Rejecting Propaganda

Refuting propaganda is a constant, daily occurrence. In the 21st century, cultural changes are indeed rapid. Even times are shifting quickly from a year ago. I believe wholeheartedly in altruism or that we should help other people that are need of assistance in life. Once, ex-President George W. Bush admitted to a crowd that he repeats words over and over again to catapult the propaganda. He believes that his stances are cutting edge, but they basically made the country worse off. The mainstream media and the establishment are keen in promoting propaganda. One simple example deals with the Oklahoma City bombing. Some folks from the big networks like ABC, CBS, etc. believed that Timothy McVeigh alone caused the bombing in the Alfred P. Murray building with only one explosive. This comes in spite of the fact that multiple witnesses heard more than one explosion in the building. The tragedy killed 168 people in Oklahoma City. Even local news stations confirmed that two discovered undetonated explosive devices hadn’t gone off. Timothy McVeigh had links to the FBI-infiltrated circle of Elohim City. Terry Nicholas worked with Timothy McVeigh, so by definition the OKC Bombing was a conspiracy anyway.

Now, this bombing set the stage for 9/11 and the subsequent war on terror. This new Crusade against the Sunnis and especially the Shia Muslims have been promoted long before 2001 indeed. The atmosphere of course after 9/11 made civil liberties violations to be just as bad in decades before. There is the Patriot Act and now the plotting to harm Miranda rights against citizens suspected of terrorism (without any conviction at all), SWAT Teams oppressing innocent citizens, and there is strong police brutality. Mercenaries like the Knight of Malta-influenced Xe are common place. Now, the White House supports the measures of war in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The promotion of such evil is a key part and parcel of dangerous or threatening propaganda. MSNBC is showing a new documentary called “The Rise of the New Right.” It’s narrated by Chris Matthews and it’s a hit piece for numerous reasons. This piece will bash anyone with legitimate grievance against the government. I don’t agree with the Tea Party on every issue, but even they are right to point out the problems with the present government in the U.S.A. Chris Matthews is a known basher of anyone who is pro-gun, pro-life, and anti-National ID Card. So, this documentary will expose some legitimate points mixed with the false characterization of extremism equated to strong governmental dissent. I reject the assumption that calling the government on some of its criminal acts (like Operation Paperclip, spying on innocent citizens, torturing people, having oppressive, proBig Brother laws, and some of its political leaders calling for a new world order) is extremist or terroristic. This new series from MSNBC shows a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag (which is a very innocent symbol) as some type of swastika or something. We know what the deal is. I don’t trust neo cons, but I don’t trust left gatekeepers either. Now, this doesn’t mean that all of the government should be banned out of existence. The government ought to be critically reformed. The following quotes shows Edward C. Bernays talking about this issue (Although, I don‘t accept his notion that these elitists control all of the public‘s minds):

"…The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. . . We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. . .In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons . . . who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind. . ." -Edward C. Bernays, Propaganda, 1928

Another form of political propaganda deals with the neo cons and their infiltrated Tea Party movement (as opposed to independent Tea Party human beings). Some of the present day neo conservative propagandists include Glen Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Newt Gingrich, etc. Glen Beck spoke at the so-called “Christian” Liberty University.

In recent decades, Liberty University has been a mouthpiece for Republicans and their ilk so to speak. Liberty University is in Lynchburg, Virginia, which is far from where I live. Lynchburg is in the mountains of Virginia. I live in Southeastern Virginia in Hampton Roads. In May 15, 2010, Beck received an Honorary Doctorate in Humanities and Sciences. He spoke with Newt Gingrich on May 17 too. Why would he do that when Gingrich supports NAFTA, wants profiling, and is an enemy of civil liberties completely? It could be because Beck wants more credibility with his base of folks. These folks believe that getting rid of luxuries for the few is evil, while preserving services for the many elite. This selfish opinion is still taboo for them to present to the public overtly. Gingrich (he was in the Board of Empower America that was filled by CFR members like Michael Novak, Jeane Kirkpatrick, the late 33º Mason Jack Kemp, and 33º Mason Trent Lott) is a recent convert to Roman Catholicism. Glen Beck is a Mormon. Mormonism is polytheistic by viewing many Gods existing in the Universe and that man can have chance to be like God, which is blasphemy. Beck gave the commencement address there and this makes Liberty University very Ecumenical. Beck is one of those people that have infiltrated some of the Tea Party Movement. He heads his own program on FOX News. FOX News prides itself as being Fair and Balanced, but other evidence points to that claim as being inaccurate. One example is how many FOX News network hosts use the same talking points in opposition to President Barack Obama without much independent thought on the alternatives to Barack Obama‘s policies. FOX ironically is headed by CFR member and Papal Knight of St. Gregory Rupert Murdoch (he uses his Roman Catholic agents Sean Hannity and Bill O‘Reilly to host programs there. When you think about it, something comes up. They promote the Papal doctrines of torture, authoritarianism, religious divineness, and control over our civil liberties). Sean Hannity spoke in Liberty University years ago in April of 2007. Hannity believes in abortion for rape and incest. Again, Mormonism is a polytheistic religion which believes Mary had sex with one of their gods and became pregnant with Jesus Christ. That’s blasphemy. They do not believe that salvation is by grace through faith alone or many other critical truths of the Christian faith. One of the common tactics created by the neo conservatives is their paranoia about taxes (like all taxes according to some of them are some sin). They believe that Democrats raise taxes in huge rates all of the time. Here’s the truth. Under President Barack Obama, taxes for 98.6% of working families have been reduced (according to Nate Silver‘s article). President Bill Clinton cut taxes on 15 million low income families and made tax cuts available to 90 percent of small business. Bill Clinton rose taxes on just 1.2 percent of the wealthiest taxpayers. President George W. Bush raised taxes for low income families and their families, veterans, and small businesses. This caused his property taxes increased. George H. W. Bush said “Read my lips: now new taxes.” Yet, Bush 41 created new taxes and broke his promise. The big lie made by them is that poor Americans don‘t pay that much taxes, so taxes should be raised among them in a regressive way. The truth is that all self employed

