sure he'll let me, and I'll fly to you." "Fly?" "Yes, angels get their own wings, and they fly." "Will you fly me?" "Yes, Baby. I'll come to you, and take you on a little trip, in the sky." "Why can't I go to heaven with you?" Janey wept. "I wanna stay with you." Candy held Janey tighter, and kissed her forehead. "Aww, but Daddy and Christian and Lauren need you here with them." "Then, why can't we go with you?" "Oh, Sweetie, it's not your time yet." "But, Mommy, I don't want you to leave without me."

"Aww, Baby, I'm not leaving without you. I'll be able to see you from heaven, and I'll come to you whenever you need me. All you have to do is call my name, and I'll fly to you." "Thank you, Mommy." "Anytime, my precious angel." Candy kissed Janey's forehead again. "You know I love you." "Yep." "I'll always be there for you." "Mommy, can I sleep with you tonight?" "Sure, Baby. You go to the bathroom, and I'll get ready for bed." Janey did as she was told, while Candy changed into her night clothes. After Candy brushed her teeth, she heard the sound of Christian crying. She ran into his room, and picked him out of his crib. She held him. "Shhhh, Baby, it's alright," she whispered. "It's alright. Mommy's here. It'll be alright." Christian started calming down as Candy gently rubbed and stroked him. "That's my boy." While Candy calmed Christian down, Lauren came out of her room as well. "Hey," she said quietly. "Hi, Baby," said Candy. "I couldn't get any sleep." "Aww, Janey had the same problem. She had a nightmare." "I couldn't even fall asleep." "I'm so sorry." "It's okay. I just... got a lot on my mind." "I understand." "Where's Janey?" "She's just using the bathroom, and she's gonna sleep with me tonight." "Would it be okay if I joined you?" "Of course. Why don't we all cuddle up together?" "That would be great." "I just have to ask Tyler." "What about Christian?" "I'll move his crib into our room." "Are you sure? I mean, it looks kinda heavy." "It's on wheels." "Cool." Tyler was more than happy to have the entire family sleep in bed with him and Candy, and of course, Candy had wheeled Christian's crib into their bedroom. His crib was right beside their bed. They all climbed in together, and cuddled into Candy's arms. Candy smiled at them all. "My angels." She kissed each one of them on their foreheads. "You know I won't leave you, don't you?" No verbal response, but everyone nodded. "I'll be watching you from heaven. I'll be your angel, and I'll keep you safe. That's a promise. There are so many promises that cannot be kept, and there are people that make them. This is one promise that I intend to keep. An angel

always keeps her promise." "Candy, I've never known you to break a promise," Tyler chimed in. "And, I won't start now. I'll enter through heaven's gates, get my wings, and when any of you need me, I'll fly to your rescue. Anytime you need me, I promise I'll be there, and that's a promise I can and will keep. I'll see to it." "We love you so much," Lauren sobbed. "And, I love all of you, too. I always have, and I always will love you." "I'm gonna miss you, Mommy," Janey sniffled. "I'll miss you, too, Angel Face. Believe me. I'll miss all of you very much. As much as I'm looking forward to heaven, I don't want to leave this Earth. I'll miss being on Earth, and I'll miss being with all of you. I'll miss everything, but I'm never very far away. It may seem like I am, but if you call for me, not just with your voice, but with your heart as well, I'll fly to your side for you. Come here, my sweet angels, and let me sing you a lullaby." Candy held her family tightly, and she sang them a sweet lullaby. They did not know that this would be her very last lullaby. Before she fell asleep, she, once again, kissed each one of them on their foreheads, and said in her sweetest voice, "I love you all, my babies." Then, she closed her eyes, and she fell into an eternal sleep.

