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Join us on April 8 from 6 – 8 PM at our Scottsdale, AZ facility. Tour our training and education departments, and listen to Lee share the latest discoveries and research of the Brain Fitness Revolution. Plus, We'll be offering special discount packages for anyone attending our first Open House this year. Seating is limited, please RSVP today. 480.588.6840. Click on image below for more information.

Brain State Technologies® March 2010 Newsletter

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1. Open House Invite 2. Martial Arts & Brain Training 3. From Lee Gerdes 4. New Director of Client Services

Incorporating Training





Dami Egbeyemi of Mind Body Harmonics in Regina, Canada, talks about how he uses Brainwave Optimization with RTB to help him become both mentally and physically prepared for martial arts competitions. Adrenaline Regina Sports Magazine. March 2010. Read the whole article below or click here to view the PDF.

IT’S ALL IN THE MIND Adrenaline Regina Sports Magazine – March 2010 Dami Egbeyemi trains hard – both his body and his mind. “Once you balance the brain, the body follows,” said Egbeyemi. “My background is in computer technology and IT; I have also been doing martial arts since I was about 14. Martial art is a way to keep myself fit – both mentally and physically. Incorporating martial arts and technology is where brain training comes in.”

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Egbeyemi took a break from Taekwon-Do for a few years and became involved in skateboarding and attended college. At 21, he returned to mixed martial arts, and moved back to Regina from Prince Albert to train with professionals such as Jeff Wiley. At the same time, he began to understand how training the mind is just as important as training the body. “I was going through depression, anxiety, and stress, and I found that my sports performance wasn’t at its optimum,” said Egbeyemi. “I started doing yoga and meditation, and found I was able to improve performance quite a bit. Then I found out about guided imagery – visualization techniques that help me get better at what I do. A friend introduced me to Brain State Technologies. It was a video basically talking about how the technology can help people Brain State Technologies 15150 N Hayden Rd. #106 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 480.588.6840

with depression and anxiety to improve their problems without the use of medication. That really appealed to me.”

NASA and your brain both control a large number of complicated systems. Some of those systems are built to operate on automaticfunction but have over-ride capabilities. NASA has built the rocket which carries a satellite into space to self-eject part of itself to burn up in the atmosphere after it has boosted the satellite to a specific altitude. The rocket automatically ejects part of itself so the rest of it can move toward space without the weight of the used portion. Should there be a problem with the rocket self-ejection mechanism – say a bird flew into it at take-off - and the used portion does not self-eject then NASA-Control on earth can manually eject it. Our brains work like that as well, they are set to perform automatic functions. And, if something goes wrong – like we get hit on the head, or even if we get hit “in” the head by an emotional trauma, a chemical, or virus – the automatic function may not work so well. People recognize the symptoms of the automatic function not working well, but sometimes don’t know what to do about it. For example, people with hypertension, anxiety, panic attacks, poor sleep, and/or lots of anger may be stuck in Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) dominance. The brain does not self-regulate in SNS dominance and a stuck position of fight-or-flight exists in their autonomic nervous system. When many of these people do Brainwave Optimization with RTB™, the brain becomes more balanced, tends to self-regulate, and the symptoms are often fully or partially mitigated. A balanced brain allows relaxation and self-regulation and we do not yet know all of the possibilities this represents to help mitigate symptoms of a less-than-optimum life. The possibilities are virtually endless and we are finding more applicability with Brainwave Optimization all the time.

New Director Of Client Services - Kim Evans

As a new member of the Brain State Technologies team, I am delighted to be a part of an organization that is on the cutting edge of the Brain Fitness Revolution. Knowing that the work we do helps people live happier, more fulfilling lives gives me a great level of hope and satisfaction as we continue to make new discoveries. For decades I have been observing and studying the evolution of brain research, and as a somatic therapist, I have always been fascinated by the mind/body connection. I am constantly looking for natural alternatives to enhance the body/mind work and coaching that I do with my clients, which is how I discovered Brain State Technologies (BST) almost four years ago. I had begun working with a fourteen year old boy, who was on five different prescription drugs to treat what had been diagnosed as bipolar disorder. My search for a natural and complimentary alternative led me to BST. After a series of brain training sessions, several of his symptoms disappeared, and today with the help of other modalities, he is off all of his medications, and enjoying his first real job. This is just one of countless stories of positive results that I have observed in my clients, whom I have referred to BST. This month I moved my private practice to BST, and I now wear two hats. I provide somatic therapy and coaching for clients who would also like this additional service at our BST headquarters here in Scottsdale, and I am also their new Director of Client Services. After several years of referring my clients to BST, I was happy and impressed that Lee, the founder of BST, asked me to join their team. This is just another example of how Lee is always looking for and implementing ways BST can better support clients before, during, and after their training. Lee and I share the same philosophy and that is empowering people so that they feel in control of their own lives. Many of the people who come to our headquarters and affiliate offices are brave, courageous people who have been on a very long journey to find a solution for various issues. It is a privilege to be able to assist them in their restorative process. To that end, in future newsletters I will be offering tips, exercises, and tools that will help clients maximize the life changing benefits of brain training, and provide some of our client testimonials, which continue to inspire me. Kim M. Evans, C.R.S. Director of Client Services