Team Report

· Team STRATOS is the team formed during the month of March 2009 by the students of Bangalore Institute of Technology primarily to take part in the BAJA SAEINDIA 2010 Competition. · The team is named Stratos as a tribute to the legendary rally car, Lancia Stratos which won all the rally championships in which it took part during the 70’s and 80’s. · 20 experienced, skillful and dedicated students were hand-picked from the 185 member strong SAE-India B.I.T collegiate club members to form this team. It nd rd th includes students from 2 , 3 and 4 year of the mechanical engineering branch of our college. · Team Stratos has students who are good with their automotive basics and the team collectively has skills related to building a car, modeling (through Catia, Autocad, Solid edge, Maya, ProE), analyzing (through ANSYS/ADAMS/IPG Carmaker), marketing, managing (through MS Project), machine shop and many others. · All the 20 members were inducted into the Baja team after following a methodical and rigorous selection process which asked them to present an SOP and solutions for the given problem statement. This process was authenticated by the team faculty advisor (Dr.T.Jagadish, Professor). · It is one of the only 4 colleges from Karnataka and the only one to represent Bangalore. · The Team members also formed the core of the enormously successful SAE-BIT Collegiate Club. It has the reputation for being the model for all other SAE Clubs. · Members of the team have also been engaged in many automotive projects as a part of their studies. · Good functional division of work is our forté. Once the divisions were formed, the team members were given choices to select their division of interest and work on that basis. This structure was most prevalent in the design stages. During the fabrication stages, the roles were modified with team members regrouping to complete different aspects of the car. · Real-life Practical exposure is what BAJA Participation is all about. We can now safely say that we do justice to the title we possess, ‘mechanical engineers’. We have in the process become more industry ready.

· And it’s not just about instilling the engineer in us, per se. It is like undergoing a complete practical course in management, design, and professionalism, to name a few. Making each one of us ‘complete’ individuals. Team Members: (All from B.E.-Mechanical) From 2006-2010 batch:
1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) Manish O. Mokshith.S.N. Vishwas.M.S. Bipul Kumar Singh Arpit Narendra Sundar Ramnath B.R. Karthik N. Khushroo Siraj Somaiah K. A. Team Captain Design Head & Co-Driver Race Engg. Head & Main Driver Technical Head Financial Head Fabrication Head Marketing Head Inventory Manager Design Engineer #1 Design Engineer #2 Technical Engineer #1 Technical Engineer #2 Technical Engineer #3 Race Engineer #1 Race Engineer #2 Marketing Exec. #1

10) Sushant Shetty 11) Harisha B.S. 12) Febin K. V. M. 13) Parno Roy Choudhury 14) Gautam Desai 15) Kundan Lal 16) Ashish Baidyanathan

From 2007-2011 batch:
17) Prashant K.J. 18) Rajesh S. Marketing Exec. #2 Design Engineer #3

19) Rahul B.

Maintenance Exec.

From 2008-2012 batch:
20) Raunak Sheth Marketing Exec. #3

Faculty advisor : Dr. T. Jagadish, Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engg., BIT.

BAJA SAEINDIA 2010 Competition
— The Baja SAE (pronounced ‘BA-HA S.A.E’) is an International level competition where engineering students as a team are tasked to design, build, test, promote and race an off-road vehicle that will survive the severe challenges of rough terrain. Hence testing their engineering skills to the limit. — The vehicle has to be built according to several strictly enforced standards of fabrication, design etc and will have to undergo a series of stringent static and dynamic tests before competing in the main endurance event. — The SAE Mini Baja competition originated at the University of South Carolina in 1976. Since then the competition has grown to six competitions: three in North America and one each in Brazil, Korea and South Africa with over 500 entries. — With the growth of the series, corporations have come to recognize that students with Baja SAE on their resumes are premier candidates for their engineering positions. — BAJA was started in India in 2007 with the event being held in Pithampur, Indore in December 2007. It was subsequently held in January 2009 with 57 teams contending. — In its 3 year, The BAJA SAEINDIA - ASIA 2010 was conducted from 29 st -31 January 2010 at the NATRAX off-road race track facility, under aegis of NATRIP in Pithampur.
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Event Outcome
· We scored 496 points in total out of 600. Good for a team that didn't complete endurance due to an unexpected gearbox mounting failure. Our all India ranking was th 36 place. · Our car was used to inaugurate the event as our team had won laurels for having the best Design Report among the 80 teams. The unveiling was performed by Mr. Arvind Jadhav, The Union Minister of Heavy Industries, the most prominent amongst the guests of honour.