Chapter 12
All night, the family slept in Candy's arms, and sweet dreams of her love and kind heart flowed through their minds. In the morning, Little Janey woke up before everyone else. She tapped Candy's shoulder to wake her up. "Mommy, it's morning. It's time to get up." Candy did not answer. Janey tapped her again. "Wake up, Mommy." Candy still did not answer. Janey started to worry. She felt Candy's skin, and it was cold as ice. "Mommy, why are you cold?" she asked, worried. Tyler heard Janey speaking, and slowly opened his eyes. "Janey? Sweetie, what's wrong?" "Mommy won't wake up." "Oh, my God," Tyler panicked, sitting up quickly. He pressed his ears against Candy's mouth. "What are you doing, Daddy?" "I'm listening for breathing." "Can you hear it?" Tyler listened for a few seconds. "No, I can't hear any breathing, and I can't feel her breath on my ear." Janey rubbed her eyes, trying to fight tears. "Did she die?" Tyler sat up, and looked at Janey with a grieved face. "Yes. I'm sorry, Janey," he sobbed. "She's gone." He hugged her. "I'm sorry." Janey cried. "No!" Lauren woke up from all the commotion. "What's going on?" She saw Janey and Tyler crying, and automatically knew what had happened. "Oh, shit!" She covered her mouth. "Sorry." Tyler hugged Lauren. "It's okay, Honey." "I'm so sorry I cussed," she said as she began to cry. "No, it's okay, Honey." "I can't believe she's gone!" Lauren bawled. The three held each other, crying, and letting their teardrops fall on Candy's angelic body. Christian woke up as well. Somehow, he knew what had happened, because he cried, too. Lauren crawled out of the bed, and picked him out of the crib. "Shh, it's okay, Christian. It's okay." It was a very hard day on the family. They were in too much pain to eat breakfast, go anywhere, or do anything. All they wanted to do was watch television. They watched a few sitcoms. They figured the humour would help them to take their minds off the hurt they were feelings. Well, it only helped a little, but even laughter couldn't take away the sadness they felt. Candy's funeral was on the following Wednesday. The entire town showed up, and so did Candy's family from England. Everyone had brought flowers and balloons to tie to, or plant around her coffin. No one wanted to bury her underground. Many bodies deteriorate, but Candy looked more beautiful to

the world each day, even in death. The day of the funeral was extremely difficult for the people in Sweaterfield. The sun was shining, and it was warm outside. However, to them, it felt like a cold, rainy day with no light. Everyone had gathered around her coffin. Reverend Martinez dried his eyes with a handkerchief. "We are gathered here, today, to say farewell to our town saint, Candy Lawrence. Now, I didn't prepare a speech, because I figured that many of you have things you'd like to say about her. Who would like to go first?" Tyler stepped forward. "I have something to say." "Go ahead." "Um, I met Candy about nine years ago. She had just immigrated from England. She was moving into her new home, and she needed a ride. I was her driver. When she stepped into my car, I was knocked for six. I had never seen anyone so beautiful in my entire life. We started talking, and I couldn't believe how sweet she was to me. Before I met her, I had no faith in God. I used to, but I started doubting him when my prayers didn't get answered. I was twenty-two with no girlfriend, no life, and I was a cab driver. I didn't even get into college. What hope was there for me? Then, Candy made me see the colourful side of everything. I started enjoying the job I had as a cab driver. When she accepted my offer to go on a date, that's when I knew my prayers were finally being answered. We ate dinner. Then, we spent the whole night, lying in this beautiful area. There were trees, flowers, tall grass, and an awesome waterfall. She told me that God was the reason why it was so beautiful. He created the beauty of nature. We spent the whole night, talking, and getting to know each other. Then, we fell asleep. When we woke up, we saw the prettiest sunrise I had ever seen in forever. You can probably imagine my surprise when she said yes to my proposal." Tyler dried his eyes. "Candy taught me a lot. She gave me the meaning of life, and she made me a believer again. No words can describe the pain I'm feeling right now. I miss her." He wept. "I miss her so much. I don't think I can live without her." Then, Sam stepped in. "Before I met Candy, I was a real crappy father to my daughter, Kayla. I yelled at her, threatened her, and even hit her. Then, one day, Candy saw me in the street, losing my head, screaming in my six-year-old's ear. She made me realise how important Kayla is to me, and how beautiful she is. Since that day, Kayla and I kept getting closer. Candy, if you can hear me, wherever you are, thank you for showing me what I was missing out on. You saved my butt. I don't ever wanna make the same stupid mistake again." "Thanks for helping me and my daddy out, Candy," said Kayla. "I love you, girl, and I miss you." After so many moving speeches, everyone got a little closer to Candy's coffin, joined hands, and silently remembered every precious moment that Candy had given them. They closed their eyes, and took a journey down Candy's Memory Lane.

