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The Personality is developed from Aries to Virgo; the Soul is developed from Virgo to Pisces.



SYMBOL: The Lion/Lioness



QUALITY: Fixed/Masculine or Positive

Masculine signs are Positive; Feminine signs are Negative.

As a positive fixed, LEO is interested in values and ideas.


SOUL LEVEL: SUN (Kathleen Burt says NEPTUNE)


RULES: LEO rules the 5th house----------Aquarius rules the 11 th house

RAYS: 1 ST RAY of Will/Power AND 5 th RAY of Concrete Knowledge

BASIC SOUL PURPOSES: This incarnation is a search for wholeness within Self, the developing of a

strong sense of unique individuality, the knowledge of Self as a Part of the Whole. LEOs inherent
creativity is to flow from the well of self-awareness in an individualized form. LEO is to be all he can be.
QUALITY TO OVERCOME: The desire for the external throne.
LESSON TO LEARN: Self-mastery (sitting on the inner throne) is the road to
success and fulfillment.
MOTIVATED BY: The need for love and dominion.



COMPATIBLE ENERGIES: Gemini, Libra, & Aquarius
INCOMPATIBLE ENERGIES: Those of water & earth elements often compatible
Ascendant energies will largely overcome incompatibility.
An intimate relationship with another LEO means inability to recharge each others
energy field. There is a tendency to blend and act as one element. Unless there are other strong
energizing elements present, there can be a slow starvation of the nervous system. Conflict need not be
Attraction to others attuned to an element one lacks usually does not form the basis for
a lasting relationship. One or both end up saying, We are too different.
Relationships can be either too intense or devitalizing according to the energy
combinations of both persons. A strong reason for knowing the Soul Maps of those with whom you have
close personal relationships. We can work positively with what we know.
Sleeping together merges the energy fields and can dramatically affect each persons
state of health for good or ill. If in an intimate relationship with a neutral or incompatible Sun Sign,
sleeping in separate beds/bedrooms can be very beneficial (Stephen Arroyo, Astrology, Psychology, &
the Four Elements)

EVOLUTIONARY SPIRAL: (According to Alan Oken, Soul-Centered Astrology ) as we grow

holistically, we spiral upward from Personality-Centered >>> Awakening to Soul-Personality relationship
>>> Soul-Centered Individual.

Totally Personality-Centered Level LEO, at this level, demonstrates the need to dominate his
environment by the sheer weight of his personality. He is full of himself with no real understanding of
how to dip into his well of creativity. There is evident a distinct inability to make any lasting impact. Most
often, LEO feels a tremendous need for attention. He seeks this attention through showing off his
material possessions, on which he bases his self-esteem. His home and children are important
because they reflect what he possesses. LEO needs to be admired, to be a shining star. Children
represent his physical continuity. LEO views the collective Whole as those who gather around him.

LEO is so insecure and immature that he constantly strives to dominate the collective. He wants to

Awakening to the Soul-Personality relationship at this stage, LEO develops an increasing awareness
of how to be creatively self-expressive. He still needs to make a mark on his environment, but is
beginning to move beyond the instinctual use of will into an expanded awareness that continuity of
purpose is needed to be effective. With this new awareness, he moves beyond simply being an entity
on the planet and begins to realize self as a co-creator of and within his environment. LEOs struggle is
now how to get out of the way. He is still attached to the personality and believes his ego is the doer,
the creator, the one to whom others are responsible. He has not yet grasped the concept of
transcendental in which he is to act as a conscious vehicle for the creative Will-To-Be. There is a
tremendous need to orient self to the greater Whole. The lesson is one of relationship to the collective.
This relationship requires a greater degree of integration and assimilation of the personality into the
larger will of the group. At this level, LEO is able to blend his personality with a group experience
without feeling his self-integration process is threatened.

Soul-Centered Individual at this stage, LEO is focused on important factors. 1) The Will-toIllumine signifying a deep urge toward self-knowledge, self-awareness, and the development of a
positive intellect, so that he can fire the minds of others. This Will-to-Illumine is the expression of the 5th
RAY that LEO channels. 2) The Will-to-Rule signifying a desire to achieve control over his personality,
the urge toward self-mastery and soul control. This Will-to-Rule is an expression of the 1 st RAY. On the
soul-centered level, the will to illumine and to rule emanate from the soul. LEO is now an individual able
to inspire the group of which he is a member. He will play a central role in the groupinspiring them
toward a cohesive purpose and the expression of the creative fires that keep the group moving forward.
LEO becomes a conscious vehicle for the creative will of the group. LEO no longer views self as the
center; he is now an integrated, fixed expression of the collective will.
Alice Bailey states, The only truly self-conscious person is the [one] who is aware of
purpose, of a self-directed life and of a developed and definite life plan and program. The truly selfconscious individual is aware of ones own life plan and how it fits into the greater Plan. LEO has now
reached that stagethe soul-centered stage of consecration of individuality. Now LEO is prepared to
rule as a conscious extension of Divine Will.
Kathleen Burt believes NEPTUNE IS THE SOUL LEVEL RULER OF LEO because
NEPTUNEs task is to create situations in which ego control is surrendered. Attuning to NEPTUNEs
mystical qualities, healing with music, and love of service to others can mellow LEOs fiery nature.