· We’ve learnt a lot from the 5 days of the event. We now know what matters, ’ what doesn't. Now, we are more equipped to tackle future BAJA and similar events. · On the BAJA 2010 HR meet(Placement drive) that followed the event, various team members got selected through the rounds in companies like JK Tyre, MSC, Mahindra&Mahindra, Anand automotive systems, Cummins, etc. Finally 5 of us got placed, receiving a total package in excess of Rs.16Lac. · The pristine quality of work was so much apparent in the car that we were asked time and again whether we had received help from the R&D unit of BOSCH. · The general belief was that the car was got done by professionals. Partly true.. we think of ourselves as the professionals!

BIAE ATV University Challenge
· The BIAE(Bangalore Intl' Auto Expo) ATV University Challenge took place at Palace Grounds, Bangalore from the 11th to 14th of this March 2010. · Our car was performing in the endurance run against some of our most fierce BAJA 2010 competitors . · We had carried out some serious testing of our car at DIRT MANIA, Kanakpura Road. We did have some issues like problems with the front knuckle, the starter, the carburetor, etc. But we knew that it was all a part of the game and nothing that we couldn’t sort out. · The 30 lap (21Km) endurance race was held on the 14th March 2010. The track was more grueling than the BAJA track because of the steep inclines and dense slush.

Event Outcome
· We finished the race as the FIRST RUNNERS UP at the ATV University Challenge. · We received a trophy and a sum of Rs. 30,000/- as the prize for winning 2nd place.

Media Attention
· A documentary on our team, and hence our college, was aired as a part of the th show “MAD ABOUT CARS” on Zee business on 18 April 2010 at 9.30pm. · A short take was also shown about us on the CNN-TV18 channel as a part of the automotive show “OVERDRIVE”. · We have also been featured in the local daily, ‘Deccan Herald’ in the section nd ‘Metrolife’ on 22 January, 2010 · An article on us also appeared in the AUTOCAR India January 2010 edition in the BAJA 2010 supplementary.

What lies ahead for the team
· The team has wowed to stay together till the end of our courses and then pass on the baton to our juniors. Team STRATOS will reappear at successive BAJA events and create more waves. · We plan to take our car to an off-road test-track again and see what it is truly capable of. · We are also expecting similar ATV based events in the near future and are hoping to win those too.

Our car wouldn’t have sprung to life, if not for the crucial support of our sponsors: · Title Sponsor:

BOSCH Ltd., Adugodi, Bangalore. · 1. Associate sponsors: Laser Services, Pune (For financial support. Our 1 major sponsor.)

2. Lucas-TVS Auto-Electricals Ltd., Chennai (For financial and technical support) 3. Mr. A. K. Sasindran, India Bulls, Gurgaon (For personal financial contribution.) 4. Magod Lasers, Bangalore (For laser cutting services) 5. Burma Automobiles, Bangalore (For financial assistance) 6. Maskeenia fasteners (For special SAE graded fasteners made to our specifications) 7. ACTIVE Ltd.(ANSYS Partner) 8. Bangalore Machinery Manufacturers(BMM) Ltd. (For technical support) 9. Down Town Works (For technical support in making custom exhaust) 10. Pacer Yamaha (For technical support) 11. Dirt Mania (For technical support and permission to use their dirt track)

Support from college
· Most of all, the entire management, teaching and non-teaching faculty of our esteemed institution, BANGALORE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, who have had the greatest role in making our car to come to life. · The management is responsible for the majority of the financial assistance. · Our wonderful lab attenders and foremen, who have unconditionally helped us in the fabrication phase. · The we are deeply indebted to the institute’s governing body, Vokkaliggara Sangha has put a lot of faith in us with the garage facility and financial aid at crucial times. · This makes each and every one of us proud to be a BITan.

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