Chapter 13
It was getting very close to Christmas time, and with that, Lauren's eighteenth birthday. Tyler had a very special gift for her that he and Candy planned on when she first moved in. The family spent the next few days, setting up the Christmas decorations, and the tree. The colourful decorations were gorgeous, but somehow, they weren't as nice as they usually are when Candy's around to spread the Christmas cheer. They wrapped each other's presents, and stuck them under the tree. On Lauren's eighteenth birthday, Tyler had made her a special breakfast of chocolate chip waffles. "Happy Eighteen," he said, bringing Lauren her breakfast. "Aww, thank you!" Lauren exclaimed. "These waffles look awesome." "After you eat, you have some presents waiting for you, in the living room." With that, Lauren chowed down her waffles quickly, but she was still able to enjoy the taste. Tyler watched her, and laughed. "Sorry, I'm hungry and excited," she chuckled. "It's okay!" Tyler laughed. "Get your butt in their, and open your presents," he teased. Lauren ran into the living room, and found two wrapped gifts, and one in a large envelope. She knelt down by the table, and opened one of the wrapped gifts. It was a jewellery box with hearts all over it. She opened the box, and found all kinds of beautiful necklaces and bracelets. "Aww, these are so pretty!" "Those were Candy's jewels. She asked me to give them to you for your birthday." "They're so pretty!" "I think you'll like the next present." Tyler handed Lauren the other wrapped gift. "Open this." Lauren opened the gift, and found a thick journal with Candy's name on it. "Is this her diary?" "Yes, it is. She started that diary when she was seventeen, and she kept writing in it, until the end." Lauren skimmed through the pages. "Wow, she wrote some amazing things. I'll read it later." "Okay." Tyler handed her the envelope. "Don't forget this one." She opened it, and read the letter. "Is this the adoption paper?" "Yup, we were gonna give it to you a while ago, but then, she got sick. She wanted your birthday to be really special." "She did a great job. Thanks, Tyler." "Tyler? Nah, you can call me Dad, and you can refer to Candy... as your mother." Lauren was overcome with joy. "Thank you, Daddy!" She jumped up, and threw her arms around Tyler. "Thank you so much!" "You're welcome, Sweetie." "I love you."

"I love you, too." The two sat on the sofa together. Lauren sighed sadly. "Daddy..." "What's wrong?" "What's Christmas usually like with mom around?" "The brightest, most amazing time of the year. We decorate the house, kinda like we did this year, only Candy always finds something stunning to add. Every Christmas Eve, we'd all sit around the tree, and she would come up with the sweetest Christmas stories. Like, last year, she told a story about a town that had Christmas taken away from them by an evil man, and then, an angel showed up, and gave Christmas back to everyone. Not only that, but she gave love." "I think I know who the angel was." "Me, too." "It was Mom, right?" "I think so." "So, what else did Mom do?" "On Christmas morning, she'd give us presents. They weren't the commercial ones. The gifts she gave us were from the heart." "What did she give you?" "She gave us a small, empty photo album, and throughout the year, we'd fill it up with pictures we took. Then, the next Christmas, we'd go through them, and remember all the great times we shared during the year." "It sounds great." "Yeah, it was great." "Do you think we can continue the tradition this Christmas?" "Sure... but it won't be the same." "No." Lauren sighed. "Daddy, I've been trying to be strong, but I can't keep lying to myself. I miss her so much," she wept. Tyler hugged Lauren, and held her while she cried. "It's okay, Sweetheart. Listen, you don't always have to act tough. God knows I've cried myself to sleep, countless amount of times, because it's lonely without her. This house feels so empty without Candy. Lauren, Honey, you don't have to pretend you're okay. You can always come to me. You can feel free to cry on my shoulder. If you're hurting this much, don't keep it bottled up. Your mom told me that a long time ago." "Thanks, Daddy." "Happy birthday, Honey." "Thank you." "You're welcome." Tyler reached for the jewellery box. "Oh, there's one more thing." "Yeah?" "Your mom wanted you to wear this necklace." He pulled out a pearl necklace with a ruby heart attached, with the words "My Sweet Angel" engraved on it. Lauren looked at the necklace, and almost cried. "Awwww, this is the most awesome necklace I've ever seen!" She put it on. "How does it look?" "Awesome."