and employed workers regardless of income pay 15% of their income to Social Security programs. Unemployment insurance and hidden taxes exist in the equation too. All

consumers regardless of income pay corporate, sales, excise, and other taxes in dealing with products and businesses. There are taxation on cars and cigarettes. Also,
the super rich pay taxes, but they receive huge tax revenues. They buy U.S. treasury bonds, collect interest on the national debt from the taxpayer. They regularly rig the game, so they can pay less taxes themselves while the poor are paying the taxes to support bond holders and special interests. What is wrong with legitimate policies that help the poor? The answer is Nothing. A vast majority of the Tea Party also say that their number one priority is reducing the size of the federal government. Do you think that they mean to cut capital sent to fighter jets or entitlement programs? We know the answer to that question. Socialism is the state ownership of the means of production not helping the poor via certain programs. So, the lie that the poor don‘t pay taxes is false. It‘s evil to promote the redistribution of wealth (what I mean by this is an unfair tax system not the government legitimately helping the people) from the poor to the rich via the State.

I don’t want the change embraced by Glen Beck or Barack Obama. I reject the occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Unconstitutional and immoral foreign wars are never conservative. The Wall Street’s war on Main street is immoral in my eyes. Much of the police state policies enacted by the Bush administration has never been repealed including: the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, Presidential Directive 51 (that makes the President a virtual dictator in times of an emergency), etc. There are new threats against our health freedom rights in 2010 like HR 2749 bashing organic/non-GMO foods, the carbon tax scheme bill of HR 2454, the ID Act of S.1261, the Cyber Security bill (or HR 4061) threaten to harm Internet freedom, the Orwellian-entitled Wall Street "Reform" and Consumer "Protection" Act, which gives the "Federal" Reserve even more power than it already has, and other bills. Although, legitimate components do exist in that Wall Street Reform bill. There is the Council of Governors too. Instead of just seeking a limited fiscal agenda, we should be advocating a thorough, fair & compassionate fiscal agenda. Some of the Tea Partiers have abandoned the centuries-long fight for reform to make governments better by giving them the power to check predatory finance and wealth. Some of them, acting mainly out of frustration, have succumbed a utopian desire simply to shrink government that they see acting adversely to their interests. Some of the Tea party crowd love an unrestrained, unregulated free market system. We ought to reject a regressive tax, monetarist economic policy. Even the Greek demonstrators want the global tax to shift off property and finance onto labor (and to give pensions priority over the banks getting billions of dollars because of bad loans). Not to mention that the IMF and the World Bank economically exploited the nation of Greece under the guise of “structural adjustment.” The globalists heading the IMF, etc. desire a centralization of financial capital into a few hands, so the resources of the world can be effective controlled under an elite. This same cabal

has stolen money from Social Security to finance its militaristic wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (hence the cabal's frantic effort to destroy the Social Security system). It has skewed the tax laws so that the rich pay almost nothing while the working class suffers under huge tax burdens. Then you have people condemning protests over there when any human being have a right to make their legitimate grievances known via protests. This is how America began and how other movements sprung up in history.

The British Prime Minster election has been interesting. Some people believe that the 3 candidates have more similarities to each other than differences. Some feel that the voter turnout will be low. There has been public apathy and antipathy toward the 3 major political parties. These parties are the incumbent Labour government, the Conservatives, and the Liberal Democrats. The Liberal Democrats are running at all time highs, there is a real prospect that the British general election of 2010 will see as many citizens forfeiting their democratic right as those turning out to vote. There is high unemployment, poverty and debt in Britain. The budget deficit is estimated to be around £163 billion, which, some commentators say, puts Britain on a par with Greece in terms of its gravity. Some feel that all 3 parties are very similar. Some in the Labour Party from 1945-1997 tries to promote working and lower middle class people's interests. Later, Tony Blair and his successor Gordon Brown came on the scene. Brown is apart of the New Labour that has been indistinguishable from the other main parties in terms of submitting to big business and the wealthy elite. Prior to the 1997 election, which brought Labour to government, one senior Conservative smugly noted that, in terms of economic policy, there was “not a cigarette paper between” the Thatcherite Tory Party and Blair’s New Labour. Voter participation after WWII dropped down fast. The gap between the rich and the poor increased even in the years of the Labour government. This surpassed the notoriously pro-wealthy previous 19 years of Conservative government. A recent Rich List compiled by the British Sunday Times found that Britain’s 1,000 super-rich saw their wealth increase by one-third – or £77 billion – to a total £334 billion during 2009 alone. Evidently, the only thing that a large chunk Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s £1,000 billion stimulus package achieved was stimulating the assets of the already wealthy. All 3 major political parties have done economic austerity to try to solve Britain's fiscal condition. Yet, this doesn't work since these policies only cut public services (stop programs, cut jobs, etc.). Ruled out from the outset, it seems, are imminently sensible and workable options, such as taxing the superrich whose combined wealth is more than twice than of Britain’s budget deficit, or immediately ending budget-draining criminal wars of foreign occupation. That's taboo, but economic populism is getting more popular because of the craziness of the economy. That is why independent parties are growing. Today, Cameron from the Conservative Party has been elected as the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

