“… David encouraged himself in the Lord …”

Words of Encouragement

by James Langston



hether a parent, school teacher, bus driver, plumber, fast food worker or
CEO of a Fortune 500 company, this book is designed to “fit” into your

busy schedule. First, it provides you the necessary tools to better unscramble
the many “questions” that life flings your way each day; and second, this new
found knowledge gives you the confidence to be that “listening ear” or “voice of
reason” to others struggling with these same questions.
Words have power! Do not allow anyone to convince you otherwise. Once
those syllables spring forth from your lips, the shortest 1 letter word or the
longest word of 189,819 letters carries with it a force for encouragement,
discouragement, love, hate, healing or even the potential solution to wars and
The impetus for this book came about one afternoon while I was seated at
my computer table. I had taken a break and was blissfully enjoying a few
moments of peace and quietness when a random thought cascaded across my
mind, “People go to sleep mad and wake up mad. Why not write something that
will ease their pain and anxiety? It could be the highlight of their day.” And so
with that, Words of Encouragement was unexpectedly birthed.
There is no doubt that this book is destined to enhance the lives and living
of–hundreds and thousands of readers.


“Today is the last day that I walk out of my house ‘naked’ and ill prepared for battle”—Author


enimus! Vidimus! Vicimus! We came … We saw … We conquered! Once
your literary journey begins, instinctively you will know that this is what

you need; your “cure” for the “sick and tired of being sick and tired” blues.
Are you weary? Feeling drained from constantly wrestling those “morning
blues,” yet losing day after day? Tired of trying to “kick start” your engine only to
find out that the kick has long since gone? If so, this book is just what the
doctor ordered!
SELF EXAMINATION: Are you discouraged, confused, feeling overwhelmed?
You are not alone. Yet, the question remains, “What can you do?” I issue a
challenge; commit to reading Words of Encouragement for a month. I believe
during these 30 days, you will find short, no-nonsense “how-to” answers too
many of your questions of life.
FIVE MINUTES EACH MORNING; that’s all the time that you will need– five
minutes each morning. This equates to 1,830 minutes or 6.5 hours a year! A
small investment considering we spend an average of 45 minutes a day or 4.5
hours each week shopping.
Two symbols follow each days heading ( 鼓励 ). These characters are Chinese
logograms or Hanzi (simplified Chinese) representing “encouragement.” Why did

I choose them? Chinese characters constitute the oldest continuously used
system of writing in the world; so in a sense, this book is a part of history.
If you are ready to embark on a journey of a lifetime, simply turn the page
and start your year long countdown!

Words of Encouragement

Yī yuè [Man.]

Enero [Tag.]

Janvier [Fr.]

“Hardships often Prepare Ordinary
People for an Extraordinary Destiny” ―C.S. Lewis

1 January

“In the beginning, God created
the Heaven and the earth” [Gen. 1:1]


he thoughts and emotions that often envelop us each New Year range from
suspicion, to fear, and even sometimes regret. After all, we try to tell

ourselves, the “old” was not only safer, but predictable.
Yet, we need not fret over the future: as a Child of God, you have the Lord
Jesus Christ’s full assurance that “No weapon formed against you shall prosper!”
The fog and haze that are currently before your eyes are there to let you know
that your Faith is on “trial” to “test” to “prove” and to “empower” you.
Now, briefly, extend your trembling hand and push the “pause” button of
your life. This will better enable you to see that Jesus Christ has been walking
beside you … all the while … in the midst of your problems, failures, faults,
quirks and idiosyncrasies, the Lord has stayed with you!

The moment you see Him, instantly, your darkness turns to light; your
hopelessness to hope, and those problems that you thought were mountains,
are, in a word – only hills: hills that you are now dancing and running over –
because you saw Jesus!

2 January

“And you, be fruitful, and multiply; bring
forth abundantly in the earth, and multiply therein” [Gen. 9:7]


lmost 3500 years ago, standing on the banks of the Red Sea, the Lord
gave Moses and the children of Israel a seemingly impossible command,

“Go forward.” [Ex. 14:15]: this inspire of Pharaoh’s army behind them and
jagged mountains and cliffs on either side, the order was given – “advance.”
Someone once said that God must have a sense of humor to the oft
situations that confront us; to that I agree 100 percent!

Noah and his family had just come through and End of Life Event, yet, as
they walked off the ark, the Lord gave their marching orders, “be fruitful and …
bring forth abundantly …”
How could they continue? How can you? The answer has not changed from
then until now – we lean and depend upon the Lord. His strength is made
perfect in our weakness.
I’ve learned to lean and depend on Jesus.
I’ve learned to lean, trust in the Lord.
For if I trust Him, He will provide;
I’ve learned to lean on Jesus’ everlasting arms
(Lee Williams)

Words of Encouragement

Liù yuè [Man.]

Hunyo [Tag.]

Juin [Fr.]

“If [since] Jesus is your Lord and Savior, live each day as if it was your last curtain call, your last
day of work, your legacy” ―Author

1 June

“For I the LORD your God will hold your right hand, saying
unto you, Fear not; I will help you” [Isa. 41:13]


s a verb, the word “help” means “to give assistance or be of service.” As a
noun it means, “a means of serving.”

