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ROLE OF THE GOVERNMENT IN IR The government is one of the key players in significantly with in industrial relations in the country

. Sometime it plays the role of the adopter and protector of the policy of laissez fair. The directive principle of state policy is among the core guiding factors influence the laissez policy, supported by the various plan documents. Article39, 41, 42, 43 and 43A pertain to labour. Art-39 emphasizes that the policies of the govt. should be aimed at providing equal pay for equal work for man as well as women. Further it states that the state should ensure the well being of the workers and also prevent the economic exploitation of the children and other employees. Art-41 stipulate that the govt. should take step in the direction of the capacity building and economic development to ensure the implementation of the right to work and education, and also provide public assessment in the event of unemployment, oldage, sickness etc. Art-42 stipulates that the govt. should provide secure human condition of the work place. Art-43 stipulates that the govt. should endearment to legislate policies which are aimed at decent standard of living and also enabling people to social and culture events. Art-43 indicate that the govt. shall take step by suitable legislation or in any other way to secure the participation of workers in the management of undertaking, establishment, or offer organization engaged in any industry. FUTURE OF IR The future of the industrial relation is going to be totally different form what it has been due to various factors such as increasing number of knowledge workers, the higher education level of workers and so on. These developments indicate the growing maturity level of workers, which increase the capacity to resolve their individual grievance and reduce their dependence. Another factor that would have a significant impact is that political parties, over time will no large play a significant role in the trade unions in the country. The experience of the last five decades has led to attitudinal change among employees, since it is obvious to them that they have been explanted For the selfish ends of politicies. Another thing they have learned in that prolonged industries disputes is the ‘jeo paradise’ the existence of the organization. Another important factor is that many people in our country are employed in the service sector, followed by IT sector. Both these sector mainly employ knowledge workers. By the virtue of their job profile the employees in this sector have little time for union activates. The reduced important of public sector enterprise, sector in the economy would lead to a change and reduced role of trade unions. Also in the future

trade union would adopt a cooperative attribute awards the employees or management in contrast to the precious, confident, attitude.