People have a right to be in the Tea Party movement if they wish even though I don't agree with all of their stances. People certainly have a right to embrace real tenets from the Constitution and Bill of Rights as well. People shouldn't sit down and shut up. People have a right to oppose evil whenever it is found. Establishment Republicans have differences with Barack Obama, but they agree with him on believing in a war on terror and a government that's influenced by corporate power (with a bloated military budget). These policies can increase the debt. Even Larry Summers in the Obama administration was taught by monetarist dogma. A monetarist follower of Milton Friedman or von Hayek, by contrast, would say that the homeowners who default should be thrown into the street, so that the market can work. I don‘t agree with that at all. Some from hate social programs, but many of these programs in tons of occasions have allowed the poor to escape literally starvation and death. You have to help people. Sometimes charity and private services aren't enough to do it. Democrats and Republicans are ruled by the same oligarchy as Georgetown Professor Carroll Quigley have documented. Obama is heavily stirred by the same Pilgrim dictated Wall Street crowd and Goldman Sachs functionaries as his predecessor. Democrats and Republicans are interchangeable with minor cosmetic differences to try to fool the people. There is the socialism vs. Austrian economic

paradigm. The Austrian economists take the ideal of limited government on its head by promoting little or no regulation whatsoever (or no government interference) in society. The Tea Party overwhelming reject almost any form of government spending. What are the poor and middle class people going to do under their world? Some Tea Partiers advocate militarism and mention nothing on the corrupt War on Drugs. When you think about it, Communism makes the State act as a dictator oppressing the people & their liberties. While extreme libertarianism makes the corporations act as dictators which can oppress the people. Its philosophy attempts to immorally destroy the State. Therefore, the real interests of people are under attack. Now, these extreme philosophies are aided by the same aristocrats (and these tenets leave the government lacking in safeguards to protect the citizenry). It‘s not right that Wall Street received record money from Congress and the citizens of America receive crumbs. You can‘t just say cut all expenditures and then do nothing to allow the economy to grow (that action doesn’t improve our M1, M2, and M3 money supplies). Liquidating stocks, labor, and real estate aren’t a viable option for long-term financial growth as well. The government was created to serve us. I was once sympathetic to much of the views of Ron Paul until I figured out that he had no comprehensive solution to solve poverty, health care issues, educational problems, etc. Some of them in the Austrian movement desire no programs to assist all citizens. Individual liberty, religious freedom, free speech, and freedom of assembly are fine concepts to promote. Yet, the Constitution doesn't mention a word on free markets at all (which has been exploited by corporate elitists for thousands of years if the markets are unchecked. We don‘t need a gold based currency as some “Patriot” radio outlets yearn for or multinational corporations doing whatever they desire). Unchecked cartel capitalism don't work to benefit anyone economically. One forefather of the pro-aristocrat anarcho-capitalism agenda was John Locke. He supported the slave trade and was pro-imperialist from the UK. Locke was the founding member of the Board of Trade. This group as created to rule over American colonies. Its royal patent came about as early as May 15, 1696. It was officially abolished in 1782. Locke wanted a Constitution in Carolina to make eight lords proprietors as a hereditary nobility and control over the serfs in an absolute fashion. He wrote the Fundamental Constitutions for the Government of Carolina in 1669. These rules were basically pro-feudalism. Feudalism suppresses not only the rights of an individual, but collectively centralizes real Power into the hands of a few people. Locke called the serfs, “leet-men.” He wants the colonies to only trade with the UK and other oppressive policies. Even Cotton Matter disagreed with the illegitimate rules from the Navigation Acts. Rand Paul from Kentucky is a new face that is allied with the Tea party Movement. His father is Ron Paul and people know what I think about Ron Paul. I agree with Rand Paul on the 2nd Amendment, his goal of making the Internet free, and Rand embracing individual liberty. I don’t agree with him that criticizing BP in a harsh fashion is anti-

American (or that nearly any regulation is evil. The repeal of the Glass Steagall Act contributed to the recession in the world. A repeat of what transpired in the Gilded Age during the late 19th century isn‘t an option for us). I believe that even if private businesses exist, they can’t discriminate against a person based on race. The reason is that even private places can’t do what they want whenever they want. In other words, a private business can’t use poisons, they can’t murder people, they can’t conduct fraud, etc. Private businesses are in the U.S. and they are still subject under American laws. Some private businesses have to use a public charter from the government in order to function. Plus, some private businesses experience inspections from the city or the state. Limitations exist in the functions of public and private locations (Rand said that he supports the Civil Rights Act and he rejects racism). The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was legitimate in protecting both private and public places from discrimination. I will write much more about Rand Paul in the near future. You can count on that. People have a right to live independently of the government if they wish, but it's immoral to deny a person help from the government if they legitimately need it. I believe in altruism unlike Ayn Rand. Rand supported an axe murderer and she promoted human selfishness instead of human selflessness. Ayn Rand was a wicked woman and Rand Paul supports this women in 2010. Statist absolutism is just as much evil as is fascism, communism, and cartel-capitalism. The Tea Party crowd should reject the gold standard for all currency, the privatized control of our economic system, the austerity fetish, and Ludwig von Mises’ extremism.

