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10 places to visit in Greece

during your summer holidays

, by

Joseph Gidiotis.

1. Have a blast in Mykonos.

Mykonos is the island to be if you and your company are outgoing people
who love the beautiful scenery but also want to party every night. This
island, located in the center of the Aegean Sea, has a lot to offer whatever
the occasion might be (LINK 1). Due to the fact that Mykonos is one of the
most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean Sea, it hosts a lot
-and I mean A LOT- of parties every summer. That doesn't mean that you
have to be the party-loving person to go there. You can always walk
through the lovely sokakia (little roads through the city neighborhoods)
just near the city centre or enjoy some delightful meals in the taverns and
restaurants that are built just near the sea.
TIP: The cost of your trip there depends on how many days youre going to
stay as well as your choice of activities and lifestyle. Try to book your
airplane or liner tickets as early as possible before you go there.

2. If you love a beautiful sunset, just go to Santorine!

Alternatively called Thera, Santorini is also one of the most popular
tourist destinations in the world. And very famous, too! It was actually
voted as the best island to visit in Greece in TripAdvisors 2016 Travellers
Choice (LINK 2). This island is famous around the globe for its stunning
sunsets and its gorgeous beaches. Santorini is also very well-known for its
volcano and the story around it but dont worry about it erupting -. Again
here, there are many choices for you who want to give Santorini a shot. I
have to say, though, that the island is very popular among romantic
couples. So be prepared..
TIP: The cost of your trip once again depends on how many days youre
going to stay. Santorini is not a popular choice for those not wanting to
spend a good deal of money. Try to book your airplane or liner tickets as
early as possible before you go there to ensure the best price deal. It
might be best to book a package deal if you travel in a group of 4 or more.

3. The island of Zakynthos.

Zante offers the bluest blue seas, according to the TripAdvisor. It is
located in the Ionian Sea, in the western part of Greece. If you want to
enjoy really cool weather in the summer in one of the two most densely

populated islands in the Ionian Sea, then Zante is definitely the choice for
you. This island produces olives and grapes and it offers a wide variety of
meals in its Greek & Mediterranean cuisine. Awarded the 5th place in the
TripAdvisor 2016 Travellers Choice, it offers great music, as music is one
of the biggest parts of the islands culture. According to TripAdvisor, you'll
be captivated by the sights and sounds of Zakynthos performers (LINK 3).
TIP: You dont want to miss the exotic Shipwreck Beach dont let its name
get to you if you decide to visit the Ionian island. Though it is not the
priciest of them all, you should probably look for the best price you can
get for the hotel or room youll choose to stay in.

4. Crete
If you havent heard about the island of Crete, it is because well,
because you havent ever looked into Greece for your vacation. Located in
the southern part of Greece and the Aegean Sea, Crete is the biggest
island in the whole country with at least 2 airports to make getting there
even easier. The island is very famous for the production of olive oil. In
fact, thirty-five extra virgin olive oils from Greece have achieved the
distinction Best in the World for 2015 at the New York International Olive
Oil Competition (NYIOOC), according to the Olive Oil Times website (LINK
4). You will find people there very welcoming in all aspects of daily life
(markets, stores, restaurants).
TIP: If you want to visit Crete, you are strongly recommended to book your
tickets and accommodation as early as possible. Attracting large numbers
of tourists every year, you should hurry up if you want to hit the best deal
and save some money.

5. Time for some.. history.

Corfu (Kerkira in Greek) is the place to visit if you are into the Byzantine
and Venetian culture. The eponymous Corfu town offers a lot of beautiful
little passages, where you will find both small and bigger stores with many
kinds of products. The island is famous for the production of delicious
kumquat products, as well as honey and wine. You will be amazed at how
tasteful all the local products are. Corfu has a lot of beautiful landscapes
to offer, who combine looks with history a killer combination, if you ask
me-. On that note, if you ever end up on Corfu, dont forget to visit the
Paleokastritsa Beach, as well as Princess Sissys Palace, also known as
TIP: Access to the Corfu town is very easy if you choose to stay in a hotel
nearby the centre. Hurry up, though, because tickets are not so easy to

find. Plus, it is recommended to rent or even have your own car to make
transportation around the Ionian island much easier.

