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In these nights, I am a god. You, sir, are a

monster, and there is no helping it. I cannot
relieve you of your burden any more than you can
relieve me of mine, and do not condescend to
believe that my burden is any less than yours.
While you must struggle to master yourself, I
must struggle to master all those around me.
I would say my burden is greater.

Probably some of the most misunderstood and

mistrusted Cainites in the world, the Ravnos are viewed
as deceivers and tricksters. Few trust them, and fewer
still want them havening in their cities, forcing the clan
to be a traveling people by necessity.
The origins of the Ravnos are not well known,
though some claim that their progenitor comes from the
East. Certainly, many of the clan can trace their roots to
India and even use the extensive caste system, referring
to their traveling bands as jati. Those who have spent
the majority of their unlives in European countries have
a harder time tracing their lineages so far east, and tend
to speak in ambiguous terms when asked about their
origins. Of course, getting a straight answer from any
Ravnos is rare. Most of the Charlatans prefer to keep
their secrets close to the heart.
The single most defining thing about the nature of
the Ravnos is the very reason they are so mistrusted.
Many Ravnos believe that the Embrace grants them the
ability to see past maya, or the illusion that is reality. In
this new transcendent state, they can manipulate the
illusion, making them masters of reality. This is not
madness, and should not be confused as such. Instead,
it is simply a different way of looking at the world, in
which the Ravnos have a distinct advantage. Ravnos
have no compunction about using illusions in their
everyday dealings. Younger Ravnos do not believe in
the maya myth. Instead, they gravitate to the power that
comes with the ability to manipulate reality. These arrogant
Charlatans use their powers to deceive and take advantage
of others, hoping to ultimately rule the world. These very
acts give the Ravnos their worst reputation.
The Charlatans are often mistrusted on sight and treated
like criminals before they can even do anything wrong. Of
course, any who treat the Ravnos too badly will feel the
wrath of their jati seeking retribution.
Sobriquet: Shapers, Charlatans, Seekers, Vagabonds,
Appearance: Most Ravnos wear traveling clothes of all
varieties. Many wear loose-fitting garments that are both
comfortable and utilitarian, with layers to adapt to the

weather. Some of the older Ravnos that hold onto pride over
functionality wear brightly dyed woolen garments such as
saris and sarongs. Younger Charlatans have eschewed any
ties they may have once had to their Indian roots, preferring
European styles over anything else.
Haven: Ravnos do not stay in any one place for too long.
For some, the only havens they can lay claim to are traveling
caravans or roadside inns for a few nights. The Charlatans
are experts at finding out of- the-way places and small towns
to stay in for short periods of time. It is rare for Ravnos to
haven in a city held by other vampires. Yet, when she
decides to do so, there is very little the Prince of that city can
do to eradicate her, else her entire family comes down on

Character Creation

Starting out of clan Disciplines

Ravnos rely on trickery and social acumen to get

them out of most situations, so Social Attributes are often
primary. Younger Charlatans tend to be Embraced from
traveling professions. Older Ravnos are often workers,
warriors, priests, or gentry. Typical backgrounds include
Allies, Contacts, Mentor (for those in a jati), and Resources
(usually merchants, but even thieves can acquire a fortune).
Ravnos follow many different Roads. Older Ravnos favor
the Road of Kings, while the young prefer the Road of Sin.
Many follow the Road of Humanity regardless of age. It is
rumored that some of the most dangerous Charlatans follow
their own faith, called the Road of Paradox.

Max number of Disciplines
Max dots in each Discipline
Max number of Physical
Disciplines allowed
Max dots in Celerity, Fortitude
or Potence





Before buying the domain background consult with the


Clan Disciplines: Animalism, Chimerstry, Fortitude

Weakness: While the Ravnos are masters of changing
the reality around them, they have a harder time changing
their own fundamental reality. All Ravnos have a key
personality trait, chosen at character creation, which they are
incapable of resisting if the opportunity to express it presents
itself. This can be some kind of virtuous act, such as
defending the weak, or something more sinister, such as
taking advantage of someone in a lesser position. Often the
trait is tied to the jati the Ravnos belongs to. When presented
with the opportunity to indulge in her virtue or vice, she does
so unless the player succeeds on a Self-Control or Instinct
roll (difficulty 6).