Fredriech Von Hayek supported the Fascist Pinochet Regime in Chile because Pinochet instituted "Free Markets" Ludwig von Mises was closely tied to the elitist Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi. Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi promoted the idea of an European Union and a pan-American Union. This man Richard is related to Byzantium leaders. Rothschild and Warburg sponsored him. People have got to wake up and realize the bigger picture. I want to mention this too. Some in the mainstream media are exploiting Rand Paul’s errors in order to disregard the legitimate opposition to leaders calling for a new world order (and other things like the corrupt history of the World Bank, the IMF, the U.N., and other entities). Some of these neo-fascists are anti-immigrant (Even the founder of FAIR is a known racist. Some Council on National Policy-affiliated people support this anti-immigrant rhetoric). Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce, who submitted the Arizona immigration bill has, for many years, been associated with local Neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups. In 2007, Pierce was photographed with J.T. Ready spokesman for the National Socialist Movement, better known as the Nazi Party. In 2008, Pierce sponsored Senate Bill 1108, which would make it impossible for students at Universities to join

groups based in whole or part because of their ethnicity, claiming it would indoctrinate people with anti-American mentality. As if the relationship could not be any clearer, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer yesterday signed a bill targeting a school district’s ethnic studies program. Arizona law now prohibits classes that promote ethnic solidarity, that are created primarily for students of a particular race or that promote resentment toward a certain ethnic group. I don’t agree with a law banning ethnic studies since it’s a violation of the First Amendment among other reasons. Learning history about an ethnic group in a real fashion is never apart of racism at all. These fascists are being bold in Arizona. I don’t believe in scapegoating immigrants. I believe in freedom without the propaganda from the lobbyist filled Freedom Works (whose leader is Dick Armey. His ilk oppose any government assistance to the poor when there is record income inequality in America). Real tyranny deals with corporatism, the military industrial complex, the militarization of American society, and illegal wars of aggression. The Tea Party shouldn’t march for corporate interests.

Some want anarcho-capitalism, which I reject. There has been welfare bashing, but the U.S. has the lowest welfare in proportion to their population than any nation in the industrialized world. Most wage and salaried workers pay disproportionately higher taxes than the corporate rich. Today, the State has been infiltrated by corporatists that are hostile to the needs of the workers, while promoting corporate warfare, cutting down public services, & militarism. That is why dissent with some of the policies of the state is fine in order for the government to be reformed. There is a proficient necessity of having workplace protections, Social Security, a safety net, and other keen safeguards in order to justly enriching the quality of life among tons of citizens. The threat of neo-liberalism still manifests its head in our time as it did numerous decades ago. Interest free money to advance real programs in re-establishing our nation’s resources is a fine prescription to me. The debt-free “Greenback” alternative (which is apart of the economic populist movement) is advocated by monetary reformers such as Ellen Brown, Richard C. Cook, Stephen Zarlenga, and the makers of both “The Money Masters” documentary (and the recently-released sequel, “The Secret of Oz”).

The Rockefeller Foundation aid Austrian & Keynesian economics. Much of the Tea Partiers have been infiltrated by neo con reactionaries like Sarah Palin, Jon Voight, the CNP (Bob Barr and Larry Pratt who both are members of the Council for National Policy), and the Republican Party. *We don't need to end individual liberty, but we should have checks and balances in our economy too. Also, I want to mention that real conservatives, real independents, real liberals, and real libertarians exist in this country that sincerely want to improve American society. So, there is no monopoly on idealism among any political ideology.












Michelle Malkin is a special neo con shill. She was born in October 20, 1970 in Philadelphia, PA. Her Filipino parents are Rafaela and Dr. Apolo Maglalang, while they were in the United States on student visas. She grew up in Absecon, New Jersey. Malkin graduated from Oberlin College. In 1993 she married Jesse Malkin, a Rhodes Scholar and former economist for the RAND Corporation. Michelle Malkin admits that her husband influenced her to have anti-Arabic sentiments and support for the evil, wicked war on terror. The RAND Corporation is a war mongering corporation after all. The truth is that real constructive solutions are better than war. One of her sites is called Hot Air and for good reason. Malkin is right to expose Planned Parenthood, but she is wrong on many other issues. She tried to justify the evil internment of Japanese Americans. Eric Muller, a law professor at the University

of North Carolina who has written extensively on the subject, told The Daily Star, "Malkin's argument depends on a studied ignorance of the overwhelming evidence in the historical record, documented by dozens of scholars, of the impact of racism and wartime hysteria on those who conceived of and planned and implemented the incarceration of Japanese-Americans in World War II." She believes in racial profiling
and the intentional of camps if necessary against folks deemed “terrorists” in America. Malkin has some obsession with the Barack Obama administration when Barack Obama isn’t to blame for all of the problems in this country. She in one article made the racist charge that illegal immigrants and Hispanic Americans were

to blame for the mortgage crisis in a great deal. The credit crisis was caused in great measure by Wall Street, extreme deregulation, and other corrupt policies. The banks and loan companies started lobbying to relax the regulations for the type of credit you needed to buy a home. There were plenty of programs to help people get their credit right, but the lenders wanted to be able to lend that money today, not the following year when people had better credit. So they pushed and pushed until the regulations were gone, and did a lot of predatory lending, too. This went on across the board, not just poor people and minorities were offered 100, 105, 110 percent loans on the value of their houses at teaser rates that would eventually adjust upward. This is typical of her since her ilk will blame the poor for the crimes of the super rich. Her race based rhetoric is hilarious (like saying that there is an epidemic of black preacher bigotry, which is a lie), because she is a person of color. Also, Michelle Malkin allies with the VDARE website. When the Washington D.C. beltway sniper was active in 2002, Malkin openly attacked police chief Charles Moose, a Black man, as incompetent and greedy. Although, she had no credible evidence for these charges. When the sniper was caught by Charles Moose and the Montgomery County, Maryland police department, she continued trashing on Mr. Moose anyway, largely based on her brainwashed racism against Blacks. Funny how whenever she goes after white people (Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, any other white Democratic politicians) she never labels it an “epidemic of white people [insert attack].” This is a common tactic by those who are either subtly or blatantly racists. During the Abercrombie Fitch incident in 2001, where A&F sold racist shirts with anti-Asian caricatures. This was evil of course. The company later pulled off the shelf after a massive protest by the Asian American community. Malkin immediately attacked the brave Asian American protesters as greedy money-grubbers and downplayed the whole incident. A year later, A&F was facing a major civil rights lawsuit for discriminating against Asians, Blacks, and Hispanics in the employment process. Of course, she makes no mention of this. Of course, any major news stories where minorities may advance and become more equal in America is unacceptable for racists like Michelle Malkin to present to the public.