The I WILL, THEREFOR I AM sign is regal in nature, persistently optimistic, very generous,
ambitious, loyal, and affectionate. LEO enjoys work that allows him to be creative, to organize, and to be
recognized and praised. LEO needs positive reinforcement. He is both ruler and entertainer. LEO is
intensely emotional, courageous, cheerful, and can usually be counted on to bring sunshine into the lives
of others. He has a pronounced flair for drama, loves the theater, arts, and sports. He likes to visualize
broad schemes and to take the leadership role in achieving them. LEO is a hard worker, with the desire
for a position that allows him to express his enthusiasm and to become deeply involved. There is good
vitality and health, with strong recuperative powers. Even if depressed, LEO is resilient and will soon
return to his sunny self. LEO is romantic, spontaneous, and wants a mate in life. The personal quest for
emotional fulfillment is a major issue for LEO. LEO wants to give love and happiness to their loved
ones; however, he must have a mate whom he can admire and respect. LEO loves to have a good
time. LEO must be creative. LEO is the leader. LEO desires to be all he can be. He is independent
and not afraid to take risks. If he makes a mistake, he will accept his share of the responsibility. LEO
has magnetism; he stands apart from the crowd. The soul-centered LEO will exhibit a magical quality;
he will be seen as an uncommon personrealized, illumined, or to some, even divine. In the Aquarian

Age, royalty will be the spiritual aristocrat who functions from the heart and soul in real simplicity. LEOs
destiny is a high onehis greatest gift to the world is an understanding heart. He is to become divine

NEGATIVE CHARACTERISTICS: (Remember that as you focus on developing your positive

characteristics, the negative ones tend to disappear. Those who express in negative ways are
frustrated, consciously or unconsciously, because they are not being who they truly are.)
Believing that it is for the other persons good, LEO likes to organize everyones life. He is
demanding, can be intolerant, domineering, lazy, and self-centered. There can be a tendency to run
high fevers. LEO is seldom depressed, but when he is, he is devastated. LEOs most frustrating trait is
closed-mindedness. No amount of emotional or intellectual appeal will change his mind. LEO must mull
over any new idea in private and cannot be pushed.
Timid LEO can have a real struggle before he finally emerges into the open and finds his
creative self and the courage to express it.
LEOs greatest stumbling block is authority. He has great difficulty delegating authority to others
he will give it with one hand, take it away with the other. For this reason, many LEOs die of a heart
attack early in life. Because his solar power can create or destroy, LEO has to live wisely or pay a heavy
price. His faults can be as large as his virtues.

A LEO INCARNATION is an important one, for it offers the opportunity to both develop the ego and to
surrender the ego to the Self. This task is vital to the positive ongoing nature of Soul unfoldment. LEO
cannot learn to merge with the Whole until he has awakened to his own unique role as the Part.
For this reason, LEO must go through a stage of development in which he is focused on
self/ego. Creative self-expression is vital to this process. LEOs task is self-mastery; LEOs quest is for


Be sure to check your chart to see what your Ascendant is.

The zodiac energy on the ASCENDANT is the energy that the public beholds. We also look at the
world through our ASCENDANT. LEO ASCENDANT, on the mundane level, sees a world that is his
dominion filled with his subjects. However, LEO (of all signs) cannot live for self alone.
In soul-centered astrology, the ASCENDANT indicates the souls purpose in physical incarnation.
LEO ASCENDANT reveals that the soul is to be activated through the 1st RAY of Will/Power and
the 5th RAY of Concrete Knowledge. LEO ASCENDANT is learning to become impersonal and
detached, while (at the same time) offering compassion and understanding to the world. LEO
ASCENDANTs honesty, directness, and dependability allow him to be used as a channel of power. But,
LEO ASCENDANT is never to think of self as the source of that power. LEO ASCENDANT is a great
dreamer and possesses the power to make his dreams come true. He is a romantic and longs for the
lioness who will stand tall beside him.
LEO ASCENDANT is to use the 1 st RAY of Will/Power as one who leads. His personal will and
power are to be surrendered to Divine Will & Power. The function of the 1st RAY is the application of the
Finger of God as a directing and forceful work in bringing about the manifestation of divinity within all
things. LEO ASCENDANT is to act as a catalyst breaking up old forms so that new ones come into
being. LEO ASCENDANT is to channel the 5th RAY energy by expressing Love/Wisdom through the

