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EDITOR'S CHOICETrue-Color Photos of All the Planets10 months ago

It's hard to make a true-color family portrait of the solar system. It turns out that most photos of
planets aren't true color! Here's my attempt, using the best NASA photos I could find.
So, Really, Isn't Pluto A Planet?10 months ago
We've been watching the dramatic New Horizons flyby of Pluto over the past few weeks, and many
people are saying, "Come on, REALLY. That's a PLANET!"
What Size Is Pluto? How Far Is Pluto? (Illustrated)10 months ago
How small is small? Here's my scale models of the planets and the solar system, in order to help you
visualize just how big and just how far away Pluto is.
Tutorial: Make Animated Gif Using VLC & Photoshop (Mac OS)16 months ago
Here's a tutorial for creating animated gifs from your videos, using VLC media player and Photoshop
on Mac OSX.
New Horizons Has Reached Pluto! What Has It Discovered?10 months ago
After a 9-year journey of almost 3 billion miles, the New Horizons Spacecraft has reached Pluto and
is sending back images of the mini world and its moons even now. Find out what's being discovered!
Photoshop Trick: Content-Aware Fill21 months ago
Learn how to use Photoshop's Content-Aware Fill to remove unwanted telephone poles, people, and
all sorts of blemishes!
Mac Speech Recognition Commands: Replacing the Mouse Since 1993!3 years ago
Did you know that Macs have had speech recognition commands since 1993? It's not as
sophisticated as Siri, but good old Speakable Items is still quite handy and will save your wrists!
How to Stop Unwanted Phone Books / Phone Directory Deliveries3 years ago
No, I do NOT want a phone book, directory, white pages or yellow pages. So how do I stop delivery
of phone books to my doorstep? Here's what works...mostly.
When Can I See the International Space Station in 2014?2 years ago
Here's an easy guide to a few online tools and apps that I use to tell me when the International
Space Station is over my location and where to look to see it!
Real Photos of Black Holes3 years ago

Black holes are invisible, but matter caught in their death spiral glows brightly. NASA and other
telescopes have snapped amazing photos of these monsters at the heart of other galaxies and our
The Sad Story of Laika: First Dog in Space19 months ago
While we celebrate the triumphant landing of robot rovers on Mars, let's pause to remember Laika
the dog, first living creature from Earth to reach outer space, and her tragic story.
Follow Mars Curiosity Rover's Landing (and my liveblogging of it): Aug. 5, 201221 months ago
My liveblogging of the landing of the Mars Curiosity Rover on August 5, 2012, while watching live
footage from NASA/JPL. (And background info so you understand why it matters and why it's cool!)
Mars Rovers Let Us Experience Another World Through Robot Eyes3 years ago
What's it like to stand on the surface of Mars? These photos and videos from the latest generation of
Martian rovers give us a robot's eye view of an alien landscape.
Weirdest Wonders of the Solar System21 months ago
This guided tour of our solar system explores eight natural wonders, one for each planet, including a
few bizarre features you've never seen before!
Planets With Rings: Can You Name All Four?21 months ago
Take a photographic tour of the ringed planets of our solar system and learn what creates these
Super Moons: Our Solar System's Mini Worlds3 years ago
Photos and fun information about some of the coolest moons in our solar system besides our own
You Are Here: And It's An Amazing Place10 months ago
Every time you step outside, you're experiencing a miracle. Pause a moment to contemplate just
where you're standing.
Translation of the Runes on the Lord of the Rings Title Page21 months ago
Have you ever wondered what the Elvish runes mean on the title page of The Lord of the Rings?
Let's take a look, and I'll translate them for you!
Carmen Possum: Latin Student Humor from the 1800s21 months ago
My edition of a beloved anonymous poem, "Carmen Possum," circulated among Latin students for
over a hundred years. (Includes vocabulary list for those whose Latin is rusty.)
Pictures of Retreating Glaciers: A Century of Melting2 years ago

Before-and-After photos of melting glaciers around the world during the past 50 years reveal
amazing views of our changing planet.
Meanings of Latin and Greek Names in Harry Potter3 weeks ago
Curious what Bellatrix means? How about Karkaroff? Let's take a look at the meanings and origins
of some of the character names in Harry Potter!
My Favorite Astronomy Photos21 months ago
A photo gallery of planets, galaxies and other wonders I've gleaned from all the NASA missions. A
few you'll recognize, but most are pretty obscure.
Why Don't Homes in Texas Have Basements?2 months ago
Four reasons why homes in Texas and nearby tornado-prone states lack basements and storm
Real Androids Are Here, Proving We Humans Are Creepy!21 months ago
Android technology is farther along than we realize. In addition to the ethical and practical concerns
raised by humanlike robots, they reveal and challenge our unconscious impulses, instincts,
psychological hangups and...
Designing My Patio Garden: Making the Most of Shade and Small Spaces4 years ago
My patio garden: experiments in shade and square foot planting in southern California.
Could the Apophis Asteroid Strike Earth in 2036?3 years ago
Chances are extremely low, but astronomers don't yet know for sure. Learn why Friday the 13th,
April 2029, is going to determine whether a near miss from a stadium-sized asteroid could result in a
catastrophic hit.
Amazing Mega-Impacts That Shaped Earth, the Moon, and Mars21 months ago
Fascinating new planetary research, evidence from probes and computer modeling reveal the
massive collisions which may have shaped the Earth, Moon, and Mars.
iPad Apps for Creative People: What I Use to Write, Draw, Blog3 years ago
Here's the writing, sketching, drawing, painting, and 3D sculpting iPad apps I use, with screencaps.
(And I'll show you how to take an iPad screencap!) Also, my recommendations for stylus and external
keyboard for iPads.
Clayton Kershaw's MLB Debut: May 25, 20084 years ago
A Dodger fan looks back at the debut of a favorite player, Cy Young pitcher Clayton Kershaw, on
May 25, 2008.
What's an Abject Lesson vs. an Object Lesson?4 years ago