Malkin herself was born to Filipino parents who were in the US on visas, but she is one of the loudest voices against what she calls in a derogatory, bigoted tone “anchor babies.” I guess Michelle Malkin forgotten or omitted that in the law of the United States of America mentions that any baby born in America is an American citizen. That website of VDARE promotes hatred and stereotypes against people of color constantly. Some call Michelle Malkin a self hater of her Filipino people, yet I don’t know that for certain. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is true though. Alex Kopperman wrote about Michelle Malkin’s ties to white supremacists. Vdare allow authors like J. Philippe Rushton to promote racial lies about different people. Jared Taylor writes for VDARE too. Jared writes for the American Renaissance journal that promotes theory of the genetic inferiority of people of color, which is a lie. Jared is a racist white supremacist. Michelle Malkin called his friend Brimelow (or the VDARE site founder) as a good friend. Brimelow praised Taylor as: "perhaps the most brilliant and accomplished figure among White Nationalists.” Taylor believes that America is in threat of being a Third World nation by the influx of immigration. Real threats aren’t just from the Klan, but from pseudo-intellectuals using a suit and tie to voice their neo con rhetoric in

order deceive the masses. They can’t overtly use slurs like they used to do. They just use code words and pseudo science as a means to gain support among even puppets like Michelle Malkin. If Jared Taylor and other bigots have their way, Michelle Malkin’s parents wouldn’t be in the United States in a high probability. Malkin lied and said that a Marine didn’t throw a puppy off a cliff in Iraq. Regnery Publishing published her books. This publishing company have ties to the shill group of the John Birch Society. They were so extreme in the 1950’s that they considered Eisenhower a Communist stooge. The JBS omit that Communism is a controlled, elite-sponsored economic instrument. Communism like vulture, cartel-capitalism were instruments of the establishment. They were utilized by the elite or the oligarchy to strife real Revolution or real, authentic changes in the world, especially in the Third world. Even in America, the HUAC organization tried to suppress political free speech. That is why in May of 1960, people protested against HUAC authoritarian methods. The HUAC system was a violation of political free speech. The first two titles published by Regnery were critical of the Nuremberg Trials and Regnery published pro-Nazi books. Today in the 21st century, the atmosphere of oppressive conformity and violation of political free speech are still threats in America. Michelle Malkin needs to really wake up.
Real Filipinos that I have encountered in Virginia are not like Michelle Malkin. They are nice, intelligent, down to earth, and strong willed without the evil bitterness. A lot of Filipino Americans live in the Hampton Roads area (where I’m from. They live, they work, they worship God, and they contribute to society just like anyone else does), New York, throughout the East Coast, California, and across the nation. Of course, FOX news has her on their show since they usually agree with her archaic views. Propaganda isn’t just limited in one side of the paradigm. There are also limousine liberals. These liberals talk about tolerance, peace, etc., but they don't practice what they preach in many circumstances. Some of them are rich and live in big mansions far away from minority communities. Yet, they project the stereotype that people who disagree with them are bigots, intellectually inferior, etc. They have a sick form of tolerance in my eyes. Some of these limousine liberals (not true liberals) are very racist and advance anti-family policies. The pro-new world order crowd believe in eugenics even now. Today, they are more slick by allowing the oligarchy to create problems (like terrorism via false flag ops, derivatives causing a financial collapse, using bioterrorism, having compulsory schooling, TV based mind control, poisoning our waters, etc.) and then add their versions of a wicked false solution (or the Problem-Reaction-Solution tactic). A real solution would be to ban the fractional reserve banking system and to get countries to issue debt free and interest free currency. This can be done to fund production and repair of public goods (like bridges, roads, etc.), so all people can benefit. We should reject land speculation and the evil austerity measures from the IMF and the World Bank. One example of a limousine liberal is Left Gatekeeper Gore Vidal. He advocated anti-family policies back in 1969. In ironically Playboy Magazine, Gore said that (other than wanting some dictatorial authority to control the actions

of humanity in America. That's wrong on Vidal's part):

".... I mean just that. Only certain people would be allowed to have children. Nor is this the hardship that it might at first appear. Most people have no talent for bringing up children and they usually admit it--once the damage is done....If education and propaganda failed, those who violated the birth-control restrictions would have to pay for their act as for any other criminal offense.... Further, I would favor an intelligent program of eugenics that would decide which genetic types should be continued and which allowed to die off..."
Vidal compares the human family to some economic unit. This is fascism and eugenics. He believes in the overpopulation lie that has been debunked by the under population of Europe, Japan, and other places worldwide. This is why these

limousine liberals think the way they do. In a way, they are worse than the extremist, reactionary neo cons since at least the neo cons would overtly tell us that they don't care about a rational, tolerant foreign policy. The neo cons would say what‘s on their minds typically without any apologies. These reactionary fascists blame minorities & the poor for problems in the USA. One example is Tancredo saying that people should pass a civics test before voting for a candidate. Some of
them love war mongering rhetoric, austerity, poor bashing, and they want even legitimate resources that assist people cut or eliminated. Some of them continue forth with racial agitation & racial scapegoating, and hatred of true civil liberties rather openly (some of the reactionary neo cons don‘t care about us or our interests, so I won‘t ally with them at all). Rush Limbaugh spoke about how the NFL is akin to Crips and Bloods without the weapons. That is what they really feel about you. Bill O‘Reilly said that the African American professor Lamont Hill looked like a crack head. This is what they think about you. Glen Beck called the Katrina victims scum and bashed 9/11 attack victims. Glen Beck even mocked the intelligence of President Barack Obama‘s daughter Malia. Malia is 11 years old. Glen Beck is a hypocrite by wanting to leave people’s families out of politics and how it’s wrong. Then, he made these recent comments about Malia. The puppet Beck is a Mormon, so this is expected from a man from a religious cult. This is what these neo fascist neo cons feel about you in no uncertain terms. Glen Beck was forced to apologize for his comments about Malia Obama. I don‘t support Obama on every issue, but a man is a coward if he’s bashing a man‘s daughter unnecessarily as an excuse to promote his own political views. The real issue is how we should not take the bait and we should never disrespect anyone for any reason. These extremists believe that any government interference in the economy is equivalent to socialism, which is a lie. They like Savage, Limbaugh, Beck, and others tell us these things constantly. These puppets are utilized as distractions, so we can’t talk about the real issues. Limousine liberals today unlike back then covertly have pro-eugenics goals, but won't publicly mention their true intensions (except in documents, etc.) for the sake of being “politically

