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Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP) is a democratic and militant movement of landless

peasants, small farmers, farm workers, rural youth and peasant women. It has effective
leadership over a total of 1.3 million rural people with 65 provincial chapters and 15
regional chapters nationwide.
KMP is guided by the rich lessons of our mass campaigns and struggles. It unites with all oppressed
and exploited classes, and fights for the interests and aspirations of the entire Filipino people.
KMP continues to consolidate and defend its gains and victories while advancing the peasant struggle
against class exploitation and national oppression.
As a militant genuine peasant movement, the KMP struggles for the following:

A genuine agrarian reform program and national industrialization as the foundation for over-all
economic development;

A sovereign nation free from foreign domination and control, and defends the people's civil,
political, economic, social and cultural rights;

A comprehensive and pro-people social program that provides basic social and public services;

A genuine aquatic reform program that upholds the rights of small fisherfolk;

Promotion of peasant women rights and welfare that eradicates all forms of discrimination,
exploitation and oppression against women and children;

Respect for the right to ancestral lands and self-determination of indigenous peoples;

Protection of the rights to agricultural workers for fair and living wages, and safe and good
working conditions;

A nationalist, mass-oriented, scientific culture;

Science and technology for the people that serves a national economic program and promotes
sustainable agriculture and enviromental protection; and

Solidarity and support to the struggles of the peasantry and the people of the world against

The farmers' united and militant assertion of their rights and interests is an effective strategy to
confront repulsively unequal class relations. KMP carries out painstaking organizing and education
work among the peasants as a requisite in building a strong democratic mass organization.
To fulfill its vision and mission, KMP employs various proven effective forms of struggle and massive
militant actions to uphold and protect the rights and interests of the peasants. KMP coordinates the
farmers' local struggles and campaigns at the national level. It is also linking up with movements and
organizations of workers and other sectors of society as well as with struggles and movements

KMP also struggles for immediate economic relief for the peasants and builds economic organizations,
launches programs and projects such as livelihood and production, health, sanitation, disaster relief,
and technology-development projects.