"I love it." "Candy made it for you." "She did a great job. I think I'll wear this forever."

Chapter 14
It was Christmas Eve, and the family was getting ready for a town party. It was a tradition that Candy had started, and everyone decided to keep the tradition alive, even if Candy wasn't. The party was very important to her. Janey knocked on Tyler's bedroom door. "Daddy, I need help, please," she said. Tyler opened the door. "Yes?" "I can't find my underwear." "I laid it on the bed, with your clothes, Honey." "Yeah, but I had to go to the bathroom." "Did you wet your britches?" "No." "What happened?" "I accidentally dropped them in the toilet. I'm sorry, Daddy." Tyler laughed. "It's okay, Honey. I'll just get you another pair. Just be careful." "I will." "You didn't flush your underwear, did you?" "No." Meanwhile, Lauren had just finished getting dressed. She did her hair and makeup. Then, she dug through her jewellery box, and found a bracelet that matched the necklace she wore. She looked in the mirror, and nearly cried when she saw the necklace around her neck. She looked out the window, and into the sky. "I miss you, Mom." She walked out of her room, and saw Tyler and Janey. "Hey, guys." Tyler looked at Lauren, and smiled. "Oh, Honey, you look beautiful!" "Thanks, Daddy." "You're pretty," said Janey. "Aww, thank you, Janey Girl." Lauren kissed Janey's nose. "You're pretty, too." "Thank you." "Looks like we're ready," Tyler chimed in. "I just need to go get Christian, and we're out of here." They arrived at the party in less then fifteen minutes. Since they were the family of Candy, they were seated near the stage. Many friends stopped by to greet them, say hello, and give their condolences for the loss of someone very special. Yes, even though Candy's death was three months ago, it was still very meaningful to receive condolence from friends. They started with dinner. This year, they had a buffet. "I like these French fries," said Janey. "I'm glad," said Tyler. "Did Mom usually make the food?" asked Lauren. Tyler nodded. "Yes, she did, and everyone loved her dinners." "She was a great cook. I remember the food she made." "Yeah, me, too. So, are you ready to sing your solo?"

"I'm a little nervous, but yeah." Candy is usually the soloist for the song Let There Be Peace on Earth, but since her passing, Lauren had volunteered to take over as the soloist. Let There Be Peace on Earth was like Candy's theme song. Well, after dinner, it was time for the song. Reverend Martinez was the host for the party. He walked on stage, and stood, proudly, in front of the microphone. "Well, it's time for our soloist to come up, and sing Let There Be Peace on Earth. Now, Candy was always the singer, but since she is no longer with us, her oldest daughter, Lauren, has volunteered to sing. This was Candy's most treasured Christmas carol. She believed in peace on Earth, and although there is not yet peace on Earth, I think she has achieved spreading the peace in Sweaterfield. Never, have I seen the people of a large town get along so well as we do. It's still a big shock to me, seeing as it used to be like hell before she moved here. In the past years, Candy has sung this piece as her way of getting the message across that our world needs peace. This year, Lauren will be singing the peace for that reason, but also as a tribute to her mother, and what she's done for our town. So, Lauren, please come on up." Lauren came on stage to sing. Reverend Martinez handed her the microphone. "Hi," she said. "I'm Lauren. I'll be filling in for my mom. Reverend Martinez was right about the reasons why I'm doing this. Candy saved my life. I was this seventeen-year-old girl with no parents, living on the streets, and I had no friends. Nobody even knew I existed. Then, I met Candy. I told her about my life, and all the crap I was going through. She and her husband, Tyler, adopted me. I got my copy of the adoption paper for my eighteenth birthday. That was one of the best presents I'd ever gotten. So, Mom, if you're listening from heaven, this song is for you. Thank you for giving me a better life." Then, with the piano accompaniment done by Reverend Martinez himself, Lauren sang along beautifully. In fact, her singing was just as breath-taking and angelic as Candy's. When she finished, there was not a dry eye in the room. That's right. When she looked out into the audience, she saw everyone, crying their eyes out. "Aww, thanks, you guys! Wow, I didn't know I was that good. Thank you!" She took a bow. Then, she walked off the stage, and back to her table. "Lauren, Honey, that was amazing!" Tyler exclaimed. "Thanks!" "You made the whole room cry." "Awww." "I cried, too, Lauren," added Janey. "Awww, Janey!" Lauren cooed, hugging her little sister. "Thank you!" Tyler joined in the hug. "Your mother would've been so proud of you." "Really?" "Yeah. You sang just as good as she did." Lauren was surprised. "Wow, I'm as good as her?!" "Heck, yeah!" "Wow." "She would've been so proud."