Max Merits bought with Flaws
Starting Status (free)



Only one max dot per category in attributes and abilities

at creation.
Only one discipline or primary path of Blood Sorcery,
Thaumaturgy and Necromancy can have max dots at
Only one dot in one advance discipline is allowed at
Out of Clan Disciplines can be taken at character creation
with Freebie points and only with Storyteller permission.
Celerity, Fortitude and Potence does not need Storyteller
permission, nor does it count toward the max in the
other out of clan disciplines chart.

Freebie Point cost

Trait Cost
Blood Sorcery Path
Blood Sorcery Ritual
Area of Expertise

(Per Dot)
Ritual Level

Organization: All outward appearances show the

Ravnos as small unorganized groups, which do not
communicate with, or trust each other. In reality, the Ravnos
follow an unspoken code based on the jobs they do and a
complex caste system within the jati. While many Ravnos
do find it hard to trust another, they maintain respect within
the jati. The clan holds to an honor system that prevents them
from truly turning their backs on each other, and even has
them coming to each others aid when threatened. Rumors
abound about a scourge or seneschal somewhere who ran a
Ravnos out of his city, only to find retribution a few nights
later in the form of his entire family.

Assamites: Demon hunters and warriors. I could see us
allying with the Assassins if they would stop ignoring us
while they try to suck up to all the other clans.
Ventrue: It is a shame the Ventrue cannot see past their
noses while looking down on us. We could prove more
useful to them than they think. They are the only ones who
might be able to truly understand our strict adherence to
lineage and blood relations.

Low Clans: Even the low look down on us.

Unfortunately, such a binary delineation cannot begin to
truly describe how the world really works. For shame. So
many of them have such great potential.
Malkavians: They claim to be seers and wise-women. I
dont doubt they are, for they certainly seem to be able to see
the illusion of reality for what it really is. Of course, this
makes them dangerous associates.
Nosferatu: Intelligent, cunning, and downright
dangerous. If you can get one to open up to you, you should
have enough information to give you all the power you want.
Just be wary, as their mind tricks can be far nastier than any
illusions we might try.
Tremere: Honestly, if you want to call someone
deceitful and dishonest, save those epithets for the Tremere.
I will never understand what it takes for some to realize who
the real enemies of this world are.

Ravnos-Specific Merits and

Legerdemain (1point Merit)
Youre extremely good at sleight of hand and other
physical tricks. Difficulties when using Subterfuge for
physical trickery, shell games, card tricks, and so forth,
are decreased by two.

Family Allegiance (2 Point Merit)

Through your travels, you have gained the favor of a mortal
Gypsy family. The family aids you in your exploits
whenever possible, providing shelter from enemies or acting
as a method of transportation to or from a city. All difficulty
numbers involving social interaction with the family in
question are reduced by two. So long as you do not abuse
your trust (such as using family members as steady Sources
of blood), the family will not turn away from you. Note: You
may not take a Family Allegiance with the Tsurara or
Ravnos families.
Phralmulo (3 Point Merit)
You were Embraced from within the Rom, from one of the
families of power (see A World of Darkness: Gypsies).
Because of your heritage, you may be able to regain Blood
Affinities by feeding on Rom and may begin with Abilities
or Backgrounds available only to Gypsy characters. In
addition, phralmulo characters need not pick a specific crime
as their weakness; the phralmulo, show a general (but
compulsive) contempt and disregard for all the laws of the
gaje. Note: Without this Merit, a Ravnos player character is
assumed to be georgio.
Family Enmity (2 Point Flaw)

