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Date 3-23-07 3-23-07

Date Issued: 3-23-2007

Re: AL29-4C Termination Cap P/N 5002506
Bixby Dealer, It has been brought to our attention that wind direction can affect the performance of the AL29-4C termination cap (Fig. 1). The termination cap works well in the vertical application (Fig. 2). However, it has been reported that in the horizontal application (Fig. 3), the exhaust may be transferred to the intake if the wind is blowing directly towards the cap-end. Top Slots

Bottom Slots (Outside Perimeter Only) Tape Here Fig. 1 AL29-4C Termination Cap Tape Here

Wind Direction

Fig. 2 – Vertical Application

Fig. 3 – Horizontal Application

Indications: Stove operates poorly and appears to be running rich (too much fuel/not enough air) as wind blows exhaust into the intake. Remedy: Apply foil HVAC tape to cover the top slots and the outside perimeter bottom slots (See Fig. 1). This will prevent wind from blowing through the cap. Or you may ship the termination cap to BDM for a modification. The cost for the modification is $6.00 and the dealer is responsible for shipping to and from BDM.
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