Minutes later, it was time for the children to have a little fun. A familiar Christmas hero entered. Janey jumped up from her seat, excited. "It's Santa!" She was correct. Santa had arrived for the children. "Ho ho ho!" he laughed. "Merry Christmas, everybody!" "Hi, Santa!" all the children greeted. "Who will be sitting on my lap first? Uh, let's see. How about you?" He pointed to Janey. "Me?!" replied a surprised Janey. "Yes. Come on up, and sit on my lap." Janey ran to Santa, and climbed onto his lap. "Hi, Santa." "Hello, Janey." "How did you know my name?" "Santa knows everybody's name." Janey smiled. "Cool!" "Now, tell Santa what you want for Christmas. Any toys in mind?" "No." "No toys?" "No." "Is there anything you want?" "Yes." "What is it?" Janey tried to keep her smile on her face. "I want my mommy back. She died, and I miss her. I'll give up all my toys to have her back." The rest of the people in the room heard what Janey said, and they were very moved. "Awwwwwwww!" they cooed. Santa comforted Janey. "Is your mom Candy Lawrence, Sweaterfield's biggest legend?" "Yes," answered Janey. "She was really, really, really sweet, and I really, really miss her." "Oh, well, I'll see what I can do for you. In the meantime, keep her in your heart." "Thank you, Santa Claus." Janey gave Santa a hug, and then, slid off his lap. She went back to her table. Lauren hugged her. "Janey, that was so nice what you said. You would really give up getting toys for Christmas, so you could have Mom back again?" "Yes." "Awww." That night, everyone was getting ready for bed, so they would be fresh for Christmas. "Let's get you to bed before Santa comes," said Tyler. "I'm ready," said Janey. "Well, let's go through our check list first. Teeth brushed?" "Check." "Used the bathroom?" "Check."

"Nightdress on?" "Check." "Okay." Tyler hugged and kissed her good night. "Night, Sweetie." "Night-night, Daddy. Merry Christmas." "Merry Christmas to you, too." Janey crawled into bed, and she put her hands on her heart. "God? I really miss my mommy, and so does Daddy and Lauren and... everybody. Um, God? Can we please, please have her back? Pretty please? Thank you. Amen." Then, she went to sleep.

Chapter 15
It was finally Christmas morning, and the family got out of bed in a hurry. Tyler cooked a delicious breakfast. They all sat down to enjoy their meal. Lauren was the one to say grace. "God, thank you for this wonderful food we are about to receive. Thank you for allowing us to enjoy it as a family, and thank you for making Christmas such a special holiday. Amen." "Amen," everyone else said. "I talked to God last night," Janey said. "Oh," Lauren acknowledged. "What did you tell him?" "I told him how much I miss Mommy." "And, you asked him if you could have her back?" "Yes." "Aww. You really miss her." "Yeah, I miss her really bad." "I do, too." After breakfast, it was time to open presents, so everyone gathered near the tree. "Okay," Tyler began, "we're gonna continue the tradition that your mother started, giving out empty photo albums to fill up during the next year. Plus, there are several other gifts that I know she would want you to have. I think you'll enjoy them. So, let's get started." He handed out the empty photo albums to Lauren and Janey, and of course, he kept one for Christian as well. "I like this tadition," said Janey. Since she was only six years old, she still had trouble pronouncing a few words. "Yeah, me, too," agreed Lauren. Finally, it was time to give out more presents. "Here you go, Janey," Tyler said, handing her a present. "Thank you, Daddy," she replied, ripping the paper off. She had received a photo album, but she didn't know it was an album. "What's this?" "It's a photo album." Tyler knelt beside her, opened the album, and showed her the pictures. "These are pictures of your mommy when she was a little girl. Look at this one. It's my favourite." He pointed to a picture of Candy, wearing an angel costume, with a long, white tail attached. "She looks pretty with a tail." Tyler chuckled. "It's Mommy when she was your age. She dressed up like an angel for a costume party that one of her best friends was having." "Why does she have a tail? I didn't know angels had tails." "They don't. She just wanted to add that super-long tail, so she could use it to comfort the ones she loved." "How?" "She would wrap it around them." "Did she still want a tail when she turned into a grown-up?" "Yep." Lauren chuckled. "Aww, that's sweet. Did she want it for the same reasons as when she was a kid?"

