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About Us

Automated Enterprise Metrology Solutions

With over 30 years of experience, Perceptrons extensive portfolio of automated dimensional gauging, dimensional inspection and measurement
products, robotic guidance, gap & flush measurement and 3D scanning
solutions uniquely qualifies us as your enterprise metrology partner.

About Perceptron
Perceptron (NASDAQ:PRCP) was founded in 1981 by graduates of General Motors
Institute (formerly GMI and now Kettering University). Working closely with the
automotive industry, they analyzed and comprehended the damaging effects of
process variation on complex product assembly operations and concluded a process
which cannot be measured can never be effectively controlled or optimized. Through
revolutionary machine vision engineering efforts they created a unique and innovative
measurement solution that not only allows fast and efficient containment of quality
problems as they occurred, but also provides the ability to pro-actively seek out
and reduce process variation. The final result was groundbreaking the first viable,
in-process, 100% dimensional measurement solution capable of being deployed in
the harshest of manufacturing environments. Building on its original foundation,
Perceptron has continued to flourish and evolve under the guiding principles of our
Five Diamond Focus philosophy, embedded within our logo, of Customer, Product,
Research, Organization and Process.
Perceptron supplies a comprehensive range of automated industrial metrology
products and solutions to manufacturing organizations for dimensional gauging,
dimensional inspection and 3D scanning. Products include 3D machine vision
solutions, robot guidance, coordinate measuring machines, laser scanners and
advanced analysis software.
Today, companies rely on Perceptrons metrology solutions to assist in managing their
complex manufacturing processes to improve quality, shorten product launch times
and reduce costs. More than 900 systems, 12,000 Perceptron measuring sensors
and over 3,000 Coord3 coordinate measuring machines are in daily use worldwide.
Perceptron is headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan, USA with subsidiary operations in
Brazil, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Spain
and the UK.

Our Five Diamond Focus Philosophy

Market trends
drive innovation




Designed to
support critical

Focused on
current and
future needs

Identify and
strengthen core

Maximize business


Dimensional Gauging

Dimensional Inspection

3D Scanning

Precision non-contact automated dimensional

measurement and gauging solutions provide real-time
part, assembly and process information for in-line or
near-line quality control applications.

Bridge, Gantry, Horizontal and Shop-Floor CMMs with

multiple measuring sensor options and state of the art
software provide the ultimate coordinate metrology

Perceptrons Advanced 3D laser scanning sensors can

be supplied on CMMs, PCMMs or robot devices. Unique
feature extraction algorithms allow automated CAD
analysis inspection or reverse engineering.

Robot Guidance (RGS)

Gap and Flush Solutions

Metrology Software

Robot guidance solutions provide real-time adaptive

feedback ensuring mission-critical manufacturing
operations are automatically optimized to minimize
process and product variations.

Automated non-contact inspection solutions measure

gap and flush features for quality validation and
process optimization. Systems can be installed in a
moving assembly line or near-line in a stop-station.

Enterprise Metrology Software collects, analyzes and

presents measurement data providing extensive capabilities including automatic alerts of anomalies in the
manufacturing process.

Dimensional Gauging



Dimensional Gauging Solutions can be configured

according to part and available cycle time:

Perceptrons Dimensional Gauging Solutions are

commonly used in the following applications:

Structure-mounted Sensors installed on rigid

modular structure
Robot-mounted Sensors installed on an
industrial or collaborative robot
Hybrid Combination of structure-mounted and
robot-mounted sensors

Robot Guidance

Dimensional Gauging
Perceptrons precision non-contact fully automated
dimensional gauging solutions provide real-time process
and part quality information. Systems can be supplied
in-line to monitor production or near-line to support
manufacturing operations. Perceptrons bespoke turnkey
engineering team will design a customized solution using
our standard modules and sensors to inspect critical
features and part characteristics. Perceptron gauging
solutions are well proven in the most rugged of industrial
environments with over 900 installations in daily use.
Advanced software allows monitoring of both part quality
and manufacturing process either locally at the inspection
cell or remotely from any global location, providing both
discrete feature measurement and 3D scanning data.