By an act of betrayal, or perhaps a simple

"misunderstanding," you have gained the scorn of one of the
families. They will not offer any assistance to you, and may
even alert your enemies to your presence in a city. Until you
redeem yourself, be it through unrewarded loyalty or
perhaps remarkable cunning, they will interfere with your
plans and darken your name wherever they travel. Note: You
may not take a Family Enmity with the Tsurara or the
Ravnos families.
Wuzho Enemy (2 Point Flaw)
You have drawn the attention of one of the Wuzho. This
enemy is quite dangerous, as he wishes nothing more than to
send you to your end. Though he does not confront you
directly, he works to thwart your plans whenever possible -destroying family ties or angering other mulo against you -waiting for the night when you are no longer able to defend
yourself against him.

Critters (2point Merit)

Youre excellent with animals so much so that they
constantly seek to befriend you. Wherever you go, the
animals are happy to see you, and more often than not,
happy to help you when you ask for their aid. You receive
a bonus die on Social rolls to affect small animals.
Further, animal companions who have had continual
interaction with you see you as something of a pet, and
occasionally bring you small useful things. Once per
game session, animals will bring you a useful piece of
information or a small item relevant to events. This item
might occasionally play into the individual Ravnos
particular vice, as the animals quickly pick up on what
pleases their friend.
Heart of Needles (3point Merit)
Your natural abilities with illusions have rendered you
particularly jaded and unimpressible. How can anything
be as perfect as your own imagination? Because of this,
your heart is harder than most, and you have a significant
resistance to emotion control. All powers and Social
challenges that attempt to manipulate you emotionally are
made at a +2 difficulty.
Flawed Reality (2point Flaw)
Your illusions always contain a notable flaw, and as such,
are easier to disbelieve. The difficulties of all rolls to
disbelieve your illusions are reduced by two.
Oathbreaker (2point Flaw)
Making an oath ties one persons svadharma to another,
linking the two spirits until the oath can be fulfilled. With
this in mind, a Ravnos never breaks her word once given
in good faith, and so long as it was done with proper
ceremony. If the Ravnos spits into her palm and shakes

on her word, then the oath cannot be broken without

negatively impacting the vampires svadharma (or so
Ravnos superstition dictates).
The oathbreaker will lose her way, falling into
vice and worthlessness, until the broken oath can be
redeemed. Anyone who looks at your aura can see a sickly
red slash indicating the broken oath. You may not spend
Willpower to ignore your Ravnos vice, and you do not
gain Willpower from fulfilling your Nature.

no knowledge is returned to the Ravnos, other than the

fact that her spy exists no more.

Marhime (3 Point Flaw)

Carriage Horses
(Animalism , Fortitude )

You have committed some grievous crime against the Rom,

and are now shunned by their families (including the
Ravnos). Though they do not work against you, they avoid
contact, as you might contaminate them (difficulties of all
Social rolls involving other Gypsies increase by two).
Cleansing yourself of your crime is an arduous uphill battle;
until you are redeemed by a kris, you are unable to travel in
the company of your people for anything longer than a few
nights before they drive you away.

Subtle Spy ( )
The user of this power may create a perceivable,
understandable illusion (such as a lamp or a person) that
incorporates part of her own consciousness, effectively
granting the illusion a small amount of independent
intelligence. When the Ravnos dispels that illusion, she
may draw this intelligence back into herself, learning
anything that her illusion witnessed as if she had
experienced it firsthand.
System: Imbuing an illusion with Illusory Mind
costs two Willpower points, and lasts for one night (or
less, if the Ravnos wills the illusion to dispel). If the
illusion is an object, it will witness anything that the
Ravnos could sense from the objects location. If the
illusion is mobile (a person or animal), then it may be
programmed as per Apparition, and at the end of its
existence, the Ravnos will learn everything the Apparition
sensed. Further, this Apparition is vaguely conscious, and
can knowingly change its actions in small ways: stepping
around an obstacle, giving the appropriate response to a
simple question, and so forth.
The user of this power does not know what is
occurring around her illusion if she is not otherwise there
to sense it. She may dispel the illusion at any time, and at
any distance, drawing back to herself the substance (and
experiences) of that illusion as it is destroyed. If the
illusion is dispelled or disbelieved before the Ravnos can
reincorporate it into herself, the illusion is destroyed and

