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The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) Call for Interns

for FIP Education (FIPEd)

The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) is the global federation of 137 national
organisations of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists. Through its member organisations, FIP
represents three million pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists from all over the world, with the
mission to advance pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy education through
advocacy and leadership. This mission is accomplished through the initiatives of those who work for
FIP and through prestigious partnerships with other leading global organisations such as World Health
Organisation and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.
FIPEd Team
The FIPEd Team encompasses FIP staff members, the FIPEd Coordinator based in The Hague, the
Netherlands and the FIPEd Project Coordinator and Researcher, based in Lisbon, Portugal. Moreover,
almost 70 volunteers worldwide contribute to the development and implementation of FIPEd projects,
programmes and initiatives.
Internship Details
The intern is expected to be based in The Hague, the Netherlands, for a minimum period of 3 months
(flexible), ideally from 15 September to 15 December 2016. This internship will be subject to an
agreement between the student, the students university, and FIP. With regards to visiting students
and interns, FIP believes that the experience should be mutually beneficial on professional, social and
cultural levels. The success of an internship is dependent on both the contribution the visiting student
to FIP work as well as the educational value the student gains from spending time at the FIP office and
in the Netherlands.
Expectations are the student be motivated, enthusiastic and willing to take on new tasks and
challenges both within and outside a certain portfolio. In turn, FIP is dedicated to ensuring the best
possible learning experience for the duration of the internship. According to Dutch law, FIP is unable
to provide a salary to the intern. However, a compensation will be provided which can be applied to
partially cover travel, food and housing costs.

General Duties
The intern is expected to support Ms. Joana Carrasqueira (FIPEd Coordinator) and Dr. Andreia Bruno
(FIPEd Project Coordinator and Researcher) in managing the overall Education Initiative, focusing on
the following aspects:
- Gathering information and monitoring, in close collaboration with the FIPEd Coordinator,
relevant indicators on the progress and impact of the FIPEd Action Plan through various forms
of media and contact with stakeholders
- Facilitating and organizing data collection for related education-research projects and
maintenance of associated databases
- Acting as a liaison with relevant groups and individuals to organise meetings and
teleconferences, disseminate information, and provide administrative support to the
Education department
- Keeping up-to-date internal monitoring plans and minuting meetings. The intern will also
provide administrative support in the follow up actions of the FIP Congress in Buenos Aires
- Editing and updating the World List of Pharmacy Schools website and AIM website, as well
as preparing ICT-based materials
- Developing a project plan, gathering background information, using planning/monitoring
tools, focusing on low resources countries. Work on midterm progress reports will be done in
accordance with the activities of the Centre of Excellence for Africa
- Assisting in the development of materials for the Global Conference on Pharmacy and
Pharmaceutical Sciences Education in collaboration with the FIPEd Coordinator and the
Marketing Manager
Learning Objectives
At the conclusion of the internship, the intern will be able to:
- Explain the needs-based education development model advocated by FIPEd in a global
- Distinguish different education systems according the local needs of a country and how
to perform a needs assessment with relevant stakeholders -- focusing on low income
- Describe the different components of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences education
to promote workforce development -- undergraduate and postgraduate education,
continuing professional development and specializations in pharmacy
- Explain different research methodologies according the scope of a project -- formal, nonformal, qualitative and quantitative.
- Develop and coordinate a project plan with project management tools and templates -planning, monitoring and budgeting.

Personal Profile
The applicant should have the following attributes:
- Excellent command of English, both writing and speaking skills
- Ability to multitask and work with virtual teams, coordinating a diverse portfolio and
- Excellent administrative and organisational skills, working proactively and efficiently
- Eagerness to learn, creativity and problem-solving
- Knowledge of international health policies and national education systems
- Previous experience in developing/coordinating project plans and/or events
- Familiarity with research methodologies and previous experience in data analysis
- Previous experience in Students Associations (desirable)
The intern must be a pharmacy or a pharmaceutical sciences student at the time of the internship.
To Apply:
Kindly send your CV (maximum 1 page) and a Motivation Letter to by 15 July 2016
at 23:59 GMT+0.
For more information or questions regarding the internship, please contact Ms. Joana Carrasqueira,
FIPEd Coordinator at