Perceptron Robot Guidance Solutions (RGS), designed

for harsh industrial environments, measure deviations
of actual and nominal relationships between the robot
and the part under assembly. RGS provides six axis
offset compensation data to the robot ensuring fit and
finish quality of critical assembly tasks.

Gap and Flush Measurement

Perceptrons automated, non-contact Gap and Flush
solutions measure mating parts for quality validation
or process optimization. Measurement results guide
necessary adjustments or corrections downstream
in the manufacturing process. A Perceptron final
dimensional quality gate ensures every product
achieves the highest standards for fit and alignment.

Vehicle Body-in-White
Vehicle Frames
Vehicle Engine Cradle
Vehicle Underbody
Exhaust Pipes
Large Fabrications and Machined Parts

Vehicle Windshield Decking
Vehicle Door Load
Welding and Laser Cutting
Seam Sealing
Cooktop Glass Insertion

Vehicle Assembly Operations
Finished Vehicle Verification
Vehicle Bumper Alignment
Vehicle Closure Panel Fit
Cooktop Fit Check

Dimensional Inspection

Horizontal Arm CMM



Coordinate Measuring Machines

The COORD3 Coordinate Measuring Machine family
offers advanced platforms from a budget benchtop CMM to some of the largest Gantry CMMs ever
installed in aerospace, defense and heavy equipment
industries. All CMMs are produced from advanced
alloy technology and can be equipped with Renishaw
probes and Perceptron laser scanning sensors for all
measuring applications.

Gantry CMM
Inspection of large components requires a blend of
large CMM volume and high accuracy performance.
With over 30 years experience in the design
and construction of CMM machines, COORD3
Gantry style CMMs are characterized by supreme
mechanical design and structural stability ensuring
long-term accurate performance. COORD3 Gantry
models can be supplied with up to 5000mm X axis,
3000mm Z axis, and Y axis lengths up to 20m.

Bridge CMM
COORD3 Bridge CMMs are available in widths
from 400mm to 2000mm and offer best-in-class
dynamic performance. COORD3 is unique in
offering an overlap between its large Bridge and
Gantry CMMs that retain open access for part
loading. They are available with one piece granite
or steel tables, in lengths up to 10m.

COORD3 Horizontal
Arm systems are
modular in design
and available in
both single and dual
arm versions that
can be supplied in
rail or table mount
They are the ideal
solution to measure
thin walled components such as automotive car
bodies, sheet-metal panels, vehicle doors, glass and
dashboards. Machines can be supplied shop-hardened
for applications requiring installation outside of the
metrology room.

Shop Floor CMM

Flexible production metrology
requires a CMM designed for
the toughest manufacturing
conditions. The FiGA (Flexible
Intelligent Gauge) shop-floor CMM
is a one-piece design using CNC
machine tool construction, but
without traditional air-bearings.
These meet the most demanding
production gauging applications.
The ergonomic control station
houses the CNC controller, the PC
and its touch screen.

3D Scanning
3D Scanning Solutions
Perceptons 3D Laser Scanning Solutions are available
as a standalone product or integrated with a series of
moving devices, including Industrial and Collaborative
Robots, CMMs, and PCMMs. Your product choice is
dependent on specific application and measurement

Supplied with ScanWorks Studio software, the

processing of scanned 3D objects is fast and easy
with the work-flow taking the user through a step-bystep process. Data can be exported as a polygonised
mesh for both 3D printing and reverse engineering

PCMM Scanning
The Perceptron PCMM scanner, with its
wide field of view and user friendly
range finding projector, was
developed specifically for the
portable scanning market and
is certified for use by the
largest North American
aerospace company.
PCMM scanning systems
are less accurate than
traditional CMM scanning,
but their portability allows
measurement at the
part location to support
inspection of overly large
and heavy parts.