"Yep." "Aww." "Um, now that's she's an angel, do you think God gave her it?" asked Janey. "Maybe," said Tyler. "I hope so, because then, she could fly around the world, wrap her tail around people, and comfort them." "She sure has a unique way to love people," said Lauren. "Unique and wonderful. I think it would be really cool if she had a tail, and she wrapped it around me." "Or me?" added Janey. "Aww, of course, and Christian." Tyler cleared his throat. "Ahem, uh, what about me?" Lauren laughed. "Of course, Daddy." "Thank you," Tyler teased. Janey giggled. "You're funny, Daddy." "Oh, I am, now?" "Ah-hah." "How about now?" Tyler tickled Janey's neck and face. Janey laughed. "Yes!" "I'm glad I made you smile." "You're funny like a sweater." "A sweater? How are sweaters funny?" "They tickle, because they're so soft." Tyler chuckled. "Hmm, maybe I'll tickle you with my softest sweater, later on." "Okay." "Okay, Lauren, here's your present." Tyler handed Lauren her present. "Thanks, Daddy." She opened her gift, and found that it was another photo album of Candy. She looked through it. "Aww, are these pictures of you and her from the past nine years?" "Yes, and Janey and Christian are in there, too." "These are so cute! Thanks, Daddy!" Lauren kissed Tyler's face. "You're welcome." "Is it okay if I go look at it in private?" "Sure, Sweetie, but hold on. I want you to see what your mom gave Christian." "Oh, okay." Tyler opened Christian's present. "It's a book of bedtime stories for him. Candy wrote them herself." Lauren read the front cover. "Aww, 'Sweet Bedtime Stories of God by Candy Marie Light Lawrence.' That is so sweet!" "I'll read them to him at bedtime." "Aww, could I read them to him? Please, Daddy?" "Sure." "Well, I'm gonna go look at these pictures." "Okay."

Lauren carried her gifts back to her room, and closed the door. She went through her drawers, and took out Candy's diary. Then, she sat on the bed, looking through the photo album and the diary. Tears poured out of her eyes, and they landed on the ruby heart, attached to her necklace. She wiped them off with a handkerchief. "Mom?" she sobbed as she looked at a beautiful picture of Candy. "If you can hear me in heaven, I miss you so much, and I need you. Please, please come back. I've tried to be strong, and accept the fact that you've moved on, but I can't take it anymore. I can't keep lying to myself. I'm about to crack. Mom, I need you back." She placed the photo album and the diary on top of the dresser, took her shoes off, and put them in her closet. Then, she crawled into bed, cuddled under the blankets, and sobbed. She fell asleep for a few minutes, and in her dreams, she could feel Candy, rubbing her back, kissing her cheek, and wrapping her arms around her. She even dreamt she heard Candy say "I love you." Minutes later, she woke up, and felt someone's arms around her. She thought she was still dreaming, but she turned her head, and saw an angel, lying in her bed, and holding her. "Mom?" "Baby?" "Mom, is it really you?" "Yes, Baby, it's me." "But... how? I mean... what happened?" "God told me I needed to come back, but this time, I'm in an angel's body." "You still look the same." "That's because my wings are hidden. You can only see them when I fly." "You can fly now?" "Mm-hmm." "Mom, are you just visiting from heaven, or are you really here to stay?" "I'm staying, Baby. I saw you all from heaven, trying to be strong for each other, but I knew that deep down, you were hurting. God told me that you all, and the rest of Sweaterfield, needed me. I'm staying on Earth forever. I won't leave you again." Candy kissed her daughter. "I'm so sorry I broke your heart. I never meant to hurt you, or anyone for that matter." "Mom, it wasn't your fault. You were sick." "Not anymore." "I'm so glad you're here. Mom, thanks for everything you gave me. Thanks for giving me a real home, and thanks for all those awesome presents." "Awwww, you're welcome, my angel." Candy looked at Lauren. "I can see that you're wearing the necklace I made for you." "Yeah, I wear it everywhere I go. Well, I don't wear it in the shower. I don't wanna ruin it." Candy giggled. "But, I wear it everywhere else. I even found a matching bracelet, and wore it to the party last night." "You mean the party that I usually throw?" "Yeah. It was a lot of fun. I sang your solo." "I heard you. You have a wonderful voice." "Thanks."

