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Getaways Template - May 2010
Bought to you by the Men’s Getaway Advisory Committee – Bushfire Recovery, Engaging a cross section of bushfire affected men, Community Recovery Committee’s (CRC’s) and associated agencies. A men’s ‘Getaways’ event is to allow men an opportunity to get away from their normal setting, go to another location, have a good time doing something enjoyable, and have time to talk to other fireaffected blokes and or with people who can help you sort things through if you wish to. The events are for your health and well-being. Blokes have a pretty good idea about what we enjoy doing. We can obtain funding from the Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund (VBAF) that has been allocated to the Bushfire Authority (VBRRA) to establish men’s events through this ‘Getaways Template’. Obviously, some conditions are attached to the funding required, such as that men’s health and well being consultants are a part of the getaways event, and that safety considerations have been undertaken. You might even learn some stuff to help your kids, or your mates. This template is for you to complete, to help you think about, and come up with a great get-away event to suit blokes you know in your community. We would encourage CRC’s and hubs to distribute this template to men who may have an interest in creating a getaway event.

Men’s Getaways Advisory Committee empowering great Getaway events

Getaways Template - Information for you to provide
Your contact information: Name: _______________________________________________ Organisation (if applicable): ______________________________ Contact phone number: _________________________________ Email Address: ________________________________________ Your signature: ________________________________________ Date of application: _____________________________________ Brief description of the event/activity. Please also include how you feel this will be of benefit to you and your mates: _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ Venue Details: Location: ________________________________________________ Contact name: ____________________________________________ Contact phone: ___________________________________________ Website Address / Email: ___________________________________ Proposed time and date: __ am/pm ___/___/2010 To __ am/pm ___/___/2010 Accommodation (if applicable): Cost per night per head: ____________________________________ Number of nights required: __________________________________ Estimated Cost of Accommodation: $________________ Contact Details for Accommodation if different to Venue: Name: ___________________________ Phone: ________________ 1



Community Recovery Committees

Number of participants (maximum 15, including Health & Well Being Consultant) ______________________________________________________________________ Transport If your event needs assistance in arranging transportation to and from your event, please provide details of departure location and if a driver is also required. _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Meals Daily cost per person. $______________ Provider name: __ _____________________________ Phone: _______________ (***Don’t forget to check for any special dietary requirements of your participants***) Activities and Equipment. Cost and Description of any equipment not include in venue hire costs (e.g. fishing rods, tools, software, etc): _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Where will these items be source from? Provider name: _________________________________ Phone: _____________ Costs of items:$ Guest Speaker (please tick one box): We do not require a guest speaker Men’s Getaways Advisory Committee to provide a speaker We would like to use a guest speaker we already know. Their contact details are: Name: _______________________________________________________ Agency/Organisation Name: ______________________________________ Phone Number or email: _________________________________________ Estimated cost: $________________

Men’s Health & Well Being Consultants (please tick one box): The Men’s Getaways Advisory Committee can provide good, down to earth health and well being consultants if you do not know any. Please provide health and well being consultants Number of health and well being consultants required : _______ We would like to use consultants we already know. Contact details: Name: ____________ Agency/Organisation Name: __________________ Phone Number or email: _____________________
(Verification: Contact will be made to ensure qualifications and experience is suitable to meet VBAF Funding requirement. Counsellors from recognised health, government and/or church agencies are recommended.)

Estimated cost: Expense Budget for the event Description Unit How many attending Accommodation (per head) Transport (per head) Meals (per head) Activities or Fixed Cost Equipment Health & Well Per Being Consultant Consultants Cost of Venue Fixed Cost

$________________ Cost per person $ $ $ $ $ Total $ $ $ $ $


Total Any Other Costs (please describe, and include the amount: ___________________________________________________ $_________________ ___________________________________________________ $__________________ ___________________________________________________ $_________________ ___________________________________________________ $__________________ Provider name: _______________________________ Phone: _________________ Funding the Getaway Event Funding from VBAF Please contact Paul Thorn, Bushfire Recovery Authority (VBRRA), 03 909 25897 for advice regarding the potential funding assistance available for your event. Funding from participants All events should charge a fee for participants. As a guide – a half day event $20, a full day event $30, an event requiring one nights accommodation $50, an event requiring two nights accommodation $60. Other Funding Sources If the event looks beyond the budget of your participants and these VBRRA funds, please still submit you application, as we may be able to get you in touch with other funding organisations. Eligibility  The funding provided for the Men’s Getaways Events is for men, 18 years and older only. Other funding sources are available for youth and/or family events.  A clear majority of men attending the event are men are impacted by the February 2009 Bushfires and either: o Hold a ‘blue card’ (VBRRA issued ‘Referral Card’), or o Have received a bushfire related government grant.  Subject to application and approval by the Getaway Advisory Committee, additional attendees may be approved to encourage those who need to attend. Insurance/Indemnity The Getaways Men’s Advisory Committee takes no responsibility for the getaways activity. Participants undertake activities at their own risk. Participants should ensure that the venue, activity provider, transport, accommodation providers, etc,etc hold the appropriate insurance(s) to ensure coverage of the participants of the event. Closing date:


Funding has been obtained for getaways run or booked prior to November 2010 .
Applications for funding need to be received by October 31st 2010. Please submit this completed template to Paul Thorn, VBRRA, phone 03 909 25897. Email or Fax 03 909 25877 or via mail to: VBRRA ATT: Paul Thorn GPO Box 4912 Melbourne For office use only Event Name:__________________________ Event ID Number: _____________________ Assessment Date: ____/_____/2010 Decision: Approved/Declined/Further info required Amount funded: $___________
For queries please contact Paul Thorn at VBRRA 03 909 25897 Email your completed template to:


Victoria 3000 Health and Safety Consideration is to be given to the health and safety of participants.  Consideration of group sizes – our health and well being consultants recommend that group sizes of around 8 to 15 men are good.  This funding cannot be used for the purchase or consumption of alcohol or non event activities.  If alcohol is served, it is to be provided in a safe and responsible manner, and service discontinued when appropriate. As a guide see Cricket Victoria website – Newtown & Chilwell Cricket Club Alcohol Management Policy for more information  In considering activities, there may be some risks involved; refer to the insurance/indemnity section. Media management In an effort to allow your event to achieve its aims, media will not be advised about your event. If all of the members of the event consent to having a report and/or pictures published about your event, please send details to Paul Thorn after the event. Email Any issues regarding media interference should be advised directly to Paul Thorn VBRRA, phone 03 909 25897