Robotic Scanning
Standalone Scanning
Smart3DTM is a technological breakthrough for the
reverse engineering and modeling sectors providing
significantly improved productivity and enhanced
scanned datasets over manually operated systems.
The patented Helix smart sensor, incorporating
MEMS technology, offers the worlds first
programmable scanner where the laser line quantity,
density and scan volume are fully user configurable
eliminating the requirement to physically move the
scanner over the part.

AutoScan are next

generation industrial
metrology solutions that
bring automated 3D
scanning and dimensional
measurement to the
shop floor. They combine
the very latest Industrial
and Collaborative Robot
technologies with
Perceptrons revolutionary
Helix Smart Sensor.

Perceptrons fully automated, shop-hardened

production scanning systems capture a 3D digital
representation of the part. Upon completion of the
data acquisition and analysis process, the system
automatically presents a customized report highlighting
complex form and surface deviations relative to the
part CAD model, together with discrete information for
critical features such as edges, holes, slots and studs.

CMM Scanning
Perceptron offers its laser scanner with new CMMs or
as a retrofit package to be used on existing manual or
CNC CMMs. Perceptrons scanning technology is the
undisputed market leader, having been supplied by
most major CMM OEMs around the world under their
own branding. By combining the accuracy of a CMM
with the large dynamic range of a laser scanner, you
have a highly accurate system that does not require
the spraying of most parts.

to determine real-time sensor orientation. It was
developed specifically for advanced robotic inspection
applications where the robot moves the sensor to
discrete measuring positions where the Helix sensor
collecting all required measurement data.


Perceptron Sensor Technology

Perceptron is a market leader in the development of
optical metrology scanning solutions. More than 12,000
sensors are at the heart of advanced automated
metrology systems around the world.

Perceptrons family of next generation 3D smart
scanning sensors incorporate MEMS technology
offering the worlds first fully programmable laser
scanner. The laser line quantity, density, length and
orientation characteristics are all user programmable
and eliminate the necessity to physically move
the scanner over the part during scanning. All
scanning motion is contained within the patented
Helix smart sensor, dramatically improving quality
and accuracy of scanned data. It also allows you to
capture multiple part features in one sensor position
ensuring both accurate and repeatable measurement
results. Helix contains an imbedded accelerometer

TriCam, Perceptrons 3rd generation series of laser

triangulation sensors, are available in various
configurations to suite specific measurement
applications. The TriCam imbedded on-board processor
allows programming via an intranet and performs
run-time image processing and algorithm computation
while returning X, Y, Z data to the seamlessly integrated
Vector software platform. TriCam sensor calibration
and identification data are also integral in the sensor.
They are built to exacting quality standards for long
life and operation in the harshest of manufacturing
measurement applications. TriCams are typically
installed in multiple-sensor, in-line measurement
configurations for process control as well as specific
robot guidance and measurement applications.

CMM Series
Perceptron offers its
industry renowned
CMM laser scanners
for integration onto
portable measurement
devices and fixed
frame coordinate
measuring machines.
Most articulated arms
and optical CMMs can
be equipped with a
scanner. These scanners
offer a wide field of view and user friendly
range finding projector specifically developed
for the portable metrology market. The fixed
CMM laser scanner can be mounted to the
Renishaw PH10M motorized probe head and
provides multi-sensor hybrid CMM capability.
These systems provide repetitive, automatic
part inspection with enhanced accuracy over
portable measurement solutions.

Software Technology
Vector is the heart of Perceptrons automated
industrial metrology solutions. It hosts third order
polynomial algorithms and visualization tools converting
optical sensor data streams into measuring results.
Vectors shop-hardened and modular user interface
accommodates the specific needs of each user,
from manufacturing floor personnel to production
management. Access to all critical information is
available quickly and directly through its intelligent
module interlinking.

Vectors advanced analysis software monitors Perceptron
automated gauging systems far beyond traditional
historical reporting. Argus Detector software runs
automatically, constantly analyzing measured data in
search of suspicious patterns and anomalies. It predicts
variation reduction to be gained through resolving
identified process anomalies. 3D visualization techniques
display animated process anomalies relative to the
supplied CAD model.