"I saw you made the whole town cry with that angelic voice of yours." "Yeah, when I saw them crying, it gave me chills." "Awww." "Mom?" "Yes, my angel?" "Why do you have that big dress on?" Lauren was referring to a long, white dress Candy was wearing. It almost looked like a ball gown, but even more beautiful. "That's the dress I chose to wear when I first became an angel, and there's a surprise underneath the skirt." Lauren had a surprised look on her face. "Wait, you mean... a tail?" Candy gasped jokingly. "How did you know?" "Daddy told me and Janey about how you wanted a tail. He showed us the picture of you, dressed as an angel with a long tail, and he told us why you wanted one. That is so sweet." "I love having one." "You have a very unique and wonderful way to love people. It's strange, but... good strange. I've never known anyone who wanted something like this, and would use it in such a beautiful way. That's awesome, Mom. Did you ask for that tail?" "Yes, I did. God said that I had earned it. He knew my most heartfelt wishes, and he granted one of them. I know it's weird, but I love it. I can use it in so many loving ways. I can use it to keep someone warm if they don't have a blanket, or anything to keep them warm. I can use it to keep people safe from danger, or I can just use it to love and comfort people. I can use it to hold them close, and love them. I know I have my arms, but a long tail comes with extra sweet love." Candy giggled, and kissed Lauren again. Lauren smiled with tears in her eyes. "Wow, just when I think you've hit the limit for amazing, you go even higher. You never stop. I have a tip for you. Don't stop." "Awwww, am I really that amazing to you?" "Duh!" Lauren joked. Candy giggled sweetly. "You're sweet, loving, beautiful, talented, funny, giving, selfless, unique, and now, you're a real angel. I think you've always been a real angel, though." "Awww, I think you are, too." While they were talking, Tyler and Janey knocked on the door. "Lauren, Honey, are you in there?" Tyler called from outside the door. "Are you okay?" added Janey. "Yeah, I'm fine," answered Lauren. "Come in, you guys." They opened the door, and stepped in. "Hey," said Tyler. "Just wanted to see if you were okay. We were worried, and..." He looked on the bed, and nearly fell over, backwards, when he saw who was lying in it with Lauren. "Candy?" Janey was surprised as well. "Mommy?!" Candy sat up. "Hi, my angels."

