June 22‐27 @ Myrtle Beach, SC  

New Name: CIY summer conference is now called “Move!” CIY wanted to give the summer conference it’s own iden‐ tity and own name that has meaning to it.     The gospel is the most important thing we can know. It is what Paul preached “as of first importance” in 1 Corinthians  15. It gives us hope in that God took action while we were dead in our trespasses and sins. We were helpless, hope‐ less and separated from God, but God did not leave us there. In love He has moved. The gospel is the story about God  coming near through Jesus Christ. It is because of this action—the life of Jesus—that we can enter God’s presence,  draw near to Him, and encourage others to do the same.  God is the first to MOVE…and because He has, we can. 

What is Move? CIY Move is one of the best events that our Youth Ministry does. Move is a week of great fun bond‐
ing with other students and sponsors. But the most powerful bond is the one that you will have at Move with God.  The goal of the Move trip is that students will come closer to God and each other. Move is a week long youth confer‐ ence . That features great worship, top youth speakers, discipleship groups, and much much more.  

When is move ? June 22‐June 27. We will leave after the morning service on Sunday June 22 and return late Friday 
June 27.  

Where is Move? Move this year will be in Myrtle Beach, SC. The conference will be held @ the Sheraton Myrtle 
Beach. We will be staying at Westgate Myrtle Beach Ocean front a great hotel right on the beach.   

Who can go? Move is for students that have just completed 8th grade through graduated 2008 seniors. If you are in 
that age bracket then you need to go to Move.  

What  do I need to do to go? There are a few things you need to do if you want to go to Move: 
            1.  Turn in the Move Spot Reservation on page 2 to Brian ASAP this reserves your spot.  2. Turn in a $50 deposit to Brian ASAP.   3. Turn in CIY discipline, liability, and medical release form, page 3, by Sunday, June, 15.   4. Turn in Galilee Student Ministry Parental release form, page 4, by Sunday, June, 15.  5. Attend a Mandatory Student and Parent Move meeting Sunday June, 9 @ 6:00 in the chapel.   6. Balance of Move conference funds due by Sunday June, 15.  

How much is Move? Please do not let the price scare you away from a life changing week. If money is and issue 
please talk with Brian about that issue. Cost are as follows.    $179 Move Registration Fee ($50 deposit due ASAP, but $179 is total Move registration fee.)    $90 4 Nights stay @ Westgate Myrtle Beach Ocean Front    $269 due Sunday June 15th     Plus 5 Meals and any snacks during travel  

Fundraiser info: You can go to Move for free if you sell, sell, sell. We will be selling Boston Butts starting TODAY and 
ending Saturday, June 14th, They and can be picked up Friday June 14 From 4:00‐6:00p.m. and Saturday June 15 from  1:00‐3:00 p.m. The price will be $25 a piece for a 8‐11lbs and will serve 10‐15 people easily. Keep track of how many  you sell and ask them if they want to pick up Friday or Saturday. Collect the money when you sell them , checks can be  made out to Galilee Christian Church. I have will have tickets available Sunday, June 1 that you can give those who buy  them. Check page 5 for a form that will help you keep track of sales Boston Butt sales.   What to Bring:  Twins size sheets, Pillow   Bible   Pen  Clothing for 7 days not 7 weeks  Clothes for free time   Beach Stuff  Spending Money  Toiletries (Soap, Shampoo, etc.)    What Not to bring:  NO tape/CD/MP3 Players  NO Game Boys or PSP  NO portable TV/DVD players  NO tobacco, alcohol, drugs, firearms or weapons.  

Mandatory Parent Meeting: We will have a mandatory Student and Parent meeting June 8 @ 6:00 p.m. in the 
Chapel. Please plan to attend, if you cannot make it you must call Brian. 706.867.8072 

P L E A S E D E T A C H A N D R E T U R N T O B R I A N A S A P.
T-shirt Size:_______ Name:_______________________________ I’m entering _______ Grade. I have been to CIY Move before. (Circle one) YES NO

Phone #:_____________ Email Address:_____________________

Christ In Youth Discipline, Liability & Medical Release Form
Make a copy for yourself and bring the ORIGINAL to registration Event you will be attending: □ Know Sweat □ Missions Trip □ believe □ move □ SuperStart! □ Discipleship □ Wilderness □ Elevate □ On Purpose □ Mission Leader Training Trip Please check which one best describes your attendance: □ Sponsor □ Student □ Youth/Children’s Minister Participant Name________________________________________________________ Address City State Male Female Zip ________