Makes CMM measurement simple by incorporating

a 100% Touch interface with optional TouchCADTM
quick programming module. TouchDMIS is a game
changer in CMM usability offering the worlds first
ALL TOUCH CMM software. Seamlessly integrated
with both manual and DCC CMMs, and with Touch
and Scanning Probes, TouchDMISTM requires just a
few hours training and offers incredibly short learning
curves. TouchDMISTM takes the expert out of CMM
measuring and programming. Point cloud capability
further extends the reach of TouchDMISTM providing
data streaming of laser scans with automatic extraction
of feature geometry for direct comparison with nominal
CAD data.

Developed specifically to improve the usability and

ergonomics of PCMMs, the one-touch user interface
of TouchPortable dramatically increases productivity
while lowering the necessary skill set. The optional
TouchCADTM module allows direct comparison to
nominal CAD part data. Rapidly configurable reports,
including blueprint dimensioning, provides immediate
interpretation of measured results.


ScanWorks Studio

ScanWorks Studio
Perceptrons ScanWorks Studio software guides the
user from part scan to an exportable mesh ready for
3D printing, reverse engineering, or inspection in a
few sequenced steps. The tabbed work-flow design of
the ScanWorks Studio interface creates a positive and
intuitive experience that can be quickly learned allowing
users to commence laser part scanning tasks with just a
few hours training. Repetitive part scanning is achieved
using the Auto Rescan feature, and created STL scan
data can be enhanced using tools such as automatic
hole filling, smoothing, mesh decimation and refine.



Perceptron operates a global support infrastructure to serve our customers, from

up-front project management and solution design through equipment installation,
training and launch support. Perceptron is dedicated to providing efficient service
and support throughout the life-cycle of our metrology products and solutions.

Customer Care

24/7 Support Services

On-Site Services

Training Services

Software Maintenance

Measurement Services

Industry Sectors We Serve



Global Manufacturing

Perceptron offers a comprehensive range of solutions

to the global automotive industry supporting in-line
process control, dimensional quality control, robot
guidance systems and reverse engineering.

Perceptron has supplied some of the largest coordinate

measuring machines ever produced for aerostructure
inspection plus solutions for reverse engineering and
production inspection of jet engine components.

Perceptron supplies its dimensional metrology and

laser scanning solutions to companies large and small
from all industries and manufacturing sectors within
global markets. Automation of metrology is our focus.

Agriculture Equipment

Power Generation


Perceptron provides
gauging and dimensional
inspection solutions
for quality validation
including fabrications and
power-train components.
Automated solutions
for various applications
including gap and flush

Perceptron supplies its

industrial metrology
solutions to the power
generation equipment
sector, including advanced
tactile and 3D laser
scanning sensor solutions
supplied on CMM, PCMM
and robotic devices.

Perceptron metrology
solutions perform critical
roles in the quality
validation manufacturing
process of medical
equipment and prosthetic
implants ensuring reliability
and accuracy.

Appliances/White Goods

Heavy Machinery

Military & Defense

From initial design

concept through high
volume manufacturing,
Perceptrons metrology
solutions provide
confirmation of the
geometry of appliance
components as well as
their assembly quality.

Perceptron provides
dimensional inspection
and gauging solutions
for quality validation.
Perceptrons metrology
solutions perform a critical
role in ensuring the quality
and accuracy of heavy
duty equipment.

Whether military or
defense equipment
used on land, sea, air or
in space, Perceptrons
metrology solutions
perform a critical role in
the manufacturing process
ensuring quality and

Our Customers

Born in Detroit, the home of the US automotive industry, Perceptron advanced

metrology and measurement systems control the quality processes at vehicle
production plants throughout the world. Today Perceptron technology has migrated
and is penetrating all sectors of the global manufacturing community.

The vehicle you drive was probably measured by Perceptron

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