Tyler was confused. "How did you--" "God sent her from heaven," Lauren interrupted. "He told her she was needed here, but this time, she's an angel." Tears of indescribable joy shot out of Tyler's eyes as he ran to Candy, and threw his arms around her. "Oh, Candy! I missed you so much!" Candy held him, and stroked his head and back. "Awwww, Tyler, my baby, I missed you, too!" "Mommy!" Janey ran to Candy, and jumped onto the bed. She crawled onto Candy's lap. Candy hugged Janey while still holding Tyler. "Awww, my little princess! I'm so happy to see you!" "Your dress is pretty." "Thank you, Baby! It's my angel outfit." "Can I play with the zipper?" Candy's dress zipped up in the front. Candy kissed Janey's forehead, and smiled at her. "Aww, of course, you can, Baby." Janey grabbed Candy's zipper, and she zipped it up and down, over and over again. Lauren, Candy, and Tyler laughed. Janey stopped after about thirty seconds. Candy giggled. "Aww, you always loved playing with my zippers. Why did you stop?" "I wanna hug you." "Awwwwww! Come here!" Candy gave Janey a big hug. "I love you, Mommy." "I love you, too." "Candy, you're even sweeter than before," Tyler chimed in. "I love being sweet to you all, because I love you. I want you all to know that I'm here to stay. I'm staying here forever. God said that many people need me, and I saw how strong you were all trying to be for each other. I was so proud of you, but I knew you were hurting. I knew I had to come back, and God said that I should. Now, I'm staying." "I'm really happy you're staying forever, Mommy," said Janey. "Where's my little Christian?" "I put him down for a nap," said Tyler. "I'll go get him." "Thank you, Baby." Tyler left the room to wake Christian up. Meanwhile, the girls continued talking. "Is heaven as awesome as people say it is?" asked Lauren. Candy shook her head. "No, it's even better. The angels are as sweet as can be. Jesus and his family is wonderful, and God is amazing. Everyone in heaven is so much fun to be around, and we all get along so well. We're a team, and we keep getting bigger. Maybe I'll take you there for a visit, so you can see just how wonderful it is." "You can do that?" asked Janey. "Yes, I can, Princess. I'm an angel. I can fly."

"Where are your wings?" "They're hidden. You'll see them when I fly." "Cool!" Tyler came back in, holding Christian in his arms. He brought him to Candy, and sat on the bed with everyone else. Candy looked at her five-month-old son, and almost cried. "Awwww, look at him! He's getting so big! Oh, Tyler, you're doing a wonderful job with him." "Thanks, Candy," said Tyler. "Everyone, I want you to listen to what I have to say next. I loved heaven. I enjoyed it with all my heart, but I watched you all acting strong for each other. I saw you trying to be alright, and I knew you were hurting inside. I'm so sorry I left you like this. I'm so sorry for hurting you all. I never meant to hurt anybody, because you're very special to me. I love you all, and everyone else in the world. I'm just so sorry for breaking your hearts, but I will never leave you again. I promise." "Candy, don't blame yourself," said Tyler. "It wasn't your fault for being sick. I blame the cancer, not you." "Yeah, me, too, Mom," added Lauren. "Me, three!" Janey chanted. "Cancer's mean!" The others laughed. "I love you all!" Candy cried. "We love you, too, Mom," said Lauren. "I have another little surprise to show you." "Oh, you guys are gonna like this." "What, Mommy?" asked Janey. Candy crawled out of the bed, and stood up. She lifted her skirt enough, so that everyone could see her tail. "You have a tail?" Janey asked, surprised. "Yes, I do," said Candy. "I asked God for it when I became an angel." "He said that she deserved it," added Lauren. "I totally agree." "You look pretty, Mommy," said Janey. "Aww, thank you, Baby!" Candy replied. "How do you get it out of the back of your dress?" "I have an area in the back, and I can bring it through the little hole." "Can't people see your underwear through the hole?" Candy giggled. "No, I'm wearing a pair of long pants underneath my dress." "Cool!" "So, would you all like to go for a little trip in the air?" "Sure, I'd love that!" Lauren exclaimed. Later on, the family went out, into the town. Everyone was overjoyed to see Candy again, and somehow, they knew how she came back. "Are you all ready to fly with me?" Candy asked. The family nodded. Candy wrapped her arms and her long tail around them to protect them, and as she rose from the ground, everyone saw her wings appear. They were

probably the most beautiful wings anyone could ever see. The town watched as Candy took her family higher and higher. "Mommy, I'm scared," Janey worried. Candy held her a little tighter. "Awww, Baby, I won't let you fall." "This is amazing, Mom," said Lauren. "Yeah, the view is great," added Tyler. Even Christian seemed to enjoy it, because he was laughing. "Aww, you like it, Christian?" said Candy in a sweet, motherly voice. "I think he likes it." Janey looked down at Sweaterfield. "Hello, down there!" she said in a loud, deep voice. The other's laughed. "Janey, you're hilarious!" Lauren laughed. They knew they had to come back later, but for the time being, they decided to enjoy the flight. They looked so beautiful in the pure, blue sky, with Candy holding them. They felt very safe, because they knew she wouldn't let them fall down. So, they continued to fly in the arms of an angel named Candy.

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