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Closing Prayer
Worthy Christian Library Andrew Murray Be Perfect Closing Prayer

O my Father! I desire to walk in your presence this day, and be perfect.

You have commanded it; and You give the enabling grace. I desire to be
perfect with the Lord my God. I desire to serve You with a perfect heart. I
desire to be perfect, as the Father is perfect.
These are Your own words, O my God! I resolve to accept and obey them
in childlike simplicity and trust.
I thank You for the unspeakable gift, Your beloved Son, who was Himself
perfected through suffering and obedience in His sacrifice on the cross,
and by that sacrifice has perfected us also. I thank You that through Him
You now perfect me in every good thing, Yourself working in me that
which is pleasing in Your sight. You will show Yourself strong to them
that are of a perfect heart.
I thank You, O my Father, for the blessed expectation Your word holds
out of being perfected in love here on earth; for the blessed witness of
the beloved disciple to its truth in him and around him; for the power
and light of the Holy Spirit that sheds abroad Your love in our hearts, and
makes it all a reality and a consciousness. The Lord will perfect that




which concerns me: to Him be the glory. Amen.

Be Perfect
Day 31 Perfect Love: Casting out Fear
Worthy Christian Library Andrew Murray Be Perfect Closing Prayer



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Worthy Christian Library Andrew Murray Be Perfect Closing Prayer