intellect. The 5th RAY seeks to know the Mind of God and to bring its abstract concepts into the physical
world in concrete formin ways that the average person can comprehend. LEO ASCENDANT is to
learn to use his inspired, divine ideas in such a way that his inner life is served and the outer, creative
form becomes an expression of those ideas. LEO ASCENDANT is to make his contributions to society
through his own creative self-expression.
THE HOUSE IN WHICH THE SUN (and NEPTUNE according to K. Burt) IS FOUND will indicate
the areas of lifes experiences where the lessons of the 1 st & 5th RAYS will tend to manifest. Since the
SUN CHANNELS THE 2ND RAY OF LOVE/WISDOM, many of the lessons will involve learning the art of
unconditional love for others and the use of wisdom (integrated knowledge) as LEO ASCENDANT
assumes his roles of leadership. LEO ASCENDANT & SUN IN LEO will experience many conditions
that make them feel invisible, so that the ego can be tempered and brought under control. Direct attacks
on areas of life that are ego-controlled will occur for the same reason.

Be sure to check your chart to see where your Moon is located.

The MOON reveals the personality as it is displayed in our reactions to the events within our daily
lives. It also reveals much that is hidden within our subconscious minds.
On the soul-centered level, the MOON reveals habit patterns that must be overcome or
transformed in order to advance in spiritual maturity. This struggle to overcome the negative tendencies
revealed by the MOON is the cross we bear (Alan Oken). The MOON reminds us of the negative
habit patterns formed in prior incarnations that created the karma we brought into this lifetime.
MOON IN LEO indicates that soul growth will occur as the individual learns surrender of the ego to
the Self. In prior lifetimes, LEO MOON has used his leadership roles for selfish purposes rather than to
serve the groups good. He has used his powerful solar energy to dominate and to assert his own will.
LEO MOON has been intolerant of others. LEO MOONs goal has been to be in the limelight, to seek
applause, to attract followersall to feed the egos desires. LEO MOON failed to seek the illumination
of his soul, neglected to master self. Instead, LEO MOON has behaved as if he is the God.
LEO MOON (and LEO SUN/ASCENDANT) often has a karmic relationship with the father, usually
in the form of lack of parental support during the individuation process. The father has been giant-like
in his behavior toward the LEO child. Frequently there is emotional separation and difficulty in being
heard by the father.
LEO MOON is learning self-mastery and placing the ego under the dominion of his soul. He is
learning to be creatively self-expressive in ways that enhance the conditions of the greater Wholeof
which he is to know he is a Part. LEO MOON is learning to be a channel for Gods creative power to
flow through him.


HEALTH & WELL BEING: The LEO/AQUARIUS POLARITIES work together to bring a positive
regulation of energy flow within the physical body.
Achieving a balance between the qualities of LEO & AQUARIUS, thereby transforming negative
habit patterns, will assist in maintaining good health. For examples, achieving a balance between:
LEOs focus on self and AQUARIUS focus on the group/world.

LEOs attachment and AQUARIUS detachment.

LEOs warm, personal orientation and AQUARIUS cool, impersonal orientation.
LEOs closed-mindedness and AQUARIUS universal, open-mindedness.
LEOs search for love for self and AQUARIUSs love of the many.

Failure to recharge ones Sun Sign energy results in depletion, irritability, and increased vulnerability
to physical and emotional dis-eases. The element of ones Sun Sign is the fuel needed to feel alive. It is
the source of vitality and power, the resource for coping with stress and challenges.
LEO recharges by: 1) Close associations with other fire element signs: ARIES &
SAGITTARIUS. 2) Work and/or exercise that is physically demanding and active. 3) Inspirational and
promotional type work geared toward a goal. 4) Regular, vigorous exercise in sunlight. LEO needs to
be outdoors, soaking in the radiant fire from the Sun. LEO feels as if hes dying if forced to remain
inside for long periods of time. To do so can actually have serious psychological consequences.

CONFLICT RESOLUTION: LEO responds to situations with intensity and takes impulsive, direct action
in the solving of a problem. Fire energy attempts to overpower the obstacles, to burn them up or scare
them away through a display of his powerful force.
Never insult LEO. Always leave room for the Lion to save face. Never embarrass LEO in front of
others. LEO has particular problems with Scorpio, due to Scorpios indirect tactics. LEO has difficulty
forgiving one who betrays him. On the other hand, LEO can usually rage and roar, then forget it.