Participant email _________________________ Home Phone ______________ H.S. Graduation Year _________ Church You are Attending with (missions trip n/a) _____________________________________________________ City/State _______________________ Group Leader’s Name (missions trip n/a)___________________________ Health Insurance Company ___________________________________ Policy Number _____________________ Known Allergies and Reactions _______________________Medications Currently Taking ____________________ Parents/Legal Guardians Name (with whom you live) ________________________________________________ Emergency Contact Info of Parent/Legal Guardian: Cell Phone __________________________ Parent(s) email __________________________________________ Person to notify if parent/legal guardian cannot be reached: Name________________________________ Relationship _______________________ Phone _______________ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I, the parent or legal guardian of the participant listed on this form, certify that he/she has my full approval to participate in this Christ In Youth Program. The individual identified on this form understands that all participants are expected to abide by the Program rules and be directly responsible to the Christ In Youth Program Director. The Christ In Youth Program Director assumes responsibility for discipline at the Program and, if necessary, may, because of misconduct or disobedience, require a participant to leave. In such instance, I will assume full responsibility for returning the participant home. Further, I do release and hereby agree to hold blameless Christ In Youth and its employees and agents from any and every claim arising, or which may be asserted by me or by any member of my family by reason of participating in any activities associated with Christ In Youth Programs. I also release the lessor/owner of properties on which the Program is held. I agree to pay for any damages or property loss as determined by Christ In Youth or campus officials, including any keys not returned at the time of group check out. Further, I do authorize the minister or sponsor of this activity or any Christ In Youth staff member, in the event I cannot be reached by phone, to give consent to a physician and/or hospital for emergency medical or surgical treatment while on this trip. It is understood that I will assume any financial responsibility for any expense that may be incurred for said emergency treatment. Further, I authorize Christ In Youth to use photographs and video footage of the participant for promotional materials. Further, I do certify that said participant is covered by adequate accident insurance. My consent and signature is given below. I have read and agree to the information given in this entire form.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Signature of Participant Named Above _____________________________________________________________ (If under 18 parent or legal guardian must sign) Printed Name of Parent/Legal Guardian ______________________________________ Date ________________ Signature of the Parent/Legal Guardian ____________________________________________________________ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Several Christian Colleges appreciate receiving the names of young people who attend Christ In Youth programs. If you prefer that the information about the above named individual NOT be passed on to any of these colleges, please check this box. From time to time, Christ In Youth uses the information above to update parents regarding ministry successes and opportunities. If you prefer to NOT receive these updates, please check this box.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Christ In Youth -- PO Box B -- Joplin, MO 64802 – 417.781.2273 – www.ciy.com

Galilee Student Ministry
Trip and Event Authorization and Release Form 

We (I), the undersigned parent(s) of __________________________    hereby authorize and approve the said stu‐ dent’s travel for all the trips with Galilee Christian Church he or she participates during this year.    The undersigned hereby releases Galilee Christian Church, it agents, employees, members, sponsors, ministers and  vehicle drivers from liability, claims, demands, actions and causes of action whatsoever arising out of, or related to,  any loss, damage or injury which may be sustained by the above referenced said student or the undersigned parent  or guardian while the said student is traveling to or from, or participating in, any church activities or trips.     In the event of an accident or injury to the above named student, when time is of the essence, I hereby authorize  the event sponsor(s) to seek and authorize medical treatment by the best available medical personnel.    Please complete to following information then sign and date this form.    Parent(s) or Guardians full name: ______________________________    Phone number:__________ Cell number: _________ Work Number: _________     IF you are not available contact: ____________  phone number: __________     Insurance company: ____________________ Policy Number: _______________    Insurance company Phone number: __________      Family Doctor: ____________________  Phone number: __________    Please list any allergic reactions or medications your child has:  _____________________________________________________________________    _____________________________________________________________________     Executed _____________________ (Date)    ____________________   ____________________   ____________________               Student          Parent or Guardian         Parent or Guardian 
  Galilee Christian Church 2191 Galilee Church Rd. Jefferson, GA. 30549 706.867.8072 

2008 CIY MOVE Boston Butts Fundraiser 
Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Phone Number  Paid Pickup Fri. June 14 4‐6 pm Pickup Sat. June 15 1:00‐3:00 pm