This power originated among Ravnos
kumpaniyas. Most traveling groups had animal ghouls for
the purpose of protecting and guarding the vampires
during the day, and some clever individual learned how to
make those retainers serve an even greater purpose. By
the use of this power, a Ravnos can transfer a point of
damage he has suffered to one of his animal ghouls.
System: If the Ravnos has any animal ghouls
within sight, he may elect to use this power. The player
spends one blood point and rolls Stamina + Animal Ken
against a difficulty of 8. Each success transfers one Health
level of damage (any type) to the animal. This can only be
used immediately after the vampire is wounded (after the
soak roll) and counts as a reflexive action.
This power costs 15 experience points to learn.

Eventide Strength
(Chimerstry , Fortitude )
Typically, the powers of Chimerstry are dispelled
by the touch of sunlight. However, a Ravnos who has
studied this power has learned subtle tricks to reinforce
the maya within her illusions, rendering them less
vulnerable to the sun.
System: A Ravnos who has learned this power
can strengthen her uses of Chimerstry, causing it to
survive one hour of sunlight.
This power costs 12 experience points to learn.

Hearts Desire
(Auspex , Chimerstry )
With this power, a Ravnos reaches into a targets
emotion and creates an image of the targets greatest wish.
This desire manifests as some sort of material object: a
love letter, a stack of money, or the golden crown of a
Prince. No matter what manifests, the Ravnos who used
this power understands the meaning and nature of the
item, and is able to comprehend the targets deepest
desire. The Ravnos has no magical ability to understand

the why or wherefore of that desire; only that this is the

persons fondest dream.
Obviously, handing that love letter to the target
will not convince her that the Ravnos can (or has) caused
her greatest desire to truly come true. Instead, most
Ravnos cunningly use this power to discover a targets
secrets, and never reveal to the other individual that
Hearts Desire was used at all.
System: To target a player with this power, the
Ravnos must have touched them within the last three
rounds. Once that has been achieved, the player must
spend a blood point and a Willpower point. Then, roll
Intelligence + Subterfuge against a difficulty of the
targets current Willpower, and achieve three successes.
If the Ravnos is successful, an illusory item manifests
within the Ravnos hand as if Fata Morgana had been
used, and the Ravnos instinctively understands
the meaning of the item and the general nature of the
targets desire.
This power costs 18 experience points to learn.

Sympathetic Agony
(Chimerstry , Fortitude )
The Kshatriya caste developed this power as a
weapon of last resort, punishing their enemies with
illusory agonies in the throes of combat. After a target
strikes a Ravnos who has successfully used this power,
the target feels the pain of that specific attack instead of
the Ravnos.
System: The user of this power rolls
Manipulation + Intimidation against a difficulty equal to
the victims Perception + Self-Control. If successful, for
the rest of the scene the target will feel a supernaturally
augmented reflection of any pain she inflicts by attacking
you. Any time your target attacks you, she immediately
suffers a penalty to all physical actions equal to the
successes you scored when activating this power.
Penalties inflicted by Sympathetic Agony last for three
full turns. Penalties from this power do not stack; a
character under the effects of multiple applications of
Sympathetic Agony suffers a penalty equal to the highest
number of successes scored on a single use of the powers
This power costs 18 experience points to learn.

Waking Dream
(Chimerstry , Fortitude )
You may briefly treat an illusion youve created
as though it were real.

System: Once per game session, you may utilize

a simple illusion (climbing a rope, landing on a
trampoline, unlocking a door with an illusory key, or
similar) as if it were real for one turn. Waking Dream
cannot be used to directly harm or help any other
This power costs 6 experience points to learn.