correct.” This is cowardice. Some limousine liberals are so racist that they want more abortions against minorities. Even Rose O’Donnell once mocked the accent of Chinese people on the View before. Garofalo called RNC Chariman Michael Steele who's black, "A victim of Stockholm Syndrome." She called conservative Larry Elder who's black, "Not really black." I don’t agree with Steel’s and Elder’s agendas. Yet, these men are still black men even if they are wrong on various issues. Vidal told Playboy in that June 1969 interview that he doesn't trust the people much and admires an Authority to control us. In a 1977 book, John Holdren advocated forced abortions, mass sterilization through food and water supply and mandatory bodily implants to prevent pregnancies. The Codex Alimentarius Guidelines harms health freedom too. Another limousine liberal is Joyce Tarnow. She wants as many people sterilized as possible and abortions done in America. She is a proud member of the National Abortion Federation. She is apart of the anti-immigration group called Floridians for a Sustainable People. FAIR lists her as her contacts. FAIR is the Federation for American Immigration Reform. The radical FAIR group has been run by former Zero Population Growth and Planned Parenthood members. You can mark my words: I will never support FAIR at all. The anti-life, anti-immigrant, and pro-eugenics movements are linked as one in many instances. Radical pro-abortionists like Tarnow said that about how if America should deal with nations starving to death: “…We need to help nations that can subsist and let others wither on the vine…” This extremist’s comments are similar to Harry Reid’s bigoted comments toward the President. Reid was forced to apologize for his words. Some of these supposed liberal progressives are no different than a reactionary neo con. One famous traitor was ex-President Andrew Johnson. He was not only a Freemason, but he was a radical extremist. He opposed every act of Reconstruction. Johnson mass pardoned former rebels. He was impeached too from office.

The image above shows FDR shaking hands with Lyndon Baines Johnson. LBJ was something else. His secret history is being known all over the place now in the 21st century. LBJ was a veteran of WWII. He was elected to the House as early as 1937. He was a Senator by 1948. Senator Richard Russell and Samuel Rayburn schooled Lyndon on the ways of the Senatorial procedures. LBJ used tactics to get legislation achieved since use intelligence gathering skills to understand the thinking of Congress people. Lyndon Johnson was a contradiction in that he would support civil rights legislation as early as 1957 (and he publicly condemned the evil Klan in the 1960‘s), but he would use offensive language behind the scenes. LBJ used the N to describe how blacks would vote Democratic for 2 centuries [as documented in the book called “Inside the White House” being written by Ronald Kessler as published by Simon & Schuster from p. 33]. LBJ used the N word to describe about how he hated Dr. Martin Luther King for his opposition of the Vietnam War back in 1967. LBJ voted against an anti-lynching bill & voted against the abolition of the poll tax. According to William H. Chafe, Professor of History and former Dean of the Faculty at Duke University, LBJ called his African American driver a slur constantly. The professor exposed how LBJ used the Northerners to get the Civil Rights Bill of 1957 passed and propel him to be Vice President in 1960. This is how many limousine liberals think. I knew this about the adulterer Lyndon Johnson for years. LBJ had no choice, but to sign the Civil Rights Act in 1964 (which is a legitimate law I might add) since the country was in turmoil. LBJ worked with the criminal J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI in approving terms. His true legacy would be that he passed plenty of legitimate laws (that dealt with health, immigration, poverty, civil rights, transportation, education, etc.) mixed with his error of the Vietnam War. LBJ even admitted on tape that he organized the murder of Diem (with other U.S. officials). Senator Fulbright, chairman

of the Foreign Relations Committee, was as outraged at LBJ for deceiving him and lying the country into war with the Tonkin Gulf of Resolution in 1964. The Gulf on Tonkind deception cost tens of thousands of American lives, and innocent women and children. Additionally that resolution wasted billions of dollars, caused inflation, and ruined the economy for a time. Fulbright said he would never trust government statements again. The other error of LBJ was that he regularly was on popular trips to control those around him in an authoritarian fashion.

In 2010, the limousine liberals use euphemisms in public relations rhetoric to promote their agenda. These Malthusians forget that man can improve the environment without extreme eugenics tactics. The robber barons in the early 1900's supported eugenics too. In some cases, these eugenicists have caused poverty in the Third World via bad trade agreements, etc. Even the cap and trade plan will license pollution, license fraud, and harm our standard of living. The reason is that if you're a polluter, the only thing you need to do is pollute and pay a tax for it (and charge more customers for it). Polluters love it. So does Wall Street and corporate-friendly environmental groups like the Environmental Defense Fund. The opposition of cap and trade, however, includes Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and Public Citizen. The big corporations, the CFR, and Big Oil advance and fund the carbon cap and trade agenda. There are also propagandists from liars that want to promote British Israelism, Mormonism, and other cultic false ideologies. I respond to them as much as I can. Unlike others, I don’t back down from them since they embrace half truths and straight deception among their nefarious precepts that they subscribe to.

