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"Certification Magazine" <> Get Familiar With Oracle Database 11g: New Features for 9i OCPs May 29, 2008 12:02:53 AM CDT

May 29, 2008

Volume 3, Issue 22

Get Familiar With Oracle Database 11g: New Features for 9i OCPs These questions are based on 1Z0-055: Oracle Database 11g: New Features for 9i OCPs IBM Self Test Software Practice Test Objective: SQL Performance Analyzer. Sub-objective: Use SQL Performance Analyzer. Single answer, multiple-choice Which of these CANNOT be identified using SQL Performance Analyzer? A. The impact changes will have on overall workload and net SQL workload. B. Regressed SQL statements. C. How executions plans are affected by a change. D. SQL statements that are part of the SQL plan baseline. Click here for answer #1 Objective: Database replay. Sub-objective: Use Workload capture and replay. Multiple answer, multiple-choice You have performed a workload capture. You want to replay this in a test environment. You restore the original database as it existed before the capture to the test environment and move the captured workload to that system. Which statements about replay options are true? (Choose all that

Which statements about replay options are true? (Choose all that apply.) A. Setting the THINK_TIME_SCALE to a lower value decreases the amount think time between calls for a session. B. If you set CONNECT_TIME_SCALE to zero, replay will attempt to immediately connect all sessions. C. You can increase the number of concurrent users during replay by adjusting the CONNECT_TIME_SCALE parameter. D. SYNCHRONIZATION must be set to FALSE to preserve commit order during replay. Click here for answer #2 Objective: Intelligent infrastructure enhancements. Sub-objective: Create and use AWR baselines. Single answer, multiple-choice Examine the details of the system-defined moving window baseline shown in the exhibit. (Click the Exhibit(s) button.) You want to increase the size of SYSTEM_MOVING_WINDOW to 90 days. But when you attempt to do so, you receive the error shown in the exhibit (Click the Exhibit(s) button.) What should you do? A. Call the MODIFY_BASELINE_WINDOW_SIZE procedure of the DBMS_WORKLOAD_REPOSITORY package, passing it a parameter value of 90. B. Call the MODIFY_SNAPSHOT_SETTINGS procedure of the DBMS_WORKLOAD_REPOSITORY package, passing it a RETENTION parameter value of 90. C. Using Enterprise Manager, modify the value of the AWR retention time to a value greater than or equal to 90. D. You cannot correct the error because the system-defined moving window baseline window size cannot be modified. Click here for answer #3 Objective: Backup and recovery enhancements. Sub-objective: Perform archival backups. Multiple answer, multiple-choice You issue an RMAN CHANGE command for a backup, specifying the NOKEEP clause. Which of the following statements are true?

(Choose all that apply.) A. The specified backup is deleted. B. Any previously specified KEEP attributes are removed from the specified backup, and the existing retention-policy settings are used to determine if the backup is OBSOLETE and eligible for deletion. C. The statement fails if you specify the RESTORE POINT clause. D. The statement fails because you cannot specify the NOKEEP clause with the CHANGE command. Click here for answer #4 Objective: Use flashback and LogMiner. Sub-objective: Manage flashback data archive. Single answer, multiple-choice You query DBA_FLASHBACK_ARCHIVE using the following statement: SELECT flashback_archive_name, status FROM DBA_FLASHBACK_ARCHIVE; The output indicates you have created two flashback data archives, FLA1 and FLA2. FLA1 has a STATUS value of DEFAULT, and FLA2 has a null STATUS. You want to drop the FLA1 flashback data archive. Which statement is true? A. If you drop FLA1, historical data will remain in the tablespace until you manually purge it. B. If you drop FLA1, any historical data archived will be lost. C. You cannot drop FLA1 if data has been archived to it. D. You cannot drop FLA1 because it is the default flashback data archive. Click here for answer #5

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