6. Naxos
Naxos is not the first name that comes to mind when hearing about
Greece. And thats only because there are other names that pop to our
head. Naxos, though, a spot of white in the turquoise waters of the Aegean
Sea, combines ancient history and modern beauty, a real hard-to-find
combination. The island is the childhood home of Zeus, father of the
Olympian Gods, and also the largest among the Cycladic islands. It is very
famous for the sight of Portara, a huge stone gateway that used to lead to
a temple that does not exist today. Naxos offers breathtaking views of the
sunset and the sea beyond, as TripAdvisor mentions (LINK 5), while CNN
says that Naxos "delivers the good life" (LINK 6).
TIP: You should definitely visit the Old Town, as well as the Plaka Beach if
you choose Naxos for your summer getaway. Access there is possible
through liners and accommodation is not that expensive if you make
smart choices!

7. Milos is the real deal!

Milos is another good choice. It includes everything you want and maybe
dont want to see. From castles and museums to beautiful beaches and
sights, Aphrodites island is a very nice choice for those who want to avoid
the fuss of densely populated cities in other islands. Located in the Aegean
Sea, the island of Milos has a big history. Some say that the island is there
from the Prehistoric times impressive, I shall say-! If you visit Milos, you
will get rich tastes, as the beautiful local cuisine will not let you down. The
islands night life also promises to keep you entertained for as long as you
stay there. If you choose Milos for your vacation, you should definitely visit
the Kleftiko and Sarakiniko Beach, as well as the Milos Mining Museum.
The last one is going to be very interesting
TIP: As it is not one of the most famous islands out there, you should
carefully organize your trip there and make efficient decisions to avoid
high expenses.

8. Skiathos
Although it is a small island and even smaller on the map-, Skiathos is full
of natural beauties. Filled with pine trees and a few archaeological ruins, it
is definitely an island for all age groups. Located in the northern part of
the Aegean Sea, in the Sporades island chain, it is very popular for its

beaches. If you are a nudist, you shouldnt miss the Banana Beach. If
youre not, on the other hand, try the Koukounaries, full of lively cafes that
wont let you down. The island of Skiathos is quite popular for its
monasteries. And for the Kastro (=Castle in Greek) sight. As you can see,
there are many things to do there.
TIP: You can access the island of Skiathos through liners and, as always, be
careful with your travel arrangements.

9. There's Rhodes too!

Rhodes is located on the eastern edge of the Aegean sea and it is the
biggest island of the Dodecanese island chain. Rhodes, which is
undoubtedly a popular choice for tourists and Greeks-, combines
beaches, bars and ancient sites. You can go for an excursion to the
preserved medieval city of Rhodes or enjoy the sun in one of the many
beached the island of Rhodes has to offer. It is the 3rd most popular
among the TripAdvisor users for the year of 2016 (LINK 7). Whatever you
do, dont miss the St Pauls Bay and the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes
(Hospital of the Knights).
TIP: You should plan your trip to Rhodes very efficiently to make good use
of your time on the island. As with any other destination, be sure to book
the package that best suits your own needs and travelling circumstances
(number of people, time period, etc.)

10. Not an island lover? There's always Athens! Or Thessaloniki.

Although Greece includes 6,000 islands and islets, its land has also many
interesting places to visit, if you are not keen on visiting (just) an island.
You might be familiar with Athens. Its Greeces capital city and it offers
great archaeological sites. The most famous and historical site is the
Acropolis. Alongside visiting Acropolis and the Parthenon, you should also
visit the Acropolis Museum and the Old Greek Parliament, if youre into
history. If you are not, there are many other places in Athens for you to
walk, drink your coffee with an amazing view and enjoy gourmet meals
right in the capital of Greece. TripAdvisor has some excellent suggestions
for you to take a look at (LINK 8).
Moving norther, we find the second largest city in Greece. Thats
Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki has its own history and a unique beauty (LINK
9). Museums and archaeological sites are in abundance there, while the
Port of the city hosts many events in its specifically designed venues.
Dont miss a tour in the White Tower, which gives information about the
history of the city from its very beginning.

TIP: Transportation is not difficult in both of these cities, by train and

subway in Athens, and by bus in Thessaloniki. Dont forget to take a guide
book with you. Or you could research the place youre going to online. Its
your call.

By Joseph Gidiotis.


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