David Rockefeller is a wild character. He allied with people from the Communist Chinese to the Soviet Union back decades ago. David Rockefeller have links to the high level Pilgrim Society. David was a friend of the Nazi spy Otto Wolff since the 1950’s as well. His family’s legacy is intertwined with the infiltration of our public education system, the eugenicist movement and the population control movement as well. Back in 1902, J.D. Rockefeller and Averill Harriman gave $11 million to form the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. This place had done eugenics research. His ilk contributed to the decline of industrialization in America via deindustrialization. The reasons for this is because there has been shift in the U.S. economy from a manufacturing to a service base (including shifting jobs overseas to leave many Americans with minimum wage jobs), there has been a trade imbalance, there has been a decline in unions, and there has been technological advancements (which can be a great thing when used in the right way), etc. David Rockefeller wrote that us “populists” ignored improved communications in the world and global trade. No, people like us support improvements in communication, legitimate technological developments, and global trade. We just reject unfair trade deals and antisovereignty policies (being advanced by internationalists) existing in the world. David Rockefeller was tutored by von Hayek. The Rockefellers believe in global interdependence as well. The Aspen Institute loves global interdependence too. David Rockefeller of course is a forthright proponent of the concept of globalization. The agenda for a one world system or the new world order has been admitted by the globalist David Rockefeller too in his own book:
"For more than a century, ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate

influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure - one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it." -David Rockefeller, Memoirs, 2002

The brave, courageous woman in the image above is waking a lot of people up by being apart of the Maafa 21 documentary. She exposes the fact that the tactics of the wicked oligarchy didn’t end with slavery, but it continues in the 21st century with the advent of massive population control & abortion. More and more folks are talking about this film than ever before.
Planned Parenthood recently in the 21st century has been exposed in a huge level. The documentary entitled “Maafa 21 Black Genocide in 21st Century America” even proves beyond the shadow of a reasonable doubt that abortion ties up with eugenics movement (that Margaret Sanger and the international bankers were intimately involved in). What made Maafa 21 very interesting was that it not only dealt with a myriad of sources to make their points. The documentary utilized story after story to give up the theme that eugenics, abortion, sterilization, and other evils have long detrimental legacy against all people (and these nefarious acts ought to be heavily opposed with vigor and strength). Maafa 21 woke up a lot of people. Some of the items in the film are things that I have already realized and other parts of the film had segments that was the first time I realized some of their information. One of the truths that the mainstream media won’t show publicly is how Margaret Sanger was a member of the American Eugenics Society or the AES. She spoke at their meetings, met with their VIPS, and Margaret Sanger spoke to the KKK back in the 1920’s. Margaret Sanger was a Gnostic and a Humanist. She exploited birth control for bad purposes. Sanger wrote:

“I wish to reiterate that all objections to birth control can be met unanswerably

except one, that the human race will degenerate if the superior races and the superior-classes among civilized races will curtail the number of their offspring while inferior races and inferior races in civilized countries will continue their high birthrate. This must be prevented by all means....” (Birth Control Review, Sept. 1931, p.268).
Sanger founded Planned Parenthood, so the fruit of PP is readily expressed among the laboriously evil history of Margaret Sanger. Even Faye Wattelton (She is ironically a black American woman & a member of a sorority), who was a former President of Planned Parenthood, said that Planned Parenthood took donations from racists as she admitted to this from CNN. Both major parties have been complicit in the abortion business economically. Just like both major political parties advance bad trade deals, going to war (just like Clinton illegally bombed Yugoslavia in violation of even the War Powers Act. George W. Bush did worse of course), keeping Wall Street bankers funded (without much true economic populism given unto the citizenry), etc. I don’t believe in poisoning our water supply with sodium fluoride or birth control pills either. These threats and much more are not just a problem for one group of people, but it’s a threat among all people in the world. We should get rid of the power of corporations from controlling our government since the corporations being one with the government is one definition of fascism.

CBS and other factions of mainstream media are demonizing anyone discussing a conspiracy as anti-American. Some of these factions compare people who embrace these ideas as domestic terrorists. There is a prime time CBS show. It aired an example of propaganda placement. Propaganda placement is when a talking point is inserted into the plot in order to shape public perception at the behest of the government. There was the CSI NY's episode entitled "Point of View." It featured a character who researches conspiracy information like the deliberate dispersal of potentially dangerous chemtrails into the atmosphere. The character is a professor being labeled odd and then anti-American. He is shown to be a domestic terrorist that is hell bent on releasing a biological weapon in New York. The show demonizes anyone exposing fluoridation, chemtrails, etc. Fluoridation isn't a conspiracy theory. It's a conspiracy fact, because fluoride can cause brain damage, immune system harm, etc. as exposed by numerous mainstream scientists. A State Department guide that dismisses a range of “conspiracy theories”, including the use of depleted uranium by U.S. forces in Iraq as existing only “in the realm of myth." They are liars since depleted uranium is a reality in Iraq. The service and volunteerism agenda of the Barack Obama administration is no excuse to demonize people that disagree with the establishment. There has been subliminal messages in the media too. Neither was this the first time the corporate networks prostituted their integrity and handed over control of their content to the Obama administration. Back in June 2009, ABC News

mimicked the likes of Communist China and North Korea by completely turning its news coverage over to the government and excluding any dissenting opinions to promote President Obama’s health care agenda. The usage of chemtrails in CSI:NY is interesting since in real life the dispersal of sulphur containing aerosols in the atmosphere has been going on for years. This has been apart of geo-engineering discussions that some want to use these dangerous chemicals in the air to handle climate change. If you believe that some people want a new world order, that fluoridation is wrong, or that putting poisons in the atmosphere is evil, some in the government consider you to be an extremist or a potential terrorist. I don't agree with that slander at all. Even Obama's information czar Cass Sunstein hates the First Amendment and wants the government to fight against conspiracy facts spreading in the Internet. This isn't a conspiracy theory. This is real life here. So, I’m not ashamed of what I believe in.

