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Do you still remember Nurin Jazlin Jazimin?

A 8-year-old little girl that was being

murdered and it has been nearly 9 years after the horrific sexual torture. Her body was
found stuffed in a gym bag a month after her abduction. There was a cucumber and a
brinjal stuffed inside her genitals and until today ladies and gentlemen, her murder
remains unsolved. How many of you think laws are necessary to protect the innocent?
Although her brutal death shocked Malaysians and sparked the initial proposal for a sex
offenders registry, it was not enough to push our lawmakers into action.
According to The Ant Daily, sex offenders registry is best defined as a system that
is designed to allow government authorities to keep track of the activities of sex offenders
including those who have completed their sentences. According to Malaysian Digest, the
public may contact necessary enforcers for information regarding the whereabouts of
these sex offenders in order to ensure they do not come in any near of their children. The
registry is said to be set up once the amendments been made to our Child Act 2001 and
passed by the Parliaments. However, it is disappointing to tell all of you that when it was
so close to being passed, the government unexpectedly reversed its decision to pass the
Bill in May. But I believe it shouldnt stop there right away. You, the people in front of
me, the future lawmakers who practice legal knowledge has to bring back the bill and
make it passed. Thus, I am Fatihah Arof standing here today asking all of you to support
the sex offenders registry should be made public because the fact is that the registry
enable parents to check on potential employees, for keeping track and also to raise
awareness about sexual abuse.
The first reason of why the registry of sex offenders need to come back and make
it available to the sight of the public mainly because to enable parents and guardians and
not to forget the employers like kindergartens, child-care centres and schools to check
upon their potential employees. With this registry, they may be able to find if that person
they are going to hire is a convicted child abuser or sexual offender. The thing is, you
dont want to let some strangers with criminal records to take care your children. You
dont want to hire a person whom a killer once upon a time working in your company.
Lets take United States for example who have facilitated a free nationwide search for sex
offenders registered. Have a look ladies and gentlemen. Ive tried the registry myself
provided by the National Sex Offender Public Registry of the United States. With
advanced search tool, you may be able to find information about a particular sex offender
through their names, address, zip code or by city and town. From there, we get to know
their current address, past crime information and also to my surprise, we also get to know
their victim information such as gender and whether they are minor. So, kudos to U.S
Department of Justice for providing such a useful registry for everyones use. I believe in
the eyes of the parents and guardians, the registry would be so useful as the offenders will
be removed from the presence of their children.

Moving on to my second point which is to keep track of sex offenders. According

to Malaysian Digest, a sex offender must periodically report in person to their local law
enforcement agency by updating their address and other information such as place of
employment and also email addresses. It does not only help the public to keep track of
potentially dangerous sex offenders, it also helps to supervise offenders in order to ensure
they will not harm other people especially children. This is because a sex offender will be
closely monitored and be held responsible for their actions. I strongly believe what is has
to do with making the registry available to the public is when a sex offender knew he is
being monitored not only by the legal enforcement but also by their family and friends,
they will behave themselves by not repeating the same offence. According to our crime
analyst, Mr Kamal Affendi, he stressed on a registry of sex offenders as an extension of
the punishment and rehabilitation process to safeguard against repeat offenders.
Therefore, by tracking them down, it will actually help of both sides of the party wich is
the society as well as the offender.
Proceed to my next point of why registry of sex offenders should be made public
is to raise awareness about sexual abuse among public. There is one question I would like
to ask all of you. As I mentioned before, everyone knew about Nurin Jazlin and recently,
we received bad news from out mathematic genius Nur Fitri Azmeer Nordin, who was
studying at the prestigious Imperial College in London. He was jailed for possessing and
reproducing more than 30,000 indecent images of children in England. Have you ever
wonder what help is for the victims? Who sexually abuses children? The abuser can be
anyone. He can be your father, your pastor, your brother, your 70-year-old neighbor. The
abuser may be a man or a woman. The abuser may be decades older or the same age. The
point is, a registry of sex offenders not only will provide information on your suspicious
perperator but also providing facts and statistics of potential sexual offender. Take the
National Sex Offender Public Registry of the United States for example. It provides facts
about sexual abuse as one of several preventive measures such as how to recognize
sexual abuse, what kind of help can be given to the victim and etc. This can done to assist
the public in making better decisions to keep them and their children safe.
To summarize, I hope everyone in this room will think again what secure your
position as a caretaker of your children in the future? Do you think it is safe enough to
sleep at night knowing someone is watching over your children for a couple of months?
However, you would probably ask why did Malaysia fight for a registry of sex offenders
for so many years? We dont simply repeat the same mistakes. We dont simply have
another Nurin Jazlin. We dont simply want a bright student with a potential criminal
liability. With that, thank you.