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Geography Assignment

Ebo Sompa DENNIS

Overpopulation in Nigeria


Since there are more people living in the country than the country can cater for it
will lead to ineffective movement to different places because there are many cars
on the roads.


Since more people end up discarding waste, it could lead to pollution of water
bodies, the air and also soil contamination.

Depletion of natural resources:

When there are too many people living in a country, there is the need to clear the
land for houses hotels and many other facilities. This leads to degradation of the
land, forests and loss of animal habitats. Noise nuisances are also caused by

Overcrowded slums:

Poverty is a problem in a country like Nigeria and houses are not very affordable.
Due to this issue, people who migrate to the urban areas retort to building houses
illegally in unauthorized areas which gradually lead to building of slums. This
problem is also the cause of improper sanitation in Nigeria.


In Nigeria, the problem of overpopulation causes unavailability of jobs. Many of the

youth who are unqualified are denied jobs. This situation can lead to an increase in
the crime wave or even child abuse

Conflicts and wars:

When there is a overexploitation of natural resources conflicts arise since people

believe that they have been denied their basic rights. This could further lead to
severe wars.

Constant increase in debt:

Over population can be a cause of a government going close to bankrupt. When this
occurs the government begins to borrow money from other countries under certain
consequences. The government keeps borrowing leading to a huge debt to be paid.

Strain on healthcare facilities and schools:

Geography Assignment

Ebo Sompa DENNIS

When there are many people in the country there is constant strain on healthcare
facilities and schools as well. This is why 1 doctor caters for about 3700 people in
the population.

Under population in Australia

Under exploitation/utilization of resources:

In Australia, natural resources are not effectively used due to under
Job vacancies or shortage of workers is a major problem in Australia since
there are less people in the population and even less people who undertake
certain professions.
It is very difficult for a country like Australia to defend itself in times of war
due to little human resource
In Australia businesses are very likely to close especially when there is lack of
customers. This also scares away investors from the country
The people are made to pay higher taxes since there are many people retired
in the country. The government uses these taxes to pay pensioners.
Slow or less development since the country believes the needs of the people
are fully catered for. This is another cause of low optimum productivity.
If a country is under populated, it is likely to be more attractive to foreign
immigrants. If too many come in, then locals may feel that their culture is
The problem of under population can lead to further population decline