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Team Orientation

The cement management system approved the initiative and extensive cross functional team
work branding experts. Team orientation means degree to which work is organized around teams
rather than individuals. So working culture of each department briefly discuss belowOperations & Maintenance Department
This department is mainly responsible for handling the various technical aspects of MICFL’s
cement plant. This includes taking charge of the mill department, adapting, implementing and
controlling new relevant technologies. Together with the team of the Maintenance department,
the concerned authorities are involved in supervising; monitoring, testing, optimizing and
identifying the problems related to the equipment used for manufacturing cement in their plant.
Quality Assurance Development Department
This department is responsible for testing, maintaining and assuring the quality of the cement
produced in the company. After the raw materials (such as clinker) are brought, it is then sent to
the lab for a test. If the test results are positive, then this raw material is sent for production.
However, if the test results are negative then this department takes whatever actions is necessary
to be taken under that circumstance after consulting with the authorities of the corporate office.
Sales & Marketing Department
This department is located at the Corporate Office f MICFL in Dhaka and is headed by a group
of hard working and experienced management team who have been working in cement industry
of the country for a very long time. The marketing department is responsible for carrying out all
the marketing activities of the company. Some of their responsibilities include conducting a
market/research survey to examine the market both the existing and the potential market demand
for their product and planning out ways to reach the customers in the market by using various
kinds of promotional tools. A sales territory is geographically defined area for a particular
product and for potential customers. Dividing the entire sales region into a number of smaller
sales territories facilitates in smoothing the sales management operations. The territory is
assigned to a salesperson that is responsible for the sales management activity in the region.

Zones are further subdivided into regions comprising of many districts. Working by a team these initiative are significantly increase. Regions are further subdivided into territories comprising of a few districts as per convenience. .Crown Cement has one territory having a couple of districts which is based on market. a country is subdivided into zones which may comprise of one or more states. Territory boundaries are defined by grouping small geographic units together into larger areas called sales territories. Based on geographical location of the country. The Research survey conducted by a team and expert forecasts contributes in designing of a territory.