Which is correct? Learn the meaning of the phrase "object lesson," and learn why you should shun
"abject lessons."
Latin Review 1: First Declension, Cases4 years ago
Introduction and mini-quizzes on the Latin first declension and the basic uses of the six Latin cases.
Do Animals Think? A Few Video Examples21 months ago
Amazing videos of animals using tools, communicating, and exhibiting simple reasoning that is more
than just imitation or learned tricks.
Is Pinterest a Haven for Copyright Violations?5 weeks ago
Learn how Pinterest encourages unintentional copyright violations that have real, harmful
consequences for artists and photographers.
"All I Ask Is a Tall Ship" ~ My Photos of the Lady Washington21 months ago
I had the chance to sail aboard a replica 18th century sailing ship and take photos of a historical
vessel you may recognize: The Lady Washington, which appeared in Pirates of the Caribbean. She's
lovely -- you have to...
Beware Telephone Scam! "Microsoft" Says Your Computer Has a Virus2 years ago
Have you heard the "your computer has a virus" scam? Whether by phone or online, this is a
dangerous fraud that could turn your computer into a zombie working for someone else.
Translations of Latin in Dorothy Sayers' Gaudy Night4 weeks ago
In Dorothy Sayer's Gaudy Night, Latin quotations carry important subtexts that are inaccessible to
modern readers. Here are my translations and interpretations of these phrases, to help you discover
nuances which...

Web 1.0: What We Can Learn From Butt-Ugly Websites

of the 1990s21 months ago
I started on the web in 1992, and I've been building and
browsing websites since those days. What's changed?
What can we learn, and what successful techniques can
we adapt, from those early, clumsy, amateurish Web
The Leonid Meteor Shower: November's Amazing Fireworks Display (Nov 17, 2015)16 months ago
Catch a falling star... Nov 17-19! The Leonid Meteor Shower is here, November 2011.
How Free Text-to-Speech Software Can Improve Your Writing21 months ago

Free text-to-speech software is one of the tools I use to improve my own writing. Here's how, why,
and where to get it.
Latin Spells in Harry Potter: Translation, Meanings, and a Fun Quiz!20 hours ago
My translation of the Latin spells in Harry Potter: not what they do, but what the Latin words mean.
Includes a trivia quiz for those studying for their OWLs.
The Meaning of "Expecto Patronum": From Hogwarts to Ancient Rome!3 years ago
Okay, class, put down your wands! Let's have a little Latin language lesson so we can better
understand Harry Potter.
EDITOR'S CHOICEWhy I Don't Want to Live in Oregon: The Cascadia Subduction Zone10 months
I've been through two 7+ earthquakes since I moved to California in 1996, and 7s don't scare me.
However, looking at earthquake maps of the U.S. for the last fifteen years, I've seen something that
worries me.
My Cat's Review of My FitDesk Exercise Bike4 years ago
A review of my exercise bike with built-in laptop stand, with commentary from my cat.
The Volcanic Eruption That Divided Europe in 726 AD4 years ago
How a volcanic eruption in 726 AD off the coast of Greece had a major impact on the history of
eastern and western Europe, Christianity, and the spread of Islam.
The Northern/Southern Lights from the International Space Station3 years ago
Take a moment to stop and enjoy these breathtaking views of the Northern Lights from space, and
learn a little about what causes them.
Google's "Real Names" Policy: A Bed of Procrustes2 years ago
Why Google's and Facebook's "real names" policies are a danger to many individuals and a
misguided attempt to control how we communicate online.
Iceland's Volcanoes: Katla, Eyjafjallajkull, Laki4 years ago
Three Iceland volcanoes of past, present, and future: the eruption of Eyjafjallajkull in 2010, the
possibly imminent eruption of Katla, and the exceptional eruption of Laki in 1783 that was perhaps
the worst...
The Spring Fresco: A Symbol of Joy from a Bronze Age Apocalypse4 years ago
The amazing story of a 3600 year old Minoan wall painting, the civilization that created it, and the
incredible catastrophe that preserved it.
Learn the Difference Between Keywords and Tags21 months ago

Hubpages tags are NOT the same thing as the "keywords" used in SEO. Learn the difference and
how to pick good tags.
Ancient Egypt's Wisdom: Sustainability21 months ago
A thoughtful exploration of the difference between ancient Egypt's paradigm of cyclic stability and
our current paradigm of continuous growth. How can we learn from Egypt's example while avoiding
If the Massive Solar Flare of 1859 (the "Carrington Flare") Happened Today...19 months ago
A solar flare in 1859 caused power spikes and disrupted the world's telegraph system. How much
damage could a massive solar flare do to power and communications today?
My Favorite Volcanic Eruption: Pu'u O'o21 months ago
I fell in love with volcanoes when I saw Pu'u O'o erupt in Hawai'i in 1986. Here's amazing photos,
videos, and a brief summary of the eruption, which is still going today.
Love Potion Number Nine: Psychology & Marketing4 years ago
What is the power of the number nine? Explore the puzzling collision of mythology, psychology, and
marketing in a simple digit.
Iron: The Most Dangerous Element21 months ago
A fascinating look into the lives and deaths of stars, and why iron is the most dangerous element in
the universe.
Keyword-Based SEO Is Poetry, Not Trickery21 months ago
Keyword research and on-page search optimization is an art akin to poetry; the trouble is, there's a
lot of people out there who write doggerel.