In this particular Verse in Isaiah, the Hebrew word is azar {aw-zar’}, and
means “to succor or to support.” In essence the Lord is telling us, “I will not only
stay by your side, but hold your hand to succor you.” What a comforting word to
know that the Creator of the Universe is not only with you, but also helping you
through the mountains and valleys that life may impose on you.
At times, the most difficult tasking is not doing what is right, but feeling so
inadequate, so ill prepared and so helpless while doing it. Case in point: The first
time I preached a sermon, not only was I nervous, but my mouth was dry, and
my knees felt like rubber. The only thought I had in mind was “hurry up and
At the end of the message, I fully expected no one to respond, but to my
delight and surprise, a soul came forth for prayer. Only the Lord could have
taken my halting and stumbling words to minister to that seeking heart. So, if
you ever feel you “can’t” then know this, “. . . with God all things are possible.”
[Mk. 10:27]

2 June

“They have not known nor understood: for He has shut their eyes, that
they cannot see; and their hearts, that they cannot understand” [Isa. 44:18]


hen anyone turns from the Revelation God has given of Himself in the
Scriptures, and bows down to idols, or places something else ahead of

God, a judicial blindness from God then descends upon him. When that occurs,
it is then impossible to show a blind man anything, and this sadly characterizes
the plight of the unconverted heart.
Their ignorance was willful, because they were deceived. Other than a
revelation from God, all of the instruction, information, and teaching they are
given, will be of no use. This is the reason that education (as necessary as the
right type of education is), is not the answer. This is the reason as well, that
most Preachers see no spiritual results whatsoever. They appeal to the intellect,
instead of the heart. Therefore, the Lord must appeal to the heart, revealing
Himself through the anointed preaching of His Word. Only then can a man “see.”
Sadly and tragically, the Modern Church is attempting to produce a crop of
psychologists instead of preachers.
Because they “did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them
up to a reprobate mind [Rom. 1:28].


Words of Encouragement

Shí èr yuè [Man.]

Disyembre [Tag.]

Décembre [Fr.]

“It’s not the defeats or the losses in life that define who we are, but how we act or react in these
situations” ―Author

1 December

“Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him,
anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord” [Jam. 5:14]


oni Eareckson Tada struggled with the issue of healing for a long time. As
she recounts in her book “Joni,” she sought physical healing of her

quadriplegia. She prayed and fully believed that God would heal her. In her
words, “I certainly believed. I was calling up my girlfriends saying, ‘Next time you
see me I’m going to be running up your sidewalk. God’s going to heal me.’” Yet,
forty-five years after the accident that left her paralyzed, Joni is still in a
However, her perspective remains one of great Faith: “God may remove your
suffering, and that will be great cause for praise. But if not, He will use it; He
will use anything and everything that stands in the way of His fellowship with
you. So let God mold you and make you, transform you from glory to glory.
That’s the deeper healing”.
The question we need to ask in any given situation is what does God want?
Someday, all sickness and death will be eradicated (see Revelation 21:4). Joni

Eareckson Tada will walk again. Until then, there is a greater healing; the
cleansing of sinful hearts, that God performs every day.

2 December

“But the Word of the Lord endures for ever. And this is the Word
which by the Gospel is preached unto you” [1 Pet. 1:25]


t goes without saying that the only things of eternal value in this world are
those that are eternal. Life in this world is temporal, not eternal, and

therefore, the only part of life that has eternal value is that which lasts through
eternity. Clearly, the most important thing in this world that has true eternal
value is having a relationship with Jesus Christ, as the free gift of eternal life
comes only through Him to all those who believe (John 3:16).
Every member of Christ’s body can make meaningful contributions when we
humbly seek to edify the body and to glorify God. Remember, on earth Christ
has no body but ours, no hands but ours, and no feet but ours. Spiritual gifts
are God’s way of administering His grace to others. When we show our love for
God by obeying His commandments, when we persevere in the Faith despite all
opposition and persecution, when in His name we show mercy to the poor and
sick and less fortunate, and when we help alleviate the pain and suffering that
is all around us, then we are indeed building with the “gold, silver, and costly
stones” that have true eternal value.

About the Author


uthor, ordained minister, husband, father, grandfather, avid jogger and
bowling enthusiast are a few of the benefits James now enjoys since

retiring from the navy; a career that spanned almost three decades and took him
to five of the seven continents of the world.
When asked if there was one place that he considered the most exotic, he
replied, “Enewetak Atoll. It was remote, almost isolated and formed a large coral
atoll of 40 islands in the Pacific Ocean.” James is founder and senior pastor of
the Pilgrim Outreach Ministries.
James gives his high school history teacher credit for sowing seeds that
would one day lead him to the status of published author. “I remember a slight
twinkle in her eye while we talked.” “James,” she said, “The road to becoming a
successful author is never one of ease; however, with hard work, sacrifice and a
bit of luck, you have a good shot at joining those ranks.”
After duty stations in California, the Philippines and Italy, it wasn’t until
2002 that James finally decided to write his first novel, GrandMamma’s Prayers.
“My most memorable work,” he would later say. “Once the writing bug bit me, it
has been off to the races these past 14 years!”
Although being in the navy took him all over the globe, James admits that
without his wife Cecilia faithfully keeping the “home fires” burning, he would

have quit a long time ago. “Just knowing that she ‘had my back’ in every
conceivable instance made life that much better.”
The Langston’s have been married for more than 37 years and have six
children and fourteen grandchildren. They live overseas in Italy.

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