The NY National Guard was involved in mass arrests of U.S. citizens. So, the New York National Guard is working with the arrests of thousands of American citizens as part of the drug war. At the same time, the U.S. government orders troops in Afghanistan to guard the poppy fields (afterwards heroin floods American streets). This reality proves that martial law-like actions still occur in the USA. The New York National Guard wants to work with local law enforcement authorities to perform sophisticated scans of vehicles entering the New York area looking for guns and drugs. This program has been promoted by the local new station Fox 23 and they ran a part 2 on the Guard's activities in the region. There is a news clip that supports the fact that the National Guard are conducting surveillance flights over the area looking for "marijuana" via infrared cameras. People justify these actions of scanning vehicles (using the National Guard), and going into schools to brainwash students (that it's normal for people in military fatigues to tot machine guns walking around in American streets) is just providing security (and keep drugs off the streets). Military assets are trying to track down pot smoking teenagers in New York. Yet, the government is ordering troops in Afghanistan to guard the poppy fields. This allows heroin to flood American streets since opium production has exploded since the invasion of Afghanistan. The CIA can gain a more powerful source of narcotics as the CIA has been caught in drug trafficking operations. Gary Webb's "Dark Alliance," Iran Contra, the events in Southeast Asia (in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia) prove that the CIA (and the elite in America) have worked in the drug trade without trying to stop it. In September 2008, something occurred. It's been found that a Gulf stream II private jet that crash landed in eastern Mexico. It carried 3.3 tons of cocaine that had previously been used for the CIA rendition flights. National Guard units arresting Americans and patrolling the streets are apart of another agenda. This agenda is the make more Americans acclimated (or used to) the sight of military assets to act as law enforcement agents routinely. These immoral actions are done under the guise of the "war on drugs."

This is slick run around Posse Comitatus since this law bans the military from doing law enforcement activities in a routine basis. Back then, these acts (of troops ordering citizens around in an immoral fashion) has been seen authoritarian, backward, and dictatorial under a state of martial law. America has been seen as being anti-tyranny and freeing people from tyranny. Now, scenes of martial law like actions are more common place. Some of the Guard troops are returning from Afghanistan and Iraq. They have been trained to round up and detain the host population in prison camps for the most minor of infractions. That is a concern. Natural Guard units now in 2010 have been deployed to have traffic control in places like Kingman, Arizona. They provided security at sports events like the Kentucky Derby. Back in 2008, U.S. troops returned form Iraq. They occupied America in controlling checkpoints and training to deal with "civil unrest and crowd control." This comes about under the guise of a Northcom program. This program by 2011 will have no less than 20,000 active duty troops deployed inside of America. They claim to want to "help" state and local officials during times of emergency. There is documented instances of troops and the National Guard personnel being used to performed law enforcement duties that are outside the purview of the Guard's role to respond to national emergencies. These acts are illegal. One example is when in January 2009, something happened. Soldiers from the Lynchburg based 1st Battalion, 116th Brigade Combat team were used to have personal searches at checkpoints in Washington, D.C. this was done for the inauguration of Barack Obama. In March of 2009, U.S. Army troops dispatched to patrol the streets of Samson, Alabama after a murder spree. On April 6, the DHS, federal, state, Air Force, and local law enforcement checkpoint in Tennessee. In April 6, there was a cancellation of a seatbelt checkpoint that was to be conducted in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security and the 251st Military Police in Bolivar, Tennessee. In December 2008, we reported on the Marine Corps Air and Ground Combat Center dispatching troops to work with police on checkpoints in in San Bernardino County, California. On April 22 2009, we reported the deployment of 400 National Guard Combat Support Battalion troops to “maintain public order” at the Boston Marathon. Even D.H. Williams of the Dialy Newscaster reported that there was a deployment of 2,3000 Marines in the city of Indianapolis under the direction of the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. Even an April 22, 2009 covered the assault of a local television news team by an irate police officer in El Paso, Texas. A news photographer used a video of uniformed soldiers working with the police officers at the scene of a car accident. So, the seamless integration of troops in law enforcement is ever real. This integration process deals with the National Guard now training with foreign troops to take on American so-called "terrorists." This turns the concept of "land of the free" on its head. We shouldn't be an oppressive, Sovietized police state with 21st century technology that is utilized to monitor and control over every movement.

People have a right to not sit down and shut up. People have a duty to fight and to speak up against any injustice, and stand for real liberty, promote the real truth, and love the concept of real transparency in the globe. It is certainly a basic truism that cooperation (not nefarious scapegoating of other human beings) defines a viable representation of a true, visible resolution. In the final analysis, we have nothing to worry about. If you act real and live your life in a authentic fashion (along with following God‘s will), then you certainly accomplished what’s needed. You have to love yourself, appreciate your heritage, don’t sellout, maintain great self-esteem, and respect all people as equals regardless of what they look like. We ought to love God, and love your abilities (or someone could exploit you). That’s why I’m old enough to realize that you can’t fall for fraudulent tactics. The truth is out. Never in a time in human history wherefore the truth is spreading among people so quickly. It’s liberating to know about what’s really going on. I like to have my independence. I’m not afraid of this world. I’m the fighter for the truth. There also a need of compassion in the world. Numerous people are hurting. Henceforth, we have every right to assist anybody to rectify their legitimate needs regardless of who they are.

By Timothy

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